Reach the schools: Get involved with your school board and Covid policies with this new Alaska website


Parents who are concerned about their school district’s policies relating to Covid-19 don’t always know how to make their opinions known.

A website launched by John Quick, Vice President of Must Read Alaska, shows Alaskans how to effectively interact, whether it is relating to masks, distancing, shutdowns, or even for unrelated school matters.

“It’s important for parents to get involved in their school district’s board policy conversations, and at the superintendent level, too, as the policies are administered from there. Oftentimes the parents go to the teacher and principal, and that can backfire. Nobody likes to have people show up and yell at them,” Quick said.

“When they find out that the school is going to be masking their children, they don’t know where to start,” Quick said. “The most important advice I can give is to be bold but be kind.”

The website, shows people in Kenai, Mat-Su, Fairbanks and Anchorage, who to contact on their school boards, with email addresses, and gives them some sample text that they can use to help frame their thoughts, he said.

“It’s something to empower parents to make a positive change, be part of the solution instead of yelling at a wall,” Quick said.

Reach the Schools can be found at this link.


  1. First of all I didn’t know my street Alaska had a vice president. That right there is news. Second, I never was in any locale that the parents didn’t run to school board members first, rather than following chain of command going through first teacher, principal, superintendent as they should. The telling of people to the school board seems about as helpful as telling somebody to get a drink of water if they’re thirsty. They already know this. Been doing it for decades.

  2. That is just like trying to shake off your old nature to excercise the spiritual muscles developing a new Christ nature. Christians are to tell the truth seasoned with love, grace, hope, and kindness. The greatest characteristic is telling the truth in love for your friend when they are doing something wrong. It is challenging to understand on own without the Bible study, prayer and devotion with a good group of other faithful believers to encourage you on.

    The world doesn’t like truth. So many will have opposition what us csll out biblically unrighteous and the world will accuse the Christian being a racist, intoletant, mean or having a -phobia agianst the one living unrighteous. Even if you tell the truth with consideration and love toward your friend, they will take offense since its calling out their sin nature, as long as we don’t take their offense to heart being called a name by the official, when they are the one ‘groping in darkness’ without their ability seeing.

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