Rep. Sara Hannan: Nazi experiments on Jews led to important breakthroughs, so ‘follow the science’


Rep. Sara Hannan, a Juneau Democrat, appeared to praise the Nazis today in her floor speech about how their experiments on unwilling human victims led to scientific breakthroughs.

“If we go back to the Nuremberg Code and look at some of the experiments conducted by the Nazis and know that there were violations of human dignity, of scientific methodology, yet they produced results,” Hannan said.

She was trying to make the case for following science when it comes to vaccinations and how important science is in general.

Hannan was speaking during the “special orders” part of the House floor session, when she made the remarks, acknowledging the work of Nazis in Germany leading up to World War II.

She then mentioned the late Dr. William Mills.

“A very famous Alaskan doctor – Dr. Mills – who was an expert – word-renown – on frostbite and survival, frequently told that he came to that research as a young doctor looking at science that was conducted on humans, and knowing that it was done in these horrific conditions, yet knowing that it could still benefit us to look at the results of that,” Hannan said.

“And he became this renowned expert on frostbite, knowing that the science was developed by the Nazis – was horrifically done on people who were not voluntary scientific experiments, subjected to conditions where they were placed – where body parts were freezed and they were broken off.”

She seemed to be arguing that the Covid-19 vaccine may have been experimental, like the Nazi work on frozen limbs, but that it led to good outcomes. Listen to her speech to try to discern the entire context, which seems to argue the ends justify the means in science:

Like with the Nazis and their “science,” the forcing of vaccines on people is considered by many to be a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

Hannan then went on to contradict herself on her argument as she acknowledged that settled science last year claimed the Covid-19 virus could be picked up from surfaces, while this year, science says that is not the case.

“Sometimes bad science tells us a lot. But just because you don’t like the conclusions of scientific work doesn’t mean it’s experimental,” Hannan said.

But it was the comment that gave a nod to Nazi scientists that caught the attention of critics, who say that Hannan is a social justice warrior who often talks about Nazis, although never in such complimentary terms.

She was responding to Republicans in the House who wanted the House to reaffirm the Nuremberg Code, but Speaker Louise Stutes referred the matter to three committees. Republicans objected to the ruling of the chair but the majority agreed with Stutes, 17-16, with Republican Rep. Kelly Merrick of Eagle River voting with the Democrats to bury the matter in committees that are not meeting.

The vote to bury the Sense of the House in supporting the Nuremberg Code into three committees.

Rep. Sarah Vance had spoken on the topic of medical free choice just before Hannan’s remarks:

Learn more about the Nazis’ cruel medical experiments at the Holocaust Encyclopedia.


      • Greg, Most Native Alaskans are held captive down on the Alaska Native Medical / Public Health Consortium Plantations that rule Western Alaska. Being the dominant employer in a region gives one incredible leverage. Like take the jab or lose your job.
        For supposedly having lived in rural Alaska for as long as you say it’s breathtaking how unaware you appear to be.

        • I’m not sure what you’re talking about with natives being held captive. I’m part native and strongly disagree what you think you know. Native corporations provide for their members in many ways. That was the deal remember? But yes and most cases, if you take my money you wear my brand. But it doesn’t take a native to be a held captive for that. All it takes is for someone that’s unknowing whether they’re a conservative or not you simply vote on elections based on popularity.

    • It’s a “Friday” thing with the Legislature. Kuspuks for all! Be Tlingit and wear a Japanese inspired outfit on the runway at a Juneau fashion show, and you’ll be cancelled into the next decade. And, BTW…why is the kuspuk the chosen native Alaskan clothing? Should the Haida, Tsimshians, Tlingets et. al. be enraged?

      • When I lived in the bush for 20 years, it was a local thing. Each region has their own version of the kuspak. Some have hoods some have different trim and have little hand pockets in the front. Her style might be what part of the state she is representing.

  1. Wow! comparing the experimental vax to Nazis! I can’t think of a more appropriate group for this comparison to come from! If I did that, Suzanne would ban me. In fact, she has refused comments for less than that.

    • The dems may not be Confederate slave owners anymore, but the still act like it. They think they are above others and they have the right to force people to do what they want.

