Al Gross comes in four out of five in election for hospital board in Petersburg


Al Gross, who challenged Sen. Dan Sullivan in 2020 for the U.S. Senate, ran for a board seat for the Petersburg Medical Center this month.

He came in fourth.

Incumbent Kathi Riemer took 553 votes, tying with Heather Conn; both will be seated on the board. Donna Marsh took third and Gross took forth with 382 votes. Incumbent James Roberts came in fifth.

Gross is an orthopedic surgeon who is associated with the Petersburg Medical Center. He used to practice in Juneau, where he founded an orthopedic practice.

When he ran for Senate as an independent, he was the darling of the Left and the mainstream media; he had the endorsement of the Alaska Democratic Party. His campaign was supported by the far-left and now-discredited Lincoln Project, an independent expenditure group. Some have said he is eyeing a run for governor of Alaska, but this is a difficult loss for anyone with such aspirations.


  1. Gross has written thousands of opioid prescriptions and hooked many of his patients. People in SE Alaska know about this.

  2. Too bad for for the Delaware Dummy’s minion…starting to look like Begich…building up loss after loss…

  3. Glad he lost all the seats he ran for! Men like him only want one thing, POWER! Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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