Jab or job III: Southcentral Foundation employee says Covid vaccine is new religion


This is the third in a series of interviews with people who are losing their jobs in the medical profession because they have declined to take the required Covid-19 vaccination. The names of these healthcare workers are being kept confidential because they fear reprisal.

Southcentral Foundation has grown over the years, and Jessie has been a big part of that. He works in an area of the hospital that relates to information, and has no contact with patients. During the early months of the pandemic, he was able to work from home, and he believes he could still perform 100 percent of his job from home.

But he will lose his job on Oct. 15 because he is not going to be vaccinated for Covid-19. Jessie asked for a religious exemption and was immediately denied. He is being fired.

Southcentral Foundation serves the Alaska Native population. Its mission statement is, “Working together with the Native Community to achieve wellness through health and related services.” The organization has 297 vacant positions advertised on its website. Jessie’s is now one of them, even though he has 20 more days.

While he’s not a doctor or nurse, Jessie has studied it enough to believe the vaccine is leading to more variants, and more rapid variants. The vaccine has just one strategy for defeating the virus, and that makes it easier for the virus to come up with its own mutation to evade the spike protein, he said.

Plus, Jessie thinks that if the government is mandating that people be injected with something, then the country is on a dangerous path to tyranny.

Mostly, he thinks that the push for everyone to be vaccinated has become a religion, and it’s in conflict with his own belief system.

On Oct. 15, Jessie will be placed on leave for three days, and if he still doesn’t comply, he was told it would be considered a voluntary resignation. He disputes that it’s voluntary.

Jessie is frustrated with Gov. Mike Dunleavy for using FEMA resources to replace nurses and other medical workers who are being fired. It doesn’t make sense to him, and he and his whole family voted for Dunleavy, but now he’s having his doubts.

“In every instance we support tyranny, we put another nail in the coffin of the United States of America. If these hospitals truly could not get by, they would not be firing workers. They claim it is health and safety but it is dogma. If I was talking to the governor, I would have a lot to say.”

Jessie knows of single mothers who are losing their nursing jobs and their homes over the vaccine mandate.

“It is a satanic attack on mankind. Eventually, it is going to be about a vaccine passport. We won’t be able to buy or sell without vaccine passport. Then there will be counterfeit vaccine passports, and I worry it will lead to implanting something in our bodies. Whenever the government tells you you have to receive something in your body to engage in commerce, that is where I am going to be drawing the line,” he said.

Jessie probably will land on his feet. People with his skills are in high demand and he is looking for a new job. It will be the Southcentral Foundation that suffers, he said, as well as all of its “customer-owners,” who he points out do not have to have the vaccine to receive services.

“I’ll find a job, and it will be one that pays me more money,” Jessie said.

Jessie is an assigned name to protect this healthcare worker. Have you lost your job because you won’t take the Covid-19 vaccine? Are you a medical professional? Send your information to [email protected]. You will be kept anonymous.

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  1. Jessie is a fool -some uneducated self-appointed expert. He has “studied” it?? What he has a virology and immunology lab set up in his spare bedroom?

    Facebook and whoo-hooo nutcase web sites are NOT a solid education in biological science.

    Good he is getting fired — no employer needs an employee that dim and so deluded that he thinks reading garbage on the internet published by equally uneducated crackpots is the same as holding a Doctorate in virology, micro-biology and immunology and genetics

    • #5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.”

    • Huh… I wonder if you have studied virology? Are you as educated as Judy Mikovits PHD a virologist for instance. Or Dr Lee Merritt? Or how about Dr Sherri Tenpenny? I could go on but you don’t care to hear other experts. You’re a self appointed expert I’m sure. Take as many jabs as Fauci dictates. ! Let’s see how that works out for you. Good luck.

    • Huh… I wonder if you have studied virology? Are you as educated as Judy Mikovits PHD a virologist for instance. Or Dr Lee Merritt? Or how about Dr Sherri Tenpenny? I could go on but you don’t care to hear other experts. You’re a self appointed expert I’m sure.

    • Folks like you also believe that not only do fools like Jessie deserve to not be employed, but also shunned from every aspect of society. Until Jessie gets his shot and his vaccine passport, he should not be allowed to work, shop, go to a move, eat at a restraint with a friend, or engage in society at all. All your comment does is reinforce a lot of what he is saying. Thanks for that.

    • Ann you must be part of that New Religion of retards….Jesse has excersised his rights, if you are vax’d good for you…you should have nothing to fear from un-vax’d, unless your precious vaccine is bullshit.

