Colleen Sullivan-Leonard, Stu Graham return to service on Wasilla City Council


Former Rep. Colleen Sullivan-Leonard has won back a seat on the Wasilla City Council, where she served before being elected to the Alaska House of Representatives in 2016.

Sullivan-Leonard decided not to run again for House last year, and then filed for City Council. Sullivan-Leonard won over Jordan Rausa, who had been appointed by the seat after the death of Mike Dryden.

Turnout was weak, about 7 percent. 69.6% of the vote went for Sullivan-Leonard for Seat A.

Also winning a seat for Wasilla City Council is Stuart Graham, who was challenged by Dajonee Hale. Graham won 80% of the vote for Seat B.

Graham was elected to the Wasilla City Council, Seat C, in October 2014, and was re-elected to Seat C in 2017. In 2016, Graham was appointed as deputy mayor for the City of Wasilla.

The unofficial election results will be updated after the provisional ballots are counted on Friday. The Wasilla City Council is scheduled to certify the election results at the Oct. 11 regular meeting.


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