Brian Stanley: My doctor fired me because I won’t take the vaccine



On Sept. 8, 2021 I had a routine checkup with my general practitioner. After six years of having this person as my doctor, she turned into a medical tyrant.

She told me that unless I got vaccinated for Covid-19, she would no longer provide me with medical care. Unbelievable. 

I was offered no alternative to the Covid-19 vaccine, like therapeutics and prophylaxis such as Ivermectin, Regeneron, Remdesivir or Hydroxychloroquine, among other over the counter choices. This is absolutely unethical at best, and probably violates the Hippocratic oath, which in part reads:

  “I will use those dietary regimens that benefit my patients according to my greatest ability and judgement, and I will do no harm or injustice to them….I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan… purity and according to divine law I will carry out my life and my art.” 

It all started a few visits back when I showed up for an appointment and the “you must wear a mask to be here” coercion started. As a doctor, she should know that masks are an obedience charade and there is zero scientific or medical evidence that they work for anything other than stopping a sneeze from spraying all over. 

I don’t need a medical degree to comprehend some basic facts, like the “surgical” masks that you see everywhere, have a gap between the fabric weave of between 30 and 40 microns. And the bandanas people have draped off their faces have even bigger gaps.  The virus is around one tenth of one micron in diameter. (300 to 400 times smaller than the holes in the face diaper).

Some mask questions to ponder: 

  • Tell me how the virus stays out of my eyes. 
  • If masks work, why did they let prisoners out of jail instead of giving them masks?
  • If masks work and you are wearing one, then you’re protected…right? 
  • Or why don’t my pants stop farts?
  • “Trust the science…..”

This mandatory masking stance by my doctor does not inspire my confidence in her ability to see plain logic.

Over the years, my doctor had asked me many times to get a flu shot, but I always declined. I’ve never had one and didn’t feel I needed it.

During the last visit she condescendingly said “I have to get something from my office, but when I get back, I would love to hear your reasons for not getting this vaccine” I have read quite a bit about the vax and have a laundry list of reasons.

I said to her that the pharmaceutical companies themselves have disclosed that the efficacy rate is only around 40 percent, and there will be a never-ending string of variants and “booster” shots. If I get the shot, I can still contract Covid and transmit it, and I would still have to wear the chin diaper. But at least they don’t contain eggs, preservatives or latex.

My doctor vehemently refuted every point I had. Although she was wearing a mask, I’m pretty sure she was foaming at the mouth under there.

The one thing that didn’t occur to me was to say “My body, my choice.” 

I asked her how much time I had to find a new doctor.

The vaccine rabbit hole is very deep. The main factors regarding the jab are personal choice and your health condition, it has never been about public “safety”. 

The CDC’s own numbers bear out the fact that most people (without severe comorbidities or advanced age) have a 99.7 percent chance of survival if the virus is ever contracted. Yet, you are being told that that you must get an emergency vaccine that is not fully tested, and the pharmaceutical companies are immune from all legal ramifications if the recipient is caused any harm or death. The CDC has listed at least 21 severe, possible side effects, including Kawasaki Disease. Oh, and Congress and their staff are exempt. 

You say: “Yeah, but the FDA approved some of them….” Sure, but that was political, in my opinion, since it takes nearly 12 years to get approval for a new vaccine or medicine with all the clinical trials and proper testing.

“Trust the science…..”

Remember, every medicine that has ever been recalled because it caused harm or death to a person was also once approved by the FDA.

I wonder how long it will be until we achieve herd intelligence.

Brian Stanley is an Anchorage resident. Have you been fired by your doctor? Contact Suzanne Downing at [email protected]


  1. God bless you Sir.

    I admire your courage. Stand strong. Band together. Collective class action suit.

    Also file a private party arrest form with APD, the Alaska Court system – Criminal Division both Boney and Nesbett have drop boxes, and the Municipal Prosecutor at Room 210 of City Hall.

    God bless you and keep the faith.

    • Unless the doctor runs off everyone who ignores her advice (smokers, no flu shots, type 2 diabetes, ect) she is discriminating on political grounds.

      Sue her into oblivion.

  2. Naming these doctors would help those who need to navigate the politically turbulent, medically inept waters of the Medical field. No name, no accountability. If they stand by their actions, they shouldn’t have a problem letting the public know.

    • To answer your important questions, yes you probably should wear a mask over your eyes but that would probably hamper your ability to see when you drive. Professionals have always said that covid can be ingested through breathing, touching surfaces that are contaminated with covid before the virus dies on the surface, and then chewing a fingernail or something, and through The eyes. Since there’s not really much that can be done for the eyes unless you’re willing to wear a full face shield, let’s go ahead and skip to the second question. Okay I don’t understand that one let’s go to question number three. You can be protected if you wear a mask at least better than not wearing a mask at all. Some of these homemade cloth diapers do little good. It needs to be an n95 quality mask or a surgical mask. And it needs to be handled and disposed of or sanitized properly. Back when I was wearing masks, I would let them Sun on the dash of my car letting the Suns rays sanitize them. Your pants don’t stop farts? They must be very powerful. Actually, the molecules of methane gas are smaller than the covid virus, so unless you’re wearing a gas mask around your butt, the smell is going to get out. It’s all a matter of size and if you sharted, God help us all. And finally, do trust science. I actually read on this site the other day that if you get a third booster, it will kill you because it’s a different shot than the first two that I got. This is why you shouldn’t believe things you read on the internet. I asked my doctor about that third shot before they gave me one, and they said it’s exactly the same thing that I got the first two times. So yeah do trust the science and don’t trust some guy named Alfie on the internet.

      • Think of it this way, farts, air, carbon dioxide any gas is small, and covid-19 is big. It stops the big stuff and let the small stuff through. That’s why I’m wearing a mask contain your carbon dioxide and you rebreathe that. I’ve heard that a bunch of times on here and that’s completely false. The purpose of the mask is this, the covid virus hitches a ride on droplets to get around. When you exhale, you breathe out covid if you have it. The mask stops that covid so that you don’t infect others around you. It does offer you some protection if somebody breathes on you, but the main purpose is so you can’t infect someone else. They work pretty good at doing that. If Brian had researched some of these things, or ask the right person the right questions he could have found out on his own. My doctor requires me to wear a mask when I go in the office. She also requires all of her staff as well as herself to wear a mask. My doctor actually wears two masks. She hasn’t gotten around to firing any of her staff yet for not getting the shot, but she does require them to go outside and eat their lunch and 105° heat index weather if they haven’t had the shot. Then put their mask back on before they come back to work. So she’s just trying to keep the virus out of her office and I can appreciate that. It sounds to me like that’s all this doctor is trying to do, protect himself and others but not letting some typhoid Larry into his hen house. He has the right to do that. It has nothing to do with his oath. The oath only comes into play after he’s made the decision to treat someone. Do no harm. He can’t do much to prevent someone from doing harm to themselves whether it be through smoking, excessive drinking or any other kind of risky activity like not taking a shot. Probably in medical school, he learned that you can’t fix stupid.

        • Explain how I have been walking around since recovering from Covid, without wearing a mask unless in an airport, and have not contracted the virus again. However, vaccinated mask-wearers are contracting the virus. If you cannot, I will, and it has to do with my body’s having created a natural immunity to this virus.

