Jab or no job VIII: Alaska Native says unvaccinated patients are getting the shaft


This is the eighth in a series of stories of people losing their jobs because they have declined to take the required Covid-19 vaccination. The identities of these workers are being kept confidential because they fear reprisal. More stories will be included in future editions of this series as it continues this week. Previous interviews in this series are listed at the bottom of this story. Send your story to [email protected].

Paul is a longtime employee of Southcentral Foundation. He’ll be losing his job on Oct. 15, when the Covid-19 vaccine mandate goes into effect for all employees.

He’s at home right now, recovering from a serious case of Covid, which sent him to the Alaska Native Medical Center’s ANTHC hospital for two weeks.

There, he said, he was asked repeatedly by healthcare staff if he’d been vaccinated, and he noted a distinct change in his caregivers’ demeanor when they found out he was not.

Paul, 40, has asthma, and shortly after catching Covid went to the Tikahtnu Commons monoclonal antibody center in East Anchorage to see if he would qualify for the infusion treatment. But his oxygen levels were just too precarious and he was told to head to the emergency room.

There’s a short timeline for when the monoclonal antibody treatment works and for Paul, he was a day late.

“They tried hard, but after monitoring my oxygen, they told me I really needed to go to the hospital,” he said.

He was admitted at ANTHC, but his experience there has shaken his faith in the health care system. As a patient, he had three “roommates” while he was hospitalized, and he observed that the one who had answered “yes” to the question “Have you been vaccinated” was treated much more attentively. The others had to wait and wait for help.

“It just seemed consistent to me,” Paul said. For the man who was vaccinated, nurses showed up right away for whatever he needed.

One unvaccinated man begged the nurses to help him to the toilet. By the time a nurse arrived, he had soiled himself.

Another man was lectured by a doctor who told him, “I bet you wish you’d gotten the vaccine now.”

Paul was already sensing he wasn’t getting the best care, and didn’t know if he should say something about the pressure and blame being put on patients, or just stay quiet and hope to live to tell the story.

“They treated us like we actually intentionally got ourselves sick,” he said. When he asked if he could get back on vitamins like Vitamin D, C, and Zinc, he was rebuffed by the doctor on call, who questioned him about why he thought they would help. Paul’s own family physician had recommended them to him.

There were people he said who were good to him, too, he said. One was a member of the cleaning crew who brought him newspapers, and another was a kindly nurse and aide who helped bathe and shave him.

“But a few bad eggs can set the tone. If you’ve got a doctor who is yelling at you…” he said.

Paul’s oxygen was accidentally cut off and it took five minutes for someone to reach him and restart it. The next day, his oxygen was cut off again. His oxygen level was about 90 and by the time a nurse arrived it was down to 70. He felt pressure building in his lungs.

Paul, who has a large family across Alaska with deep roots in the state, finally reached out to a doctor at Southcentral Foundation and asked him to intervene and have the nursing staff check on him. People in the hospital who have Covid are not allowed to have visitors, and therefore have no one to advocate for them.

“But there are no checks and balances,” Paul said. “And now, with only vaccinated nurses and doctors, you don’t really have that other perspective. You are creating a system that is ‘trust the science and get vaccinated.'”

Paul doesn’t distrust the science, but he’s wary and with genetic hypertension, he knows the vaccine comes with risk for men in his age group.

As he is home recovering, this father of three children is not sure what the future holds. His job at Southcentral Foundation ends on Oct. 15 if he doesn’t get the Covid-19 vaccination. Because of his deeply held religious beliefs, Paul is refusing to get it, as he believes its development came at the expense of an aborted fetus .

But ANTHC and Southcentral Foundation do not need to adhere to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, because of their status as a tribal organization. And so, after 19 years at Southcentral Foundation, Paul will be shown the door on Oct. 15, and he’s not entirely sure what he will do to support his family.

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  1. Still, it’s those taxpayers who are not at least 1/32 Alaska Native and therefore don’t qualify for cradle to grave free medical care, including dental, optical, mental health, etc. etc. who REALLY get the shaft. As for myself, I qualify.

    • Can someone answer this question?
      Why do the Natives get their own hospitals and their own health campuses?