        • Ah, behold the civility, rhetorical logic and eloquence of the “woke”.
          But for the 1000th time, I honestly have to wonder, Evan, what motivates people like you, to be so blindly servile and kneejerkedly conformist to authority and power?

    • Dr. Robert Malone, creator of the mRNA jab, says that the mass vaccination of people while in the midst of an ongoing pandemic is ludicrous and leading to more variants. He is neither a fool, uneducated or a self-appointed expert. He agrees that this push for universal vaccination, while also ignoring natural immunity from previous infection, is causing more problems than its fixing. Far from an uneducated crackpot, he is both an immunologist and virologist. I would venture to guess, based on your comments, that you neither of those.
      The only dim, deluded, uneducated fool here is you.

      • Don’t forget the other points he makes. When vaccinating mid pandemic, with a flawed (leaky) vaccine, it often makes the vaccinated, asymptomatic incubators and super-spreaders for the variants. #theyareoblivioustothesepoints #commonsense

    • Ms. Ann,
      You are a leftist to the “T” by the content of your comment.
      I am not perfect by any means. I am no saint but do know by the content of your comment (which we do have the freedom to express) is very shallow for another human being.
      May the God I know show mercy for your soul.

    • From the source comes wisdom!
      There is much data out there with studies showing all kinds of results. The latest shows that for every life actually saved by mRNA jabs, two people die from the vaccine.
      But to some fanatics it is dogma, their religion, where these extremists worship their high infallible priest Fauci and demand that all tithe to Pfizer. The Taliban pales next to these zealots.

      • Oh BS. Ten bucks says you can’t prove your claim. But maybe that doesn’t matter. The demand for evidence is weak among trumpist, hyper christian anti vaxxers.

        • For those seeking knowledge rather than spewing ignorant BS, a simple search (not on google) of ‘Toxicology Reports Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?’ presents numerous hits for the full pdf. It is long and detailed with full peer review for anyone with an open mind.

        • And the demand for actual evidence and SCIENCE is utterly nil among all your intolerant, conformist, hyper-‘woke’, anti-liberty rabid authoritarians.

    • If Jessie’s opinions aren’t up to snuff for you, Ann, simply because he doesn’t have a PhD in something you like further complicated by the fact that he disagrees with your apparent love for mRNA therapies then how about this guy…he good enough for you? He just happens to share Jessie’s position.
      Dr. Peter McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, in academic medical practice in Dallas, Texas, USA. He maintains ABIM certification in internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases. He practices both internal medicines including the management of common infectious diseases as well as the cardiovascular complications of both the viral infection and the injuries developing after the COVID-19 vaccine.
      Ann’s narrow minded attack on someone she knows absolutely nothing about is typical of the leftist trolls that infest online forums. Ann is the only actual fool here but like any fool she’ll never see it. What a loser.

    • I’m curious. Do you feel better about yourself now that you are cheering this person losing their job?

      Are you personally richer? Have your looks improved? Did you get your full PFD?

      I’m really curious the motivations and rewards of someone who holds this much contempt for another person?

      More, why stop at cheering the job loss? Why not call for seizing all his money? Barring him from getting food from Freddy? Separating him from his family? Tossing him in jail? Public flogging? Why is job loss and potential destitution enough for you?

      And people wonder why the Nazi comparison is made. The step from this idiotic mindset to yellow armbands is damn short.

    • You just go ahead and believe the media’s lies they spoon feed you. Better run out and get yourself a couple booster shots.

    • A fool is the person who does what they’re told without question, believes whatever the media tells them and never bothers to do their own research.

      Who does that sound like Ann?

    • No matter how smart or dumb Jessie may be, every person has an inalienable right to make healthcare decisions for himself.

      And he’s right to criticize Dunleavy for using FEMA funds to replace workers whose rights he should be defending.

    • Well Ann, it doesn’t say and it is very possible he is in one in the esteemed fields that meet your criteria for knowledge. There are plenty of medical professionals right now blindly following along with all of this and studying very little. Also education does not equate to common sense or all knowledge. A person dedicated to studying a subject can become far more knowledgeable than a person with a degree in that subject. I do have a degree in microbiology. Only a bachelors but that was my major non the less. I never used it and ended up in an entirely different field. I would never presume to be an expert or ultra knowledgeable simply because of my major.

    • Tell that to Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology being used. He has many concerns about the long term effects already being evidenced. But good luck finding that information because it is being censored…

    • What Jessie said is not really that far off from what Dr. Robert Malone has said all along in regard to this vaccine. He’s a world renown virologist and immunologist. Has worked extensively with our own government in vaccine creation and rollout. Also created the mRNA technology that was used to create this vaccine.
      You should take a look at what he has to say. But then again you prob wouldn’t accept the truth if it smacked you in the face. People aren’t just pulling these claims from their rears. They’ve prob done the research and obtained info from “credible” sources.
      You all need to stop making people like Jessie out to be weirdos simply because you’re too afraid of the facts and truth.