  2. The comments from Rep Hannan should surprise me but after watching and listening to Committee and Floor sessions taking place in Juneau recently I think have made me immune to the abuse we are suffering at the hands of those that we elected to serve us.
    It is amazing though the subjects they choose to cover so the PFD can stay in their control and out of ours.

  3. So now we have openly disgusting supporters of a nazi way of life. That’s just great Alaska. Why do we let people in who want to tear us up? Literally kill us by a sick, twist “science” experiment?When are we going to stop these crazy woke people?

  4. People like this woman are frightening.
    Or maybe she’s just a hopeless “every dark cloud has a silver lining” type.
    A few years from now she’ll be telling us that, sure, a lot of people died from the mRNA experiments but we sure learned a lot!
    A monster who probably thinks she’s just a pragmatist.
    What kind of people vote someone like this into political office anyway???

  5. In the 1950’s the U.S Army gave a few troops LSD in an experiment to see what would happen. I had one of the recipients in the platoon I lead in Vietnam in 1971. This poor guy had been in the Army nineteen years and was an E-5 and an alcoholic. The Tuskegee Experiment gave unsuspecting black men syphilis in the 1930’s and 1940’s to see what would happen. We now have Lyme disease and Covid 19 thanks to “scientists” screwing around with bacteria and viruses, respectively, to see what would happen. Rep. Hannan may think these foolish experiments have some perverse merit but I doubt few people would agree with her.

    • Review your history. Speed was given to most during WW2 to keep up with the Nazi. The Tuskegee test was done on men that already had syphilis and with their permission. If you’ve going to fabricate history, at least come close to the truth.

  6. BTW, please do not impugn Dr. Mills by implying he did something wrong by using Nazi research. Over time, Dr. Mills did plenty of research of his own by treating frostbite wounds here in Alaska.

  7. We are allowing people that refuse to follow standing LAW, Statues and policies to RULE US. The atrocities committed by the Nazi’s through experimenting on prisoners can NEVER BE JUSTIFIED!

  8. I always wondered how Americans would respond to an authoritarian power grab in our country & what type of attack it would be.
    Should have seen that the fascist playbook in Germany would hold the blueprint for what lied ahead….medical tyranny leading to an under-class of society which is then the scapegoat for the angry MOB.
    Americans need to research how a majority of nurses & doctors were members of the Nazi party.
    They outnumbered all other professional class memberships to the party.
    We cannot allow a segregated society to occur in Alaska as this will be the end of Democracy as we know it.
    This is the time for lawmakers & citizens to unite & not continue to accept unlimited jabs.
    Hold the line Alaskans as the narrative is folding with new variants emerging that could not possible be covered through old vaccines formulas….natural immunity is your body’s best defense.

    • That’s not true comrade. Actors in Hollywood we’re almost inclusively communist since the 1920s. No not Charlton Heston and not Clint Eastwood and certainly not John Wayne but most modern day actors are as well as the fondas and many others.

  9. How far we have fallen as a humanity when politicians are praising Nazi human experimentation. Shameful and despicable. Should be grounds for recall.
    Just as troubling is the direct and indirect acknowledgment that this vaccine is still experimental.

    • Please recall her. Someone in her district file written protest with the legislature asking for her immediate removal because her district does not consent to viewing crimes against humanity as “good for science”. SSend her a formal Notice To Cure Letter by registered mail with copies to police, AG and Governor telling her to apologize and state that crimes against humanity are against the law and grevious to humanity and NOT science. She arrogantly will not. Demand legislative removal. If they don’t we’ll file for removal and new elections. Let the Constitution work for us!

      • You recall people at the drop of a hat make me sick. Why not save the recall for something serious? You all know the woman’s not a Nazi and you all know the woman was not advocating for human butchery in the name of science. All she was doing was saying that science that our society now depends on came out of some of those Nazi experiments. Quit trying to twist things damn!!

  10. It’s appropriate she semi endorsed the nazis and their methods regard medical experiments and treatment of undesirable peoples.

    Biden and the Democrats are basically making the unvaccinated the new 1930s Jews. If common sense (which isn’t common) doesn’t raise its head soon, ghettos and complete social isolation are the next “logical” steps.

