ICU nurse: Let’s stop demeaning unvaccinated Alaskans



I am a small-town, born-and-raised Alaskan. I am an ICU nurse. I’ve worked in an Anchorage ICU taking care of Covid patients since the beginning. And I am here to say that the politicization of this pandemic must stop.

The anger, the name calling, and the condescension on both sides must stop.

The media circus created by healthcare providers on one side of the political aisle is unacceptable. Is the hospital busy? Yes. Are many people dying? Yes. Is it time to do our jobs and take care of our friends and neighbors? Absolutely.

I have never heard so much condescension and judgment against a group of people as I have against the unvaccinated population. 

Does this mean the unvaccinated are getting worse care? Of course not. These are good people taking care of your family members. But the way these same healthcare providers are talking at the desk, in patient rooms, and to one another has to stop.

People have a choice of what they put in their body. That choice was taken from me when it was between losing a job I’ve held for many, many years and getting a vaccine that I decided, with my low risk factors, I didn’t want.

Do I believe that having the vaccine lessens your severity of disease? Yes. If I were high-risk would I get the vaccine? Absolutely. But I believe people have a choice in what they do.

Is anybody talking about how obesity and the comorbidities it causes is a major common denominator in the patients that are doing poorly? Is anybody pushing health and wellness? No, that wouldn’t be politically correct.

I worked with a nurse who said if they had two patients, and one was vaccinated and one was not, they would go in the vaccinated room first. Appalling.

Healthcare is a job that is done without judgment. We don’t choose who we treat first or better. Our care does not depend on whether the patient is a drug addict, an alcoholic, morbidly obese, or a serial killer.

Talk like this, and the creation of a media circus, perpetuates public mistrust in healthcare and further leads to the division of friends, family and community.  

Talk like this allows my own father to feel justified in telling me that unvaccinated people should go to the bottom of the hospital priority list.

We fail the community with this division. We fail with wanting to make punitive who is wearing a mask or not. We fail the community and the commonsense test when we make people feel they have to wear a mask when they are outside by themselves, wear rubber gloves to pump gas, and we ignore the mental health impact on our children and our vulnerable.

We fail when we allow people to face disciplinary action at work because they took their mask off to stand behind a plexiglass wall and speak to the Assembly.

I am done living in fear. I am done wearing a mask unless a business requires it. I am done with teachers judging my children by telling them that they have been seen in the grocery store without masks on.

I am also done listening to a figurehead in Washington, DC telling me whether or not I can gather with my family for Christmas.

When does it end?  We are Alaskans. We are Americans. Act like it…

Must Read Alaska is making an extraordinary exception to allow workers who are losing their jobs due to Covid vaccine mandates to tell their stories anonymously, because to use their names is to risk everything for them.

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  1. It ends when we choose to live our lives, care for family and community, and turn off the fear porn and hope that they all go bankrupt.

  2. The dirty little secret is that the Hospitals are receiving an additional 20 percent payment from the Federal Government on every “Covid case” that comes thru their door. Question, has anybody seen anyone with the good ole “regular flu diagnosis” ??? Hmmm, rare at best.

  3. Thank you for your heart and dedication to working in healthcare and standing up for all your patients. I worked in the medical field for many years. I have so much respect and admiration for all of us but sadly there are those only collecting a paycheck.

  4. Here Here, or Hear Hear, ( I never knew which). If I ever end up in the hospital, for whatever reason, I want it to be this writer’s hospital and I want her as my nurse. Strong and hopeful. Amen.

  5. “When does it end?”
    When the government stops with the medical apartheid they have developed in partnership with the CCP, CDC/ NIH & World Economic Forum in concert with Oligarchs like Bill Gates.
    Americans see this Big Pharma cabal for what it is an millions will never take a knee to this rise of fascism we are seeing across the globe.

  6. According to the CDC almost 80% of Covid hospitalizations are in the obese & overweight. So why did “healthcare experts” close down gyms & urged people to stay home during the onset of Covid? Because the industrial healthcare cabal doesn’t make any money from a healthy population!

    • Exactly!! Didn’t see them shutting down Lowes, Walmart, Freds or any other Big Box businesses did we?

  7. The Covidian Cult has become exactly that, a rigid, dogmatic religion, demanding absolute compliance and conformity to their irrational creed of perpetual fear, hysteria and institutionalized hypochondria. Anything else constitutes HERESY in their eyes. These are the EXACT same people who were burning ‘witches’ in Salem in 1690, and who were the “good Germans” helping round up the Jews for the Nazis.

  8. Thank you!
    This pandemic has created a fertile field for those, who have been frustrated by being ignored in their pet causes or agendas. As soon as the word “misinformation” appeared on the scene, I was concerned. Suppressing opinions and disrespecting fellow Americans is at its core wrong and not compatible with the basic tenets of this nation. Have we as a nation had heated and passionate debates, sure, but there has always been an understanding of general respect for each others right to make a different choice.
    Healthcare has always meant taking care of the most critical first, regardless of race, creed, political affiliation or vaccination status. When I read last year that a man with heart attack symptoms was made to sit on the steps outside of a small hospital, while the staff putzed around interrogating him about potential covid symptoms and contact tracing, I knew we were in trouble.
    It is time that we demand respect and in return give it to all our fellow citizens. Call out all, who name call, shame or ban others solely because they made a different choice, be it masks, vaccines, etc.

