Jab or no job: Medical workers talk about being terminated over Covid shot mandates


First in a series. Must Read Alaska is hearing from medical professionals who are losing their jobs at Alaska hospitals and clinics because of their refusal to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Their identities are being kept anonymous. Share your story by reaching [email protected].

A nurse a Providence Medical Center agrees with the Anchorage doctor who says that there is no rationing of care going on at the hospital, at least not in the way that people may think. Hospitals ultimately always make decisions about care due to the fact that they don’t have unlimited resources.

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Right now, the hospital is very busy, more so than usual. “It is slammed busy,” she said. “But it’s not a significant difference than in years past.”

The nurse is facing termination because she has not taken the Covid-19 vaccine. She has already had Covid-19, and has a family to feed, works with people she admires and respects, and doesn’t want this testimony to be seen as criticism of them.

“On the contrary, I really want to bring people closer together,” the nurse said.

She wants people to understand that the majority of people in the ICU are suffering the effects of Covid, and the vast majority of those had not been vaccinated. Most of those who are dying were unvaccinated.

But she is opposed to forcing people to make the choice between feeding their families and taking a shot they don’t want to take, for their own personal reasons.

The nurse has worked at Providence for many years and objected to the “medical theater” of the doctors and nurses who stood before the Anchorage Assembly in their lab coats and testified that the hospital is in crisis. She wanted her testimony heard, even if she cannot show up at the Anchorage Assembly. Here are her main points of testimony:

  • It would be helpful if the State of Alaska would report how many people are admitted to hospitals each day with Covid, not just how many are in the hospital.
  • It would be helpful if the State would break down how many are hospitalized who have been vaccinated, vs. those who are unvaccinated.
  • “Instead of having to use the phrase ‘vast majority,’ it would be better if they gave a number,” she said. “Such as, if there are X number people admitted today with Covid, that would give people an idea of how serious the spread is.”
  • Instead, the State is focused only on the number of positive tests.
  • Why are hospitals are terminating skilled nurses and bringing in people from out of state? “With the funds, we could have trained people or hired travel positions,” she said.
  • Mandates reinforce distrust of the health care system. This is starting to show up as people mistrusting their doctors and nurses. “If we are mandating the shot, then every ailment someone gets after a forced vaccine, for those people, that ailment is going to be attributed to vaccine. If you hadn’t wanted it but given no choice, and it’s between having your job and insurance or being impoverished, and then you have an ailment, that is where your mind is going to go,” the nurse said.
  • When people are told they are going to lose their job and insurance, they are not really being given a choice.
  • If 40 percent of people don’t want to get a vaccine, how is that going to affect the nursing shortage later on. That size of population is going to be excluded from becoming nurses. “We are going to lose a lot of people who would have come into the profession, and now they will say they don’t want to be part of the health care industry.”
  • Most nurses she has talked to support the vaccine but not the mandate, the nurse said.
  • The “shared governance” that is practiced by Providence is not being practiced in this instance because bedside staffs are not being brought into the discussion. Providence never took a poll of its nurses or staff, and this decision affects everyone.
  • The hospital said it would not mandate the vaccine, and repeated that, until all of a sudden it did mandate the shot. “They must have been working on the mandate, all the while that we were being told they were not going to mandate it,” she said.
  • Providence has a mission statement that says it is the expression of “God’s healing love, witnessed through the ministry of Jesus, we are steadfast in serving all, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.” What is more vulnerable than a pregnant employee who is losing her job because she refuses to take the shot?

“I know of a few cases like that, where they are are going to lose their job and insurance at their most vulnerable time. It just does not line up with mission statement. Mary was turned away from an inn. Now they are saying, ‘We are turning our back on our staff, there is no place for you. You are out.’ The irony of it is overwhelming. The worst of the worst is to do that to a pregnant woman. You are making people poor and vulnerable by doing this.”