    I’d say she should be ashamed, but that would require her having the ability and basic decency to be shamed.

    Ditto Stutes.

  11. When will legislators learn making comparisons with nazis never helps prove your point? Celebrating nazi achievements is a whole different level of idiocy.

  12. What a moron. And Doc Mills Senior was the frostbite expert, Billy was the orthopedic doctor, Doc Mills son. This woman is an idiot, drawing ridiculous parallels, but I think Mengele and Fauci have something in common.

    • Steve Peterson, Careful now, that statement is Fat Shaming! Perhaps we should confine our rebuttal to pointing out how disturbing it is that she would endorse Fascist Experiments for supposedly furthering science. BTW, ask her what is in the m-RNA treatments.

  13. At a minimum, where is the absolute outrage from our Jewish members of the House? This is sick. Remember when conservatives had an ad opposite a Jewish member of the legislature that suggested he was a tax and spend guy? Remember the outrage as the left twisted the ad into being an old stereotype about Jews and money when that wasn’t it at all? Now there is this disgusting talk justifying cruel human torture. What is this woman thinking? Someone down there has got to stand up against this insanity.

  14. Juneau Democrat Rep Hannan displays typical public school teacher ignorance and lack of foundational education of recent historical events.
    The human frostbite research cited as studied by Dr. Mills during the WWII era was not accomplished by German national socialist “doctors”.
    Rather, Surgeon General Shirō Ishii the director of Unit 731 in the Japanese Imperial Army, who, in the current theme of a manmade SARS-2 bio weapon coincidentally and fittingly was himself a biological warfare microbiologist.
    Ishii was in charge of the development of biological weapons in occupied Manchukuo (Manchuria). Unit 731 conducted extensive research on prisoners of war, including the freezing of limbs of prisoners outdoors in winter by pouring water on them, and to determine if thoroughly frozen listening to the sound of striking the frozen limbs with boards. The limbs were then amputated and studied for the effective means to treat frostbite tissue. The still living limbless human torsos were then used for further experiments.
    A morbid precursor to the modern use of aborted infant tissue for research whose human victims are trafficked for profit by tax dollar subsidized Planned Parenthood.
    Ishii’ was granted war crime immunity in 1948 by the US due to the “invaluable” research which could not be replicated due to the means that were used. He was hired as a consultant for our American bioweapon development programs, and died of cancer in 1959.
    Just the kind of “experienced microbiologist” that would be compatible in Dr. Fauci’s NIAID.

    • Thanks for that. Probably one of the psychopaths we brought here in Operation Paperclip. 100s to probs a few 1000s of the psychos. Its astonishing how few so-called Americans are clueless about so much – like Operation Paperclip and countless others.
      But OP was for the Nazis.

  15. I’m going to have to hear that with my own ears. But if you’re in public life don’t ever wear blackface even if you’re a card-carrying liberal and you think you’re scoring points somehow by wearing blackface ironically or whatever. And don’t praise the Nazis about anything they did.

  16. It’s not about Jews or Nazis. It’s about the 100000 Americans that are going to die before Christmas when most could be saved if they just got the vaccine. That’s it in a nutshell.

    • Some good things came from the Nazis. The space program, the VW bug, jet fighters, many things come from war that eventually help everyday live. But it’s not about the Nazis. It’s about war and the science that evolved from it.

  17. Sara Hannan is a nut, and the sad thing is there are many more like her here in Juneau. There was a rumor that there was going to be a march on the Alaska state capitol. She said she was more than willing to bring out the National Guard. Yup, bring out the military against your own citizens.

    • I saw dozens of “marches” against the Capitol and the SOB, some of them even aimed specifically at me; all I cared about was that they spelled my name right. It was always the usual couple of hundred screw-ups and malcontents, most of whom had their own personal file cabinet drawer in my office documenting their screw-ups.

