Anchorage Assembly crowd breaks into singing National Anthem as LaFrance cracks down on People’s Filibuster


Anchorage Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance lost control of the public hearing about the forced masking of Anchorage, which continued on Thursday night.

She started on the wrong foot with the crowd, after she passed a rule forbidding Assemblywoman Jamie Allard and Mayor Dave Bronson from addressing any more testifiers with their questions. She called their questions dilatory — a delay tactic.

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The crowd went into resistance mode after seeing the Assembly take an action the people viewed as a hostile act.

They came to the mic to testify, and when they didn’t use all of their three minutes allowed, they stood there and stared until the clock ran out.

One child spoke at the mic for a minute, talking about how hard it is for her and her friends to be constantly masked, and then the child stood silently, until someone in the audience started whistling “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah,” and soon most of the audience was singing along.

The audio-visual worker running the Assembly’s YouTube channel for the public cut the sound, but the singing continued until the child’s three minutes had finished. The crowd cheered.

Later, in a similar situation where the speaker had not used up her time, the crowd broke into a full rendition of the National Anthem, while LaFrance leaned over to get advice from Assemblyman Felix Rivera. She was no longer in the position to bang the gavel during the National Anthem, but she didn’t face or listen to the crowd.

It’s been six nights of testimony and the people still come, night after night in an attempt to keep testifying in order to delay the vote on the law that the Assembly seeks to pass that would force all of Anchorage into masks. The ordinance is under consideration after the Assembly majority advanced it to the agenda during a nearly secret meeting at the end of September.

On Thursday night, after LaFrance muzzled the mayor and Allard, the mayor dismissed the security guards and Adam Trombley, director of the city’s economic and community development department, walked out to the podium and removed the Plexiglas barricade, to the cheering of the public.

As things were clearly not going the direction of the Assembly majority, LaFrance then tried to move the meeting to a small room in City Hall on Friday starting at 9 am, to ensure that no more testifiers would attend. The room the Assembly uses at City Hall only holds about 40 people. That failed after it became transparent that what was going on was an attempt to keep the public out.

“It really does appear that we are trying to exclude public testimony,” said Assemblywoman Jamie Allard.

The audience booed the idea and City Manager Amy Demboski said there were not enough police resources to provide security, and she suggested 5 pm Friday or any evening next week.

Assemblyman Chris Constant, calling in over the phone, accused the Administration of trying to control the time and manner during which the Assembly would meet, something refuted by Demboski.

Assemblywoman Austin Quinn-Davidson, who no longer attends meetings in person, said over the phone that it was “an unruly, disrespectful meeting. I can’t believe I am witnessing this!”

Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, also phoning in her comments, said her ordinance was “in response to a public health emergency. We have a tool we need to debate so we can possibly deploy that tool to help a public health emergency … It has been readily apparent that there is intention delay to getting to debate on this item.”

Allard responded that there is no public health emergency that she was aware of, either from the governor or the mayor of Anchorage.

Ultimately the Assembly chose to compromise and continue the hearing at 3 pm on Friday; the public hearing cannot be closed any earlier than 6 pm, with an end of the meeting set at 10 pm. The meeting will be in the Assembly chambers in the Loussac Library.


  1. Gotta love those Anchorage Conservatives. They drive the Commies insane. Maybe the Assembly will do a mass resignation, or group harikari. ??

    • “Maybe the Assembly will do a … group harikari.”
      That is PRECISELY what they are doing, Artfull Dogger — they just don’t realize it (yet).

    • Don’t put all the dissenters into a box of conservatives. Just because someone doesn’t want a mask mandate doesn’t make them conservative. Flying the American flag doesn’t make a person a racist. Tired of all these assumptions and boxes people are put into. Some people actually want to remain free regardless of political affiliation. Amazing, huh?

  2. It is great to witness the tyrants in government losing their power in real-time.
    It seems many if the assembly have issues with control. They fear the loss off control. They fear the free people. They fear freedom for they have never experienced it. They are slaves to fear, as apparent by their actions in mandating health ordinance due to their fear of what they cannot control.

    They have already given up their lives and replaced it with the illusion of safety.

    Yes, we are unruly. We will not be ruled by those whose hearts are filled with fear. We do not fear this life 9r what it may bring. We are strong. They are weak. We are free, they are trapped.

    Light will always overcome the darkness.

    • Hey Common Peasant

      I have a marvelous idea for all of you strong, unruly, in control free folks.

      Alaska is currently rationing hospital care to all patients due to the influx of Unvaccinated Covid-19 patients.

      Since you are all light and free and all, why don’t we just start rationing care for those that are causing the crisis?

      So, since masking is a no go for you, fine. You get sick, no problem, you can have care, if there is a place in line for you, and if they think you have a decent chance of making it.

      No rationing of care for any other patients other than the willfully unvaccinated.

      Run free grasshopper!

  3. They cannot stop us. We do not consent, we will not comply, we will not concede. We will fight and we will not stop. This is our country and we are in charge.