        • How can you keep up this smug artifice wherein you portray yourself as the rational adult in the room, despite appealing to the outdated, false scientific claim that COVID-19 is spread via respiratory droplets? COVID-19 viral load in resp. droplets was found by research published in the New England Journal of Medicine to be so insignificant that it was difficult to get adequate samples from research subjects saliva. The COVID-19 virus is likely carried more by aerosols, which means that you are being exposed by the act of breathing. Furthermore, engineers at Lafayette University conducted an experiment, two weeks ago, where mannequins of various proportions were placed in a chamber, while masked, and exposed to a simulated intense virus exposure. The results showed that the masks where failed to prevent, on average, 90% of the viral load from bypassing the mask. Keep believing the ludicrous claims that surgical masks are keeping you protected, though.

  3. If you know more about the science of Covid than your doctor, you are better off without her. I’m just sorry that it took six years to find out she’s an idiot.

    What’s your doctor’s name so that the rest of us don’t make the mistake of going to her?

    • “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” – Isaac Asimov, 1980

      • How about the cult of The Science? Have you stepped back and looked into why there is push back? If you allowed yourself to see what we’re seeing, your opinions may alter a bit. It’s easy to remain ignorant and follow your Science leaders. I myself will keep my mind open to alternatives.

        • Right. Scientists, true scientists, that is – not political propagandists that call themselves scientists – are historically the most inquisitive of all, questioning, examining, re-examining, leaving no stone unturned. These days you aren’t allowed to question, examine, re-examine, or turn over anything new for examination. I saw a Babylon Bee (satire) story that said – there isn’t any need of scientists anymore because “the science is settled.” If the political thugs get full control, murdering the real scientists will probably be their wholesale professional class targets. After all, truth is what the leftists say it is, even if it isn’t.

  4. Why did you ask her how long you have to find a new doctor? Do you think your new doctor won’t believe in masks and modern medicine. Do you have any idea how stupid you sound? Your saying you go to your doctor of six years but now don’t trust her because she recommended you get a vaccine? What if she recommended you took blood pressure pills or antibiotics? …

    • If your doctor lied to you, would you believe them again..? That is what is happening now. Doctors are lying to their patients about this experimental vaccine. If Jim Jones was your doctor and he told you to drink this koolaid and everything will be all better, would you…?

    • His doctor didn’t recommend he get the jab. She made getting the jab a condition of their continued patient-provider relationship. There is a huge difference.
      People that don’t understand that are part of the fear mongering problem.

    • Blood pressure pills and antibiotics are known to work. Leaving a doctor that won’t disclose potential of death or severe reactions of the covid shot is the right thing to do.

    • Why do you suppose that everyone who doesn’t agree with you is stupid? I think it is pretty clear that he researched his topic. You do realize that most doctors are just people, and don’t necessarily have any magic ability to know things beyond the research, yes? Maybe if everyone except you is stupid, you are the problem.

    • It wasn’t a recommendation, it was a mandate. And she isn’t using modern medicine, because the data clearly shows cloth masks do not prevent the spread. Medicine should be your doctor giving you the information and pros and cons, while the patient makes the decision (because it’s his body’s).

      Medicine is not a dictatorship. It is not a master/slave relationship. The doctor is your hired consultant. The patient tells the doctor what to do based on the information provided by the doctor.

  5. Doctors practice medicine and lawyers practice law. These are the only professions that practice their trade but never actually perform it. I don’t know what profession Brian Stanley practices, but I’m guessing it’s not medicine or law. I will gladly take my medical advice from those practicing medicine and my law advice from those practicing law rather than some guy named Brian from Anchorage. Especially when a key point in his argument is “why don’t my pants stop farts?”

    • Exactly. I do think that most professions practice their trade. Carpenters, taxi drivers, teachers just about everyone practices a trade. I used to practice carpentry, and by doing so I actually performed it.

    • Emphasize the word ‘practice’. Those who are wise continually learn from their ‘practice’ and from every patient. Those that are wise continually look to new and old remedies to benefit their patients. Much data is out there being ignored to PPP-Protect Pfizer’s Profits. I would fire the doctor and encourage everyone I know to do the same.

    • What you have done is made an argument from authority. Why is it that the only ones that get immunity from the vaccine are the vaccine manufacturers from liability due to there product? Will you tell me any other product you use that the maker has immunity from liability?

        • Uhhh… no. Gun manufacturers have no immunity from liability. They do have immunity from liability for the use of their products.

        • Uhhh… no. Car manufacturers have no immunity from liability. They do have immunity from liability for the use of their products.

      • You name the product and there is a level of immunity from liability if the product isn’t used correctly.
        The PREP (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act) passed in 2005 is what gave vaccine manufacturers immunity from liability, it also established a fund that protects those who might be negatively effected by a vaccine. Would you rather have the option of bankrupting a potentially life saving business or the security of the full backing of the US Government?

        • All those product manufacturers you mentioned above CAN be sue and held liable if their product is defective. This is also an apples & oranges comparison. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have also been held liable, if they did not disclose, or alter facts, misrepresent efficacy of active compounds that will impact the end-user negatively. A complete and blanket immunity is unheard of.

      • There are legitimate appeals to authority, only fallacious appeals to authority (when the “expert” is not actually considered an expert on the topic his or her claim(s) are being used as a premise for). If I claim that b/c Mr. X is a geologist who confirms that all Halite displays a choncoidal fracture, as a premise for the claim that the mineral I am looking at could be Halite (b/c the mineral in front of me displays that property), then I have made a valid argument. If I make the same claim, but I appeal to a biologist, the claim would be invalid.

    • “I will gladly take my medical advice from those practicing medicine and my law advice from those practicing law”
      I would put some clarifiers on that before I made anything like that statement. Or do you think asking your proctologist about nose job is a good idea?

  6. If you make personal choices to refuse proper medical care that protects the elderly, the at risk populations and children who can’t be vaccinated that is you just rolling the dice. Private business should totally be within their rights to refuse you service. Remember Small Pox, Polio, Measles…. Your parents took the shot and the risks back to eradicate disease because it works. Science works. Over 2 billion people have been vaccinated. We are fine. It is a proven and safe vaccine. It is free. You are tanking our economy, our children future. Please get vaccinated.

    • Should a private business be within its rights to refuse black people? Gays? Jews?

      Or just people you don’t approve of?

      Fascism again rears its head.

    • My goodness, what utter nonsense. The whole “grandma and the kids will die” has been totally disproven. Grandma’s already had the vaxx and the kids don’t need it. Odds are that we’re not talking private business anyway. The vast majority of doctors now work for corporations. Which brings to mind, has he talked to his doctor’s boss? Maybe that doctor is due for a little discipline, or at the very least a good talking to by the HR department. And the so called “vaccine”? It’s not even remotely related to vaccines of the past. They had to change the definition so that they call this a vaccine. Lies upon lies. Proven and safe? Have you seen the Vaers database. People are dying out there. Tragic side effects. And it is the democrat party which has tanked the economy, not Covid. Crazy shutdowns, fear mongering, outright lying to kill small business. Get your facts straight.

    • Yes, the doctor’s office is a private business and they have the right to refuse service. Just like a restaurant does if you show up without a shirt and no shoes. People that want to defy these sort of rules should get used to being stopped at the door. Stop being bawl babies about something that is completely within their control.

