Jab or no job XV: Grace left Southcentral Foundation over vaccine mandate, prays that God will open a new door for her


This is the 15th in a series of stories of people being fired from their jobs because they have declined to take the required Covid-19 vaccination. The identities of these workers are being kept confidential because they fear reprisal. Previous interviews in this series are listed and linked at the bottom of this story. Send your story to [email protected].

Friday was going to be a hard day for Grace. She drove to Southcentral Foundation with her computer and her keys, as she was being fired for not complying with the Native health organization’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

But instead of it being traumatic, on her way to the office, she was surprisingly calm.

“Psalm 121 is my favorite verse of the Bible. ‘I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help! My help cometh from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.'” Grace said. As she looked up at the Chugach Mountains, she was at peace with her decision.

Friday was the final day for many at Southcentral Foundation, and for Grace, it was the start of a three-day “administrative leave without pay.” That ends Wednesday, and she’ll be looking for another job, after spending the past 13 years helping Native Alaskans get healthy.

Grace isn’t the only one who has lost her job, but the hospitals are not being forthcoming about how many they are firing due to a refusal to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Grace knows of at least 50 who are in a group chat — they are workers who were at Southcentral Foundation or Alaska Native Medical Center. They share information and support each other.

“I have a lot of people praying for me,” she said. She’s done a lot of praying herself. And crying. Her family needs the income she brings in to make their mortgage. Not working is not an option.

Grace is not sure that, even if she got the Covid shot, she would have complied with showing Southcentral Foundation management her vaccination card. For her, it’s a civil rights issue. She is Alaska Native and many of her forebears and siblings have served in the U.S. military, and in war zones. The thing they fought for are what she values most: Freedom.

“I can’t throw that freedom away,” she said, recalling a family member who served in Vietnam and suffered for years afterwards.

Grace, like others, had a hard time finding the form to request a medical exemption from Southcentral, but she finally did locate it, with help from her supervisor. And she got a letter from her medical doctor, who is not with Southcentral Foundation, saying that she should have the exemption; she has allergies to flu shots and she also had Covid-19 last year, before the vaccine was available. Grace still has lingering effects from her bout with Covid.

But Southcentral Foundation refused to honor her doctor’s letter.

Her faith is carrying her through. Her prayer warriors are praying for her and her family. And she believes God will restore to her “sevenfold what the thief took from me,” she said, quoting Scripture.

What bothers her most is that Southcentral says it’s dedicated to the “whole health care health care system created, managed and owned by Alaska Native people to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.”

Grace was not just an employee, but she is a customer-owner, as patients there are called. She doesn’t feel like the company is taking care of the employees’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. She feels like the employees’ rights have been stripped from them. That’s been deeply disappointing to her.

“My goal is to end up well,” Grace said. She may be out of a job, but she’s not doubting her decision.

With her rock-solid faith, she is moving on with the “peace that passes all understanding.”

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  1. As each day passes, the system becomes more and more exposed. The hospitals are hypocrites to use the badge of spirituality, but never to honor it. They are a corporation that makes money of the sick, it can be seen clearly now more than ever.
    Grace is now free. She made a choice and is being guided to a life where her choice is honored.
    Hospitals are wolves in sheeps clothing. Do not be fooled by the false purity of them wearing white coats. It is all an illusion.
    Good job Grace, in maintaining your freedom. Standing up for ones self seems like a rare occurrence.

  2. They accept no exemption requests. Their dogma is as strict as the Taliban with people like Valerie quickly eliminating any who attempt to stray. It is time for the C-O to rise up and demand better of their organization.

    • Why do you care?

      Does it affect your life in any way? Are you intimidated by people who have a peace you’ll never know?

      Sad, sad, sad.

    • Okay, let’s unpack how Yahweh (God, to you) works. He provides the earth, the water, the life in the seeds, the body and mind of the farmer. The farmer, in faith, plows the earth, plants seeds, and nourishes them with Yahweh’s water. The farmer then tends the crops and protects them from pests that thrive in a world cursed by Adam’s sin. After all this toil, Yahweh usually (but not always) blesses the farmer with a bountiful crop. Over time, farmers realize their efforts are only a minor factor in the blessings provided by Yahweh. Its the same for all of us. Yahweh demands our faith; however, His is the easier path. Believing He does not exist actually requires even more faith… which is what Satan requires.