The nurse closed her statement by saying she hoped people will get vaccinated if they are on the fence, “but I want to validate the right they have to choose.”


  1. It is truly awful. Another bit of information I would like to hear, and have inquired already to DHSS but have not yet seen any answer and could not find on their website, , is how many of those Covid positive results are repeat cases of Covid? We know vaccinated people are getting Covid, but what about those that have had Covid, how many are getting it again? Why cannot people be tittered to check immunity like they are able too for other viruses such as chicken pox, measles, etc? If there is any information out there that answers these questions I would like to see it.

  2. As Bronson has consistently stated, “hospitals are a private entity, they can do what they want”. Well, this is simply a private entity requiring its employees to be vaccinated. Nurses and doctors can totally decide whether they want the vaccine or not & it they don’t, they’ll get fired. There is always someone around to replace them, even if it is a group of workers from the L48. Either you comply with company policy or you don’t. My question is what happens when hospitals start denying care to the unvaccinated? Also on my mind, who is fronting the bill for all these cases in the hospitals now? Alaska, the USA or the unvaccinated individuals who are taking up the majority of the beds right now?

    • Does a company have the right to force its employees to sterilize themselves? (and, no, I am not alleging that this is a side effect of the vaccines; I’m bringing it up as a separate issue) There are lots of good business reasons to require sterilization: Group health insurance costs would be much lower (pregancy and childbirth are very expensive) and there would be no worry about missed work during maternity leave or due to child care issues. Of course, we pretty much would need to concede that one’s body is owned by their employer.

      The original, and most compelling, justification for vaccine mandates was the claim that vaccine recipients are unable to spread the virus and are therefore protecting others. As the CDC now fully admits that getting the Covid vaccine does not protect others, but only the vaccine recipient, the only business reasons for requiring the shot are the same as above: Lower health insurance costs and less missed work. Does your employer have the right to control your body in this way, solely for the benefit of their bottom line?

      • In short yes……. Im sure you were expecting a no but……. I mean a good percentage of the population is already sterile.

    • You won’t read about it but us nurses are quitting by the thousands in the lower 48. The fact that you think we are all replaceable tells me you don’t have a clue about the staffing crisis that already exits and is about to collapse. What you fail to realize is Alaska’s ability to import medical workers is directly linked to the rest of the country NOT having a nation wide staffing collapse, lol. Soon you won’t even be able to get travel nurse in Alaska, they will be completely utilized up by the lower 48. I suspect in the next 75 days when you or your loved ones are suffering and maybe even die because we actually can’t easily be replaced, you will understand what I’m telling you today. #20 year Director of Nursing RESIGNED and enjoying the R&R!! ?? (Wife 20 years nurse RESIGNED and loving it!)

  3. So take you utter scientific ignorance and vaccine ignorance (does polio ring a bell) and go find a job stocking shelves at some small store (less than 100 employees). Having caught still mean you can get it again – previously-infected -but-not vaxed catch it again as 2 1/2 times the rate of the break through cases in the vaxxed.

    You have NOT RIGHT to infect vulnerable patients who are immune compromised or too young for vaccination

    Bet your “nursing” degree is some 10 month certificate for a practical nurse – certainly NOT an RN with a BS degree

    • There is absolutely no evidence that being vaccinated prevents one from infecting “vulnerable patients who are immune compromised or too young for vaccination”.
      In fact, it is widely accepted that having taken the jab has absolutely no affect on the transmissibility of the Covid. In fact, it could be argued, that having had the jab, which increases the likelihood of being asymptomatic, actually increases your threat to those most vulnerable.

    • I’m not sure where you are getting your numbers, but the most recent data out of Israel (one of the most vaccinated countries on the planet) shows that vaccinated people are 13 times more likely to test positive and 27 time more likely to develop symptoms when compared to those who had a prior infection but are not vaccinated.

