Rep. David Eastman compares Biden’s ‘patience is wearing thin’ quote to Hitler, and the Left goes nuts and calls him a Nazi


Rep. David Eastman posted a social media comment that compared Hitler’s statement “I’ve run out of patience,” with President Joe Biden’s statement, “Our patience is wearing thin.” The Left pounced, to make it appear that Eastman was endorsing Hitler.

Such is the peril for a Republican trying to show that the “patience is wearing thin” statement from Biden is, in fact, a threat against the people.

Most of the commentary on Twitter was from Leftists who said Eastman should be fired. Very few of his constituents in Wasilla, however, use Twitter and most are probably unaware of the kerfuffle.

None of the Twitterati spoke out against Rep. Sara Hannan of Juneau, who earlier this month appeared to defend Nazi medical experiments, because at least, according to her testimony on the record in the Alaska Legislature, they led to something good in terms of frostbite research. She described how Nazis froze the limbs of Jewish experiment subjects and then broke them off.

Hannan apologized after Must Read Alaska wrote a story about her bizarre rationalization. The story of her apology went national. The Left remained mostly on mute.

Eastman, on the other hand, was defending the rights of Americans to not take the Covid-19 vaccine after President Biden had mandated vaccines for about 80 million Americans, to include all who work in the federal government, who have federal contracts, or for those who work in businesses where there are more than 100 people.

“That should be unmistakably clear,” Eastman said. Eastman, who was speaking from the lobby at the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., said that in his last four public appearances, he has spoken against genocide. He spoke in Palmer, Kenai, and also on the House floor. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” he said, quoting the philosopher Santayana.

The Left and the mainstream media also went after Rep. Ben Carpenter, another Republican, who in May of 2020 talked about the dangers of shaming people over Covid.

He reminded his colleagues that the Jews were made to wear yellow star patches to indicate their Jewishness, and that health protocols that put stickers on people for having gone through Covid screening reminded him of that.

That became a national story, with the leftist media taking pleasure in criticizing Carpenter, who represents Nikiski.

As for Eastman, he is loathed by the Left, and Must Read Alaska predicts Alaska readers will soon be able to read all about him in the local mainstream media and, no doubt, the national media.


  1. God bless you David Eastman. Protection over your family and household.

    Keep fighting the good fight Sir. Do not back down to the Communists.

    We must regain control of Juneau from the Jaws of tyranny.

  2. David, all you can do is speak the truth…there are so many parallels in what we are currently witnessing in Western Countries.
    “Show me your papers” is emerging once again.
    The anger on the left when anyone points out the similarities tells me it is worse than we think.

      • Where you going to find these others?? There are only so many crazies to go around. Heheh!
        “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose,” from Kris Kristofferson’s “Me and Bobby McGee.”

    • They deserve our thanks, respect and most importantly our prayers in these trying times.
      Prayer changes things.
      Some have different views but that’s ok.
      God Bless America, God Bless their families, God Bless those who are on the front line taking the blows so our freedoms can be secured.
      Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strand is not quickly broken. ECC 4:12 (NIV)

  3. So… a guy who ignores the US Supreme Court, and the constitution, who routinely acts against his advisors and gets people killed, unilaterally passes mandates and executive orders, wants to force medical procedures on people against their will, THAT guy isn’t Hitler, but a guy who points that out IS?

    Only the left could say this stuff with a straight face.

    Hitler was a Nationalist Socialist. He was a fan of fascists and Marxists, and they him until the rubber met the road and alliances and fates changed..but he was decidedly a man of the left…As are most authoritarians and dictators. It’s endemic to the philosophy, and when in power it always plays itself in a bloody realization of that truism.

        • Yessir Art, try educating yourself here with John Dean’s “Conservatives Without Conscience.” This was done to get a handle on how a supposedly
          Christian nation (Germany) could allow their Fuhrer to do the things he did.
          Yessir pig ignorant is you!

        • Suzanne, I’ve made several attempts to post a reply to Art Chance’s idiotic post and it continues to say it’s a duplicate reply.
          Is this something done to protect Art’s reputation with his cronies on here or is there some other explanation.

      • There are certainly a few authoritarians that come from the right of the political scale, however history shows that the majority come from the far left. We can start a list of authoritarians if you want.

        • Steve-O, there was some concern about Stalin being a leftist but that has been debunked. Evidently you haven’t read Dean’s book either as it goes into great depth to show that all “authoritarian leaders” are from the right. Dean does go into the authoritative leaders vs. authoritative followers that’s also an eye opener.

          • Bill,
            If you think Stalin wasn’t a leftist, there’s no hope for your list. Do you only put Mao to Stalin’s left, or does Che fit in there too? Seriously, Stalin was a devout communist who fully supported the Marxism–Leninism branch of communism before creating his very own branch. Maybe you think communism isn’t a leftist ideology, but it is very much on the left of the political spectrum.

