Jab or no job VI: Nurse at Alaska Regional says she is seeing too many blood-clot related hospitalizations among vaccinated


This is the sixth in a series of stories of people losing their jobs because they have declined to take the required Covid-19 vaccination. The identities of these workers are being kept confidential because they fear reprisal. More stories will be included in future editions of this series as it continues this week. Previous interviews in this series are listed at the bottom of this story. Send your story to [email protected].

Rebecca is a nurse at Regional Hospital in Anchorage. After more than 10 years there, she is worried she’ll lose her job. Although Regional has not forced Covid vaccines on its workers, that all may change when the President Biden “jab or no job” policy takes hold next month.

Companies that employ more that 100 people or that have contracts with the federal government must ensure that their workforces are vaccinated, or tested weekly, although it’s unclear if the enforcement will be rolled out, due to the over 21 lawsuits now in play. The fine from OSHA is $14,000 per infraction, although a massive bill called “Build Back Better” from the House Democrats has fines as high as $70,000 for each serious infraction, and as much as $700,000 for willful or repeated violations. With that amount envisioned for non-vaccinated employees, the penalty could bankrupt non-compliant organizations.

Rebecca is in her late 40s and doesn’t want the Covid-19 vaccine because she is seeing too many people who have taken the vaccine and who are now hospitalized, as they are suffering from blood clots. Is it related? She doesn’t know, but it concerns her.

“We have more rapid responses and Code Blues than we have ever had, and not on our ICU floors, but in our other units. The one think that they all seem to have in commons is so many of them are vaccinated. We’re just seeing a huge amount of blood clots, PEs (pulmonary embolisms) and DVTs (deep vein thrombosis), strokes, and all of this is blood-clot related,” she said. “The one thing that they all seem to have in common is so many of them are vaccinated.”

Rebecca said it is not uncommon for the ICU to be full at any of the local hospitals, or for other units in the hospital to be full. And it’s not uncommon to have to take the least sick person from an ICU room and put in a sicker person.

“We don’t have a lot of beds, so if we do certain procedures, they have to go to ICU after the procedures. The media is sensationalizing it as though out hospitals are full of Covid people,” she said.

She also disputes the narrative that those coming into the hospital who end up with a positive Covid diagnosis are more combative with medical staff. She explained that some people coming in from off-the-grid Alaska are just naturally grumpy people who don’t take well to others. This is not unusual, and if they are getting a Covid diagnosis even if they don’t have symptoms, they might be a bit cross about it, especially if they are inebriated. Medical professionals in Alaska are accustomed to these types of patients.

What she is seeing, however, is tremendous tension between vaccinated and unvaccinated staff. “I’ve never seen people disrespect religious beliefs before. For example, Jehovah’s Witness patients who won’t take a blood transfusion — that has always been respected. We’ve respected the religious beliefs of Muslims. But now? Unfortunately, there’s a lot of hostility toward the unvaccinated,” she said.

“For me, it’s about the science. I’m not in favor of mandates on the vaccines, but I really want to know. Seeing what we are seeing, it just hurts my heart to think about it. I’ve had two friends lose three parents since they were vaccinated. They were older people, in their late 70s or early 80s, and their deaths are not officially attributed to the vaccine, but they had very recently been vaccinated. Nursing home deaths are insanely high, even though the residents and patients have all been vaccinated,” she said.

Rebecca described a patient who was young but had to be put on a defibrillator because she went into cardiac arrest. She was vaccinated.

“We’re not hearing about this in the news, but I and other nurses are seeing it,” she said.

Have you lost your job because you won’t take the Covid-19 vaccine? Are you a medical professional? Send your information to [email protected]. You will be kept anonymous.

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  1. And there is credible evidence that the jab blocks body response to mutations, causing breakthrough of aggressive tumors. Time will tell if these are true or not, but once jabbed no going back.