      Furthermore, the CDC admits that vaccinated and unvaccinated people, when infected, have similar viral loads and are therefore equally contagious, so the argument about “protecting others” pretty much falls by the wayside.

    • Normally I wouldn’t bother but the level of ignorance of Ann compels me.

      First in regards to the Polio vaccine. A wonderful vaccine that eventually saved millions did have a rocky start due to Cutter Labs aka “The Cutter Incident”. Within days after initial rollout it was found that “Cutter Laboratories” had caused 40,000 cases of Polio, leaving 200 children with varying degrees of paralysis & killing 8 by rolling out a bad vaccine. The US government had to work hard to convince the masses that there was a mistake & it was now safe to take.

      In regards to the statement “previously-infected -but-not vaxed catch it again as 2 1/2 times the rate of the break through cases in the vaxxed” (seriously learn to write a sentence). Please read the new Israeli Study stating that “people with natural immunity to COVID-19 could be 13 times less likely to contract the respiratory virus than those who were solely vaccinated against the disease”. They did find that if you did have Covid & get the Vax you are even more resistant to getting it again.

      Not sure where Ann is getting “facts” from???? I’m not going to post links here as it is frowned upon but both are very easy to find in Google or DuckDuckGo

    • Wow. Your so smart. You cannot even read that she stated “years past”. Which I assume means this nurse is long term employee. Your snide comment about being ten months training is insulting. Obviously you feel you are superior to all.

    • Ann, having been associated with the medical field myself, if I have a choice I’d rather have a LPN any day of the week than some book-smart new grad B.S. Nurse. Nursing is a practical skill and requires a great deal of hands on experience you can’t get from a book or a 2 week supervised rotation, with one patient you can devote your full attention to.
      Considering that vaccinated individuals are also shedding the virus, this whole argument makes no sense. Are vaccinated viruses nicer? Different? No of course not, you can get Covid from a vaccinated person just as much as from a unvaccinated one and frankly knowing that she had the disease, I would feel more comfortable as asymptomatic spread here is LESS likely. So can your snarky comment.

  4. I’m going to be overjoyed when Providence and other employers that are forcing the vaccine on their employees if they want to keep their jobs, end up getting sued by many employees when they get a chronic health issue due to the vaccine being forced on them. Yeah, sure, employees can choose to quit, but when it’s a choice of keeping a roof over your children’s head and food on the table, there really is no choice, is there? In the end, I believe Providence and other employers are going to pay a very, very steep price for forcing an EXPERIMENTAL treatment (it isn’t a true vaccine), on their employees. It’s a perfect illustration of a Hobson’s choice.

    • The vaccine has been thoroughly tested. Its effects are known. And guess what, there are no chronic issues. The vaccine stays in your system for a couple days and that’s it. It’s like any other vaccine. Make sure to hold your breath while you wait.

      • John S, you clearly have a limited understanding of this subject. Let me simplify it…have you ever noticed alllll those tv commercials by the lawyers “did your loved one die of a stroke after taking” “were you on such and such and developed such and such”? I’m sure you’ve noticed the dozens and dozens of different commercials over the past 50 years. In most of these cases the drug were actually tested in long studies/trials and were approved by the fda without the magic of politics. But as we that are paying attention know, even the drugs the government says are safe often turn out unsafe down the road. Even recent history is riddled with approved safe drugs that later we learned lead to chronic diseases, death and birth defeats. This isn’t made up or conspiracy, it’s well known, well documented fact. You are welcome to play the odds witg you and your children’s lives but not mine.

  5. Thank you so much to those continuing telling the truth. These leaders can’t control us very well when people start communicating, start reaching out, and telling the truth.

