Covid cases leveling? Hospitalizations ease


The state information dashboard for Covid-19 shows another day of lower Covid-19 new infections. 857 people were identified with new Covid infections, a drop of 28 percent from last week.

As of Wednesday, 184 people were hospitalized with Covid-19, a drop of 10 from the past several days, or about 5.5% fewer people hospitalized with Covid.

92 of the 120 intensive care unit beds in the state are occupied and 740 of 1,100 non-ICU beds statewide are filled; these beds are filled with patients of all kinds, not just Covid.

Thirty-five people in hospitals are on ventilators to help them breathe, three fewer than Tuesday. About 19 percent of those in hospitals and being treated for Covid are on ventilators.

Alaska Native Medical Center and Alaska Regional Hospital have open capacity in their ICU beds, while Providence is near capacity, as are Central Peninsula, Southern Peninsula, and Fairbanks hospitals. Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson hospital’s ICU beds are full. In Southeast Alaska, Bartlett Memorial in Juneau and Peace Health in Ketchikan have open ICU beds; both serve the entire Southeast region.

The number of Covid-infected patients in Alaska hospitals has dropped by a percentage point and is now 19.3 percent of all patients.

Since Oct. 1, 11 Alaskans have been admitted to the hospitals for treatment of Covid. View the hospital dashboard at this link.


  1. And yet our newspapers keep printing the AP nationwide news that would have you believe that all our facilities are full and the cases are increasing.

  2. And so, now sufficient people both vaxxed and unvaxxed have successfully recovered from COVID that we reach herd immunity. The big question I want answered (but will never get) is which group has the higher the death rate. From other countries it appears that vaxxed died at a higher rate than unvaxxed. But government and media (I repeat myself) continue to obfuscate the facts. And in five, ten, or twenty years how many will die from the vax itself? Time will tell.

  3. I don’t think the bio weapons are working as planned. Humanity is much more resilient than the dark ones anticipated.

    When the normies find out what has been done to them, when they learn the truth about how they have been infected by fear and poison by those they most trusted, we will find unity.

    Dark to light.

  4. Very interesting data just released from the CDC concerning the case fatality rate of COVID (CFR). Per CDC statistics, the CFR from October 20, 2020 to September, 2021 actually rose for laboratory confirmed hospitalized cases coinciding with release of the jab in 40-59 year olds as well as in 60+, with a smaller rise in 20-39 year olds. The actual vaxxed vs unvaxxed data is not available, but for those hospitalized the CFR rose tracking coincidentally with increasing vaxxed numbers. Hmm. Wonder what the rest of the data will show and why CDC doesn’t release those statistics.

  5. The Kung Flu (a.k.a. China Plague) was NEVER a public health concern. Face Muzzles are to intimidate the population and condition them to accept commands, like dogs. Lockdowns are a step to Communism. When will we end the madness?

  6. Is the issue “beds” or firing experienced staff with specific skill sets for ICU level care?
    Particularly needlessly terminating hundreds of staff with natural immunity and covid experience.

  7. Yeah, down here in Florida we’re back to the levels that we haven’t seen since July. New studies released yesterday reveal that the second covid shot is only effective in the 90th percentile for 2 months and begins to wane after that. Effectiveness gets down into the 20% range after 6 months, but that’s only the effectiveness at preventing the disease. The effectiveness of being hospitalized with a serious case or even death are still above 90%. These are the studies that Israel has found during its investigation, and currently they are still underway at vaccinating the entire country with its third booster shot. Currently almost 60% of Florida has been completely vaccinated which ranks them at number five for being the highest vaccinated percentage of all states.

    • How can we know the real world effectiveness of this treatment when we are not privy to the number of vaccinated and partially vaccinated patients in hospital? We also need the deaths and serious hospitalizations regardless of COVID-19 PCR status.

      • PS: The current COVID jabs are not vaccines by all (previous) standard definitions or understandings of vaccines, because they confer NO immunity to either contracting the virus, nor to transmitting the virus.
        I don’t recall hearing of anyone, much less the large majority of vaccines recipients, getting polio from the polio vaccine, or getting rabies from the rabies vaccine, or getting smallpox from the smallpox vaccine. But a certain poster here simply loves to post reams of obfuscation and mountains of rhetorical BS on this subject, to his lasting self-damnation.