  3. Zeig Heil, Mein Fuhrer, Adolph und Herr Joseph Goebbels! Zeig Heil Mein Mandator, Herr Joseph Biden. und Herr Fake Fauci. Herr Fake Fauci, surpasses Goebbels in that he has a Covid 19 medical pandemonium to push fear upon the population. Lies, lies, and more lies. Goebbels said; repeat often what you want the public to believe, until you yourself will even begin to believe it is true. And so it is folks.

    The good Lord gave us our good health, and an immune system, which protects us from all disease. He requires us to have faith in him and encouraged us to take care of it by eating specified herbs and vegetables. I recommend Greek Dr. Hippocrates simple medical cure, Elderberry, plus 25mg Zinc and Vitamin D to supplement your sunshine intake. No hot drinks, no Alcohol, or Tobacco

      • The fact is, we are all dying because our inherent sin has separated us from Yahweh. However, if you seek after Him, He will reveal good news to you in His own Son, the Truth.

  4. The Creator of all things provides for EVERY ONE OF US regardless of whether or not we acknowledge that. It is HE and He ALONE who gives each of us the health, ability, and unmerited favor to have whatever we have. We will all stand before one day when we will all be face-to-face with the One who knows far better than any of us can imagine how to ask us questions that will leave speechless those who don’t know Him.

      • Evan, so you believe that stuff just happened, like that immune system within you and blood coagulation and all of the other really simple life functions. No design , just a matter of time and trial and error in a chaotic universe.. Then one day,, wham, here’s Evan!
        Wow, I don’t have that much faith.

          • Evan, I used to be a deist, ( rejecting the folly of thinking that a billion years of random events could produce a Redbacked Vole ) however as I gained understanding of nature and the irreducible complexity of life I realized that this ” thing” needed constant direction and maintenance. I am now a theist.

  5. I don’t think God can help her find another job, especially because all hospitals are requiring vaccination as terms of employment…

  6. Grace…

    I’m reminded often of the Grace given by Him.
    @ Dirt Diggler, once you’ve experienced His Hand, you will chase your tail between your legs since it appears you’ve closed your heart to Him. I could be so wrong by saying that but He does provide for His children & it sounds like Grace is one of His precious, beloved, that wears a crown on her head because she is a child of God.
    It saddens me to know the good are cut, but that is the leftest agenda too. Look at their pattern.
    My dear friend passed away at ANMC, on 9.29.21. Did my dear friend get the care like Grace was given? (Grace was booted out).
    I can’t help to share what was shared on a different thread posted yesterday.
    “People get discouraged. They should remember, from me, it takes courage not to be discouraged”
    ~Ben Ferencz
    He also had 3 principles
    1- Never give up
    2- Never give up
    3- Never give up
    Ben was a prosecutor at Nuremberg.

    • How do I get him to load my kids college fund? Need help big time.
      Also, could use a tank of gas.
      I hope all the homeless people find God then their problems will disappear.
      I can’t believe how crazy some of these comments are.

      • Dirt,
        If ever you experience the Hand of God, you will not understand.
        Yes, I am crazy about Jesus… after-all, He did the most radical thing for you and me. He died on the cross so we can have eternal life! Now that is radical but true!

      • Dirt.
        I used to be suspect of God’s will before. I do find there are some who are a bit fanatical when it comes to God. I have personally steered away from religion, Christianity in particular.
        However though my life I have come to understand that there is a subtle force that permeates all life. A silent voice, a gentle guidance. Intuition. I do not believe that God will do anything FOR me directly. But if I have a request and if I listen and look closely for signs and signals, I can find direction to point me to where I need to go or what actions to take to make my life better. Do I always get what I want? Sometimes. I do however, learn the lessons that I need. Pursuit of the material is not always best. It is experience that I pursue.
        Nature is one way that Source can communicate with me, along with books and sometimes a random conversation with friends or strangers. I find that we all have the spark of the divine within us. It is up to us as individuals to cultivate it. However I know this path is not for everyone, at least not until the walker is ready.