  6. The majority of these frontline workers being fired – have been working the frontline since day one of the viruses arrival in Alaska. Natural Immunity gained from having had the virus is superior to any vaccine – some studies show that being up to 27x’s better in fact.
    The government is Ignoring therapeutics that are Proving to work in the real world, like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine & z-pak. Why? Look at the results out of India – one huge province is virtually covid free due to the use of Ivermectin by the Entire population. Taken first in the early stages, they moved forward and it is now taken by the healthy as a preventative, like a daily vitamin.
    Outside of greed – what is the reason we are not using preventatives and therapeutics that are proven to work – regardless of “Designated FDA approval for covid”? Read the 2005 “peer reviewed” paper on “The uses of Chloroquine to treat SARS-CoV-2 viruses”. That paper clearly demonstrates it’s effectiveness. Why is it being ignored? (Besides for greed & control)

    • Right on point Timothy!! “First do no harm…” has been thrown out of the Hippocratic Oath by far to many medical professionals when they refuse to use proven therapeutics!

    • I can’t imagine a person with better immunity than a nurse whose worked through the pandemic. Not only have they had an active COVID infection once, they’ve surely been exposed to the virus over and over again ever since recovering.

  7. Very good to hear this account.
    I would like to add some things to expound on what needs to be reported to the public.

    Of the people being admitted with illness to the hospital, how many had prior Covid infection. How many had any of the Covid jabs at all(within any time frame from injection). How many of the public “cases” being reported each day had actual symptoms.
    What kinds of testing methods are being used. Still the faulty PCR at the higher threshold rate?

    And most importantly, Dr. Zink has no business telling people not to use Ivermectin!

    To the nurse in this article, I applaud your decision not to get the jab and hold your ground, even though it is costing you your livelihood. Is is a very sad day when a so called Catholic hospital cannot adhere to their own mission statements.
    I pray you will find strength to see you through the difficulties caused by your employer.. But you’ve spared your unborn child (and yourself)from any ill effects of this yet experimental shot. A mother can withstand many hardships in the name of love.

  8. Everyone who is admitted to the hospitals are tested for covid. If you are admitted for something other than covid, but then test positive, you are considered a covid patient. There is big money in all this!

  9. Another point is the fudging of numbers to inflate the “unvaccinated” cases being reported. A patient is not considered “vaccinated” until 14 days AFTER their SECOND shot. The numbers are not taking into account the many positive tests coming back in patients who are in the window between first shot and 14 days post second, and are counting them as “unvaccinated”.

  10. All blessings in disguise.

    The front line staff have been having to deal with the stresses of their failed administration. They are under appreciated and certainly under paid. Having this change in life can certainly serve the purpose of allowing time for self reflection and perhaps choosing a new direction. Perhaps becoming servants to health, rather than sick-care.
    It has become obvious that our establishment medical system is not in the business of curing people, but actually finding a way to keep everyone drugged up enough so that they think they are healthy. Chemical medicine creates an illusion of effectiveness. Natural remedies are where it is at.
    I know losing a job can be tough, but those who can think ahead, learned long ago to no live beyond their means. A transition in careers is not a life ending event, but a new beginning.

    • CP, I agree that this may be a blessing not only for the individual but for our community as a whole. Maybe a way to alternative solutions, like the co-ops that have formed around the country in the wake of Obamacare. Physicians and other medical professionals banding together and offering their services for a low flat fee/month. No insurance hassles or bureaucracy, no medicare/aid paperwork or limitations. You pay a monthly fee and the docs are available for you to see as many times as you need. Doctors and nurses have time to help patients instead of meeting a quota. Kind of like Concierge medicine where the sign on the door doesn’t say:
      “If you are sick stay home” but “If you are sick, we are here to help”

  11. The bio ethics of forcing people yo take a vaccinecthsyvhas a recovery rate of 99.97% is criminal.
    Can you imagine what’s going to happen, globally, if these vaccines are found out to be flawed?

    • We shall see. Everything has come into perspective. We are at the precipice. I have made my choice on how to move forward. As I see it, I will be around to help pick up the pieces in the aftermath.