    • “Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because, if there be one, he must more approve the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear.”
      1787 August 10. (Thomas Jefferson to Peter Carr)

  2. Jessie is correct. SCF is anti science on this subject and is absolutely in lockstep with the other left-wing religious zealots when it comes to this vaccine (and most every other progressive religious belief). At this point it is crazy to think that the vaccinated are any less prone to contracting and spreading covid, because it’s happening all around us everywhere. To deny this it to be willfully blind at this point.
    As far as the vaccine passport becoming the mark of the beast, or even a test run – if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it could very well be a duck. Mark of the beast or not it is tyranny! Jessie and his fellow employees are not being terminated because of science – SCF if simply making religious sacrifices. Hey Jessie – those maniacs don’t deserve you! Good luck, I’m sure you will land on your feet.
    Thanks Suzanne for giving these fellow Alaskans a platform to be heard. Much respect.

  3. This is the TRUTH! This tyrannical government is destroying our country deliberately and using C-19 to push their agenda. It’s AMAZING how many people are falling into this lie with eyes wide shut! He who has an ear, let him hear.

  4. Strokes, heart-attacks, brain hemorrhages, gangrene, loss of limbs, blood clots, guillian-barre syndrome, swollen testicles, paralysis, etc, etc, etc. Hell yes I wouldn’t take this toxic stew either! Anyone who accepts the CNN vaccine narrative is about as dim as Fauci and other crackpots who support it, IDIOTS! Wake up you morons!

  5. Jessie,
    I too work for a ‘health care’ organization closely related to SCF (or ANTHC) but outskirts of those organizations. I too am facing executive personnel to decide ‘required’ to get the jab or lose my job.
    Hold the line.
    It will be a nose dive but WILL turn before impact. This sounds radical but I trust in The Almighty. If I understood reads of difference sources, they say, “trust the plan”.
    It is truly unfortunate that those in the health field are given an ultimatum.
    Governor Dunleavy ~ if you haven’t already ~ Grow the forken backbone! STOP this tyranny! THIS IS TYRANNY!!!

  6. so the new path forward is companies claiming or rather LYING that non-compliant employees are being “voluntary resignation”. all so the strong willed American can’t get unemployment. law suits incoming.

  7. Good for you Jessie!!! Glad you are taking a stand!!! Sacrificing freedom for “feeling safe” is ridiculous!!! Giving government more power for a fake “vaccine” is idiotic at best and treasonous at worst!!! Stand your ground America!!!

  8. How come so many of these health corporations are run by lawyers, instead of Doctors or health professionals?

    Life sucks when the ambulance chasers are in charge of making the rules and collecting the State and Federal subsidies.

  9. It’s really telling have cavalier so many people are with the destruction of lives over a personal healthcare decision.

    Jesse is wrong in one regard: tyranny. We’re not inching towards it. We’re already there.

    One can only hope that the karmic wheel spins on the vile people cheering the firing of people over a choice of conscience.

  10. “………..Jessie will be placed on leave for three days, and if he still doesn’t comply, he was told it would be considered a voluntary resignation. He disputes that it’s voluntary……..”
    This is obviously not a voluntary resignation. The foundation us clearly trying to have it ALL their way. I suspect that little game is about reduced or delayed unemployment benefits or an attempt to avoid the legal ramifications if firing somebody over. personal medical decision.
    I also agree with Jessie about medical personnel being purged, then replaced with federal scabs. This all has a very Soviet/Maoist feel to it. Hopefully, this comes back and rips their buttocks off.

  11. The test kits are causing the problem. They are laced with at least 3 different bioweapons. I wont take any tests or vaccines. After what I learned about the cancer viruses in the polio vaccines and the bioweapons program concerning that vaccine, I wont take any vaccine again.

    After what the Anchorage doctors did to my mom in the 80s and watching her suffer, I want nothing to do with doctors for anything.

    • BTW the kid I helped raise was killed by the vaccine 4 weeks ago. Blew his heart up, threw a clot and died from a stroke. He was 32 years old.

      • That’s you effervescencing. How’s the fungus juice business going on in Palmer? The drugs sold on the side really help keep that place going, don’t they? Poppers anyone?

  12. Feel compassion for the guy although I eagerly took the vaccine in Jan ( 72 yo) . Really thought these native corps could be more understanding with their employees. The guys obviously on the ball!! And not at all favorable with what the governors doing!! This could come back to bite these local healthcare orgs.