          • We are talking around each other Steve-O. The book and subject I refer to has a very distinct definition of “authoritative leader,” one of which is they seek to control others. The subject was to understand who these authoritative leaders are and also who their followers are. Further, the book refers to conservatives without conscience and Dean is specifically referring to “conservatives” that tend to not be leftists. He further discusses psychologist Stanley Milgram’s famous experiment, designed to answer the most-asked question after World War II: “How could seemingly good people obey the dictates of Adolph Hitler?”

  4. O’Biden has NO authority to demand you take medicine. ZERO. The Constitution specifically limits federal power to those things enumerated in the text of the document. So just tell O’Biden where to shove it.

  5. Funny, David, actually reminded me of the same speech. So what is he with the full command of the federal government going to do to us next? Maybe declare our fine young men who volunteer themselves to serve our country to get dishonorable discharges because of their refusal to obtain untested vaccines? Despite their being among the most physically fit specimens in the world and having virtually NO chance of ill effects of this current virus?

    • Imagine the irony. A guy who’s kid got bounced out of the military for doing Coke, and who then became his bagman for selling out our country to China, Russia, and the Ukraine, is now going to slander the honor of America’s finest, if they don’t take his experimental gene therapy.. that he exempted Congress from.. and the Post office… and illegal immigrants..

      How can anyone who voted for this corrupt senile old twist sleep at night?

    • Possibly. Following orders in the military is what they do and if you refuse to follow an order that is meant for the safety of the unit as a whole then yeah expect the worst. The theory that the shot is just a way of controlling the masses doesn’t fit the narrative in the military because the military is controlled to the hilt anyway. What do they want to do control it even more? Is there any thing more than 100% control? That’s mathematically impossible.

      • It depends if the order is legal. BTW, pregnant military members are being threatened with court martial if they do not take the vaccination by a certain date. So, General Milley gets a pass on his Afghanistan fiasco and lower level military members are court martialled for not taking a so-called vaccine?

  6. This country is in the biggest cluster—- since the Civil War and all the Democrats can do is continue their baby talk. Pathetic people.

  7. When Biden starts incarcerating people and sending them to interment camps because they don’t get vaccinated, then I’ll put some modicum of value in the accusations that he is losing patience like Hitler.
    Otherwise, this is just another asinine belch from Eastman.

    • Yes, very logical Homo, wait UNTIL the final brick is cemented into the wall of tyranny, rather than see the obvious steps being taken in that direction that are blatantly and undeniably staring you straight in the face. Is that being disingenuous, and just plain stupid?

      • Jefferson,
        Some are so blinded & just can’t see beyond the length of their feet.
        History certainly teaches us the direction its headed. It’s not the Land of The Free anymore.
        Genocide is what our current leftest, elected leaders is what they are headed for.
        There is another side to this and that is to do the battle on our knees.
        The 45th President asked for 21 days in prayer.
        Prayer changes things.
        Hold the line.

    • This was the German people’s attitude. By the time they realized what was happening, they didn’t know what to do except turn up the radios up and they sung louder during church services. So not to hear the cries and wails of the peoples heading to the camps. They allowed too much time go by doing nothing, when they should had seen what was occurring and stood up agianst it. The Anchorage Assembly mask ordinance would a be today’s good example seeing something subtly develop, not even realizing how bad it is, separating desirable from undesirables, and voting to postpone it indefinitely showing the community this is not the community we want to be.

  8. Eastman is just stupid. Interesting he would use the Santayana quote while he retweets a holocaust denier. Maybe he never attended the class at West Point ,GENOCIDE AND MASS ATROCITY .

  9. Ahhh… the troll with multiple names has shown up again.
    You are fooling no one.
    As for Eastman, he is a hero, as is Carpenter, Allard, Bernadette Wilson, Charlie Pierce and a few others.
    You know that a person is on track when the left cries the loudest.

  10. I think Mr. Eastman has courage. The RINO representing my district here in ANC calls him “toxic.” David has not just the left against him, but quite a few of AK Republicans. Truth is most of the conservatives who represent us are afraid to fight. They talk a tough game, but when they get to bat they want to play along with those who loathe us. Yes, send David your support and if need be move to his area where you will be safer with like minded people in the months / years to come.

  11. It’s honestly pathetic at this point, both the right and the left play the Nazi card so frequently it’s almost as if they want it to lose all meaning. Politicians, or anyone else for that matter, shouldn’t use the Nazi comparison as their fall back argument when they are incapable of making an actual point to support their view. This isn’t the Holocaust, this isn’t WWII, this is a global pandemic. Global pandemics have happened before and they will happen again, all the fear mongering from both sides is counter-productive to actually resolving this pandemic. Comparing an aging decrepit old man, who is obviously suffering from age related decline, to Hitler is just asinine. Furthermore, this comparison disrespects those who died during the Holocaust and those who fought to end the horrors involved, and it shows a lack of understanding of history as well as current events.