    • 1% of the American population has died of covid……. so far. 1 in 500 people and we are not done yet……. so what are you going on about?

      • That is a flat-out lie, Normal Guy. By the CDC’s own (quiet) admission, only 6% of those supposed 650,000 dead Americans died directly FROM COVID-19, rather than merely WITH COVID-19. And moreover, one has to consider that even that 6% of 650,000 is certainly overestimated, due to the flaws of the PCR ‘testing’ method, which is simply a DNA enhancement technique and is NOT valid as a diagnostic test, as its inventor strenuously argued for years before his death.

      • OK normal guy, it has been established that my math skills are so-so, but the US population is 332,796,665 according to the census bureau. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, current Covid deaths total is 689,534 according to the CDC. 1% of US population is 3,327,966.65….seems you’re off by about 2,638,432, but again my math skills are so-so! Compare this death toll to the YEARLY 650,000 deaths from cardio-vascular disease and put things in perspective.

  12. Zero sympathy for this woman. All she needs to do is to get a safe, free, and potentially life-saving shot, and her troubles are over.

    Instead she decides to dig in out of stubbornness just to prove a point, when she knows better (and better than the average person in fact! She stares at the evidence every day!). In doing so, she will damage both herself, and her family.

    You had the cure and you wouldn’t take it. Zero sympathy. Zero.

    I feel sorry for her children.

    • If it’s a “cure”, why are there so many breakthrough cases?

      It’s a treatment. One of many.

      Are you willing to deny her welfare, unemployment, Medicare, ect. as well?

      I thought you hard leftists were for the downtrodden and believed in my body my choice.

      So much for that farce.

    • Whidbey – How is the shot free? Phizer is making billions off the Federal Government, which last I heard, is funded by taxpayers like me. Maybe you are in the group of folks who doesn’t pay Federal income tax & for you everything is, indeed, “free”. As for the Phizer vaccine being safe – Phizer has the dubious distinction of having paid the largest FDA fine in history for falsifying clinical data trials on one of its drugs not too many years ago. Time will tell if, indeed. this vaccine is safe.

  13. Do hospitals require employees to get FDA approved Flu shots? If that’s true,
    Then logic says they can require employees to get FDA approves COVID-19 vax.
    True or not?

    • Just follow the coffee/caffeine debate, one week its good for you, the next it isn’t, and it’s been around since Job was a lad. That’s what people are concerned about, it’s a valid concern. This should be a personal choice, just as caffeine is.

    • RG, as a health care provider I’m sure you are witness to many belief systems amongst patients. Is it the Jehovah Witness who will not accept blood? Then there’s those who follow naturopathic approaches to maintaining health versus allopathic approaches using pharmaceuticals and lots of $$ testing.
      In other words, people have belief systems different from our own and we must respect those regardless of how we personally believe.
      A huge point here is that most of us are not anti vax. We are very much against this still experimental(yeah I know FDA approved does not mean safe unfortunately)jab which does not fit the criteria of prior vaccines. It’s new technology not having gone through the rigors of testing it should have before being foisted upon the public in the midst of a pandemic. And then there’s the VAERS system of reporting adverse events. Have you familiarized yourself with this? Because it’s astounding the number of deaths, permanent disabilities and adverse reactions
      reported there.. Then there’s the issue of natural immunity our country is not addressing despite evidence coming in from places like Israel showing robust and long lasting and better immunity than those getting the jab.

      And once jabbed there’s no getting un jabbed. It’s not like taking a med whose adverse effect will wear off in time.

      I respect when you say you don’t get The anti vax side so thought I’d try to explain it. But really there’s more to it, so much more.

  14. Only 4% of medical PROFESSIONALS are refusing vaccines. Anyone caring for vulnerable people should not be so selfish as to refuse the vaccine anymore than they should refuse TB tests or hepatitis, meningitis, measles, whooping cough, or polio vaccines. She’s getting exactly what she deserves. There are thousands of people who “trusted in God” to protect them in recently dug graves. No god cares if any person gets sick. That’s pure wishful thinking and adult fantasy!! Grow up and do your civic and professional duty!! I for one would scream a blue streak if an unvaccinated a**hole were to show up in my hospital room!!!