  13. Couple of issues with this: The virus does not have a will – the virus does not “come up with its own mutation.” Mutations are random and mostly self-destructive – but they do happen frequently enough that we see different flu strains, for instance. Nor does the vaccine have its own strategy. The vax was designed to boost our immune system response, and thus our survival rate. It does nothing to the virus, and does not promote mutation in either the virus or us. No dispute here on the tyranny complaint or possibility of an end-times play-out. My body, my choice. NO MANDATE. Where is the discussion about herd immunity and/or natural immunity from surviving COVID?

    • Rich, you seem to mean well, but you are wrong. Yesterday’s HIGHWIRE with Del Bigtree, has a expert explaining the process that works against the immune system built into this therapy. This is not a vaccine!
      Just visiting with a friend this evening who has had two healthy friends of his die from the Jab. He knows of no one who has died with covid, or from covid.
      These jab issues are on roll out, long term effects are unknown.

    • This is correct and I agree with all. It is unconscionable that natural immunity seems to be disregarded. If one has previously tested positive there would be record hence should be pretty easy to at least verify among those that have been tested. Why would his not be part of the information? It seems this information is being ignored or intentionally not presented.

  14. Hey Jessie, meet Vaccine Zealot, AnN. They know more than you, are smarter than you and obviously more scared than you.

  15. You are doing the right thing Jessie. This gene therapy is a dangerous toxin and your job is not worth your life.

  16. From a guy who was not religious a year ago…We will all be joining Jesse, willfully or not. The communists / globalists have decided to divide us this way. It is our job, and our children’s job, in life to make sure it is THEY who will reap the whirlwind. Believe in God. We are not here for big houses and big paychecks– we are here to fulfill our duty to Him. And we will do this by our righteous behaviour.

    • I’m a cradle Catholic and formerly devout and a regular at Mass…….until Papa Francois gained the papacy under conditions more suspect than Biden’s presidential election. He has a mouth worse than Trump’s, but with the left leaning foundation. A few years ago he told those “who hate others” (ie, who don’t go along) not to go to Mass, because we might “cause a scandal”. That from a guy drowning in organizational sex and financial scandal. That was it for me. I’ll follow his orders until he’s gone and avoid Mass……..and the tithing basket. Besides, claiming a religious exemption as a Catholic looks weak since the Pope is right up there with the political tyrants demanding masks and vaccines.
      The leadership crisis is complete, whether it’s political, corporate, scientific, religious, or any other field. They can all go to Hell, as far as I’m concerned, and they’re free to wear masks for their journey.

  17. Everyone that gets”voluntarily” fired against their will should be filing a complaint with the Department of Labor for unethical and illegal business practices.

  18. When Jesse expresses concern about not being able to “buy or sell” without the vaccine passport, he is of course referring to the infamous “number” of the Book of Revelation. Though your vaccine status may become part of that identifier, it is NOT the driving force behind the implementation of the “number”. Rather the main ‘selling’ point for the number will be “it will end all crime”. Who can be against that? I only mention this because there IS an ongoing war between ‘good’ and evil, and if you are not aware from which direction the attack will come, you can’t really prepare for it. I’ll be honest with you…when most of you comment on the virus, masks, the vaccine, I just think; “what a maroon” (Bugs Bunny). I also think that when certain people say crazy things it damages the Conservative cause. Lost in all the NOISE you people have made, is this issue, “mandates”, which IS a line being crossed! You seem unaware of the real forces driving this. For two years I’ve been trying to get a medical “procedure” done in Fairbanks. It was cancelled once cause of Covid, but then I had to jump through all the hoops again. Finally got everything in order, including pre-approval from the insurance. I go all the way there this month, only to get a phone call telling me, do not come to the hospital. Assuming it’s FMH responsible for this, I went off on them…only to find it’s the insurance company. They pulled approval, apparently not just me, because they didn’t want their insured going to a hospital filled with Covid patients! What I am seeing is the driving force behind mandates will be insurance companies. They have buildings full of mathematicians crunching numbers, determining the odds. They are RARELY wrong. It’s just a matter of time until they start charging prohibitively high rates or cancelling the health insurance of the unvaccinated altogether. Businesses with liability insurance will, and maybe already are, under this same pressure. If WE are going to oppose mandates, then YOU need to know who all the players are.

  19. Southcentral Foundation serves Southcentral foundation, they are typical for a government sponsored organization. Serving the native health requirements are secondary, just ask a non-southcentral employed native.

  20. Follow the money

    Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium – $29.1 million
    Southcentral Foundation – $19.7 million
    Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium – $15.3 million

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