      • Look up and read the book Gumboot Determination. It outlines very well the background you’re asking about

      • Because of the Masons’ Manifest Destiny. They believed in the secret society that God wanted them to invade and conquer from the oceans to prairies. So they did the conquering and seized real estate and delimited the used that the indians had of the all the lands. How did you get your property? Usually we pay for real estate. They realized they hadn’t paid for it. So being Godly men they settled the dispute by saying: we will never give the land back to you but we will provide medical care for you and your families forever; how about that? The indians said ok. This included AK. It’s a treaty.

  2. I, too, am a soon to be terminated Native Health employee-since the old hospital. While I did not witness the events described, I certainly hear nothing unexpected in his experience. Recently while making a report to a doctor, I reported a ‘pregnant woman’, to which one of my coworkers immediately loudly corrected “PREGNANT PERSON!’, disrupting the call. Such is the woke culture that has conquered the power structure within this system, advancing their political agenda upon the people for whom they are tasked-and paid-to care for. Until Native Alaskans rise up and demand better of those skimming millions, maybe billions out of the system to build their woke empire, the behavior described above will continue and worsen. I might also add that all eligible under my care for COVID had been vaxxed.

  3. It is sad when supposed Health Care workers are treating those who choose not to be vaccinated differently. It speaks volumes for those who say they care but actions speak louder than words. I guess in the future if I stop to render aid my first question will be vaccinated or not … and if vaccinated I will walk away and let them fend for themselves.

  4. This sounds very plausible and consistent with the values I have seen and experienced at ANMC from Gambell Street to the current lovely location. It’s very sad. I believe on Tuesday native menu items are prepared like seal soup! My goodness that soup will revive anybody. So there are some good points too. Paul I’m so glad you had the toughness to make it through! We love all those making a stand. You will be a blessing in any employment scenario. May God Bless You! Praying for you… Alaska was never a land of brass rings for me in my work scenario either. God is Good though. Good health and happiness to you always! The captured management operation may wake up from their stupid wokeness but I believe many will be harmed before that happens. According to scripture “Merely one sinner can destroy much good.”

  5. What an horrid experience. Unfortunately this is occurring everywhere, the unvaxxed are being stifled, masked and basically treated like a growing mushroom left in the dark and tossed fertilizer from time to time from health professionals and elected officials who should be standing up for our rights despite overwhelming and mounting evidence that the vax is deadly. Most who received the vaccine will die from blood-clots that wont end with just one, you’ll get another one eventually and if that doesn’t kill you antibody dependent enhancement will. Encourage others not to take the vaccine, it is deadly.

  6. Thank God Paul made it out alive to share his experience. He sounds like the same man his co worker friend spoke of during an Assembly meeting. If Paul has a relationship with God, he’ll be led to a job and employer who pays enough (pay might be less than SCF, though, or it could be more) to support himself and family, but it’ll be enough to keep a shelter over the head.

    every covid unvaccinated Christian in a relationship with God will have their physical needs met. “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. (That is a promise!) Do not fear or be dismayed.” Deut. He makes a way for all those who truly love Him.

    • Sounds like Paul’s relationship with god is a bit shaky. Why would god put him in the hospital? Sounds mean spirited. And god gave him a chance to take a sensible preventative and he refused. It’s all very confusing.

      • You don’t seem to be an expert of his religion as you don’t even bother to capitalize God. As somebody that believes in God, let me tell you that you really don’t know what you are talking about and you are being extremely preachy and offensive while sounding very ignorant. You can express your beliefs, but try not to tell other people what to believe based on their religion unless you truly understand it and intend to be preachy, but you strike me as somebody who doesn’t like it when people are preachy. Is the golden rule part of your beliefs?

      • Evan,
        I agree with Justin Erickson views.
        Thing is though Evan, For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
        For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world through Him.
        That is not a mean spirited God but one who loved even you ~ regardless of the senseless thoughts you shared.

  7. It shouldn’t be necessary, but because it is, I’m wondering if they shouldn’t just set up a different section for patients willing to work with unvaccinated nurses. It would help with the staff shortages and it would allow the smug nurses to work with fellow smug patients. You know, a nurse that’s vaccinated that doesn’t want to catch covid from the seething unvaccinated people. This way they would have the right to get covid from a smart vaccinated person. That’s what they care about. AND it would allow maybe patients to get things like vitamins if they request them or refuse any or all treatments easily if they don’t want them, such as a ventilator or remdesivir. Seems like a win win. Seems also like a very divided and ugly world, but that’s already the world we are already living in. When all you’ve got is lemons, ya might as well make lemonade. I guess.