  2. The jabs are not immunizations. They can’t stop the vaccinated from catching or spreading or dying from Covid. Therefore, there is no reason to treat the vaccinated and the unvaccinated any differently in terms of their ability to spread a virus. This is foolishness being turned by Fear Media. It’s time it stopped.

  3. Had my own personal experience with the ER at FMH in Fairbanks this past week. Was there for over three hours due to a possible nose fracture. During those three hours about a dozen people came through with ER related injuries. Guess what?!? Only ONE person stated she was having COVID related issues.
    She came in well after me and was admitted and released before I ever saw a doctor.

  4. Well said Rebecca, sorry to hear about your friends vaccinated relatives passing. Here’s what Bruce Keissling MD said on his show:
    “Any person, no matter what comorbidities, no matter how poorly, if they contract COVID, their death should be recorded as a COVID death.”
    Again in Keissling’s logic:
    “If COVID pushes them over the edge, then its a covid death.”
    Therefore, by his own logic, if the vaccine pushes someone over the edge, then its a vaccine death, period.
    They cannot have it both ways on this one. You know, if we have someone with 3 previous heart attacks, and is in the midst of a 4th, and is asymptomatic with SARS-CoV-2, under Keissling’s logic, they’ve just died from COVID, not a heart attack.
    #doublespeak #inaction #subjectivelogic

    • You’re right. And by their logic, anyone dying within 2 weeks of jab should be counted as a Vax caused death (which is likely true). Actually, in truth anyone dying any time after the jab may have their death attributed to one of the many and growing number of side effects.
      Whistleblower this morning claims 50,000 Medicare recipient vaccine deaths being covered up. Who knows?

      • This is the problem, a lack of critical thinking:
        1 . A sick patient came into the hospital today, going through his 4th heart attack, he eventually died. He also tested positive for COVID. Therefore he died from a heart attack, *with* COVID.
        Simple, easy to understand, and document.
        2. A patient came into the hospital today, no history of underlying conditions, and within normal health parameters. He tested positive for COVID, he eventually died. Therefore he died from COVID.
        Again, simple and easy to understand.
        Then, at this point it would be easier to take them more serious reference the COVID jabs.

    • With all due respect to Dr. Bruce Keissling, he isn’t the arbiter of what a covid death is. According to the CDC “COVID-19 should not be reported on the death certificate if it did not cause or contribute to the death.”

      • >“COVID-19 should not be reported on the death certificate if it did not cause or contribute to the death.”<
        The last four "wiggle words"– that's what he quoted. But, as we've seen from CDC lately, they're political. Note the latest recommendation of COVID boosters by CDC, that was a political decision, even though FDA overwhelmingly said NO to COVID boosters.

    • Amen to that! Everything going on Globally including this forced Vax is a part of Bible Prophesy. Believe on Jesus Christ and repent. GOD bless. 🙂

  5. It’s not just blood clots, some like a CDC might say that a fair number of the vaccinated are ending up in hospitals with covid, but you wont hear that on the nightly news now will you?

      • Bill Yankee, nearly everyone I see, and everyone who is seriously ill, had the jab. You can pull your blinders tight and pull your mask over your eyes, but the truth remains out there despite the coordinated effort by mainstream media to meet the narrative.
        Until 1944 after the Battle of Saipan, when B-29s began raining fire directly onto Japan, the Japanese people continued to believe that they were winning the war because government and media said so. And even after that, anyone speaking doubt was hauled off by the secret police to disappear. Truth will come out, eventually.

      • Actually, no it’s not. Many of the covid patients ARE vaccinated, or haven’t you been paying attention? Not just here, but elsewhere. Look at what is happening in Israel…the country with the highest vaccination rate in the entire world.

        • “Between January and the first week of September, 81% of Alaska’s cases, 88% of all virus-related hospitalizations and 87% of deaths have involved people who were not fully vaccinated.” This is from ADN article (Sep. 19).
          So the question becomes what is meant by “a fair number of patients are vaccinated” but the facts are that over about an 8 month period only 12% of hospitalizations are.