    • Free you say…? Is that why Pfizer’s stocks have gone through the ceiling from $14 a share in 2018, to over $200 a share currently..?

      No, they are not “free”. We’re paying big money for them. Why get vaccinated for a illness that is 99.5% recoverable from? Why is it this vaccination does not work, you can still get it and still pass it onto others. Why is it 50% of the people in the hospitals are people who were vaccinated? Go sell your snake oil somewhere else.

      • You can’t be serious-haven’t seen this much BS in quite a while.
        For starters where do you get 50% in hospitals are those vaccinated??? Next, where is it that we’re paying big money for these vaccines???

    • The vaccine does not stop the spread nor does it prevent vaccinated people from getting it. It reduces symptoms. This is a good thing, especially in high risk groups, but the hesitation is spread by people who make claims about the vaccine that aren’t true. Dishonesty leads to distrust. It DOES carry risk. It DOES have side effects. Natural immunity IS better. Acknowledging all of this, instead of shaming your neighbors ignorantly, would have helped this vaccine be utilized by more of the at risk population. The media, and establishment, and big Pharma, as well as those so willing to castigate and denigrate honest people asking honest questions, are exactly why the vaccine rates have stalled. Lies and arrogance do not engender trust. The vaccine lies were built on top of a year or more of lies about masks and lockdowns. Remembering history here helps. You want so desperately to blame your fellow citizens when you are part of the problem. If you really want to help, then, Look inward. Be honest. Know more about what it is that you speak on.

      • Natural immunity is not better than the vaccine.

        From my limited sample size of friends and family (some of whom received the vaccine and others who had COVID and recovered but did not get the shot) who caught COVID a second time, those who did not get the shot but thought they had natural immunity have had much a worse case of COVID the second time while those who did receive the vaccine had nothing more than a runny nose and sore throat

        • Do more research. The study in Israel is comprehensive and backs up not just other data sets but the history of virology. Man cannot do more than poorly emulate one or two facets of a myriad of responses the body utilizes when it has successfully beaten and catalogued a pathogen.

      • Not to mention that the definition of ‘vaccine’ went from “preventing infection” to “stimulate the body’s immune response”.

        Symptoms are an indicator of deeper issues. When we silence what our body has to say for the sake of comfort, then we do not grow from what we could learn about ourselves.

        Too many humans wish to live life without pain that they too easily will subscribe to the salesman pitch that offer the promise of removing your senses from you.

        Mask = Security Blanket
        Social Distance = Not facing our own problems.
        Vaccine = Lack of personal responsibility, give me a drug that does the work so I don’t have to. (false promise)

        • Here’s a few definitions pre covid that prove your reciting of old and incorrect talking points are wrong:
          vac·cine (vak’sēn, vak-sēn’), Although this word is correctly stressed on the first syllable, in U.S. usage it is often stressed on the second syllable.
          Originally, the live vaccine (vaccinia, cowpox) virus inoculated in the skin as prophylaxis against smallpox and obtained from the skin of calves inoculated with seed virus. Usage has extended the meaning to include essentially any preparation intended for active immunologic prophylaxis; for example, preparations of killed microbes of virulent strains or living microbes of attenuated (variant or mutant) strains; or microbial, fungal, plant, protozoal, or metazoan derivatives or products. Method of administration varies according to the vaccine, inoculation being the most common, but ingestion is preferred in some instances and nasal spray is used occasionally.Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012
          vaccine (văk-sēn′, văk′sēn′)
          a. A preparation of a weakened or killed pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus, or of a portion of the pathogen’s structure that upon administration to an individual stimulates antibody production or cellular immunity against the pathogen but is incapable of causing severe infection.
          b. A preparation from the cowpox virus that protects against smallpox when administered to an individual. The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2007, 2004 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
          The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2007, 2004 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
          vac·cine (vak-sēn’)
          Any preparation intended for active immunologic prophylaxis, e.g., preparations of killed microbes of virulent strains or living microbes of attenuated (variant or mutant) strains, or microbial, fungal, plant, protozoal, or metazoan derivatives or product.
          [L. vaccinus, relating to a cow, vacca] Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
          vaccine a preparation containing live, attenuated (see ATTENUATION).or inactivated (killed) microorganisms (or some part or product of them), that is used to stimulate an IMMUNE RESPONSE in the recipient, which gains IMMUNITY. The Salk polio vaccine is an example of a vaccine that contains inactivated viruses, whereas the Sabin polio vaccine is a LIVE VACCINE. The name comes from the Latin vaccinus, ‘of cows’, and relates to the work of Edward JENNER on cowpox. Vaccines are not quick-acting, but rely on the recipient to build up a supply of ANTIBODIES gradually. Compare SERUM (3). See also COMBINATION VACCINE, DNA VACCINE, SUBUNIT VACCINE. Collins Dictionary of Biology, 3rd ed. © W. G. Hale, V. A. Saunders, J. P. Margham 2005

    • This is a completely different type of vaccine than any they’ve used in the past. That’s what you people don’t get.
      The spike protein is killing people!

    • Those are not good comparisons. The inoculations for small pox, polio and measles were actual vaccines that had been thoroughly tested and proven to stop those diseases. The vaccine does nothing to stop the virus at all, it only MIGHT mitigate the illness if you catch it. Obviously you haven’t been listening to the facts. Everyone should know by now that people who are fully vaccinated can still get and spread the virus…why else do you think they told vaccinated people to start wearing the mask again? You fear mongers are the ones tanking our economy. (P.S. I caught covid from a fully vaccinated person. At least now I have the antibodies, which are better than the EXPERIMENTAL vaccine).

    • “It is a proven and safe vaccine”……….have you been over to the Vaers website lately to see the laundry list of side affects that this “proven and safe vaccine” has left in it’s wake? My guess is no you have not. The vaccines you speak off have been around for many decades and I’m sure have been tweaked over time for issues that have risen from them, but to throw a new vaccine out there in less than a year and to put your “trust” in the government overseers and Big Pharma blindly is a bit too much, too soon!

    • Absolutely no one is protected by someone else getting the jab. This has been proven. People with the jab are just as likely to contract, and spread, the Covid as those who have not fallen obediently into compliance.
      Rolling the dice, as you say, affects exactly one individual, the one exercising their free will.
      Small Pox, Polio, Measels… those were all more or less eradicated by their respective vaccines. Covid is not like those, and Small Pox in particular, in that Covid has animal reservoirs. In other words, animals can contract Covid from, and retransmit it to humans.
      I suggest you get your information from places other than the fear mongers in the political elite circles and the serial liars in the main stream media.

    • Have you heard about Antibody Dependant Enhancement of disease? We have never had a successful vaccine against a corona virus because the virus mutates too quickly. Did you know the vaccinated are passing corona virus back and forth to each other? Natural immunity is 10 to 20 times more effective than vaccination and gives actual immunity.

      • KEVIN, please hurry up and watch some more mainstream fear porn before we lose you! You are slipping into the common sense zone….ahhh….!!!

    • Sorry Mark, your rational, factual truth has no place here. Only conspiracy theories and behavior not too different than a toddler’s tantrum regarding masking and vaccination.

      There is zero interest in making a minor – moderate sacrifice in order to protect their friends, family and neighbors; just continual professing of their individual rights being infringed upon, with consideration for their responsibilities to their fellow man, or just basic decency.