      • “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible”
        Stuart Chase

  7. Dirt,
    Spoken like a true fascist. Submit or starve is the fascist system.
    Grace will be offered a job and way forward that compliments her life and family, without force and ugliness.
    People with integrity and faith lead meaningful lives, not empty, miserable existences of submission.

    • What does far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism have to do with Faith?
      You know nothing of the life I live and provide for my wife and three children. Never have I asked God for anything yet my house is paid for, my cars are paid for and we’re going to Mexico for the his Jesus’s B-day and NY’s. Amazing concept. We all go vaxxed to. Thanks gawd!

      • Dirty, interesting you never asked your Creator for anything yet you acknowledge several of His blessings. There is so much more. Firstly, he created the cosmos and earth and then gave us life and everything we need to sustain ourselves. It is actually an easy decision to be faithful and thankful to Him.

      • Why do non-believers always seem so angry and feel the need to denigrate those who don’t believe as they do? Is it the result of leading an unhappy inner life? I think so.

  8. The loser 9 on the Assembly don’t “truly” have God in their lives. They are too busy being afraid and peddling irrational fear for their own vested interests – ” More Power & Control of others…” Straight from the Communist playbook.

    Then RECALL the other 8

  9. I am an SCF employee. The way in which SCF has ignored any attempts to have a serious discussion of reasonable accommodations, even when provided supporting evidence, particularly as regards post Covid natural immunity, and how they never even offered the possibility for religious accommodations, has been reprehensible. As an employee who has worked through the entire pandemic and who caught Covid and had to use PTO when home with Covid, I had hoped that this usually reasonable organization would be reasonable regarding post Covid immunity. I don’t know if the medical managers at SCF were aware of the genesis of the HEK 293 cell line (from which the mRNA vaccines are made) when deciding not to allow a religious accommodations. As I was recently made aware, the HEK 293 line began with a female baby. I say baby, because the baby was born alive and her kidneys harvested. This was apparently done in an in humane manner (the kidneys were excised from the baby, without anesthetics, thus causing the baby’s death…by what was murder in any reasonable person’s book. See: “https://truthcomestolight.com/new-evidence-for-infanticide-in-the-creation-of-the-fetal-cell-line-used-for-covid-vaccine-testing/”
    and “https://citizenwells.com/2021/10/14/covid-vaccine-hek293-cells-harvested-from-living-6-month-old-babies-pfizer-scientist-identifies-cell-line-biologist-pamela-acker-explains-taken-alive-by-c-section-kidneys-cut-out-without-anesthesia/”
    This information is difficult to find, but available.
    I feel that employees nationwide, have not been able to make informed consent in deciding about whether or not to yield to extortion and take “the jab”.
    Then there is the SCF response to being queried about the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine protocols. But that’s a story for another time.

  10. It’s illuminating to see how much one person’s faith scares the cr– out of so many insecure people.

    Not content to let her cope with this in a way that makes sense to her, the troll brigade must go on snarky attack.

    Speaks to low self esteem and insecurity.

    • Very true, MA. The zealous, dogmatic and rigid insistence on TOTAL conformity to all the Covidian insanity also speaks to that same insecurity, and to other and even more insidious and damaging personal faults and flaws that are so pervasive among the radical leftist extremist authoritarians as well.

  11. Grace, I am in the same situation in which you find yourself. Pray for those less fortunate than yourself, and have faith that the Good Lord will provide.

  12. While this is ugly, I do appreciate the clarity of knowing which businesses, non-profits, and others are tapping into their inner Kens and Karens. It makes it easier to figure out who to do business with. Cheers –

  13. Although I remain a Christian, I appreciate your well and thoughtfully stated position, most of which I also personally believe. Sadly, the previous poster seems to be no more than a wanna be comedian, who seems bitter towards God or life. I will pray for him/her, that they are guided by God, their Higher Power, the Unifying Force or whatever others choose to call the universe’s organizing intelligence, and find the direction and piece that they are seeking.

  14. The communists, starting in the sixties, have very steadily and methodically worked their evil and it will take generations to undo. The current crop of deep state globalist CCP driven communists must be rooted out and removed from positions of any power, no matter how small, especially our educational institutions and media.

  15. Says you, whatever it was you said. Please explain why folks, you for example, feel the need to defame Christian beliefs, if not your own sense of cognitive dissonance. Serious question, so please answer reasonably.

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