          • Yeah that’s all been documented and it’s for sure and for true. I can’t believe anyone would dispute that. Kind of in the same way that if somebody doesn’t wear boots or insulated socks in the snow, they’re going to get frostbite.

          • Bill, once again, your provide nothing but misrepresentations and misinformation. Those statistics you quote are all but meaningless, as a significant proportion of Alaska’s population did not receive the clot shots until well into this year, making those statistics that go back to January all but meaningless.
            I’d say “good try”, but it wasn’t even that.

          • Most of the hospitalized COVID-19 patients around the state are unvaccinated, statistics show. During the “last week in August, 81% of hospitalized COVID-positive patients and 85% of those in the ICU were unvaccinated, according to the Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association. Seventeen of 18 COVID-19 patients on ventilators were not vaccinated.” This is from ADN article (9/14).
            Get a grip here Jefferson or change your meds. Heheh!

      • I can’t speak to what’s going on here. My friend came back from Michigan or Minnesota the beginning of July. Her cousin works on the Covid floor. Easily 1/2 their patients had been vaccinated. The nurses were discouraged from telling people that that was what was happening.

        • Yeah Delta was kicking in then. I’m not sure about the half being vaccinated though unless they were just putting everybody in the hospital to get their numbers up. Typically vaccinated people don’t need to be hospitalized. Even I didn’t need to be hospitalized, I came close mind you but right about the time we was thinking about starting the truck I started getting better.

      • Sued your neighbors in another subdivision over ducks again, billy? Do they quack at you when you leave your house? How much did you cost the city of Juneau? How’s it feel to lose every single court case?

      • No, Billy boy, it is the truth, as you would know if you dared read and research anything outside the narrow, self-serving and propagandized purview of the corporate media. But we all here know that you would never do such a thing, as you are a willing sheep and Quisling for those in power. Lick those boots, lackey!

  6. It’s ironic that just over a year ago, the federal government was giving businesses money via the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) but a condition of receiving the money was that staff levels had to be maintained. Now they’re creating mandates that cause businesses to get rid of staff.

    Another sad irony is that for the last 18 months (over half of that time without even the option for “vaccines”), medical personnel were being called heroes for all they did during the pandemic. Now, they’re considered expendable and facing the loss of their jobs for choosing not to get the shot.

    Our country is in deep trouble.

  7. Great article! Thank you. My coworker got the evil Vax. He had a heart attack two days later, he’s “ok” now. My brother in-law in the Philippines got it and his knees swelled up so bad he couldn’t work and were painful. He is back to work now after a month. My Cousin in Florida got it, and her left side of her face and neck swelled up badly, had chest pains and fever for five days. Got 2nd shot, same thing. They WON’T get the booster (She’s ok now, apparently). There are many many other cases around the World of the horrible side affects of these useless vaxes. We will not take the Vax, ever. People have DIED because of the Vax and not just the elderly. GOD bless! P.S please have your proof reader do a better job.

      • I know several, with more developing every day. Of course, it’s part of my job to care for them so I only see the sick. Also, all the very sick I have seen also were vax, so that too. In time the facts will come out just how badly we were manipulated by big pharma/government/media. But I repeat myself.

  8. I highly recommend you all (not just Christians) to watch at least one episode of Hope “For Our Times” in Youtube. It’s all they talk about is what is headed our way. Be informed! Look up, our redemption draweth nigh.

    • Yeah but the big fight is coming over at Armageddon. The United States isn’t even in the picture, sort of insignificant. There will be a fight against the enemy from the north. Presumably Russia but not us.

  9. Glad to hear Rebecca say this: “For me, it’s about the science. “

    The first step in the scientific method is an observation of something that seems unusual to you like your car won’t start or, in Rebecca’s case, an unusual increase in blood clot illnesses. The last step is the conclusion. The intermediary steps must be valid for the conclusion to be valid.

    By themselves, her observations should not guide policy. But her observations SHOULD begin a study of the unusual illnesses and with a valid conclusion, THEN inform policy.