      • Matt, I wouldn’t call injecting yourself with an unproven and unnecessary vaccine that 99.985% of the population do not need a “minor sacrifice.” What would you consider a major sacrifice?

    • If the vaccine works, and all of those people you list have had the vaccine, what difference does it make if I don’t take it? And please don’t draw a parallel between safety and efficacy tested vaccines like polio and measles and this frankenstein mRNA vaccine that hasn’t been tested and is killing people. It just makes you seem ignorant.

    • Yeah, but refusal to provide medical care for whatever reason is a violation of the Hippocratic Oath. Extend your logic a bit to docs refusing medical care based on one’s political opinions.

      And the only people tanking the economy are the governments who just can’t give up their newfound power.

      Would be interesting to start a list of docs who refuse care so we can all shop wisely. Cheers –

    • How did the human race ever evolve without the pharmaceutical companies and their life saving vaccines?
      It’s just amazing isn’t it?
      All most like a miracle
      Thank gawd for Pfizer et al.
      BTW the average age for KungFlu death is 78 in the US
      the average lifespan in US is 78.8 in 2019
      I guess we could split hairs on this but why??

      • They evolved slowly and not without issues, Buford. A good question to ask yourself is, had inoculation been an option at the time, which one of these events would not have had a better outcome?…
        – Athens Greece Plague 430 BC
        – Roman Small Pox 180 AD
        – Byzantine Plague 541 AD
        – Black Death 1346
        -London Plague 1665
        -Plague of Marseilles 1720
        – Russian Plague 1770
        -Philadelphia Yellow Fever 1793
        -Great 1889 Flu
        – “Spanish” Bird Flu 1918
        -Asian Flu of 1957
        – Hong Kong Flu 1968
        – AIDS 1981
        -Swine Flu 2009
        -Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) 2012
        – Ebola Early 2000’s
        -Zika 2015
        – Covid 19 2020

    • MARK…these variants you speak of…are they in the room with you? Did you even read the article? You are comparing apples to asteroids. What is the death rate of early small pox vs. COVID? Stop watching the mainstream fear machine sweetie and spend a little more time around us normal people. No one is going to kill your kids, or put a tank in your economy. Only governments can do that.

      Excellent piece by the way!

    • I know so many of you humans want the “pandemic” to be the most deadly event ever. It gives you justification to virtue signal and shame and ridicule.

      Well got news for you pal. Humanity is going to make it.

      Another fun fact, this life has always been temporary. Make the most of it.

    • Mark,
      Don’t mix apples & oranges. The plandemic was on purpose for the so called…covid jabs can be administered to folks such as you. It doesn’t give immunity like the real vaccines as you mentioned.
      Like many here, I suppose we are wasting our breath since it is obvious you haven’t done the research and have been brain washed with the vax’d vs non-vax’d.

    • The diseases you mentioned had vaccines that incited your body to make antibodies in adequate numbers and so you were immune to them, a great many of them for life! This immunity stopped those diseases. It is apparent that none of the Covid vaccines produce enough immunity to make a dent. Also if this vaccine is so effective, all vaccinated individuals would not be carriers, as they would defeat Covid if infected and so limit spread. ( which was the initial justification for the rushed vaccine approval). It is further frustrating that on the one hand there is the push to the vaccine, yet on the other we are to believe it is 1918 and there are no OTHER treatments at all.
      I agree that science generally works. Unfortunately science only works when ALL studies are considered to attack this problem. Selectively picking the studies you like and ignoring the ones that speak to findings you do not like, is keeping us in this hole. I return to the H1N1 pandemic of 2009. Since the Obama administration shut down testing, we will never know how many people were impacted, but in the end natural immunity defeated that virus, as the vaccine that was developed was never widely used.. We should learn from that.

    • Sheep. You are a sheep. Your stance is tanking the economy, supporting tyranny and an upcoming civil war. You are the problem.

  7. I think your doctor got rid of you so she doesn’t have any liability when you do something stupid. At the very least, it doesn’t sound like you’ve been following any of her advice anyway, so why are you so offended? Plus, I could be wrong, but I don’t think there’s any legal obligation for a doctor to maintain status as someone’s primary care provider. If it’s a bad relationship, she has just as much a right to end it as you do.

    Suck it up and find a doctor that agrees with you, who doesn’t believe in vaccines, doesn’t wear a mask, and will only give you advice you want to hear. Then please post who that doctor is so I can stay as far away from them as possible.

  8. I quess you know how large a methane molecule is, so you know how a fart gets through a fabric mask easily. But your understanding the physics of filtration is superficial at best. I’m sure you have not done an adequate review of the science of masks, their mechanism of function and efficacy wrt stopping and/or slowing the spread of the SARS CoV-2 virus particle. If you had you would not have written most of what you wrote. Getting science information from MSM and off-the-wall blogs written by agenda driven folks isn’t a sign of extreme intelligence. Those sources’ value extends only to alerting one to the possibility of some recent result of value. Always go to the peer reviewed source for the facts. I suggest a “trip” to scholar dot google dot com and a few hours daily exercising the ample intelligence you think you possess. Oh, BTW, surviving death by COVID-19 isn’t what it’s cracked up to be when it comes after a several week stay in the hospital or is accompanied by long term debilitating or even only annoying adverse effects of the infection.. The rate of those outcomes is substantially higher than death – well into double digits. Get vaccinated.

  9. This has never, ever been about Covid. It’s always been about social control.

    Do as you’re told proll.

    Also consult a lawyer and see if you have grounds to sue her. If she still treats smokers, obese people, AIDS patients, ect she is discriminating against you.

  10. It’s very telling how easily the vaccine tyrants are to embrace tyranny and discrimination.

    So much for my body my choice.

      • Very true.
        So, if the vaccinated can still get infected, carry a significant viral load, but not have symptoms, wouldn’t that mean they would go out into the community, assuming they are healthy and COVID free. Thereby spreading the disease more than if they were not vaccinated?
        Asking for a friend.

      • Right, especially when the vaccinated run around infecting the unvaccinated. Since vaccinated individuals can still get sick and transmit the disease, it it quite hypocritical to demand that you have to subjugate your body to the demand to their view of the world!

  11. Thank you for your courage. Testimonies encourage people who have faced and are facing the same discrimination because of our reluctance to volunteer us as human Guinea pig until we are confident this truly is safe medicine. If there were more people respectively and coherently sharing their testimony, then maybe people can become a stumbling block for the globalists plan to control us all. Look what the people such as this Assembly is about to do city wide mask mandate regardless covid shot status.

    People received it after being told they can breathe fresh air again, and their maskless freedom only lasted 2 months before being told to wear a mask again.

    Americans can’t watch news outside America news networks, this tyranny is about to become incresingly less free on 2022 and more people both those who received the covid shots and those still reluctant will become casualties.

    A lot of Americans didn’t stand up when they should have in 2020, now still Americans aren’t standing up in 2021, and their reluctance to stand will bring more tyranny measures to be taken against us coming on 2022.

    God Bless us and keep those marked with His seal safe, sane, and happy and sharing what we know about Gospel to others. When we are anchored on the Rock despite the pressures on us and coming upon us all, then nothing can bring us down. They can mask us like animals, bound us like criminals, they can deny us basic necessities, but the enemy can’t bound our Spirit when we are Free with Christ.