      I only once contemplated calling law enforcement. I did show up a few times very conspicuously with a camera just so I could watch them scurry away. I don’t remember why, ASEA was always upset about something, but they were particularly upset for this one and they were singing songs and waving signs in front of the Capitol. They were trying to look and sound ominous so some of them had their signs on baseball bats and some of them had coffee cans to bang on. Then somebody lost their mind and they actually charged the building, today we’d call it an insurrection, and ran screaming and beating their coffee cans through the building sending terrified legislators scurrying behind locked doors. The only security in the building was the Guard at the elevators; the Governor wasn’t around so his security detail wasn’t there. I was working for Leadership and I went to them and asked if they wanted me to call JPD and the Troopers, though there weren’t but a couple of Troopers in Juneau. They decided to just let it play out and not give them the dramatic TV confrontation that they wanted. We let it go on awhile until it began to ebb and I went out and sought out one of the union goons. I said something like, “you know I know who most of these people are, so get these idiots out of here before I start asking for arrest warrants.” That was a convincing argument and the insects slinked back into the dark corners and behind the walls.

      An interesting irony is that several of the labor agreements were before the Legislature for approval at the time and we didn’t have the votes to disapprove them – until the “insurrection.” Then the disapproval resolutions passed handily. I always believed in just letting them be themselves.

      • I remember my sister being chased home by a group of black girls after school. Mom worked nights at the hospital then, and I went in to wake her up and by the time she came out and peered through the living room window there were so many black people out in our front yard doing some kind of a dance thing that you couldn’t even see green on the grass. She went to the kitchen and got a big old butcher knife and pulled the curtain back looking outside and after a minute or so she said go get Dad. I slipped out the back door and someone saw me down the side of the house and I heard them yell “there goes one.” Dad worked at the courthouse which was about two blocks away. I was fast in those days and a mob was close enough that I heard footsteps just right behind me the whole way, they never did catch me. Mom had called Dad and he was getting out into his state car when I showed up. I jumped in and we headed for the house. He had already called the cops and by the time we got there three or four cop cars come sliding in sideways with officers getting out with guns drawn. In the end, tear gas was used but not before one Young punk jumped up on the hood of a cop car and said they can’t take us all in and that was like throwing gasoline on a bonfire and the whole crowd just erupted again. Eventually they got everyone dispersed and when my sister was questioned about why they had chased her and her friend home, she said three black girls cornered her friend who also had epilepsy, and threatened to beat her a– because she liked a black guy. Well my sister was having none of that and she was good with her feet she could kick like a mule and she literally stomped the c— out of those three black girls single-handedly and then they ran for home. I used to go to Junior high wearing my winter coat until the last day of school and this was in the Kansas City area. I wore my big heavy coat because it had a lot of insulation in it and offered padding from the daily blows that I received from black people in class. The teachers were so afraid that they looked the other way rather than confronting the issue. So yeah I’ve been in some riots where force was used against the general population. Deadly force wasn’t warranted but I could see if this happened in today’s day and age, the result may have turned up differently.

  18. I doubt that Democrats nationwide will be pleased that she let the cat out of the bag.
    You’re not supposed to know that you’re the guinea pig(s) for their vaccines, and that it is part of a political agenda.
    If it really was about following the science, then the Biden regime, the MSM, and the lying little garden gnome, Anthony Fauci, would all be trumpeting the proven science about how to eat your way to improved metabolic health so that you can weather a brief bout with the Kung Flu with no ill affects.

  19. Appalling. Not surprising. The end justifying the means is pretty entrenched in leftist ideology. But no one is immune, even conservatives. When one does not have a foundation of absolute truth there is a vacuum filled by relativism, distortion & deterioration of morals & ethics, and an open door for evil. And that is just a very brief summarization.

    Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

  20. It has to be dominion how can anyone vote without research these lovely clowns broomstick Betty needs a hug or a Bible my GOD ma’am leave America. Someone hug the evil out her please. Enjoy your sabbath day all

  21. Welcome to the rise of the Fourth Reich. Finally these democrat are showing their true colors and what they really are; eugenic Nazis! We told you all so! Nazis are alive and well in the democratic party and with the Rino Republicans that bow to them.

  22. This is what leads to genocides & human atrocities – truly stupid people. Tragically, government is infested with them.

  23. It was the senior Dr William Mills ( ret USN rear admiral) who was the frostbite expert. A truly compassionate man, he would never have approved of medical experimentation without the subjects full permission. It was his son ,also Dr William Mills who died as a result of a skiing accident.

