Daily list of surgeries scheduled at Providence Alaska Medical Center


As a public service during this time when Providence Alaska Medical Center says it is in crisis and may have to decide which patients live or die, Must Read Alaska is providing a list of the surgeries, mostly elective, that will be done at the hospital daily, so readers can understand the usage of services at the hospital and plan their lives accordingly.

Oct. 5 surgeries include two to four that will require the intensive care unit:

Spine x4
VP shunt
Endo x 1
Robot prostate
Vats x2
Robot hyst neo
Gyn tape
GU ureteroscope
Card abl x2
Card stent
AV shunts x2
Cv Cor Angio x3
TEE x2
ECT x3
Hyst DC
Ureteroscopy stone rem stent
Lap gastric sleeve
Lap HH and GJ revision
Bil Myringotomy with tubes
Ton and AD x2
Total lap hyst bso
CS x3
TKA revision


  1. The bashing of Hospitals and doctors by conservatives is beyond disgusting. We are in a pandemic, and all the right-wingers can do is find every excuse in the world not to get vaccinated or wear a mask and then attack those who have to clean up their mess when they end up sick!

    • Then what you are saying is 70% of African Americans are right wing? Because that is one group that is the one of the most vaccine hesitant.

      Your VP and the older, confused, hair sniffing man that China installed, said they wouldn’t take the vaccine if Trump were president when it came out.

      I’d recommend first you do some research, because you have no idea what you are posting on, but then I would suggest you look inward. Your hate and bigotry are consuming you. Make better life choices and be less of a miserable, hateful, bitter, and ignorant person and see how you can offer something other than spite to the conversation. You’ll be happier, and so will the people that have to put up with you, daily.

      • Lawrence, you’ve done a great job exemplifying the problem here. 7 million more Americans voted for the that hair sniffer. That means you have trouble with facts, right out of the gate. Seek help.

        • Correction: seven million more votes were counted. Forensic audits show that they may not have been cast by voters for the hair sniffer.

    • As in mass firing the “heroes” who saved countless lives because they will not be injected with deadly toxins that are killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people worldwide?
      Or ignoring the mass hysterical neurosis of wearing masks that do nothing for the SARS-Cov-2 flu? Except cause other illnesses unnecessarily.

    • The practice of medicine and the running of hospitals are two of the most expensive and lucriative components of our world. Certainly, many doctors, nurses and other medical people are compassionate and generous. However, and at the same time, there are some that are driven by greed and ego. (I have seen a couple of these in my lifetime.). Because we value the services provided, many patients are willing to accept a “doctor-knows-best” aspect to what we hear from medical people. Yet the medical people have provided a variety of inconsistent and even foolish advice through this pandemic. Remember people washing their groceries with cleaning solutions? To my knowledge that has never been officially countermanded as we continue to waste billions on sanitizers. Thankfully, controlling Americans has not been easy and will not be easy. Personal liberty is an American birthright. Achieving compliance to up-to-date medical and scientific recommendations will require doctors and other experts to state the specific reasons that underlie their advice. Some have forgotten this important step. Ordinary people are now pushing back because they have been treated like unimportant morons. I would add that we are long past the time for some in the medical arena to stop manipulating the process. It is unfortunate that some medical people are being abused. The best way to fix that is to give good advice and provide clear justification for that advice.

    • No excuse needed to deny the mask or “vaccine”. I simply don’t need what the system is offering. I am self reliant.
      I know, a scary concept to some.

    • I’m more afraid of the vaccinated than the unvaccinated!!! I had a nephew recently pass away with covid and he was fully vacinnated!! He also flew on commercial airliner to Florida not feeling well but didn’t think it was covid because he was vaccinated… Wonder how many people he infected? The vaccinated are spreaders right now!!

    • Free people don’t need an excuse to refuse a shot…any shot for any reason.
      Only someone with an innate predisposition toward authoritarianism would even form a thought like that in their mind.

      • Yes, vaccine mandates, which have been around for more than a hundred years, are just authoritarian tools. Nevermind the fact that they’ve saved countless lives, and prevented endless economic heartache. But yeah, fear the vaccine, PJ. It’s a whole new world now….

    • It’s not only Right-wingers. Its Inde-wringers, Libby-wingers, Lefty-wringers, and Athei-wingers too skeptical of the covid shots and disagree with the mask mandates.

  2. So could this imply that the CEO was lying to create drama, perhaps even to bolster the bottom line? Alaska supposedly has the highest per capita COVID in the nation, but our hospitals still have time and space to do obesity surgery in this crisis? Sounds like someone needs to be fired for public manipulation.

  3. Your list of surgeries performed is neither helpful nor enlightening.

    What we need to know to assess the degree of stress our hospitals are experiencing during this “crisis of care” is the number and kinds of surgeries and treatments that are not being provided or that should be provided in a hospital setting rather than in home.

    • It is enlightening if you understand how the hospital works. When COVID first hit, they halted all elective surgeries so they could redirect resources to address COVID patients. That the hospital is performing elective procedures at all shows that there is no “crisis of care”. You don’t take on electives if you’re so overburdened you’re choosing from one moment to the next which patient lives or dies. It just doesn’t happen.