    • Yup. They use the word Nazi like they’re drawing a gun. It’s the talking point nowadays. Call somebody a racist or a libtard or even a Nazi and you would be surprised with the numerous idiots to jump on your ship. A lot of Lost souls look for a follower and guys like this fool know that. If I were to tie it to the Bible, I would say beware of the false prophet.

    • Well said. If people would take the time to read of the atrocities inflicted by the Nazis they wouldn’t so casually throw the accusation around.

    • Steve-O, Global Pandemic? Can you prove that there has been a spike in the death rate? Didn’t think so, also you might want to look at Covid Reporting in Africa for that huge swath across the Continent. Starting just above South Africa and just below the Sahara. Pretty much Covid free. Why?

      • Yeah, it’s been going on for almost two years now. I’m surprised you haven’t heard about it. While there are still a handful of true believers who think it’s not happening, they are easy to spot because they shroud themselves in conspiracy theories and use false information to hide themselves from the oh so scary truth that there is in fact a global pandemic.
        In 2020 in the US there was an increase of in the death rate of 15.9% from 715.2 to 828.7 deaths per 100,000 population. The total number of deaths rose from approximately 2,854,838 in 2019 to approximately 3,358,814 in 2020. If you want more years data to give you an idea of the trend prior to the global pandemic it might help give you a better understanding:
        3,358,814 in 2020
        2,854,838 in 2019
        2,839,205 in 2018
        2,813,503 in 2017
        2,744,248 in 2016
        2,712,630 in 2015
        See how there are more deaths in each year, but then there were a lot more deaths in 2020?
        If you think reporting illnesses in third world countries is reliable then I’d suggest you go there to protect yourself from this global pandemic, if covid doesn’t exist there then it seems like it would be a great place to live! Just out of curiosity, why do you need to take South Africa and anything above the Sahara out of the equation, is it because they don’t support your faulty information?

  12. What Biden, actually those controlling him, have been doing with Covid is an atrocity. Comments on Twitter aside. The stifling of effective treatment, in lew of forcing a vaccine that is not only proving far less than stellar effectiveness, as well as significant and dangerous side effects for too many, is unconscionable. The antibody treatments are proving great effectiveness yet are being politically stifled by this administration. Evidently hospitals are not allowed to administer and the antibody treatment is hard to come by. It works very fast and it certainly seems there should be the first order of treatment rather than lingering people along on oxygen for days and weeks tying up hospital beds. Do some research on Covid antibody treatment and studies.

  13. Mr. David Eastman,
    Thank you for having the courage to speak truth.
    Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for thee LORD you God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9 (NIV)
    We don’t fight against flesh & blood but against principalities in high places. Keep in prayer for those like Eastman, Carpenter and others mentioned above.
    God Bless America

  14. Totalitarianism has never started with trains to concentration camps. It’s fair to recognize the precursors so that we can stamp them out.

  15. What the problem is, that WWII has never been fully taught correctly. They teach the basics; Invasions, Pearl Harbor and D-Day and about a “maniac” in Germany, but they leave out just how he was able to “snow-job” his politics until it was too late. ..Remember Valkyrie.. (the movie)!!! WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME, in the last 3+ generations that it was taught correctly.. They started summarizing history. They skip many parts. Thank you David for standing up.

  16. Biden and Harris and all their buds are sure following in Hitlers path. Truth hurts doesn’t it. For commie dems truth is hate speech. They avoid it at all cost.

    • I know right. Look at the posters who complain about being called facsist or Nazi. They lose their minds over it. They hate a mirror.

      • As someone who takes exception when people, like yourself who very clearly do not understand the words fascist or nazi. call others those names; I have to say that it makes sense for people to “lose their minds over it” you are doing a disservice not only to yourself, but to the people who fought and died at the hands of fascist and nazis. Just calling people fascists or nazis because you disagree with them does not make then a fascist or a nazi. The left has a goal of making words meaningless, by misusing the words fascist and nazi you are doing nothing but carrying the water for the leftists.

      • That’s not why and it has nothing to do with a mirror. All you boys can think of is some cutesy little thing to say to try to reinforce your agenda. I could call you the n-word but what purpose would that serve? Name calling does nothing except make a few irresponsible juvenile 12-year-olds on here feel like adults. Once you’ve experienced a little bit of life, come back and talk to me. Then we might be able to have a valid conversation.

  17. Yes, the left would go nuts, but that statement is as close to Hitler as it gets. If this continues, I expect the left will hear a lot more of that and will continue to go berserk over it.

  18. Comparing quotes doesn’t equate to calling anyone a Nazi. Yet people project their upset since the conclusion is obvious without intelligent people saying it, while the puppets make words up that were never said by Eastman, a man of principle. Instead of offering a logical counterpoint you call people names.

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