  24. this comment from Mr. Hugh Laurie was probably missed by our esteemed legislators so I will quote it here. ‘I find the injunction ‘think for yourself’ quite stirring until I remember that I could never have conceived of 99% of the concepts I rely on everyday to survive. I am extremely grateful for those who thought for me. It is one thing to beheld by force against your will and made to survive it is a completely other matter to be non compass without will and left to survive. The most vulnerable of people in our state face the challenge of survival and the ones without a compass are the ones I think of when I vote because they can not.. Maybe to design A humane algorithm that can weigh the scale of right and wrong decision-making and most repubs would love this part require zero upkeep is the next step for Alaska today because they seem to be so rich, bored, lazy, and cruel only as a added bonus omit the mendacity and cruelty of Josef Mengele in the computer’s program simply because their is no need If the computer says no, it’s no.

    • Your communication speaks for itelf. FYI Dulcie, this Republican is neither rich, nor bored (or boring…), nor lazy, nor cruel. I’m not doing medical experiments on unwilling people either. Praising nazi atrocities is beyond the pale – never forget and vote this idiot out.

  25. Thank You Rep Sarah Vance for standing between us and them. What a courageous women you are. Watched your speech to these fools on the house floor and wow. We so desperately need more representatives like you. There is no doubt if you were our current Governor, we wouldn’t be in such a mess we find ourselves in as a state.

  26. She did slice a cold “apology” out on her twitter page. Very cold. Bringing up the grotesque war crimes and calling it science betrays why HB 175 is being held up in her committee; Stutes is the same.

  27. Rep Vance compares the FDA vaccine to Nazi experiments and Hannan justifies experimentation on Nazi “scientists”. Two peas in the same pod, both must go.

  28. Hitler and Goring are standing atop the Berlin radio tower. Hitler says he wants to do something to put a smile on Berliners’ faces. So Goring says: ‘Why don’t you jump?” Don’t live in fear. It’s what they use to divide us. Get a shot, don’t get a shot. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. I got a shot, wear a mask and a face shield and carry hand sanitizer. It’s all I can do. I moved on and refuse to live in fear. What you do is your business.

  29. I have never expected, when I arrived to the United States on February 1 of 1978, as a political refugee from a socialist country, that our country (USA) will attempt to destroy itself from within, with this ideological madness and neo-Marxist ideology. I certainly did not expect that our State of Alaska Representative (former history teacher in Juneau) will have a “brain” to state on the House floor that Nazi’s experiments on Jews during the war somehow benefited science (i.e. humanity—my word and interpretation). My grandfather Roman Umansky was brutally killed by Nazi in 1941 in Kiev (I never met my grandfather and many of my uncles and aunts), nearly twenty-five percent of my family were executed by Nazi’s experiments, and 6 million Jews (fifty percent of Jewish nation) were executed by Nazi in 6 years of the war. How a former history teacher could say something like this? I am absolutely lost.

    • It happened because an effective number of our generation failed to make an effective impact by conveying the horrors of what the nazis actually did. And then we have done it again about 9/11. American self centeredness/ self absorption has been the most powerful tool available to the Marxist left. And we made it too easy for them. It makes American’s memory very short and easily distracted by shiny objects or green backs.

    • That’s because you’re emotionally involved and no one blames you for that. The media and bloggers here or smell the word Nazi and use it as propaganda to promote or attack anything that is in their agenda. The fact remains, many inventions by the Nazis have helped our modern society and way of life here in the United States. The list is long so I won’t bore you with that, but that list also includes advances in the medical field. Animal rights people are still mad that we launched monkeys and dogs into space and rats. We learn something from doing that as humans. The Nazis were brutal there’s no need to argue that point. Every group of people in the history of this planet that have had some sort of control over others have exercised that brutality. If anything, the history teacher probably used poor judgment in defending thoughts that everyone should get shots and so that 100,000 people aren’t going to die in this country needlessly before Christmas.

  30. Below is my private correspondence with my friend from Haines regarding Sara Hannan statement. And why Jewish communities in Alaska are silent?

