Anchorage Assembly leadership stacks deck with doctors, prevents unhappy citizens from testifying on mask ordinance



It was a night of the filibuster. The Anchorage Assembly leadership, faced with a raucous and sometimes hostile crowd of citizens on Tuesday night, allowed its invited doctors to testify in favor of the forced masking of Anchorage residents, while forcing the rest of the public to stay for seven hours to testify, but then abruptly canceling the Assembly meeting after finally reaching that item on the calendar. The clock had struck midnight.

Hundreds of residents attended the meeting, most turned away due to room limitations. Some had to leave before the mask ordinance, AO 2021-91, was finally up for a public hearing late into the night. Those who did stay in the chambers were frustrated the Assembly knowingly filibustered the agenda item and continued the meeting on Wednesday, starting at 6 pm in the same location, the ground floor of the Loussac Library.

The group spent an inordinate amount of time haggling over an $80,000 contract for a lobbyist that leftist Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel didn’t like.

It had all the appearances of an Assembly determined to exhaust the public, take less testimony, endure less verbal abuse, and pass an ordinance that is sure to be vetoed by the mayor of Anchorage.

At the beginning of the meeting, Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson gave a passionate speech about his opposition to the ordinance. His remarks came during the “Mayor’s Report” part of the agenda.

The audience jumped to its feet to applaud the mayor, causing Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance to demand that they be seated, and ultimately call for a five-minute recess.

The meeting was interrupted several times by the unhappy Anchorage voters who attended to express their concerns. Many of them were waving small American flags and at one point, they started chanting “USA USA.”

The meeting continues at 6 pm at the Loussac Library, with a public hearing on the universal masking ordinance as the first item on the agenda.


  1. Let’s see. IF you want to provide telephone testimony you needed to have signed up yesterday before 5PM.
    If you want to submit written testimony, it has to be received before 2PM today.
    What are the odds the Assembly declares COVID is too scary to allow the public into the Assembly chamber too late for anyone to submit written testimony?

  2. “faced with a raucous and sometimes hostile crowd of citizens”? LOL wait till mandates go through, idiots. Wake up you idiot leftists on the assembly! Or maybe you are “woke”? You hear that sucking sound? That’s you circling the drain.

  3. His words in his speech renewed Hope in a crowd where most are more likely still wondering about God and aren’t actively seeking the Great I Am, while claiming their allegiance to the Flag, the constitution, the nation and its Christian beginnings. I hadn’t heard a speech sensitively spoken like that since John F. Kennedy’s inauguration speech. Whoever wrote it, Bravo! Well done at the speechwriter or collaborators!

  4. If you do not stand against the junk science they are masking Anchorage for you deserve every yoke they are putting on you. I laugh at those who volunteer to give up their freedoms and look idiotic in the masks, to live with others just because they are told they have to.
    No wonder Anchorage is no longer the anchor for Alaska, they are the anchor around the neck of everyone and are trying to drown everyone by throwing them in the inlet.

  5. I was at the hospital recently and overheard a conversation about somebody who had gotten all of their vaccinations and got covid. Sick for two weeks.. so, how’s that mask working out for you? So irritating when the assembly and other smaller government agencies and at the state level of government are trying to overreach their lawful duties. I heard that Congress aren’t required to get the vaccine, don’t mask themselves (as seen on TV), despite the lame stream media reporting otherwise. Ironic, to say the least. Hypocritical and arrogant to boot and they don’t even try to hide it. American citizens aren’t ignorant and they’ve lost any integrity by underestimating our intelligence.

  6. It’s typical of an Assembly meeting to drag on till midnight on any given Tuesday. Public testimony is always a privilege doled out sparingly.

  7. The Assembly commie 9 will be voting regardless of their constituents, us citizens, input. They do not have an open mind, they have decided long before they vote. Their pettiness was on full display yesterday, trying to undermine US, our elected mayor, our cities, our businesses, et al.
    Meg Z put this ordinance up as a parting shot to all of us for recalling her. Pettiness abounds in the ASSembly chambers where the commie9 are involved. Obviously, their oath of office was a suggestion, not a mandate, from their behavior.
    They hold the mayor accountable, not each other. The commie9 stick together, that is why they all need to be recalled, not just Meg, her eight friends too.

  8. The proverbial mask is falling on the clot shot.

    Lt. Colonel Theresa Long, the Brigade Surgeon at Ft. Rucker in Alabama and the chief medical officer in charge of 4000 pilots, recommends grounding all pilots who were vaccinated.

    • Why are they wanting to ground vaccinated pilots? We don’t believe in the vaccine itself, but when I’m hearing military members in our family are being required to GET the vaccine, it makes me wonder what’s going on in the background we don’t know about.

  9. It is so irritating that not just local, state and federal government is striking mandates. Government overreach at its best. I was at the hospital recently and overheard someone saying they had all their vaccines, including the boosters and still got covid. So, how’s that mask thing working for you? That government has lost touch with the “people” who they’re supposed to serve. Ironic and arrogant to say the least. They run around unmasked, as evidence shows on the videos I’ve seen. They are exempt from getting the vaccine (at the federal level, at least). Why? Did you know that the flu shots in recent years had COVID-19 included in it? I’m kind of mulling over that we’ve been sold a bill of goods. If COVID-19 was included in the flu shots in years past, why is this being touted as a pandemic, while at the same time, recording the regular flu and putting everything in the covid bracket? Also, have they been playing around with vaccines in the past? The arrogance is clearly shown and they have obviously lost touch with the people they are supposed to serve, as we’ve seen at EVERY level of government. Like they think the ordinary, everyday citizens are “rubes” and will do whatever they say, clearly infringing on our civil rights.