  12. Wow Mark, indoctrinated at an early age there. You’ve read the script almost word for word. I have had COVID, I was 56 at the time and I have asthma. Survived just fine and now I have antibodies, nature’s best defense. I’m afraid of the vaccine. I know many who have gotten very ill from it and have again tested positive. I too, have been fired. I had a very in depth conversation with a participating doctor on Teladoc. We had opposing views and he got a bit testy. A few days later I get a letter saying I’m suspended from services for 6 months. Go figure.

    • I too have had covid, and have asthma as well as diabetes and AFib. I am proud to have antibodies but don’t feel like I would have survived with out my 2, and now 3 Pfizer shots.

      • “but don’t feel like I would have survived with out my 2, and now 3 Pfizer shots.”
        Well, that is proof enough for me.
        Said no one alive, ever.

          • And… that proves…well…
            Nothing. Not a damned thing. If you think your vaccine shots are keeping you alive, great. You are zero demonstrable proof of that. And… no one is convinced to change in any way because of your statement.
            Thanks for sharing though.

      • You’ve significantly reduced your time left on the planet most likely with spike proteins running rampant through you. Good luck.

        • Thanks so much. I’ll take it. Even if the clock is ticking and that’s a big IF because no one truly knows when their time is up, I would take it over the alternative. Thanks for caring.

      • You have diabetes yet you drink hard liquor?? But you’re keeping yourself “healthy” by taking every vaccine known to man and animal???? By all means, greg, have at it.

  13. Flip that narrative around. Fire your medical providers for not getting the COVID vaccine (FYI: Pfizer is an approved vaccine. SEE https://www. fda. gov/ news-events/press-announcements/fda-approves-first-covid-19-vaccine.) for COVID, if you are fully vaccinated. If they won’t answer the question, then walk out and have your records transferred to your new provider. Ask all your providers (medical, dental, eye, hearing, skin, etc.) if they are currently vaccinated for COVID-19. If not, find another provider. Why take the risk, life is too short.

  14. Mark, your logic is about as mature as the picture you post.
    I will not waste time refuting your sophomoric drivel since it’s clear that you are incapable of understanding. That said, if you ever change your picture to say, an early Twenties snapshot and learn to think then we could have an adult conversation.

  15. In a normal world, this doctor would lose her license or at least have patients abandon her for this level of ignorance.

    I know Suzanne doesn’t post URLs so if you add “https://“ to “www.covidvaccinevictims” and then “.com/“ – you can read about people who have been victims of this jab and of “doctors” like this woman.

  16. About 7 years ago my doctor told me I needed to lose 15 pounds or find another doctor. I lost the pounds and am grateful for the sound advice. I will see him soon for my annual.

    • It took a doctor to tell you to be healthier? Why is there such a reliance on authority for humans to be told the simple and logical things in life?

      Get it by your hands.

      • That’s the point of health Care, somebody is always telling you what you need to do to live longer, to live better, and to live happier. A lot of people in fact most people don’t do the things they know they should. Oh there’s probably a couple of monks in Tibet that do but they probably pull their pud every once in awhile which is a probably against some rule. Unless you’re Jesus, and dare I say Jesus as a boy killed someone, but then made it right, I don’t know anybody who couldn’t use a little improvement in that category. Even though people have good intent, mostly it’s about hypocrisy.

    • I need to buy another BS meter. Your first sentence caused mine to explode. Seriously, I heard the needle break the sound barrier as it swung over to “even SNOPES would call this False.”
      No, your doctor did not tell you lose 15 pounds or find another doctor. No doctor in the universe would reject a patient for that small of a necessary weight loss. There is no body weight to weight loss ratio that makes a 15 pound loss a deal breaker for a doctor. If you weighed 500 pounds losing 15 leaves you dangerously obese. If you only weighed 180, losing 15 is meaningless to your overall health.
      Perhaps you made a typo, and meant to type 150 pounds. That would be believable.

      • I’m with you on that. Only if that person weighed 500 lb, and the doctor thought that by taking baby steps, that motivating them to lose the first 15 pounds might lead to even more weight loss. But it’s got to be a typo unless this person jumps out of bed every morning and runs to the scale and freaks out because they retained 3 oz of water overnight. If that’s true they’ve got bigger problems than being 15 lb overweight.

  17. Pfizer, which makes the most popular Covid vaccine, has the dubious distinction of having been the recipient of the largest FDA fine in history ( 2.3 billion dollars ) for falsifying clinical trial results for one of its drugs some years back. And now we are supposed to swallow their “science”, hook, line & sinker?

  18. My employer fired me for not washing my hands. It’s not fair. I should be able to do anything I want in a free country.

    Typhoid Mary

    • Ironically, Typhoid Mary was shedding the virus without symptoms, such as many vaccinated individuals who have 250 times the viral load of unvaccinated people.

        • That is from an Oxford study.

          “Scientists have discovered that fully vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the viral load of Covid in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated. The researchers, who detailed their findings in a paper by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, found that while the jab moderates symptoms of infection, it also allows vaccinated individuals to carry unusually high viral loads without becoming ill at first, potentially transforming them into pre-symptomatic superspreaders.”

    • Interesting. With so many people out there “spreading death”, how exactly is humanity still standing?

      With as much lack of social distance, mask and vaccination, I should be dead already.

      Worst pandemic ever.

    • I have always been intrigued with Mary Mallon’s story. Considering that she lived at a time when food safety was almost none existent. No refrigeration, toxic substances used as “preservatives”, manufactures did not have to label ingredients and saw dust and other inedible products were used as filler. Add to that poorly made bathtub gin during prohibition. Considering all this, it was amazing that they were able to pin point her as the source. BTW hand washing was not a standard in food prep then as it is today.
      As to your assertion that doing anything you want in a free country should be allowed, is surely childish. We are a free country because we adhere to a social contract of equality under the law and equal opportunity. That allows each individual to make their own path. What you are alluding to is clear anarchy.

  19. Doctors, as a group, are really good at treating trauma and other obvious injuries and conditions but are essentially drug pushers for everything else.
    Experimenters, really, with a “Let’s try this menu of drugs and if you get unwanted side effects we’ve got more drugs to take care of that.” standard operating procedure.
    No doctor can possibly be 100% up on every single drug they’re pushing so they rely heavily on the pharmaceutical reps and their peer group for information and recommendations.
    Of course the pharmaceutical employees get rewarded for selling more drugs and peer groups only know what their experience teaches them so neither are totally reliable sources.
    Like any group, doctors become better at the types of medical issues they see most and most knowledgeable about the drugs they prescribe most (we assume they do, at least).
    That explains why a doctor in Anchorage probably doesn’t know much about Ivermectin or the other therapeutics that are effective against Covid.
    Local doctors are very busy treating patients all day and probably tired when their shift ends.
    They likely don’t get off work and then hit the books and medical journals to further their Covid related knowledge base.
    No, they’re going to take the easiest path, like almost everyone else.
    Since most doctors are now just employees of large health providers that are run by medical bureaucrats whose primary concern revolves around profits rather than patient care the easiest and least confrontational path for them is to simply do what they’re told to do.
    And since these bureaucrats who now run our healthcare systems are firmly under the regulatory thumb of the federal government the easiest and least confrontational path for them is to do what they’re told also.
    So until your federal bureaucrats change their positions on what constitutes proper care for Covid you shouldn’t expect anyone further down the chain, right down to your primary care provider, to do so either.
    Bottom line…the federal government wants you to get the jab and they’re in control now of your healthcare.
    The question everyone should be asking is why does the federal government want you to accept a series of experimental mRNA gene therapy drug injections to the total exclusion of other options?
    That makes zero sense if we’re actually in a global pandemic.
    In a total war against a global killer a rational person wants every option available but we’re told by our government that there’s just a single option when we can all see that there are other treatments worth exploring.
    Don’t trust your government.
    They’re behind whatever is going on and the mandates and commands coming from our own government make no sense if defeating a global pandemic is their goal.