    • Exactly right, Jean!
      These sociopathic and authoritarian extremists who constitute the “Marxist Nine” have no power, NO power, other than what we, the people, grant them. That is true even in the worst dictatorship. Remove that public mandate, and deny them compliance with their tyrannical decrees, and their power will melt like a snowflake on a hotplate. I say bring it on, Marxist Nine! It is YOU who have started this battle, and this war on our freedom, not we who just wish to live our lives unmolested and be left alone.

  4. Still think this is about Covid? This is about the Anchorage Politburo ruling every aspect of your lives.

    Obey or be punished. All that’s missing is a Sieg Heil to begin and end the meetings. And maybe a ritual burning of the Constitution.

    You did this to yourselves Anchorage. This is what 18-28% voter turnout on a regular basis got you.

    To all those who allegedly conservatives who whined about “too busy working” to get involved? You got time now. No freedoms, but lots of time.

    • BS Narrative! Elections are stolen! It’s not who votes it is who counts the votes! Viva Le Revolution!!!!

    • History is abundantly clear on this front.
      The people who are compelling obedience are never the good guys.

    • It’s definitely not about covid. The vote thing? If we had not watched them like a hawk Bronson would not have won. And that is what they are trying to change. One of the other ordinances that is up after the mask one is for them to get control of the muni buildings so they can limit or ban observers from watching the vote. The only reason for them to do that is so that nobody can catch them cheating.

  5. PRICELESS. One more thing would have made it even more: reciting the full Pledge of Allegiance with the words “…one nation UNDER GOD”.
    “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC* for which it stands, one Nation UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
    *A republic and a democracy are identical in every aspect except one. In a REPUBLIC, the sovereignty is in each individual person. In a democracy the sovereignty is in the group. The United States is more accurately defined as a constitutional federal republic.

    Republic. That form of government in which the powers of sovereignty are vested in the people and are exercised by the people, either directly, or through representatives chosen by the people, to whom those powers are specially delegated.

    • Yes and amen but Anchorage does have an elected form of government. The citizens of Anchorage voted these people into office. Yes, we are a republic but we also have allowed for rules of governance. The horrid assembly you are enduring were put there by the voters of Anchorage, and sadly I would guess by not very many of them, as voter turnout is reprehensible. I do hope, and pray, this crazy event might ‘awaken’ many apathetic non-voters and the next election may return some common sense snd sanity to the elected assembly.

      • I hope that you are correct, Elizabeth. But I also fear shenanigans with the opaque, intermediated and easily corruptible mail-in voting system that put these sociopaths and extremists into office in the first place.

  6. Imagine how different life would be in Los Anchorage if Forrest ‘Hammer and Sickle’ Dunbar had been elected.

  7. This is what I like reading about up there. The assembly is losing their minds over this. If the entire state would start doing it over all the rest of the matters that happen in the house, then you would truly stand a chance at taking your state back.

    • Greg, how can this be? I completely agree with you here! Has Hell suffered a blizzard overnight?
      You are correct, though: the Anchorage Ass-embly (the Marxist Nine majority of it, anyway) are indeed becoming deranged and unhinged over this matter. And it has been illuminating to watch and listen to the public testimony on TV (I’ve been just too busy in the last two weeks to attend the meetings myself). The obvious and total disrespect and contempt that each of the Marxist Nine holds for the public at large, and for those who have been testifying, has been clearly on display for all to see, and it is disgusting and contemptible.
      If the public testimony goes into next week, however, I WILL attend, and speak out forcefully. Many who have posted here for any length of time will probably recognize my style of word usage and speech, and will probably recognize me from what I say and how I say it there.

    • Greg, have you woken from a deep slumber? I am not believing my eyes with your words.
      Welcome back to reality.

    • Jaw dropped Forkner!
      Turned a leaf, must I say?
      Keep pushing Patriots!!!! Loved the YT Clip of Anchorage folks of like minded to sing our National Anthem! ??❤️ & kept pushing!!! We the people, govern not the select few!

  8. Dear Anchorage Assembly,

    We in the Valley appreciate all the business you are sending to us with your mandates that shut down Anchorage. Thank you!
    People of Anchorage, you are welcome to move to the Valley! We are not ruled by a dictatorial mob that now is wrecking Anchorage.

    Your Valley Friends

    • No, please do not invite them to move here, because then the Valley would become like Anchorage. You see, if the people who lived there had not been so apathetic as to not vote in the first place, they wouldn’t have the awful assembly they have. Why in the world would you want them to do the same thing to the Valley? Yes, they are welcome to come and spend their money, but I don’t want them to foul up the Valley, just because they fouled their own nest and can’t seem to clean it up.

  9. The Barney Fife assembly.
    These people can’t get out of their own way.
    They really don’t understand who they work for.