  8. Every single one of these folk’s stories are breaking my heart. It makes me incredibly sad and only further reinforces the blinding and glaring fact that Covid is the vehicle that libs and rinos are using to destroy their fellow human beings they deem Deplorables and Neanderthals. They truly believe conservatives are sub human and hence are worthless.

  9. Thank you for sharing these stories. I appreciate that we are able to come here and see information without some algorithm trying to censor or redirect us.

  10. Suzanne, Adele and I both are recovering from COVID and the treatment that we received at the emergency room was about the same as in this story. When we arrived at the E.R. we waited for someone to talk with us which they finally did. The male nurse was not friendly especially after we told him that we did not have the shot nor did we want it. They took us into a special COVID room where the first nurse came in and was very friendly but then the doctor came in and almost made fun of us for not having the jab but would be willing to take the antibodies infusion. When we told him that we didn’t know what was in the jab and that it was our choice not to put something like that into our bodies he seemed almost mad that we would take the antibodie infusion and no one seems to know what is in that. After debating that for a few minutes he left and a nurse came in and started the infusion after awhile since we were told that they had to make it in the lab. I got the infusion but Adele didn’t qualify for some reason. We both had an IV for dehydration and after that the last nurse came in and almost chastised us for not taking the shot and for taking the antibody infusion. We walked out of there feeling almost guilty for not having the shot but we both are happy that we didn’t and don’t plan to get it. I do have to say that for the most part the staff treated us professionally.

      • Wow, Seymour! You must live in some kind of protected enchanted bubble to feel free enough to have your personal info splayed out all over the internet while saying such repulsive and nasty things to people who are ill.

    • Perhaps you, as a doctor, or any other doctors or nurses out there can answer this: from a medical standpoint, does a patient’s vaccination status affect the actual medical treatment or is the treatment just based on the patient’s current condition and symptoms? I would guess the latter but I am not a doctor (and don’t even play one on TV). I ask this in all seriousness because if vaccination status does not influence medical treatment, maybe the unvaxxed can just tell a little lie that they are vaxxed to avoid being treated like a second class citizen and patient.

      So sorry that Paul had to experience being handled in this completely unacceptable and extremely unprofessional manner.

    • Patients need to ask medical staff that attempt to be bossy and dominating with pushing the Mrna injections by requesting to see the blood immune test results given to those before and after each “vaccine” injection.
      As medical professionals, of course they monitor the immune system strength of a patient before advising these potent drug cocktail vaccines, and monitor to determine that the injections are in fact strengthening their patients’ immune system, correct?
      If not, why not? As these are trials, and the pharma companies are paying hundreds of millions to medical facilities and administrators to push their products, they are collecting the data to gauge efficacy and potential problems, one would think?

    • I know of one at ANMC & she has not taken the jab. I’m sure she too is not being taken care of to save her life but to have her suffer.
      When she was in the ER (which was for many hours). Her oxygen levels were very low… hence admitted I believe on Sept 29th, 2021
      Before she went to the hospital said she doesn’t want to be put on the ventilator because she knows she will die if they do.
      Well, yesterday they put her on a ventilator. Makes me wonder her level of care & treatment with less than none.
      I can only hope she fights & pulls through.
      It appears the hospital is a modern day concentration facility to the un-vax’d
      I wonder if they have stats of those who were COVID patients, classified as vax’d & un-vax’d and the survival rate of both categories.
      This makes me ill to read the treatment to the un-vax’d. Humanity is absent to the un-vax’d

  11. This BS about the vaccine being made from aborted fetus continues even among people who want to “ follow the science”. THE MODERNA VACCINE ( which I took in Jan) does not contain any fetal tissue nor was any fetal tissue used in its development. In fact the company that produces the Moderna vaccine prides itself on pioneering the avoidance of fetal tissue in any of its research. But what if it did. We use parts from the human body taken from cadavers (dead bodies) all the time to replace damaged tissue all the time to restore use of limbs, joints,vision, and of course heart, and organ transplants to give a new lease on life to thousands world wide. Does it mean we were in any way responsible for the death of the human donors? Absolutely not!! I am firmly against abortion but to say that your not going to take the vaccine because it might have been made from fetal tissue for religious reasons is a big stretch especially if there not practicing that faith in other ways like being a part of the antiabortion movement or in someway facilitating the protection of all human life beginning at conception.

