Jab or no job VIIII: Sophie’s choice — having children or vaccine compliance and a job


This is the ninth in a series of stories of people being fired from their jobs because they have declined to take the required Covid-19 vaccination. The identities of these workers are being kept confidential because they fear reprisal. More stories will be included in future editions of this series as it continues. Previous interviews in this series are listed and linked at the bottom of this story. Send your story to [email protected].

Sophie has worked for Southcentral Foundation for a few years. She is in her early 30s and is a mother. She interacts with patients, although she is not on the medical staff, and her interactions are of the paperwork variety. On Oct. 15, she’ll be fired for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine.

When the Moderna vaccine became available in late January, Sophie took the first shot because it seemed like the right thing to do. But then, her menstrual cycle stopped entirely. And it has never returned.

Sophie isn’t going to take the second shot. She very much wants to have more children, but at this point, she’s not able to shed the lining of her uterus, and her chance of being able to bear more babies looks bleak to her. She hasn’t been able to get answers from doctors about her sudden condition.

Southcentral Foundation requires a vaccine for Covid as a condition of employment.

Sophie tried to get a medical exemption, but was blocked by the human resources department. A friend finally got her the right form to fill out. She has low confidence her request for an exemption will be honored.

She says she has not felt the same since she got the vaccine, and she went to see a Southcentral Foundation doctor this summer, but her concerns were brushed off. The doctor said she should take a pregnancy test. Sophie knew she wasn’t pregnant in June, and she’s not pregnant now. She just has not seen her cycle for eight months.

“The look on that doctor’s face — it was as if she didn’t believe me,” Sophie said. “Trust me, I’m not a big girl. If I was pregnant, it would show.”

Another health provider she goes to was willing to write her a letter to be exempt from the vaccine mandate, but time is running out and now she is stressed to the max. Without definitive answers, she cannot say the Moderna vaccine is to blame, but her cycles have always been regular; she’s tracked them for years in a diary.

“I’m not willing to jeopardize my health, and I want to have more children one day,” Sophie said. She is looking for some kind of miracle that will allow her to keep her job, and also allow her to determine, through time, tests, and medical inquiry, what has happened to her monthly cycle since she received the first shot.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that all eligible persons greater than age 12 years, “including pregnant and lactating individuals,” receive a Covid-19 vaccine or vaccine series.

“For patients who do not receive the vaccine, the discussion should be documented in the patient’s medical record. During subsequent office visits, obstetrician–gynecologists should address ongoing questions and concerns and offer vaccination again,” the physicians group writes.

But there are enough reports about menstrual cycle irregularities — either heavy or light cycles — that the National Institute of Health has recently awarded grants to look into the link between the Covid-19 vaccines and women’s reproductive health.

The grants, totaling $1.67 million, are “to explore potential links between COVID-19 vaccination and menstrual changes. Researchers at Boston University, Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins University, Michigan State University, and Oregon Health and Science University will investigate whether such changes may be linked to the COVID-19 vaccine itself or if they are coincidental, the mechanism underlying any vaccine-related changes, and how long any changes last.”

Read more about the research at NIH

Several of these studies will use blood, tissue, and saliva samples collected before and after vaccination to analyze any immune or hormone changes, the NIH said in a news release on Oct. 5. “Other studies will use established resources — such as large cohort studies and menstrual cycle tracking apps — to collect and analyze data from racially, ethnically, and geographically diverse populations. Two studies will focus on specific populations, including adolescents and people with endometriosis.”

These studies will take months or years, and for Sophie, a single mother with a strong sense of self-determination, the studies are too little, too late.

Send your story of being fired for not taking the vaccine to [email protected]

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    • When they let the third world illegals into our country without testing them, without requiring them to get the Jab, you should begin to think that they want all of us gone so they can rule over the “New Population” of our replacements. The latest jump in hospitalizations are the 1st ones that got the shots! It’s time to wake up before it’s too late!

  1. Think this will end with the unvaccinated? Think again.

    Once the unvaccinated are “dealt with” the mob will turn towards people who don’t wear masks, towards people who want a voice in how their children are (allegedly) educated, and on and on.

    Don’t believe me? Quote Bruno Mars: just watch.

  2. In my limited interaction with the vaxxed I have heard the same issue with missing periods. Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist, reports a twenty fold increase in endometrial cancers in the specimens he evaluates since the jab rollout (year over year). Time will tell.

  3. “Safe and effective”
    Yeah, ‘safe’ for generating big profits for the drug companies, “effective” at sterilizing and causing serious side effects.

  4. It is very unfortunate Sophie is now a stat whom went sterile from the Moderna jab.
    Please search Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Lee Merritt, Frontline Doctors to gain understanding of what the ‘covid’ jabs does to your body.
    My heart goes out to Sophie. Let’s hope many more read & gain understanding of what gets injected into their bodies. The tyrannical government is doing a major disservice to the American people.
    When will enough be enough? Will it be when the # of reported deaths fm the jabs wake you the fork up? By now, if you are not, then the hope for you has been snuffed out. Yes, we all have a choice.