      While rare, things can and do go sideways during even the most routine procedures. If they didn’t have the resources to address surgical complications, they wouldn’t be taking the risk of scheduling electives at all for fear it would impact whatever crisis of care they were experiencing. Their surgical roster would be limited to emergency surgeries only. What is being shown above is a very typical surgical schedule, not unlike what their boards looked like pre-COVID.

      • It’s all dependent on case numbers and hospital resources. Your attempt to spread lies is noted, however.

        • John, NUNYA clearly has more understanding of hospital procedure than you do. “Cases” everyone keeps freaking out about are just positive test, and no indication of how many individuals actually have symptoms warranting hospitalization. A better picture are actual admissions and it seems that 19.3% of patient STATE WIDE are Covid admissions. Perspective is everything. To dismiss her statement by classifying it as a lie, speaks to your inability to at least hear opinions that do not fit your narrative.

    • Peter, yes knowing what surgeries are performed is very enlightening. If you do not have staff or beds to meet the immediate need, elective stuff or outpatient procedures are the first to go on hold. This lengthy list clearly indicates that patients are being treated in a timely manner and not as you implied suffering because they do not get scheduled.
      Are there some departments that are busier than others, sure, but clearly not to the point that staff and beds are being pulled to just address one area. In a true crisis (and I have participated in mass casualty training and Red Cross training) you even pull qualified staff from areas that normally do not have direct care contact like the Quality assurance department, administration or from the various clinics attached to Providence.

  4. I wonder what would happen if one of the outpatient surgeries/procedures went off the rails and another ICU bed was needed? I don’t know how that works or where the outpatient procedures are performed at Providence. How many just-in-case beds are needed for a typical day of such surgeries?

    • Jean – in order for hospitals to protect their bottom line ICU’s are typically expected to operate at 87% capacity pre pandemic, which doesn’t leave much excess capacity in emergencies.

  5. Congratulations, you let a building burn for a month, and now the fire department is no longer needed as everyone got themselves out or died, and the formerly burning building is now reduced to rubble.

    Lets take a victory lap and mention all of the elective surgeries that can go on now, and never once mention the rural Alaskan that could not be transferred to Anchorage Hospitals to receive cardiac catherization and died, or another Alaskan that died because they needed 24 hour dialysis and the hospital could only afford 12 hours, due to the massive number of patients with MIS-A, all needing dialysis.

    But you got your way, they died and no longer will be an inconvenience to your angle of reporting. Congratulations!

    • Many of the rural communities are near 90% vaccinated and the hold outs tend to be native families who are distrustful of the federal government injecting them. Go figure; The history of an authoritarian government acting unethically has given many minority groups pause, and yet you blame, who? The editor?

      You are not concerned with anyone’s health, who died, who survived, what treatments worked, and what hospitals were full or not full. You are blind partisan, who projects. Seek help for your condition.

      • Projecting…re-read my comment, then read yours and decide for yourself who is projecting.

        Thank your for the wonderful laugh this evening, though.

        As for blaming the editor, yes I do, they are posting articles regarding the calendar of scheduled events in order to demonstrate the ends justified the means and distract from the death and sickness that has been occurring the last year and a half, and the last 6-8 weeks have been awful. It screams, look who cares who dies recently, things are obviously back on track because they scheduled John Doe’s tummy tuck.

        Thanks again for the great laugh though, I needed something to give me comic relief.

  6. With the first in history world wide experimental “vaccine” trials using the entire global population as lab animals instead of carefully monitored small number test volunteers to determine the efficacy and short/long term safety, the lack of srandard controls is remarkable.
    The only published before and after jabs immune system tests I can find have alarming results. The immune system of a healthy person is degraded seriously after injecting the 2nd in the series of chemical compounds.
    It is inconceivable that immune system tests are not standard in this massive trial. Or it is and the results are being buried.
    It is also standard to conduct autopsies on individuals who die during drug tests, and this is also not being accomplished or published.
    We are just told they are safe and effective. Neglecting collecting and hiding data does not build confidence.

  7. the hospitals are always busy towards the end of the year to get their surgeries or what else before starting new year with a new deductible. Happens every year. But everything has to be soooo political

    • Reporting only. Yesterday was a Monday and likely had several days of cases reported, maybe more. In one place where I worked we only reported once a week.

    • Herb, your emotive attempt to appeal to fear over reason is pathetic and contemptible.
      Statistical reporting anomalies mean nothing on a day-by-day basis, as has already been abundantly discussed here and elsewhere, and in any event, the number of so-called “cases” is all but meaningless when those “cases” are determined NOT on a diagnostic basis, as was and should be standard in any pandemic, but by a flawed DNA amplification method that even its inventor argued strenuously, for years, was NOT valid nor reliable as a diagnostic test. Meaning, the PCR ‘analysis” can only lead to overcounting the true number of infected individuals.

    • I’m just waiting for that statue to start shedding tears over the crimes being committed in and by the Temple of the Medical-Industrial Pharisees in front of which it stands.

  8. The medical industry (it has been proven to be an industry) has irrevocably harmed itself during this Mass Hysteria event with all of the half truths, misinformation disinformation, and outright lies.
    They are pushing something many of them know is useless or harmless.
    Hippocrates must be rolling in his grave…

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