    • From cadavers consent was given when once alive, with abortions, they had no choice their lives were taken, a sin and to knowingly accept anything from this is spiritually repugnant. Put your faith in Jesus not in man, to do otherwise is a sin.

    • Excuse me John. My faith is such I cannot take fetal tissue into my body any way. The scripture indicates it would not be safe. Scriptural prohibitions are for a reason. That reason is that being obedient to God’s word brings the best results possible results in the long run. Our conscience is our guide. I believe it is a false statement by unbelievers that fetal tissue is no longer included. What they consider to be a fact and what God the Creator regards as a fact may not be identical. A woke scientist’s unspiritually trained conscience is not my spiritual guide. If it was good for us to do God would COMMAND us to do it. His word is contrary to that.

      • You people WANT to get things wrong because it serves your twisted purposes.

        It’s REGENERON — the monoclonal antibody therapeutic agent that saved the Mango Mussolini’s wretched life — that is derived from frozen embryonic tissue…NOT COVID-19 vaccines.

    • All the current Covid-19 vaccines have either been developed or tested using fetal cell lines. Please see Children of life for God website for the very detailed information of how the aborted cell lines were used.

    • If you wish to persist in ignorance of the facts, there’s not much I can say to explain it, but all of these were created using fetal cells derived from an abortion. Materially cooperating in abortion means being excommunicated from Catholicism, whether one marches in front of abortion abattoirs or not. It is also not the place of the government or health care workers to determine what I believe or to establish anything about my religion. Not a stretch; it’s Canon Law and factual.

    • For those concerned about fetal tissue being used in modern medicine, it should be noted that the monoclonal treatment for covid was also developed using one of the two lines in use. The cells that are in use are not from the aborted fetus but are cellular copies of other copies developed years ago, yes the original cell tissue came from an aborted fetus, there is no aborted fetal tissue in any modern medicine. The cells that are used are not even in the medicine but are used in development of the medicine.
      Along with the monoclonal covid treatment, some of the various covid vaccines worldwide used these cells in development of their vaccine, there are numerous other medications that used these same cell lines in development they include but are not limited to acetaminophen, albuterol, aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, Tums, Lipitor, Senokot, Motrin, Maalox, Ex-Lax, Benadryl, Sudafed, Preparation H, Claritin, Prilosec, and Zoloft.
      If nothing else then it should be noted that the two lines of fetal cells that were developed from fetal cells gathered from two abortions, have gone on to save tens or hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of lives.

      • I don’t think I’ll be a part of the antibody market either. I’ll not accept bone fillers from human cadavers in the dental industry either. God is Holy, Holy, Holy. He remembers we are dust. But we are supposed to be becoming refined perhaps gold dust. The refinement process results in at -one-ment with the Creator. When He rocks the earth knowing and having evidence of an approved relationship with Him is the most valuable possession one can have. He gives evidence when and if He accepts our worship of Him sometimes in the form of kind blessings. “All good gifts come down from the Father above and He adds no pain with it”. How did she get this or that? She’s just a poor native woman? “He restores my soul”.

      • Most Of the drug products you mentioned have not been developed using fetal cell lines. Those meds have been in existence long before the cell lines were available.
        Again, see the Children of life for God website for the information.

        • Fetal cell tissue has been used since the 1930’s, long before many of the products I mentioned were developed.
          There’s also this “Most drugs and most vaccines have, at some point in their movement towards the clinic, passed through a stage in which they’ve been either developed or tested using cell lines that came from human fetal tissue,” according to Dr. Mike McCune.

    • John Slone, the massive hypocrisy of your post escapes you, doesn’t it? I’ve seen you do this before and you are so willfully delusional that you actually give me the creepies a bit.

    • John, do tell us how you know what it contains, my understanding is that the contents of the treatment shots called “vaccines” are not published, sort of like Col. Sanders 11 herbs and spices.

      I did read once where the Astra Zeneca shot contained Human Fetal tissue and modified monkey DNA. However I cannot be sure if the information describing the Astra Zeneca jab was true or not despite it being on their letterhead. The trouble is John, there has not been any accountability or transparency coming from the Government or any of the alphabet health organizations in regards to Covid. Many people have lost faith in agencies like the FDA. Sadly it appears that politics and profits are now running the program, and not science.