  20. So, you don’t trust the person that spent 4 years in pre-med, 4 years in medical school, 2-4 years doing a residency, then on top of that once they start practicing usually are required to keep up to date on the latest medical developments as well as understand them. Honestly I don’t blame your doctor. You have a global sample size of n=2,000,000,000+ that have already taken the vaccine. If the vaccine were as dangerous as you claimed we’d be reporting a daily vaccine death count and not a daily covid death count.

      • Okay, because you insist I go look for a vaccine death count I consulted the CDC links on selected adverse reactions to the vaccine. Currently a reported 2-5 per million suffer from allergic reactions to the vaccination (these however are rarely fatal and is the reason they make people wait for 15-20 minutes before leaving the vaccine facility). As for TTS (Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome), as of the 15th of September 2021 there were 47 cases of this with the J&J vaccine of which 14.7 million vaccines have already been distributed in the US (this works out to about 3 per one million odds). Of the TTS that died I could only find up until may but in may there was a n=28 number of cases of which only 3 died so of the 47 I’d gather only 5 died if the relationship is linear. For the mRNA there were only 2 cases out of 369 MILLION doses suggesting zero link between mRNA vaccination and TTS. Currently right now the CDC requires all deaths that occur after the vaccination to be reported using VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) of which as of the 20th September 2021 7,899 events* (0.0020% of vaccinations*) however the reason for that big asterisk next to those numbers is that all death regardless of reason have to be reported even if the cause of death is completely unrelated (ie: died of cancer, died of sudden stroke, heart attack, etc) and the factor of vaccine playing a part is unclear or even related to it.
        I guess what I am trying to say is, stop spouting nonsense and put up or shut up when it comes to arguing numbers.

        • So VAERS is completely accurate in all reporting up until now, when everyone starts just falsifying death, adverse reactions? Got it.

        • Statists are always sheep. You, maam, are a statist. Do the math. CDC and FDA have been corrupted by politics and idealogies and no longer report science, just beliefs.

          The data is out there but sheep that swallow semen… er, bs news are easily manipulated. By the way, you got some semen… er bs news on your chin, maam.

      • Not particularly just so happens a lot of the people in the government particularly in the CDC and other health agencies are either MD, Phd, or graduate degree holders (Won’t lie, if your working for the government as one of these you are selling yourself short these days, private research pays better and is more rewarding) and on their advisement heavily suggest (knowing them they would mandate the vaccine if it weren’t for politicians, but we live in a republic for better and worse) people go get vaccinated and wear masks.

        • Unfortunately they have become complacent and no longer wonder if there are other methods to deal with this disease. Even with the shot, you continue to pass it on if you are infected. This vaccine was billed as “get the shot, go back to normal”. That is factually not true, as you are still expected to wear a mask and distance with the vaccine. You can’t run a society that way and hope to be productive and innovative. That is especially true for a disease that has an incredibly high survival rate. This has turned into a farce of doctors turning from advisers and researchers into tyrannical “my way or else” people. The one thing medical professionals have always bemoaned is that people do not heed their “insightful and important” advice. That patients are allowed to ignore them and make different life choices. All of a sudden they are elevated to dictate and mandate, if it works for all patients or not is irrelevant. Heady stuff, but let’s not forget they are after all just people, subject to the same fallacies of personal ego, greed and hubris.

    • Life is dangerous. Safety and security is an illusion which the solution is sold to those who are manipulated by fear.

      Get busy living, or get busy dying.

      • This seems to be completely unrelated. Yes I agree live is dangerous. I am indeed busy living and not dying. Getting vaccinated never changed that, just made traveling for me a lot easier and it would be a lot easier to travel internationally if people in this comment section would get vaccinated already.

          • I never caved. I wanted the vaccine first and foremost because I wanted to reduce my own risk. Convenience is a bonus and greatly wanted. If anything I find my free will to travel and reunite with my fiancée (most asian countries are refusing to reopen borders with US over low vaccination rates) impeded by people like you that refuse to get vaccinated and continue to insinuate that vaccines are unneeded.

        • Well, I am awfully sorry that some of us inconvenience your travel plans. Clearly your need to get out and see the world, trumps everyone else’s concerns for their personal health and safety.
          As an aside, whatever happened to herd immunity? Supposedly we would get the “vaccine” and then the vast majority of people would be protected. Most years the flu vaccination rate is 50% and it keeps the flu in check. Currently 63% of residents had at least one dose and 59% are fully vaccinated. Add to that all the people who had the illness and have immunity of some degree from that. The virus should be slowing down, instead it is picking up steam. Why? Could it be that the vaunted vaccine doesn’t work as advertised?

    • “…you don’t trust the person that spent 4 years in pre-med, 4 years in medical school, 2-4 years doing a residency…”
      Doesn’t mean they can’t be wrong
      Doesn’t mean they are not influenced by scary headlines
      Does not mean they are well versed in every field of medicine.
      Does not mean they cannot have a political or social bias
      Does not mean they are trustworthy
      So, no. I do not blindly trust my doctor. I understand fully that they are just as human and just as prone to error, bias, and misinformation as I am.
      Trust but verify.

  21. Funny and sad to see comments supporting the medical arm twisting that is going on. Would you support the same from your doctor if he said stop eating so much, drinking alcohol, or riding your atv? Probably not. This mRNA vaccine was not vetted properly and I refused to get that one. I did receive the J&J because of all the speculation about travel passport and restrictions. If you want the vaccine, then get one, if not then don’t. The mask mandates are a joke, as they only stop you from spraying your hand as you sneeze.

    • What we see happening is the result of the populace outsourcing their personal responsibility to false authority in a fancy suit.

      The knowledge required for healthy living is available to all, without the need of middle men who profit off ignorance.

  22. So, you think you are “fine” because you got vaccinated and that your vaccination is protecting yourself and other people. Then explain to me: why are you still required to wear a mask?

    Do you know the name: Robert Malone? His opinion should matter to you. If you don’t understand “why”, then you need to do your research. He claims, along with many other educated professionals, that a person with natural immunity is far less likely to spread COVID-19 (and its variants) to others than a person who’s been given the mRNA vaccinations. So, as someone who has recovered from COVID, I also ask: why then must I still get a COVID jab?

    You think you are “fine” having been vaccinated. I’m pretty sure that I’m even “more fine” without it.

  23. The bottom line is that if she’s that way, you probably ought to find another doctor, anyway. The problem with that is that isn’t easy, since market conditions and the AMA keep the ratio of physicians to the public quite low. The better news is this: imagine being locked into one of the two major public health systems here in Alaska: the Native system and the VA. And imagine what it would be like if health care reform in the early 90’s under First Lady Hillary Clinton had succeeded or Obamacare had succeeded. Moreover, it remains important to remember that this is a manufactured virus under the “gain-of-function” ideology, which is done to “see what happens”. Talk about unintended consequences. I wonder if the Dr. Faucisteins of the world are learning anything important about this exercise?