  5. This is SO not about health or safety. This is control. We tell pregnant women don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t take certain meds, yet now they’re telling the pregnant women that they must subject their unborn child to a mystery drug that is not long term tested and they’re not allowed to ask what’s in it or question it. Wake the bleep up. This is NOT about covid.

  6. The injections were recognized as “experimental”. Have you ever done an experiment? All data is valuable. I believe what is being learned by somebody, not necessarily my friend is what dosing is toxic for white/black/indian/asian women of a certain age, weight, ethnic type for mixture of a list of known and unknown or published in the US substances. That is what “they” want to learn and confirm. I believe the detachment from humans (their former rights, etc) is identical to that found with any other lab animal. It is emotionally unappealing to us but the olliegarches of this generation truly want to be done with us. They believe they are in like Flynn. Are they? We are mongrels to them. This “detachment” symptom is particularly unacceptable. When I see this detachment I recognize either asperger syndrome (vaccine injury?) Or spiritual vacuousness disqualifying for friendship or decisionmaking for me. Very sad. “They” want cessation of children and families and cessation of proponents of the US Constitution and the Constitution itself. Sorry this is happening before our eyes. We will fearlessly recount it. There are more of us than “they” at this time.

  7. Let’s be brutally clear here. Covid hysteria has become a religion to some people. For this group it is an article of faith Covid will kill us all. Only they “really” understand.

    Like all religions there are the live/let live majority. But there is also the zealot minority. The ones who can’t live/let live. Their faith says we all must comply or the heretics must be removed “for the good of us all”.

    Zealots often become terrorists because their view, their righteousness demands no resistance or objection. Only they can save society. By capitulation or removal of heretics.

    The zealots are the dominant force.
    Always are.

    What is happening in Anchorage is the inevitable mix of zealotry with smug, self righteous opportunists. People like Zalatel, Constant, Dunbar, ect who see ruling others as their birthright. They have skillfully harnessed the Covid zealots to be dupes assisting them in a takeover of Anchorage.

    When zealotry and power mad opportunists merge, society pays. Big.

    • Great point, I would add the zealotry and fanaticism of covidism is seen on both sides. The vast majority aren’t blinded by the zealotry and fanaticism of those on the extremes.

  8. The FDA is funded by Big Pharma and does not care about your health.
    Vioxx was pushed by doctors throughout the 1990’s as a miracle drug for arthritis then By 2004 it was clear that taking Vioxx could double the risk of having a stroke or heart…
    Stick to natural supplements like Vit D & Zinc along with plenty of fruits & veggies and U will be fine!

    • And L-lysine. Studies show a 90% reduction in viral load with taking it, and powerful prophylaxis against catching COVID-19 in the first place.

  9. Man-caused climate change is the other religion. When we all drive electric cars while wearing masks, pareto maximal will be reached.

    • Looks like you need a reboot.

      The MSM says “horse dewormer” and you run with it.

      Ivermectin is a real drug for humans. Look it up.

        • Wrong yet again Yankee…

          In any search engine type in NIH then type in Table 2e. Read up what NIH approved to treat this
          P L A N D E M I C
          But, I don’t expect much from you, Yankeeeee, that IQ of yours is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay below minimum.

          • Strong words there, AmyJ. Here’s what Merck, the makers of Ivermectin have to say about it’s use as an effective treatment against Covid-19:
            (There is):
            – No scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect against COVID-19 from pre-clinical studies;
            – No meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with COVID-19 disease, and;
            – A concerning lack of safety data in the majority of studies.

          • But keep in mind, Trouser Bark, that ivermectin has gone generic and Merck has a new high dollar COVID treatment in the pipeline. Follow the money always. Internationally, numerous studies show benefit from IVM. Look no further than Uttar Pradesh.

        • Well Bill. Perhaps some serious underlying issues that people have are attributed to parasites. When the MSM moves to demonize something so vehemently, it leads me to think they are covering up for something.
          Maybe we would be less susceptible to illness if we addressed the parasites within.

          I don’t seem MSM promoting healthy living, clean foods, clean water, nutrition.

          Perhaps the narrative you are married to does not actually care about your well being at all.

          Hurl your insults about IQ all you want. Fortunately for me my immune system does not need to pass any test other than doing its job to keep my body alive. So far, so good.

          • Your problem seems to start when you “think.” And we don’t seriously deal in “perhaps” either.
            You thinking that parasites might be making some more susceptible to Covid and thus a good old barnyard worm medicine perhaps could do wonders?? Heheh!

    • I believe one day these vaxxers and maskers will be hunted down for the crimes against humanity they are commiting and encouraging.
      Lenin called these people “useful idiots”. These are the same kind of people that were guards at Auschwitz – smugly enjoying the opportunity to take advantage of and dehumanize other human beings. There day will surely come – may God have mercy on their souls – because I won’t.
      AkPureBlood – for life.