  12. Check Viva Frei ytube for last sundays live with Robert Barnes to hear the latest on the legal challenges and lawsuits to forced vaccination. Anyone who loves their freedom (religious) and liberty should have a listen.

  13. The development of the vaccines did not come at the expense of aborted fetuses. Please stop spreading lies. Please, do it to avoid feeling silly later.

    • JS – I haven’t done the research. I’m reporting what this man believes. Thanks for your note. – sd

      • Suzanne, you should note that it is his belief and not part of your reporting, since you wrote it as though it is your report.

        “Because of his deeply held religious beliefs, is refusing to get it, as its development came at the expense of an aborted fetus.”

        You quoted his comments, and then reported that he is refusing to get the vaccine based on his religious beliefs and your belief that it came at the expense of an aborted fetus. The only interpretation from your report is that you believe the subject of your reporting. Best to clarify. Thanks

        • I knew what she meant in the article, but I can’t say you are wrong John. Tough thing to word without sounding like he’s believing something that’s not true or proven, when it could be true and proven, just Suzanne hasn’t researched it and doesn’t really need to go down that rabbit hole for this report. Maybe just should have left it with “Because of his deeply held religious beliefs and his objections to using fetal tissue, he is refusing the vaccines.”

          • You mean “maybe just should have clarified”? Yeah, that’s what I’m saying, Justin. Words have meaning.

          • John- you apparently can’t understand my words. I agreed with you. And to say “he believes the vaccines were created using fetal tissue” has a different meaning and sounds like he believes something that isn’t true. So the wording is important. It’s a lot like how journalists selectively say “claims” to quote somebody they obviously don’t agree with. Yes. Words have meaning John. We are in agreement but maybe your prejudices are getting in the way of seeing that and the nuance of how. Get off your flippin high horse.

        • Lay off See More. There’s something abusive about all you woke libby boys incessantly INSISTING Suzanne change her posts to suit your Covidian Cult propaganda narrative. I say, if you don’t like it, why don’t all you Sallys and Nancys call your big daddy FBI and tell them Suzanne made you mad because she won’t listen to your boysplaining.

    • Hey John I think you spoke too soon. Project Veritas’ latest whistleblower says Pfizer executives suppressed information about fetal cells being used in their covid vaccine. I’d link but MRAK doesn’t allow them in comments.

    • They all did. The mRNA is from living tissue, in this case from a fetal cell line derived from an abortion in the 1970’s. You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

    • The vaccines were all developed using fetal cell lines derived from aborted babies. The shot itself may not contain fetal cells but it was developed using them.

  14. And people wonder why so many have adopted the yellow star as a symbol.

    The unvaccinated are the new Jews. And it won’t end there.

    • This is offensive to both Jews and anyone who has a basic understanding of history. Please, stop trying to downplay the holocaust for your personal benefit now. It’s embarrassing to your fellow human beings.

        • No, it is not solidarity with Jews to pretend wearing a mask during a pandemic is as bad as exterminating Jewish people. There’s a reason Bronson had to apologize for defending these bad actors.

          • Again, John, it is you who is clueless and ignorant here. Nobody here is pretending that “wearing a mask during a pandemic is as bad as exterminating Jewish (and other) people”. That is purely a strawman of your own creation.
            What we ARE saying is that THE INCREMENTAL PROCESS leading up to the final result of the Jews being exterminated IS analogous to the incremental process by which we are today being rapidly stripped of our rights under cover and rationalization of dealing with a pandemic, and by which those who refuse to comply with the draconian agenda of the political establishment ARE being demonized, discriminated against, and being targeted for punishment and additional loss of rights. THAT is the similarity to Nazi Germany’s treatment of the Jews. How can you not understand that? Or is it just that in your dishonesty you chose to make a disingenuous argument against one that nobody here is actually making?

      • Seymour you would try to save yourself from the flu on the backs of murdered children. You are an offense to God.

      • The King of Denmark wore the Star of David in support of his Jewish citizens during the German socialist occupation of his country. As the requirement was to define 2nd class citizens, the King chose to identify with them. He did not choose the elite, as our modern liberals, indoctrinated college graduates and haughty medical staff do today in Alaska.
        It was a matter of life and death for Jews then as it is today a matter of life and death for all.