      • Wonder how many times GESTHER has driven impaired (ie. overtired, yes that’s a crime too) down the highway after playing world savior, rather than calling an UBER? #differingdegreesofstupid

    • Sophie is that you??? Oh maybe not, my bad! Nevertheless Kumbaya! Please elaborate where you get your information and how you know that their reasoning was to “trust in God” instead of reading the science and deciding that this shot is not for them. I also wonder how you deal with that vaccinated person, shedding virus on you in your hospital bed. Is vaccinated virus better?? Since the vaccine does not stop the transmission, you really have not reason to condemn those who chose to not play a game that has very little determinable health benefit and a slough of unknowable side effects.

  15. A very good read, I hope our own Alaskan authorities step up here. There’s a lot to this issue. I hope people do their homework and stand up for their convictions and rights. https:// thenewamerican .com/ magazine/tna3719/page/139389/

    • The fiction of “governmint” teaches that what is important is a raw collection of raw false data regarding dosing compliance with jabs custom coordinated according to fictional government population classification type and anti type. It’s very Jesuit in application. The people should balk enmass

      • I’m reminded of the Tutsies and Hutus in Africa. Same m o. Approval up for you guys disapproval ratings down, very much for you guys. The setting is Alaska. Does Alaska need a good plundering by foreign enemies? I dunno. Do we have rare earth? How cheap is it to by off state, local, and federal elected persons in Alaska? Do a story on that? :*)

  16. The hospital is not making them poor and venerable as quoted in the article. The hospital has been providing them with money and security and now they will return them to your natural state of being if they refuse to provide a healthy environment. This article drips with entitlement.

    ALSO VACCINE MANDATES ARE NOT NEW!!!!! Its one of the most American things we have. did everyone forget what the requirements are to go to public school?

    • But the current COVID jabs are not “vaccines”, not by any standard (or prior) definition of the world, Steve. They neither confer immunity to contracting the virus, nor immunity to contracting it AND passing it on to others. The use of the word “vaccine” in this context is pure Orwellian horsesh1t.

  17. Love how these doctors and nurses who claim to be against the vaccine are all anonymous and refuse to release their names. If they’re so bold as to stand up to the man then let’s see their names. Until then it’s all BS propaganda.

  18. Requirement or not, we all need to learn what the current president along with all of the other liberals are trying to do to our country. They have some rather high Socialist goals and at this rate, they are well on their way to succeeding. You need to learn more of what they are doing to us when you visit Frank Speech at https://www. frankspeech . com

  19. The fascists have a plan to reduce human population drastically while collecting from them as much of their worldly goods as they can heist. They want to weaken the remnants of human creation to a very small expressed number. The remainder in their nasty plan should be: devoid of family connection, ignorant, fearful of their dictator(s), fully utilized for the harsh ruling class, stupid, willing to convert to a belief system stated by the despot, transhuman, transgender, neutered slaves. Neutered. The bioweapon we were obliged to pay for is just the beginning. However, America has trounced their grandfathers before and will again. Don’t buy into Satanic dreams.

    • Holy cow. Who puts these crazy ideas in your head? Or are you trying to spoof all of us? I sure hope so for your sake.

      • Search this term exactly:
        Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates
        Four minute mark on the TED talk.

      • Are you threatening the people confidently ensconced from your rigged position on top of the deck of perilously stacked cards? I hope not. Remember the plan has been published for generations. I’m possibly older than your unbelievably incredulous self.

  20. Such paranoia. Few people have tried harder and done more than Gates to make life on Earth better for its inhabitants. Only twisted minds can morph his ideas into Orwellian conspiracies.