        • Jeff,
          Ever heard the saying you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink? You have made the willful decision to remain ignorant. It’s your right to make that decision and I won’t begrudge it of you. I will however continue to point out the fact that these vaccines meet every standard definition of a vaccine that has been provided here. In fact, you’ve never provided any definition other than your own made up nonsense that in absolutely no way is the definition of a vaccine. I understand that if you were to accept any standard definitions of vaccine or immunity it would completely destroy your chosen talking point, so instead you will continue to repeat the same old line of absolute rubbish in your attempt to somehow save face. However your credibility is shot, the fact that you cannot accept a simple fact that words have meaning and those meanings are defined and by virtually any standard definition these vaccines are…wait for it vaccines.
          You’ve been led to the water, and you chose not to drink. You are willingly ignorant, the best part is you gleefully share your willing ignorance.

          • Steve, your misinformation and outright LIES here bear full witness to your character and to your agenda.
            I note that you have never, NEVER addressed the fact that the COVID jabs (which are NOT vaccines by all standard definitions and understanding, all your false assertions to the contrary) have been conclusively and inarguable demonstrated to NOT confer immunity against contracting the virus, nor to transmitting the virus. This is admitted by the CDC, NIH and other establishment entities, and is beyond question. So by any normal standard, they are not vaccines, nor are they helpful, nor CAN they be helpful, in slowing this pandemic. Indeed, the data out of Iceland, Israel, the UK, and other places is increasingly demonstrating that they are exacerbating and prolonging the pandemic.
            Why don’t you try addressing those FACTS instead of engaging in endless and sterile quibbling over definitions, and tilting at semantic windmills?

          • Jeff,
            Show me where I lied or stop saying it.
            Your display here is troubling, very reminiscent of how leftists behave. Blame everyone else for your ignorance, accuse those you disagree with of doing exactly what it is you are doing, and try and shout them down at every step.
            Words have meanings, and you don’t get to make up your own definition to suit your fancy.
            There’s no way to reason with someone who is unreasonable, by simply denying the existence of definitions you’ve proven to be unreasonable. So why would I address any of your other demonstrably false talking points when you refuse to accept the reality that words have meanings?

          • Steve, until you can muster address the salient points, AND facts, that I raised in my prior comment, I have nothing to say to you — nothing to say, except that your evasive and weaselly rhetorical games and diversionary hairsplitting sophistry over irrelevant definitions is getting very, very old. That you choose to engage me, and us, here in that way says a great deal about you, and what it says is not good.

          • Ah, Steve-O, another Alinsky tactic. Lay down confusing irrelevant BS and lies, then accuse your opponents of being non-factual and ignorant. You show yourself an expert at obfuscation!

          • Jeff,
            Thanks for proving my point.
            The things you claim to be FACTS are not facts, but your opinion and the opinions of those you agree with. You refuse to accept facts (like words have definitions) and create your own meanings for words.
            In Alaska from Sept 26 until October 2 there were 7,242 new covid cases 1,686 (23%) were vaccine breakthroughs, there were 109 new hospitalizations 16 (15%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs, and fatalities increased by 26, 1 (4%) of which was a vaccine breakthrough.
            By definition the vaccine confers a level of immunity.

        • Well actually there was this one time, April 1955 when Cutter Labs accidentally infected 250 kids with live polio.
          Then there was this swine flu vaccine in 1975-76, when 32 farmers died. They took the vaccine off the shelf.
          Then there was this SARS vaccine in 2002-2005 being tested and all the subjects (mice and monkeys) died of blood clots or something.
          Today the CDC reports over 10k have died from this vaccine. Maybe there’s something in the water.

    • Greg, if the jabs (which are NOT vaccines by any standard definition of the word) were truly “effective”, as we are endlessly told by all the propaganda of the corporate media and the political establishment, then both Alaska and Florida would not and COULD NOT be seeing the surges in cases that are currently happening. There is something serious wrong, and false, with the establishment’s narrative.

      • Hi Jefferson. We were really high in the numbers a month or so ago but with vaccination and apparently the thing running its course, our numbers have dropped significantly. They are suspecting the next surge in the infected to begin in a month or so as these initial shots wear off. I’ve got my third shot now, and I was a little unhappy to hear that the second shot starts to wear off in 2 months. Probably the only thing that was really saving me was the fact that I got the disease and the natural antibodies from getting over that kept me healthy enough until I got the third shot. Since you just got over years about a month ago you should be good for at least another three or four months I would think.