      • How many times have Trump supporters and Trump’s tactics been compared to nazi’s? Were you offended then? If not, do you feel like you were going through a holocaust when Trump was president, or did you just see parallels? This is why people say things like “if liberals didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any at all”. This feigning offense tactic which is really easy to see through is really getting old and is honestly offensive to some people that don’t want to repeat the past because they did live through it. When the Jews were first forced to wear yellow armbands, I imagine some of them saw it as a direction towards slavery even though no one said anything about concentration camps at that time. Do you think that was insensitive to black people and made light of what they had to go through? The Jews were still allowed to have their “freedom” and weren’t going through anything remotely close to what black people had to go through… yet. Unvaccinated people still have their “freedom”. They just can’t keep their employment, go to restaurants, see a movie, travel to see family, or deserve the same level of healthcare.

        Anything else you want to dangerously parrot without much thought or integrity?

      • John, who are YOU to be telling us what is or is not offensive to Jews? Even if you were a Jew yourself, you have no right or ability to speak for all of them collectively. Nobody is downplaying the Holocaust here (which by the way did not kill 6 million Jews, but TEN million innocents, including 5 million Jews). We are simply making an extremely valid comparison about how persecution, demonization and segregation STARTED under teh Nazis, and how those who refuse to receive the clot shots are being similarly treated today.
        One thing here is abundantly clear, though: you are the exactly the kind of person who was a “good German” under the Nazis, and who willingly assisted them in their ghastly death machine. You, John, are in short just another collaborator, lackey and Quisling.

    • Irony is, its possible the human beings that refuse the jab may actually be the ones that bring us through the covid plandemic. This according to a great interview with a couple of world-class doctors. Del Bigtree show Highwire. vanden-bossche-and-malone-covid-19-giants-unite.
      We are in some crazy times and need unity more than ever.

  15. So sorry for your bad experience in the hospital. We are most vulnerable then and to have others in control of our lives that show disdain to you at that time is unconscionable. I also am sorry about your pending unemployment. I keep praying for wisdom for our leaders, but unfortunately a lot of them are just digging down instead of looking up to all the newer studies ( especially those that show natural antibodies are better and longer lasting), and to the fact that the vaccine is causing a lot of deaths and long term adverse reactions for some people (VAERS). May God watch over you and bless you with all your needs.

  16. Denmark has now paused the Moderna shot for anyone under the age of 30 due to a massive increase in heart problems…

  17. Just to make light of the situation and I hope I will be stronger in Christian spirit not to get ‘honest’ if I ever ended up in a hospital with The medical staff attempt to make fun of me for not having covid shot, that I will control myself not talking back,” so what do you say to an obese diabetic? I guess you should had layed off the greasy food! That fast food don’t feel so good does it!? I bet you wish you are a vegetarian. Or the fat medical worker giving me hard time and I may be so overcome by my flesh desire to be honest to tell the fat nurse and you need too lose weight! Don’t lecture to me not have a shot when ol chubby here can’t even manage their calorie intake. Hahaha

    • In fact ridicule of the bullies and their hypocrisy is part of non violent resistance. Unfortunately most of these oppressive people are ignorant, shallow and have no depth, but we fellow resistors enjoy the humor. It is apparent that mass disobedience to unlawful authority is the only recourse left. It’s going to be a long hard road and we need all the humor and laughs we can.

  18. The Nazis dehumanized the Jews by calling them dirty disease spreaders. They were denied access to health care, public venues, education, and places of worship.
    The Feds, MSM, the ethically bankrupt and corrupt medical establishment, AND people like John Seymour are doing the exact same thing.
    The only difference this time – is the PureBloods have not been disarmed – so you won’t be sending us to any “camps”.

  19. Well, obviously the doctors at the Native hospital are rather ignorant, and who would want healthcare from a facility that can make such bad and erroneous decisions? That employee now has antibodies, and they want him to take a vaccine? How ridiculous. Those doctors are NOT following the science, they are following the garbage spewed by Foolish Fauci and the government…and who is dumb enough to believe anything the government has to say these days?