  10. The only delay tactic is being done by the majority of the Assembly. Call for a removal of this proposal the majority of the Citizens of Anchorage do not and will not comply with the Marxists on the Assembly. The Assembly should resign and leave the State we the People of Alaska will not take one more day of their Communist Manifesto.

  11. Those wonderful, wonderful people, God Bless every one of them! Freedom, that’s what America is about! I wish someone could send this video to President Trump so we can send it out all over the United States, the whole country needs to see this! May God Bless America, my home, sweet, home!

  12. The nine ARE insufferable tyrants and must be dislodged from public service. Overreach is expensive. ANCHORAGE has said it doesn’t want masks or other government health impedence. The nine are resolute. They do all they can to avoid social interaction. This is very suspicious. Have they received or their families received benefit from foreign influence? If the nine want to go into medicine they should go to
    medical training or military for training. If Anchorage cannot dislodge these tyrants either we have a broken form of government or our our legal advice is not sufficient.

    • Broken government, a mostly apathetic population, and a corrupt legal system.

      The trifecta of stupid

  13. I cannot believe the majority on the assembly actually think they are fooling anyone.
    Seriously, I find a toddler covered in chocolate cake crumbs and frosting denying they had any cake more believable than these people.
    Making the next meeting at 09:00 in City Hall? In a small conference room? Why not just declare you are not interested in hearing what the public want to say, vote yes on the ordinance, and get it over with?

    • Indeed.
      The hypocrisy and power-lust of the Marxist Nine are as revolting as the are obvious.
      These are truly pathetic and contemptible reprobates, unworthy of holding the offices that they do. When I look at or hear them in action, the word “evil” just bubbles up in my mind again and again.

  14. My question is this,

    Why is the city allowing assembly members to “phone in?”

    Are you afraid of your constituents?

    You are elected to be there in person. If you cannot be there in person your vote should not count.

    • No. They fear freedom. The piss their pants each time we show the assembly that they are no longer in control. They stay home so they can change their diapers regularly with privacy.

      • Evan. You speak of standards, but don’t have any of your own. You should sit this one out bud. Watch us take our country back. We will accept your thanks when you get to enjoy freedom, if you can handle it that is.

        • C’mon man! That’s just malarkey!
          That’s what CornPop used to call it, anyway.
          Now, where am I? What is the steel dresser that we, um, missed the, um, freeway into him of all the time? You know what I mean!

  15. Specific performance. If they won’t perform the contract i.e. show up to be instructed by the residents we CANNOT PAY THEM! It is a property trespass against our property rights. Lafrance said she is instructing us. No ma’am. We are instructing you. Our US Constitution obliges us to remove tyrants which is what the nine have resolutely become. We would like a charter solution immediately. We want those no-show-ups off the stipends and it is an emergency. Have an emergency election for those who will support the Constitution not some international takeover of the territory of Alaska. Oh sure. “They” won’t like it. Tough tinkerbells. Resolution for the no-shows to be separated formally since they have abandoned our people, values, and the form of government we reasonably expect in accordance with the US Constitution. There’s the connor and we are turning it to protect our investments and rights.

  16. WTF . Is that Jamie Allard the only one standing for the National Anthem?
    Right wrong or indifferent ALL Americans have the duty to stand for the FREEDOMS in our country !!

  17. By not taking phone call testimony they have deviated from the “norm.” Therefore, I believe that we have a way to protest the action, if passed, as illegal.

  18. Excellent video, only Jamie Allard standing! Thanks for posting to Youtube for those of us unable/unwilling to sign-up for FB posts.

  19. You all might not have noticed the reporting from ADN where the reporter states that reps from the assembly state that there are now approx 1900 written comments supporting the ordinance and a little over 1000 opposing it. This will be the assembly’s focus when public opinion is discussed. Little if anything will be said by the nine members about the several hundred persons who actually showed up to testify. Would be interesting to read those written comments. My bet is that many are clones of each other generated by a computer generated process. Wonder if they would be subject to a FOI request.

    • No more downvoting. We must remain vigilant and vet each and every candidate. However with the way the corruption is being revealed within our government, I feel that the system must be demolished and built anew. The current structure is unstable under the weight of freedom and cannot stand. There is no going ‘back to normal’, for the way it was before, was anything but normal.

  20. I wonder if the Assembly has written its own letter to AG Merrick Garland asking for a DOJ investigation into all these “domestic terrorists”?

  21. That was awesome! It’s good to see Americans are waking up to see what the sneaky communists have been doing. Thank you for sharing this video.

  22. Apparently they WANT to get sick and die. The problem is it’s time to end discussion and vote on the issue! Enough people have testified by mail, phone, electronically, and in person. Go with the majority and get it done already!! Time to move on to things like grift with the mayor!!!

    • Apparently they want freedom and not “you will or else” compliance that koolaid drinks keep pushing. The rights of the individual outweigh the rights of society. It’s something compliance pushing communists keep forgetting. Did you miss this in U.S. Government class in high school, or were you too busy studying Lenin and Marx..?

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