  24. If you search hard enough, I am sure you can find a quack, though probably not an infectious disease doc, that will provide you with the Covid medical advice you are seeking.

    • How about a doctor that just treats sick people? It doesn’t matter what caused the illness. After a week, it isn’t viral spread you’re dealing with. You’re dealing with thrombosis, bacterial pneumonia, etc… Doctors used to treat those with no issues.

  25. It’s amazing how many boot lickers there are on here. There are many well respected doctors and professionals all over the country that say to hold off on the shot and consider other options like take your vitamins, eat a balanced diet, exercise. Not many in Alaska, I guess. But why is their opinion discounted and the mainstream opinion followed to a T with no questioning whatsoever? I guess keep on licking those boots and enjoy it.

    • Mockingbird Media.
      Trauma based mind control.

      There are many humans who have lost their personal, spiritual power and they rely on the reality they see to guide them.

      With introspection, we can discover that there are influences within that can guide us through a healthier way of living.

      There is not enough introspection in this world.

  26. Mike Porcaro needs his license to promote deadly lies revoked
    Advice he gives he needs to adhere to;
    “Your free to give advice, but your not free to change the facts”
    His fear mongering has went to his head

  27. As a business owner that doctor can refuse service to whomever he/she wishes – that’s her God-given, inalienable right as an American! This is the capitalism you so wish for, Brian! You mean at the end of the day, it doesn’t suit you? Oh… yeah…… OTHER people’s rights don’t matter as much as your own.

  28. With regards to those submitting negative feedback to this gentlemen’s plight. I presume you are all without sin, you’ve not consumed excessive sugar, drank alcohol, rode a bike without a helmet, used tobacco, left a seatbelt unfastened, drove over the speed limit, or participated in any other endeavor that leads to health burden?

    A physician follows 9 core ethical principles of the medical profession. Chief among the principles is the practice that compassion and respect shall be given to all patients, free from discrimination.

    As a profession, we are responsible to provide informed consent to patients, empowering them to make their own decision with regards to their health. Any physician giving a medical treatment must do so with the informed consent of the patient. Recommendations are nothing more than information provided. The patient has a right to reject or accept the treatment based off their understanding of it.

    If the behavior of this physician or any other that rations patient care becomes acceptable to society, I truly fear the future of western medicine.

  29. Modern medicine has devolved from one of the true art forms to a corporate mandated “paint by numbers” affair.
    Here is your numbered outline sketch, and here are your authorized paints.
    And don’t you dare color outside the lines, ever. #daliisdeadlongliveinstagrammedicine

  30. Foaming at the mouth! LMAO! I almost lost my coffee LOL! Great job standing up to tyranny, at this point whatever Dr is still on board with this vaccine charade are just protecting a false image and standard, they must, otherwise they lose their credentials, their status in the community and that fat paycheck they’ve grown to love instead of the dignified standard of care they originally sought when in med school, totally my opinion of course.

  31. I keep a photo of a mortal human brain riddled with large, red, gelatinous blood clots caused by reaction to the injection(s) making that physical organ inconsistent with continued life. Everyone should look at it. It is not baby talk. This is not a benign circumstance they attempt to force us and children into.

  32. Doctors are no more intelligent than most other professionals. They just applied their intelligence to medicine as opposed to one of the trades the rest of us pursued. So we are just as capable as doctors of analyzing data and weighing pros and cons presented to us.

    • Boy the stupid is off the scale here Dan.
      You’ve no doubt looked into the difference in being admitted to Med School vs what it takes for “the trades the rest of us pursued.”
      You are a riot but keep them coming-we need this kind of humor.

        • Again NP, are you about 6 years old??
          You’ve evidently pursued one of the trades yet think you have the same brain power as those Medical Drs. Remember that half the population has an IQ of less than 100 and yours appears to be in the lower 2 digits.

          • Obviously there are people that are more intelligent than others. To lump every doctor in one category and every plumber/electrician/carpenter, etc… into another category isn’t being honest.

          • And no, I haven’t pursued one of the trades. I just believe that there are intelligent people who decide to be doctors, intelligent people who decide to be engineers, intelligent people who decide to be plumbers, etc…

    • I agree totally.
      In reality there is not much difference between a doctor and a car mechanic, or any other tradesmen. Both diagnose the problem, identify the root cause, and treat or repair it. The reason auto mechanics are not held to the same level of “respect” is if they screw up, they can always run down and get more parts. A bit tougher for a doctor to do.
      Oh, and there is the medical terms as well. Perhaps if the mechanics started calling them svećice instead of spark plugs, people would hold them in higher esteem.

      • Not to mention the fact that if a mechanic makes a mistake, he must fix it at no cost to customer…try getting free “comebacks” from a doctor sometime.

    • Excellent post, Dan! They put their pants on one leg at a time the same as the rest of us. Yes, they went to more years of school (which cost them plenty) so I understand why they charge a lot. I just had a doctor give me a bad time about vaccinations but he didn’t “fire” me. He did make the comment in front of the nurse and me that he was probably the smartest one in the room. I wished I could have thought of a good comeback at the time but what I should have said is: You might have the most education but that doesn’t mean you’re the smartest.

  33. To Brian and the many others who have so much incorrect information about the virus, treatment and prevention: I quess you know how large a methane molecule is, so you know how a fart gets through a fabric mask easily. But your understanding of the physics of filtration is superficial at best. Relative size is not the only consideration. I’m sure you have not done an adequate review of the science of this virus, its treatment, prevention; .masks, their mechanism of function and efficacy wrt stopping and/or slowing the spread of the SARS CoV-2 virus particle. If you had you would not have written most of what you wrote some of which contradicts some other. . Getting science information from MSM and off-the-wall blogs written by agenda driven folks isn’t a sign of extreme intelligence. Those sources’ value extends only to alerting one to the possibility of some recent result of value. Always go to the peer reviewed source for the facts. I suggest a “trip” to scholar dot google dot com and a few hours daily exercising the ample intelligence you think you possess. Oh, BTW, surviving death by COVID-19 isn’t what it’s cracked up to be when it comes after a several week stay in the hospital or is accompanied by long term debilitating or even only annoying adverse effects of the infection.. The rate of those outcomes is substantially higher than death – well into double digits. Are you recommending regeneron? Do you know what it is? Baring contraindications I’d urge all of you to get vaccinated and help us shut this thing down ASAP!

    • Here’s a peer reviewed journal for you — https:// http://www.bmj. com/content/374/bmj.n2101

      Cliff note version: Other countries consider you immune vs non-immune, not vaxxed vs non-vaxxed and they consider those who’ve recovered from covid as immune. It is science, not a conspiracy theory.

    • I’ll add on to this, if google scholar isn’t enough for you there is also pubmed which is essentially a giant data base of all published medical journals and articles. And if you still feel in doubt feel free to email the authors of the papers. If you are polite and ask genuine questions that are not bait they will probably reply to you when they get the chance. These medical researchers genuinely want to help and are passionate about what they are doing.
      I’m engaged to one, I would know.

