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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Nikiski students going under the mask, while those in Kenai are getting a reprieve

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The students who attend Nikiski Northstar Elementary School will be wearing masks to school for the next 10 school days, but only while indoors. The mask decision will be reevaluated on Oct. 6. A rash of Covid-19 cases has developed in Nikiski, and the school principal says this is the way to keep students learning in person.

Nikiski Northstar Elementary has 303 students, and the outbreak involves at least 16 of them, or 5.28 percent.

Meanwhile, Kenai Middle School and Sterling Elementary Schools ended the their temporary mask requirements for those indoors, as of Tuesday.

The Kenai Peninsula School District Covid-19 dashboard is at this link. Users can see what schools are dealing with in terms of numbers of Covid-19 cases and whether there are masking rules in place.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • If 5.28 percent of our children were infected with rabies, would we take simple preventive measures to protect others from becoming infected?

    • Well if preventive measures mean taking those rabies infected student out of school and having them treated with a series of rabies shot then yes. But let’s not put muzzles on the entire school because a few students got bit.

      • So you are pro jab?

      • Studies have shown that one child can infect nine others in school. See my point?

    • Yes. You would quarantines the infected as we have done all throughout history until COVID. Rabies is contracted through body fluids, primarily through a bite that breaks the surface of the skin. The rest of the kids would get on with their lives as normal. A terrible comparison, but I’ll play checkers with you.
      Alaska COVID 19 Report
      Total Reported On Sep 21 7-Day
      Cases 98,340 338 681
      Deaths 464 0 2
      I would post total deaths other than COVID but for some reason it has been impossible to pull up that information on the net. Maybe someone can post a link. So easy to pull up COVID info but I’m sure the numbers are minuscule in comparison to the total death count in the state and that is why it is difficult to find. If the government was transparent, all numbers would be by demographics as well. But vague is scarier and the sheep rush to slaughter much easier.

      • Take your pick of infectious disease then, if 5.28% of our children were suffering from XXX disease that was highly contagious would we take simple preventive measures to protect others from becoming infected? Chicken pox, tuberculosis, meningitis, etc., etc., etc…
        We’re number 1 baby! Leading the nation in covid infections per capita!!! I know, I know it’s all a grand conspiracy.

    • The death fantasies of you fascists just get more disgusting by the day. Gross steve.

      • Who’s talking about death fantasies? A guy asks a simple question…
        It’s apparent that you don’t understand the word fascist, you should look it up before you try and use it again.

        • I stand by what I said. Your analogy is gross and disturbing, as you wanted it to be. You should look in mirror for the definition of facsist.

          • My apologies for triggering you, I didn’t know comparing infectious diseases and how to appropriately respond to them to protect children would upset the snowflakes among us.
            Just out of curiosity which fascistic characteristics do you think I have? Is it that I think people should be informed and free to choose what they should do for themselves? Is it that I don’t think government should mandate vaccinations or masks? Maybe it’s that I believe a small weak government is the best government? Could it be that because you disagree with me you are unable to form a rational and well thought out response and resort to name calling? It’s clear that you do not understand facism, you aren’t the first and certainly won’t be the last.

        • First they call you a name. The intelligent ones come up with a good one. Then they attack your patriotism. When all else fails, they day something about your mother or sister. Proud Americans my ass.

    • What a stupid comparison.

      Kids are far more at risk in the car than from Covid. Shall we ban them from riding in cars?

      Common sense isn’t common anymore

      • Great point, even if it also a stupid comparison…at least rabies is a disease.
        But let’s run with your stupid comparison instead of mine. Kids are required to wear safety belts and ride in booster seats in vehicles, which seems like pretty simple preventive measures to protect them. So the answer to my original question would be yes, we would take simple preventative measures to protect them.

        • So you believe the Covid virus can’t go through your little thin mask? That somehow your mask will protect you ? Does it have magical powers? A force field?
          Masks DON’T WORK Steve. The virus is measured in microns not millimeters.
          Clown shoes

          • If you are talking about face coverings made out of t-shirt sleeves I agree. If you are talking about actual masks then I disagree. An N95 mask can and does filter to the micron level. While some might think it’s magical, science tells us that an N95 mask can and does filter the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

          • N95 masks keep most from coming out of you onto me. It also keeps me from breathing in some of your germs. Mask up so we don’t get sick.

      • Steve and greg enjoy seeing children with their faces and mouths masked over. I’m not trolling. There is something deeply disturbing with grown adults literally fighting to see children with cloth wrapped around their mouths and faces. There’s a deeper psychological reason for the forced masking of children. Ask why.

        • Talk about gross and disturbing. The fact that you dream up a scenario where anyone enjoys seeing children with their faces and mouths masked over speaks volumes about your thought process.
          I would kindly ask for you to show me where I’ve ever supported what it is you are claiming I am supporting. Of course you cannot do this since you are full of nonsense.
          Pathetic response on your part and you should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Did I hit a truth nerve there, steve?

          • A truth nerve, you? No, not at all.
            Any luck figuring out what the word fascist means?

          • The more you incessantly protest, the worse you look. Keep it up.

          • Fire,
            Good one, you really got me there with that zinger! The best you have is “look in the mirror” you can’t form an intelligent/informed opinion to support your views so you lash out with name calling. You still have no idea what fascism is and you continue to display your ignorance. Yeah, it’s me who looks bad…

        • Dang fire, there’s something really disturbing about every one of your posts. You say a lot that in reality you say nothing. You attempt to do throw some little jab in there from time to time but ultimately it fails. Like I said masks protect me from getting what you’re breathing out. It does very little to protect you the wearer. Study up on how these masks work next time.

  • Force children, who have almost zero probability of death or serious illness from Covid according to official government sources, to wear masks that are incapable of filtering out viruses, according to the manufacturer specifications.
    Even the gold standard, the N95, is incapable of stopping the Covid virus from getting through.
    Probably explains why professionals working in biomedical labs don’t use homemade masks or surgical masks or even the much worshipped N95 to protect themselves from airborne viruses.
    It makes zero sense to force children, or anyone else for that matter, to wear a useless mask unless wearing the masks is either an exercise is compliance and control or the result of blind obedience to government.
    Those involved in our educational systems are supposed to be more educated than the rest of us but they certainly don’t act like they are.
    They’re probably too focused on promoting sexual deviance and indoctrinating our children to hate America to actually educate themselves on things like mask efficacy.
    Maybe they could merge some basic facts on viruses and countermeasures against viral spread into the transvestite story hour???

    • You have it wrong. It’s stops it from getting out of you.

  • Do some research on what a mask actually accomplishes. It prevents the wearer from spewing out germs onto everybody else. If you want to protect yourself then I suggest you get a gas mask.

    • Well, then, Greg, you should easily be able to provide us with a scientific study that proves that casually worn, non-surgical masks worn by the public reduce disease transmission . Oh, but wait, virtually all the scientific studies on that matter show just the opposite! Oh dear! I guess that makes your claims a statement of (irrational) faith-based Covidian religion than fact.

  • How is it possible that masks can’t be helpful in the transmission of covid? Has my mother been wrong all these years telling me to cover when sneezing or coughing? Not saying masking is 100 percent effective, but it probably is somewhat effective.

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