    • Karen Kirkpatrick, those antibodies disappear in about half the time that those from the vaccine start to disappear! That’s why people get it more than once and why we catch colds (another coronavirus) several times a year! The immunity doesn’t last without the boost from the vaccine!! Once vaccinated, people who have had it, too, become super immune. ASK YOUR DOCTOR!!

      • Sorry, you are exactly 180 degrees wrong! Johns Hopkins studies show immunity in people going out 20 months from the earliest recorded cases, with no sign of weakening, as opposed to the ‘jabs’ which fail in 2-6 months. If you can’t at least speak a little truth, you should spend more time watching Spongebob and less pecking the keyboard.

      • Esthera, you are simply spouting egregious LIES here once again. Which is obviously your malicious and malevolent agenda.
        Actually (and as usual), “the science” demonstrates clearly that naturally-acquired immunity is FAR superior to that (if any) provided by the clot shots, both in duration and efficacy. Whatever little immunity ir provided by the shots (which only affects the symptoms of COVID, as no immunity to the contraction or transmission of COVID is provided by the jabs) is of very short duration, a handful of months at best, while long-lasting and robust natural immunity acquired by those who have contracted COVID-19 without having received the jabs has been consistently reported by studies in the last year.

  20. Where ignorance and misunderstanding kills!! Medical researchers refer to ANY lost pregnancy as having been “aborted” not just ones that have undergone a medical/legal “abortion/termination”!

    • Again you show your ignorance. Best if you tune into the cartoon network for a while. Yes, there are some who document ‘spontaneous AB’, but typically most document ‘MC’ for miscarriage and ‘elective AB’ for intentionally killing the baby (G 4, P 2, MC 1, AB 1, know what that means?). You need to hook up with Bill and Steve and Greggy as the misinformation quartet.

  21. Suzanne, I’ve registered yet when I disagree or say something out of line with your followers my posts vanish! Why is that?

    Medical researchers use the term “aborted” for ANY lost pregnancy whether it’s lost naturally (miscarriage) or medically (deliberately). Their terminology doesn’t change. ASK YOUR DOCTOR!!

    • Esthera, all comments do temporarily disappear. I have to retrieve and review them and do my best, but there are over 400 a day so they can sit for a couple of hours sometimes or through the night. – sd

    • To Festher, First of all, stop your shrieking it makes you look like an escaped mental patient. (Maybe?) Secondly, please see a psychiatrist about treating your pathological paranoia or stop doing drugs. Either or will should help you get through your days better.

  22. Esthera gets her “science” from CNN, Fauci, Biden, and her hack doctor?

    Please do just a little research before you start spewing CDC propaganda.


    • CNN, Fauci, Biden… and the entire scientific community? That’s a pretty reliable group, I’d say.

      • Do you do stand-up comedy as well, John?
        If not, your statement is depressing, and terrifying, in its utter ignorance and naivete. But again, as we have seen, you are simply another boot-licking lackey for the powers that be, and blindly believe whatever you are told by the corrupt power structure, so I guess we should not be too surprised by even this sort of blind trust in authority from you.

  23. John Seymour = Sheeple.

    Why the Mass Censorship of opposing views from the medical establishment?
    Oh yeah, “they” are protecting us from disinfo, right?

  24. All of these people aligning with these vaccine mandates are nothing but medical fascists. Time will soon expose the evil for what this really is and every single person that parrots this medical fascist propaganda will soon have to face the ugly truth; they were complacent with tyranny and death because they gave up their freedom in a guise for safety because they were cowards that refused to face truth. Stay strong and know the line in the sand has been drawn. In about 5 years most of these vaccinated people will be dead or too sick to be of any use to society anyway; therefore stay strong and know you out live them in the long run. It will be hard for a while but this too shall pass and then we can rebuild society that these medical fascists destroyed.

  25. Perhaps God created the Vaccine to help save us, I know for a fact I will not sit with an unvaccinated health care worker. Paul, I’m sorry you were treated unfairly and hope for your speedy recovery, now go get Vaccinated for the sake of us all.

    • And perhaps God directed the burning of Gypsies to stop the Plague. And perhaps God ordered the Spanish Inquisition. And perhaps God inspired the Nazis to purify mankind of the inferior. And perhaps Osama Bin Laden was a messenger of God to carry out his will. I think that perhaps you need to spend some time on your knees reflecting. You will not sit next to me because I will not take the present vaccines and that’s fine with me. But smile from the aisle seat.

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