    • We supposedly have an agency of the federal government – the CDC that should be a continuous font of information on Covid. I have made monthly visits to their website and it is most lacking. Despite having thousands of employees and billions to spend, they have come up with very little that is actually new and useful when it comes to Covid. Instead, policymakers in the US rely on studies from Israel and Bangladesh or anecdotal stories from Provincetown Massachusetts. I view many in the medical and scientific community as drunk on money, power and ego. Many have failed to serve their communities and left their colleagues providing care hanging. The credibility of medicine and science has taken a serious hit. There is a reason why misinformation flouishes.

    • Considering that most years we manage to keep the flu in check with a 50% vaccination rate, this particular vaccine and the larger number of individuals vaccinated, leads one to believe that it does not work as advertised. I doubt that higher vaccination numbers will actually “shut this thing down”.
      Oh inquiring minds wish follow up on your statement:
      How DO you SURVIVE “DEATH by Covid”? Do you have a magical way to bring yourself back?? What is it like on the other side?
      I would like to point to a few numbers AK has ~ 101,000 positive tests, about 2300 hospitalizations (since 3/2020) and 475 deaths. Following these numbers, the vast majority of individual seem to get through this just fine.

      • Of course it doesn’t work as well as they had hoped. And the virus mutating doesn’t help. At least the virus shot keeps many people from dying or being hospitalized. Most people that are hospitalized are non-vaccinated. In the beginning, they said the shot was about 90% protective thereabouts. With the mutation, and some people it can be 25% or less.

  34. https://www. bmj. com/content/374/bmj.n2101

    Other countries consider you immune vs non-immune, not vaxxed vs non-vaxxed and they consider those who’ve recovered from covid as immune. It is science, not a conspiracy theory.

    It’s very frightening how Biden has started to label and treat the unvaccinated as the #1 enemy, when it’s not science and is only instilling hate and fear among Americans. The gulag doesn’t seem too far away. History repeats itself. Lord help us.

  35. My take-aways from all of this: a. The vaccines generally work. They are not perfect and come with some risks. (An aside- IMO, most of the problems of the pandemic revolve around evaluating and tolerating risk.). b. The doctor described is a jerk. c. Although the vaccines work, the white-coat people do not actually know how long the protection lasts and thus they create residual concern for the “protected.”. Crazy stuff.

    • JMARK- There is a pretty good body of evidence that suggests that the Jab’s are marginally effective in stopping one from getting Covid, something like less than 40%. But then again as you have noted transparency about this subject has been abysmal.

  36. In today’s lesson, we learned that Doctors are just as vulnerable to scary headlines as anyone else. Just because you got through medical school, and you passed a licensing exam does not mean you are correct 100% of the time, or that you have no biases, prejudices, or political leanings.
    Just like every other human being alive, this Doctor is being influenced by what she hears and reads. And, she is just as susceptible to confirmation bias as everyone else.
    The NEWS FLASH is that your doctor, lawyer, taxi driver are all human, and all flawed. If you are delusional enough to think everything Dr. Fauci, or even Dr. Zink say is 100% accurate, you are the idiot.

  37. You’d be a fool to think that the vaccine deaths aren’t being censored just as much as Hunters laptop information.

  38. I refuse to live the rest of my life in fear. When they produce a vaccine that alters your DNA, (and are encouraging and incentivizing the masses to get it), this is where I stop. If you want, great! If you believe in the boosters and the variants, great! I, for myriad of reasons, will not get it, including religious. Making it a mandate, which they want, (especially those impacted by firings if they don’t get vaccinated) is government overreach. The rubber’s hitting the road folks. Bill Gates mentions a chip for medical purposes only ? yeah, right! They think the masses are “rubes”. Insulting!

  39. Unfortunately doctors don’t get as extensive training in drugs or vaccines as pharmaceutical reps do. A doctor prescribed a medicine to someone I know- told her it was perfectly safe for breastfeeding.
    When she got the drug, the insert said in big bold letters- NOT SAFE WHILE BREASTFEEDING.
    Yeah, doctors are not infallible.

  40. I agree with those other countries. That’s the way it should be viewed. That said, both the immunity gained by infection and that gained by immunization wanes over time. See the recent article (Science Magazine – September 17, 2021 – Durability of mRNA-1273 vaccine–induced antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 variants) to that subject in last week’s issue of “Science.”

  41. This is classic communist class warfare stuff. Since we are already hating on the rich, they needed to find another boogie man to blame for their inability to run the country and all the suffering going on out there. Enter “The UNVACCINATED”. If you can’t find toilet paper it’s the unvaccinated fault, got to wear a mask even though you are supposed to be protected, blame the unvaccinate….This doctors actions is the logical outcome to this hysteria “us vs them”. Who wins? Politicians, who get to spend money like drunken sailors (no offense to the sailors) and a general power grab for functions that are not in their authority (CDC eviction ban for instance, Biden vaccine mandate, assembly emergency mask orders) while we the people are at each others throats instead of working together to get this thing under control.

  42. As a matter oof interest in the evidence, how many of the 101000 positive tests were on the same person (case)? How many are repeat infections in the same person? (Up to three times has been observed – or maybe they never fully recovered?). How many who came through it fine actually suffered or are still suffering adverse effects of the infection. Of those, how many adverse effects are really serious, even debilitating? “Avoid” might have been a better word choice over “survive.” Sorry about that but thanks for the comments.

  43. This is a very simple thing to remedy, Mr. Stanley. What you need to do is avoid real doc’s and consider alternatives. You’ll know you’re in the right place when they offer health exams, tarot readings, the casting of chicken bones, deep incense treatments, satchels of herbs to place over your nose when you encounter offensive airs and the real ones offer D’oterra oils and speak in tongues while you wear a bird mask.
    To find the right clinic look for cars in the parking lot with a small cluster of three crosses front, rear, and side. Magic Marker crosses are ok.
    You can also go visit the church guy from a couple days ago who likely would share with you the healing properties of the laying on of the hands. Maybe pray to Joe Pesci as well.
    All are strong non-science based alternatives that collectively work toward an appropriate culling of the herd. That, or you could take the advice of the guy that came up w/ the mRNA therapy and consider that this is a disease of and for two primary groups… the very old, and the very corpulent. If you’re neither of these you could take the natural path and allow an infected individual to slobber on you then self isolate in hopes that you’ll eventually emerge self inoculated.
    It’s always best to assume your 20 minutes of youtube research is better than some stand off-ish doc’s med degree.

  44. Good, I’m glad she fired you, you dumb bimbo. If you know better than your doctor, then you don’t need her… take care of yourself! Your poor doctor has to watch people getting sick and dying from covid every day cuz selfish dummies like you don’t take the vaccine. Get bent

  45. Your doc is either a brain dead Dem or disingenuous, on the take or intellectually lazy.

  46. TB, Last I checked, a week or ten days ago, the forth suspected, but not confirmed instance of thrombosis resulting from J&J vaccine shot was being reported. If confirmed it would make four cases out of 15 million shots. That’s a rate of almost zero. If all 7 billion people on the planet got the J&J shot there might be 1900 cases. That’s about the number of fatal hit and run fatalities per year in the USA alone. Much safer than going through a pregnancy, or a knee surgery. The sky is not falling. The vaccines are safe and effective as purposed. BS’s doc is looking after the safety iof her, her staff and other patients as her oath to do no harm requires.

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