    “Not at all surprising, given that she is a Democrat politician. Same goes on at the national level with Jewish leaders and the Democrats. So, you need to ask yourself, what is the basis for the [continuing] alliance of the Jews with the Democrats. Is it just a historic thing? Or is there something continuing? And what was the historic connection to begin with? Maybe you already know the answer to that one; I don’t. But the Democrats, especially the far-left side, are not only turning their backs on the Jews today (both American and Israel), but are actively accusing them of being racists and intolerant of Palestinians and Arabs. The left is overtly active in trying to cut all American aid and support of Israel and shift it to the Palestinians instead. Even “centrist” Democrats are embracing Islam and are silent on the anti-Jew/Israel demands from the left. If I were a Jew, I’d certainly wonder about what’s going on and why; and I’d certainly question my being a Democrat if that’s what I was.”

    • Historically, Democrats have thrown Jews under the bus. Going back in time, Obama sold them out with all that cash given to Iran. Jimmy Carter has spoken poorly and distance himself even after he brokered the peace talks. Jews have no greater allies than friends than Republicans. Democrats even legitimize the PLO and promoted Yasser Arafat to legitimacy while being on a terrorist list. Does that sound familiar?

  31. This lady is just saying aloud what the left thinks. Hillary wanted to put half the country into a basket of “deplorables”; the quiet part there is what they would DO with that basket…

    Same ideology, just dressed up differently.

  32. The lady is a learned history teacher and probably was speaking way over most of the bloggers on this sight’s heads. Their knee-jerk reaction to most things is predictable.

    • What is predictable is your reaction Greg. You attempt to convince people you are so far right that most don’t know what conservatism is and are incapable of understanding your intellect conservative methods. Then you tell people how much you and Ronald Reagan think alike. Now you belittle and degrade the people on this site by stating they aren’t intelligent enough to understand a Nazi loving history teacher’s point of view.
      You need mental help and mean that in all seriousness. You have the worst form of liberalism in existence. It’s the mutated form where you actually believe you are conservative but everything you say and do is Marxist, Communist and Fascist.

      • What’s sad Brian is when libertarians think they are conservative like you. You wake up one day and you’re on one side of the fence and the next day the opposite side looks appealing to you. You don’t stand for anything and you fall for everything. Being conservative with the shot means conserving lives. Rolling the dice and not getting a shot it’s pretty liberal in my opinion. Obviously you fall into that category of people on here that can’t or won’t understand what true conservatism is. Remember Reagan was once a Democrat. Hillary was once a Republican. But I would say neither for a libertarian like you.

      • Greg, my stance on Freedom has never changed. You throw around terms to make yourself appear as a conservative but you aren’t.
        Take you self stated opinion for example, “Being conservative with the shot means conserving lives. Rolling the dice and not getting a shot it’s pretty liberal in my opinion.” If you think the political terms of conservatism and liberalism can also be used in this context, you are much less educated than your pretend to be.
        The term conservatism (in the political sense) is the belief that the founding principles of this nation are solid and unbending. That no matter the evolution of man, time or technology, the same principles shall be applied. What was the bases for freedom in at our founding is still the basis today and no emergency or the illusion of an emergency changes that. My point has and will always be from this genesis. Making statements to the contrary doesn’t solidify your statement or invalidate mine. And no matter how you want to over complicate the issues, it all comes back to be a simple as individual freedoms and rights, the same freedoms and rights that Reagan warned us countless times that will easily be lost if we don’t fight for them. You might to try and spend a day refreshing your memory of his speeches on YouTube because it seems his message has been lost in your senility.

  33. Let’s look at this a little closer Brian, reduce taxes, check. Increase military spending, check. Reduce social programs spending, check. Conserving American lives by implementing Star wars, check. Hate communism, check. Like westerns, check. LoL. Yeah, Reagan it is. By the way what side of the fence are you on today?

  34. While I understand what Hannan was attempting to say, if a white male republican had spoken those exact same words, he would have been permanently branded a nazi, the recall effort would have started five minutes after he spoke the last word, and by now the rinos would have convinced him to resign.

  35. Thank you and well said Rep. Sarah Vance. You said what must be said and you are a courageous woman fighting for what is right and truthful. There are a lot of folks who appreciate you and your efforts. God Bless.

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