Surgery schedule for Wednesday at Providence Alaska Medical Center


As a public service during this time when Providence Alaska Medical Center says it is in crisis and may have to decide which patients live or die, Must Read Alaska is providing a list of the surgeries, mostly elective, that will be done at the hospital daily, so readers can understand the usage of services at the hospital and plan their lives accordingly.

Oct. 6 surgeries included these:

Lap appy
VP shunt
Spine x 5
Endo x 7
Robot hyst x 2
Robot chole
Orif hand
Removal infected peritoneal cath x 2
D&C x 2
Robot GYN x 2
Cysto x 3
Mediastinal exp
Cv ablation x 2
CV Ep PPM/loop rec
Port placement x 2
Cardiversion x 2
Phaco IOL x4
Lap hyst bso
Ent x2 (septopl, T&A)
Bil Mast
Wrist and CTR
Leg I & d
Endo x 6 and ercp
CS x 3
Femur nail

Two would be considered urgent, none emergent.


  1. The “hospitals are full” claim is a HOAX designed by Mask Fuhrers in an attempt to consolidate DICTATORIAL POWER

    • The point is that they told the New York Times and Wall Street Journal that Alaska was in a “crisis of care” and that doctors (at Providence) were having to decide who lived and who died because they were overrun with covid cases…which as we Alaskans know what a big fat lie. I’m still puzzled as to what Providence expected to achieve by that.

  2. What’s your point in posting these lists where lay people including yourself have not the vaguest clue what they are looking at? Most of them are ambulatory surgeries or procedures, as in “you go home the same day”,

    • The point is to expose the lie that Providence leadership told the New York Times and penned and op-Ed in the local paper.
      That lie, of course, being that local hospitals are so overrun with Covid cases and doctors are being forced to make decisions on who lives or dies.
      Apparently, “who lives and who dies” can accurately be interpreted to “who gets paid and who doesn’t”.

    • Another Nurse Nasty chiming in to tell us only “medical professionals” can understand medical “things”. You should be fired immediately Nurse Nasty since you believe “lay people” are stupid. Those would be your patients and fellow human beings you disparage and hate. You are ugly inside and out and I hope sincerely you don’t have children.

  3. I find it pointless to bash probably the best hospital in Alaska. When the author spends a decade putting herself through school for a medical degree so she understands what she’s sharing… only then scan she legitimately criticize. Broken bones, cardioversion, a BK amputation, cholecystectomy…. these aren’t things that get scheduled some other month.

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