    It’s people like him that have allowed Mankind to rise up out of the mud, and thrive as it has.

    Now, please put down “1984”. You’ve read it too many times. Remember, it’s fiction. The rats are not coming to eat your face.

  21. Well, you and Mr. Aleutian can continue to enjoy your little psychotic episodes. The rest of us will get on with our peaceful, loving, and optimistic lives.

    • Moral and virtuous billionaires do not get divorced by their wives, then hand over almost half their assets voluntarily.
      As Gate’s said just the other day, when asked about what he had to say about his involvement with Epstein “we’ll, he’s dead.” A rather cold sociopathic reply wouldn’t you agree……..
      I hope all the victims of Epstein’s sex crimes can also find peace, and optimism in their lives as you do.

      #bewarefalseidols #melindahasthedirtonbill #lolitaexpress

  22. Only three points to add to this discussion.

    1. If the vaccine is so safe why did the President exempt White House staff and so many in the administration including all of Congress, their employees and families? The entire Postal Service?

    2. Why did Congress, at the demand of the Pharmacy Manufacturers, pass a law exempting the entire industry from being sued and held responsible any negative aspect of these vaccines including gross negligence? Those that believe that they will be getting rich from any adverse outcomes of the shots are terrible wrong.

    The President announced his plan to require booster shots before the FDA committee even met to approve its safety and use. He and his talking heads all said they needed to wait until this committees meets and approves the booster shots. The committee refused to approve the vaccines use for everyone in the Presidents plan, but those in extreme danger and over 65 and vulnerable from health conditions. Oops two days later the political appointee head of the agency over rules her own expert committee and approves the Biden plan. That is the ultimate justification for following the science except when politicians disagree then they force it on the victims. Sounds like a dictator to me not a concerned leader.

    You who advocate for following the science and all these mandates are two lazy to actually research the science for the facts. Do you want to hide at home, wear masks and get your multiple booster shots for the rest of your life?

    Be glad that the Governor and current Mayor allow you to have the freedom to protect yourself and family. You have no argument that the unvaccinated and unmasked are risking your health or your families if you take the steps to protect them and wear masks. Your decision not mine or anyone else. If you believe in free choice for your body your a hypocrite to demand everyone comply.

    You may Google any of the above questions to find the specific exemptions and law passed by Congress.

  23. Last week, the head of the CDC overruled the FDA advisory panel and approved 3rd COVID booster shots. Two senior FDA officials resigned over the political meddling. But we are told to “trust the science”.

  24. The bottom line is you are not entitled to your job. You signed a job offer where you promised to follow employer’s policies and procedures. These are policies and procedures.
    If you feel like you are unable.to follow them you should be out.

  25. Defend infringing on individual freedoms all you want but employers writing policies does not give them a free pass to do anything they want. They have no right to make policies that infringe on my sexual preference, my religious beliefs, my political leanings or my medical privacy. Up until Covid, employers were very careful and rarely would dare inquire into a workers medical privacy. This is because of the countless. Lawsuits won by employees over invasions of privacy, discrimination etc. Now I guess it’s all good!! It’s completely unprecedented to not allow a waiver or the company decide if your religion is valid and to fire staff for their medical Decisions! This idea that whatever a company wants is justified or you can find another job is not the way it has ever worked in America. But either way, people like you will soon feel differently when you see the devastation caused by firing more medical staff than you can replace during a pandemic. You will start wanting someone held accountable for your loved one having to die in the waiting room of the ER. But hopefully you’ll stick with your original belief that while we loved Grandmother, it’s the companies right to fire the staff for their personal beliefs and it’s just how things are. . 20 hospitals I’m Alaska are just getting started on letting people die, wait 75 more days or less when the entire nation is fighting over that small pool of travel nurses. Wait until everyone realizes the national guard isn’t an army of RN’s and even if it was, none of these people can stay for the next 20 or so years, lol. ??

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