  9. She reminds me of the Germans who hid their Jewish friends and colleagues along with their families, or they too had their homes and business graffitied with racial slurs because of someone saw they supported a Jewish friend. They knew what the German-Nazis were doing was wrong, and attempted to stand up against it. Many Germans who helped Jewish friends and colleagues perished along with those they helped.

  10. Time usually reveals all and that’s how it is working with the Covid scamdemic and the associated death jab.
    Biden, Fauci and the other mRNA adherents demand that we pay attention to the science…so we do.
    At the beginning when the lethal injections first gained EUA status the science was thin because the normal testing for safety and efficacy was skipped. No one is denying that.
    Now, though, legitimate medical and other authorities have had time to evaluate the results of real world testing on tens of millions of real people and the science is filling out.
    What we’re now learning is that the skeptics were right all along…the spike protein actually is a pathogen and it actually is harming and killing people who would likely not have been affected much by the actual virus…at least according to the CDC.
    If you’ve held off from joining the scared flock of sheeple who lined up for their jab(s) then the smart move is to hold the line.
    The fall wave of Covid combined with the “booster” death jabs should kill a lot of people but time will tell.

  11. Well said. This needs to go ‘viral’. Post everywhere. I will add though stopping the politicalization works both ways so need to stop belittling and denigrating those that have chosen to get vaccinated. It should be treated and viewed no differently than a flu vaccine.

    • Except that the covid shot is not the same as a flu vaccine. This mRNA cocktail is pioneering gene therapy with as yet unknown short- and long-term effects on humans (although this technology has been worked with for decades, and did not pass early testing because it was so dangerous in animal models).
      Vaccinated individuals certainly should not be belittled, but they deserve to hear the truth about this experiment as it unfolds. In fact they and their families may actually end up needing a lot more care and consolation than those who did not get shot.

  12. FINALLY, a healthcare professional willing to stand up, face the crowd, and boldly speak her mind! I am in total agreement with her. As for myself, I choose to remain unmasked, unvaccinated, and unafraid.

  13. One more thing you know! The Devil or Satan loves it when people say he doesnt exist.

    His ‘non existence’ status allows him to roam and run around this earth unchecked raising havoc in our lives with his callous victims unaware carrying out and repeating the same plans he had generations carry out decades earlier.

    His players change, but his plans, tactics, and schemes never change.

  14. You’re seriously asking the Left to be less judgmental and entrenched in their hatred?

    Good luck. I wish you well. Ain’t gonna happen.

  15. Absolutely beautiful and the truth.. To this ICU nurse, please thank your parents for raising such a loving, caring, daughter who leads with non judgment and humility.
    Your presentation is exactly the way my classmates and I were trained to be Nurses. What has happened to civility is beyond my comprehension.

  16. I think everyone needs to read the stories of the Asian Flu and the Hong Kong Flu, which had very similar fatality rates to the Wuhan Virus.
    Oh, wait, there ARE no real stories about those past similar pandemics, are there? Because people then did not freak out, running around with their hair on fire, hysterical and overreacting, as a consequence of essentially the same health risks we are facing today. Possibly because they did not have nearly as self-serving and predatory a political establishment and corporate media as we do now, who have stoked the irrationally exaggerated hysteria surrounding this pandemic with their incessant fear-porn for their own profit-making and power-seeking ends.

  17. “People have a choice of what they put in their body. That choice was taken from me when it was between losing a job I’ve held for many, many years and getting a vaccine that I decided, with my low risk factors, I didn’t want.”

    Condescension, both sides? Only one side has power to force their condescension upon others and you are a willing victim of that. Many of choose not to be a victim but are told we are condescending because we question their authority. I think not. Trying to keep middle ground after middle ground has been moved to the left is to surrender. Your acquiesce to the vaccine is a surrender on your own statement against it. I agree with most of what you say, but you act as if both sides have equal power. There are the oppressors and the oppressed and as in all authoritarian governments, the oppressor has the power of the state, which leaves the oppressed only with defiance and defiance only works when the masses are on their side. You surrendered your defiance over love of money and security, in the name of compromise, abandoning the masses who believe the government is overstepping its authority and exacerbating the problems created by this pandemic. Relabeling defeat as compromise is still defeat. Relabeling mandate as freedom is still authoritarianism.

  18. Apples and Oranges here! Mary’s Typhoid germs spread through poor hygiene while this virus appears to be aerosolised or airborne That is why masks do not work and it spreads whether there is a mask mandate in place or not. The only thing that will stop this is early treatment, natural or vaccine immunity and clear identification of risk groups, so treatment can focus where it belongs, instead freaking out every one.

  19. Cowardly-Hidden-Identity-Nurse, you say, “That choice was taken from me when it was between losing a job I’ve held for many, many years and getting a vaccine that I decided, with my low risk factors, I didn’t want.”

    Then, you double-down saying, “Talk like this allows my own father to feel justified in telling me that unvaccinated people should go to the bottom of the hospital priority list.” Translation: my father thinks like those petty miscreants who ushered Jews into gas chambers in 1942 Germany.

    Take responsibility. You absolutely chose to be injected with a chemical to keep your job. Your father absolutely chose to reveal himself as a despicable tyrant.

    Wayne D. Coogan (real name) Voice of Fearless Opposition to Tyranny

    • Did someone steal your handle? I’ll try to do a better job of scanning for that. Sorry to have let it slip through. – sd

    • I went through and deleted the other one to avoid confusion. Thanks for letting me know. – sd

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