  10. The LNPs in mRNA COVID-19 vaccines consist of four main components: a neutral phospholipid, cholesterol, a polyethylene-glycol (PEG)-lipid, and an ionizable cationic lipid, among them, PEG can enhance the stability and lifespan of LNPs.

  11. These vaxxers can go to h—.
    Why is there mass censorship of people like Dr. Malone, who invented mRNA technology and said no one should take the jab. The Nobel prize winning virulogist who identified the HIV virus said no one should take the jab. Why are low cost therapeutics being denied widespread use?
    Wake up Sheeple.
    What will the sheeple do when they realize they’ve been lied and manipulated- and their health is in serious jeopardy?
    Global revolution?

  12. The actual debt of the US is in the 100s of trillions of dollars. This is from all the benefits owned to an aging population such as Medicaid and Social Security. Every American citizen is a financial liability on the Fed Govt and State Govt’s financial books. This is about reducing the population of citizens, and replacing them with “immigrants” who will never be owed the liabilities on the current books. First they replace the nurses with out of state vaccinated, who btw must take the boosters to maintain their “vaccination” status. The boosters will kill them, and they will be replaced with 3rd world nurses. It is a Holocaust, the Government at all levels not only wants you dead, it’s a financial necessity for them.

    • Every time you post on here I can’t help but think of Alex Karras slugging that horse in blazing saddles. Senior citizens haven’t been a drain on the United States Bank. We paid our dues. It was previous administrations that borrowed from our bank and didnt pay it back. The intent of the New world order isn’t to kill off everybody just to save a buck. I’m not sure where you get all these conspiracy theories from. You wouldn’t be smoking peyote would you? I lived on the Navajo reservation and that stuff can be pretty brutal.

      • You paid a tax not a “dues”, they spent the money. Soc Security is the greatest Ponzi scheme of all time. You are a drag on the Federal Budget, your death and millions of others will greatly alleviate the huge liabilities to both the Federal and State Govt. They want you dead, don’t believe I don’t care. Rats eat the poison because they think it is good wholesome food.

  13. We have known for years that the left wants only a new crop of young folks so that they are easily conditioned and brainwashed for leftist ideology and would love to get rid of older parotic Americans who tend to vote RIGHT.

    Need I say more?

  14. https://www. cdc. gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/long-term-effects/index.html?CDC_AA_refVal=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdc.gov%2Fcoronavirus%2F2019-ncov%2Flong-term-effects.html

    I guess lifelong organ and brain function problems seems a better idea to them? People need to grow up and stop thinking there is a 100% efficacy for anything. There is not such thing as a foolproof in any area of life. Seems like most adults would have figured that out by now. This isn’t an all or nothing; it’s a scenario about what is the best option for stopping this virus in its tracks and therefore save more lives with least horrific consequences. But I guess heart, liver, kidney, lung function, and ability to think clearly are not on the top of everyone else’s list of priorities?

  15. Has this half educated nurse considered that people who have clotting issues like thrombosis are very likely to get vaccinated because of their preexisting condition?? And they got vaccinated because COVID CAUSES BLOOD CLOTS AND PULMONARY EMBOLISM way, way more often than vaccines do?? If it was the vaccine, she would see them in hospital without covid!! It’s the covid that’s causing the clots, not their vaccine!! People who get clots from a vaccine do so within a couple weeks of getting the shot. The people she’s seeing are breakthrough cases months after getting the vaccine who are getting clots from the disease!!

    She forgot that the major thing they have in common is COVID!!

  16. Has this nurse considered that many people have been much more sedentary than usual for the past 18 months and it may be catching up with people? Or many of them may have had covid then been vaccinated? Covid hangs around and causes lots of people problems even months afterward, including circulation and heart problems. Even people who have what seem to be mild cases often show brain damage and heart damage on imaging.

    And why do my responses keep disappearing???? Because I’m being censored??

    • And by being confined during the beautiful summer months they greatly increased their exposure risk. It is lose/lose. Time to get out and live.

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