    • But, if we just give up this one more personal choice, just one more freedom, everything will be OK. The sooner the virus is eradicated from the planet, the sooner we will be allowed to make our own decisions.

      • You know.. The Jews said the same thing.. Right up to the time they were forced out of their homes and into box cars.

        • Exactly! Which is why the left is trying to get rid of anything on the Holocaust, because Hitler’s plan, (basically the Communist Manifesto), is what the Progressives want for our country. We are a Republic and exactly the reason why immigrants wanted to move to America in the first place. Getting away from that.

  10. I agree. Soliciting recommendations from doctors, I.e. knowledgeable medical professionals, on subjects requiring medical knowledge, sets a bad precedent.

    We need to listen to other like janitors who work in hospitals for their medical advice.

    • Sure, but picking the doctors that support your position and ignoring the ones that do not, does not make for good policy. Instead you get a real estate guy, a bunch of lawyers and a “community organizer” setting medical rules they have neither business nor legal authority to set.

    • Mind YOUR business Pete. If you want to wear a mask or get vaccinated do so and be happy that you did what you thought was right. Forcing others to follow your conclusions and choices, that’s not right.

    • The problem is that the anointed docs do not adequately explain the reasons for their opinions. I have looked through a number of studies on masks that, when it is boiled down, offer only weak or even inconclusive support for masks. If the docs want to play the “you must comply” game, they need to honestly state the case for masks and even note the limitations of the evidence.

      My study indicates that masks are somewhat effective but there are other factors, such as social distancing, which may be better answers. What is most sad is that despite a pandemic of unparalleled scope and cost, the white coat folks have not expanded or improved their recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus. It is like nothing has changed or advanced since 1918. That hardly builds confidence.

      Is it worth breaking our community, our country and our society over masks of limited value? To me, the answer is clear.

    • If only the doctors were somehow immune to biases, political pressure, or economics. If only, maybe then, and only then, their advice will be taken without question.
      Until then, sorry. I am going to question the science.
      You should too.

    • I guess you missed the latest scam- doctors: either tow the party line or you lose your license. Listening to doctors on wuhan virus is on-par with consulting communists on how to run the economy. Go ahead and support a mask mandate. You thought last year was bad and over 70+ businesses closed? Anchorage will be a ghost town and the valley will have grown. The valley is growing because people will not accept your new “normal”.

  11. To add to your story;

    The excess people where corralled into the theatre room across the lobby. We were attempting to watch and listen to the happenings in the assembly, but we experienced repeated sound quality issues and were mostly unable to see the meeting visually due to other technical issues. At one point the power went out completely in the theater. At that point we crowded the assembly doors. The guards assured us that the theatre would be functioning soon.

  12. This bunch of dim-libbys on the assembly love to play games, think they are so smart and we can’t see what they are up to!
    These idiots need to go away! All they care about is themselves, their businesses, their bank accounts & their cronies!

  13. This outrageously insulting action by the radical extremist, power-mad municipal assembly — delaying THE most important agenda item, and particularly by doing so cutting off public testimony in response to it — just demonstrates the utter contempt that the nine Marxist authoritarians on the ass-embly have for the public. These are NOT people who represent anyone but themselves. They are contemptible.

  14. How do you like being ruled, Anchorage?

    What are you gonna do about it? Civil disobedience or just roll over?

  15. What are the options for a civil suit against each assembly member supporting this for violating the constitution. If they were looking at it costing them each time someones rights are violated they might think twice about pushing their agenda over the rights of individuals.

  16. The Doctors are all bought off by Big Pharma lobbyists & drug reps…
    They each own a quarter million in med school loans & will do whatever their masters say.
    This is why none of them will speak of natural immunity, vitamins or proper nutrition & exercise.
    The Medical Cartel cannot give an unbiased opinion at this point…furthermore our democracy was not set up to give more value to one citizen over the next…there are no second class citizens (YET).

  17. I have a question for the Anchorage Assembly. Since you so obviously like to be fascists…when are you going to start recommending people to be sent to the gas chambers?

  18. In the Tuesday night meeting, there was an overflow of people..I along with many others had to use the overflow room(other side) and SURPRISE!!. they had video AND SOUND PROBLEMS, off and on most of the evening. The video was fine for when our mayor spoke, but soon after they had off and on video and even sound was missing many parts.. All their excuses fit their they knew many people were coming in and voice their opinions. Mayor’s speech was the highlight of the evening..

  19. What’s the gestation period for this virus? I see roughly 10% of the attendees in the lead in photo were masked and I infer from that that if Ms. Zaletel is correct the others s/b hospitalized right about now, no?

  20. When they cheered the Mayor and waved little USA flags while chanting, “USA! USA!”, I thought to myself…How much you want to bet that the devilcrats will make this out to be another ‘January 6th Insurrection’?? There shouldn’t be a one-party system here in our Country, but the devilcrats are doing everything and anything by any means possible to accomplish that. Dominion, Election Fraud, Health FUD, Social Media bans, and the list goes on and on. They need to be held accountable and punished accordingly for being so openly socialist and treasonous.

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