  10. Avoid the vax! The amount of vax damages and deaths are staggering and the way this information is repressed while continuing the campaign is suspect.

  11. If in the next couple of years when the global masses realize they were lied too, duped, poisoned, and their loved ones were murdered by the State – what will the response be.

    I believe we will see a 1776 and French Revolution response – on a global scale – something the world has never witnessed before. These demonic leaders in gov’t and the medical community will have it coming to them – in spades…

    AkPureBlood – for life.

  12. I will be needing a kidney transplant in the next couple of years. I’m hearing cases of kidney patients being threatened to be taken off the waiting list if the are not vaccinated. Frightening and sad. I will be contacting my nephrologist next week since I’ve already started the process to receive a kidney.

    • The competition for kidneys may increase. I’ve heard Remdesivir, which is often used now to treat the ‘plague’, supposedly results in a fairly high rate of permanent kidney failure. Just another of many, many side stories to this whole saga… Best of luck to you.

  13. When I was pregnant over half a century ago I did not: take one aspirin, drink one cup of coffee or tea and certainly no alcohol or take any other medications for nine months because of my condition. That’s the way it was in America in those days. Men opened doors for me and I wasn’t allowed to carry heavy bulky objects. Certainly no trusted doctor would have told pregnant women to take experimental injections! Do you think things are getting better or worse?

      • AKY – I went to public school in Alaska. And those were the days when our schools were some of the best in the nation. – sd

        • Back in my day, when schools were still good, I suffered four years of high school Latin. I still remember and explain to my kids how English works from Latin. Just last night we paused a movie to explain Roman numerals (Soylent Green takes place in 2022. Is it science fiction or documentary?).

  14. Once again, Suzanne, I don’t believe a word of this story. Not a word rings true Any woman of child bearing years and beyond knows the term dilation and curettage (D&C). Why was this remedy not used. It is for circumstances like this (which occur IN NATURE to women for various reasons), endometrial issues, fibroids, and errant post-natal placental remnants that D&Cs are used. She would be no worse for wear and just one amongst millions of other women treated by their doctor on an outpatient procedural basis for a gynecological dysfunction.

    • Are you an abortionist, sophie? Serious question because you sure as heck sound like one and that would not surprise me one little bit.

    • Of course you don’t believe it, Sophie. You don’t accept anything outside of your MSNBC bubble. Try some real research on the subject (I’m not being condescending, I’m being honest). There is lots of credible information and lots of disinformation out there so beware of sources. But please accept that there are terrible side effects to the highly profitable jab, including early menopause, cancer, and death. Look with an open mind.

      • KE, it’s awfully presumptuous of you — assuming how I gather information…

        Oddly, if you ever bothered to pay attention you would note:

        I pay much as much court to conservative as to liberal sources of information — otherwise…why would I be here?

        • Then you fail to absorb anything not fitting your agenda. Time will tell who is correct, I may be wrong and this jab may bring eternal life to those taking it, but I doubt it. I tend to think that you mostly are here to obfuscate the discussion and try to trigger those on the other side much like several other trolls.

    • I had 2 D&Cs done to “reset” during 7 yrs of infertility. They don’t fix anything. What a heartless comment.

  15. There’s a common theme amongst these articles and it is that the majority of the hype is coming from those that are unqualified to make a correlation or to even understand the viral and/or vax process.
    When it’s a pile of docs saying that they fear being fired for not taking the stick… that’ll be different.
    As long as it remains sketchy references to potentially coincidental events these articles will remain little more than tinder to fuel an imagined dystopia.
    It is further fueled by implied medical community familiarity. This woman isn’t on the med staff; she’s a clerk.

  16. All of the drug companies expressly state that their drug is NOT for pregnant or nursing women. How dare the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend that all eligible persons greater than age 12 years, “including pregnant and lactating individuals,” receive a Covid-19 vaccine or vaccine series. That goes against the drug manufacturer’s recommendations. One of the manufacturer’s went as far as to advise NOT taking it if you want to become pregnant in the future. (look it up on their web site!) It would seem the experimental mrna therapy interferes with fertility. And shame on the hospital for not granting a medical exception. This is wicked and evil and un-constitutional. We have flues that come thru all the time and never before has anything this extreme ever happened. Goes to show you that this is NOT about health, NOT about a virus.

  17. What on Earth is VIIII??? There’s no such number!! Any 4th grader can tell you 9 is IX in Roman numerals, if that’s what you intended. Anyway, how can a lipid material that never leaves your upper arm cause this woman’s problem?? Methinks it’s all in her head! Her anxiety is the most likely culprit unless she has something gynecological going on. Scientists KNOW that the covid virus can get into the reproductive organs of both genders, though are usually found in the testes, and can damage sperm. The vaccines have not caused any reproductive problems so she’s like 1 in several billion if the vaccine caused it!

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