        • Greg, the information that has been coming out of recent studies seems to indicate that the immunity naturally acquired by having contracted COVID-19 is MUCH longer lasting than the very limited immunity (to symptoms only!) that results from having received the jabs.
          How long that naturally-acquired immunity will last is unknown, as obviously the virus has been around for less than two years. However, I do find it interesting that it has been discovered that those who contracted and recovered from SARS 19 years ago STILL have full immunity to COVID-19, which is merely a related coronavirus.

  8. Write your assembly people. Austin Quinn-Davidson thinks they have public favor because she counted written testimonies for and against. I know it won’t change her mind, but at least we can knock out that wimpy leg they are trying to stand on.

    Just noticed Dunbar’s profile says “There is a Jewish principle known as ‘Tikkun Olam’, a commitment to improve or repair the world we live in. I try to let it guide my life.” What a crock.

  9. What I want to start seeing in the data is the numbers separated by vaxxed and unvaxxed. The breakthrough cases caused by the leaky ‘vaccine’ are rising and will be increasingly so, as the numbers of vaxxed grow. But of course–that is kept hidden so the narrative will not be challenged…

    Had we not had a maximum vax campaign DURING the outbreak (which forces the virus to adapt into new variants) and instead targeted only the most vulnerable and concentrated on preventives fostering good immune system health–this would have been over months ago. Now–we are developing a population with compromised innate immune systems that will not stand a chance against the next deadly virus…

    • It would be very interesting to see vax’d vs non-vax’d. Thing is, can’t trust the tyrannical government who’s doing everything they can to get everyone jabbed. Those who work for government-funded hospitals are the very ones who maintains the stats, I’m sure.
      Unfortunately death to many that got the jab is being buried to keep their narrative at bay.
      Check with these phenomenal Doctors: Sherri Tenpenny, Simone Gold, Lee Merritt, Scott Jensen, Bryan Ardis, Frontline Doctors, to get real data. (I’m sure there are many more I missed.)

  10. It sure is great to see the number of Covid cases start to come down. This has been a horrible pandemic, and hopefully things will be much better for the Holidays..

  11. The Delta Wave is about over,……but the Commies won’t tell you that. They want mandatory vaxx and mask, regardless.

    • You might be right, but here no one is making any attempt to hide the recent downturn of numbers. They are saying that as the vaccinations excuse me, shots start to wear off they expect another surge in numbers but we’ll just have to wait for that one and see if their predictions are right. They’re basing everything off of Israel’s data and that’s what’s happened over there.

  12. Hey Suzanne
    How many of these covid illness cases are of vaccinated people?
    It seems like this data would touted to demonstrate effectiveness.

    • It is not being tracked by the state. In Kenai, it appears to be 3 out of 19 in the hospital were vaccinated.

      • So I have written AK Health and Human Services, The GOV, G Hopkins, S Kawasaki, R Myers, C Bishop, Mayor Ward, and Mayor Bronson plus ADN and Newsminer who else do you recommend to get this data posted on the dashboard?

    • The information is in the weekly report. From Sept 26 until October 2 there were 7,242 new covid cases 1,686 (23%) were vaccine breakthroughs, there were 109 new hospitalizations 16 (15%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs, and fatalities increased by 26, 1 (4%) of which was a vaccine breakthrough.
      58.6% of Alaskans 12 and older have been fully vaccinated.

      • But the clot shots are not really vaccines, Steve, as you know, so actually nobody has been “vaccinated” for the Wuhan Virus. But nice if weak job of trying to defend the establishment narrative anyway.

        • Jeff,
          I thought you didn’t have anything to say to me. Were you lying before, are you lying now, or maybe both? Do you even know what a lie is? We know you don’t believe that words have definitions.
          Don’t let facts spoil your narrative as a true believer.
          Covid vaccines provide a level of immunity.

          • Jeff,
            It warms the cockles of my heart for you to say that, it shows that even though there is a lot of scary information out there, you were able to fight through the fear and gather some of that information and learn from it. Wasn’t it just yesterday that you said these vaccines confered no immunity, and now you’re saying that they in fact confer some level of immunity…will wonders ever cease? I’m proud of you Jeff for admitting you were wrong, it takes a special kind of person to admit that.

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