For Assemblyman Chris Constant, there is no ‘God’ in Pledge of Allegiance


Anchorage Assembly Vice Chair Chris Constant, when asked by Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance to lead the Pledge of Allegiance on Oct. 5 before the Assembly took public testimony, could be heard leaving out the phrase “under God” as he led the public in the recitation.

His voice, picked up by microphone and broadcast throughout the room, clearly dropped the phrase. When members of the public shouted out the end of the Pledge, “with liberty and justice for all,” Constant then pointed them out and warned them they would be removed.

Read more about the history of the changes to the Pledge of Allegiance at this link.

The Monday night meeting was devoted nearly entirely to public testimony on AO2021-91, Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel’s mask mandate.

Bernadette Wilson, a well-known civic leader who testified later on the proposed ordinance, asked the public if a man who cannot manage to say the Pledge properly should really be in charge of their health decisions:

“How awkward it is that assemblyman Constant can’t even get the Pledge of Allegiance right but he can get our health care right?” she asked.

Wilson also pointed out the irony that the Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, who is pushing the masks-for-all ordinance, refuses to sit up on the dais among other members of the Assembly — all who are wearing masks except Assemblywomen Jamie Allard and Crystal Kennedy — and instead dials into the meeting from home.


  1. I respect an individual’s right to omit themselves from the Pledge. However, this man Constant, took on the job and responsibility as a public servant for the American People, Pledge included. If this man cannot recite a pledge that belongs to the people he is supposed to serve, then who exactly does he pledge his service to?

    As I watched him squirm in his seat last night, I read that he is afraid of his own people. Beware a man who is afraid and cornered. Watch this man’s actions closely.

  2. Every nation and all current authoritative leaders are under God. He lifted them up, and God replaces leaders all for His own glory and good purposes. Anchorage’s best action they can do is evangelize Constant’s district. Start reaching out where you can in those neighborhoods whom God sends you. Starting with reaching out to the poor areas where all the apartments are in Constant district is a good place to evangelize. The poor are already humbled to know that are in need of a Savior. This way when they vote they may turn-out higher than the regular voting crowd of Constants and Fields district.

    • So you are saying Biden is God’s choice to replace Trump? And Putin is in power with God’s intervention? And Xi, and Hugo, and Cezar, and…

      • You misunderstood, Homo. Jen said all leaders…good or bad…are under God (and answerable to God). Humans still make the choices, good, bad or indifferent. She is suggesting we introduce God to the folks who voted for the failed Assembly members, and help the voters become informed and caring enough to not make the same mistake again.

        • It’s all under god but humans make their choices. So voters chose Assemblyman Chris Constant but they were under the order of god who presumably trumps human agency but humans voted for Constant, but god …

          I’ll pretend I’m confused. The real answer is obvious.

  3. It has been clear that most members of the Assembly do not have God. Without it, they are their own gods and make demands upon citizens to worship them. It doesn’t work out that way, but that’s what they want. Explains their spittle-flecked spluttering every time they are challenged on anything. They haven’t learned they are human, and that respect for humans is earned and not purchased.

  4. Common Peasant,

    His God is Satan! He should be afraid of his own people, along with most of the Assembly people. Thank you for sharing what you have observe last night. He is going to have to answer to God

    • Evan.

      I love you.

      I am sorry you have been hurt.

      I will be more accepting of you.

      But not your bull—-.

    • Spot-on, slight correction, if I may be so bold:
      Man, you MRAKers are desperate to find anything to divide our communism.
      до свидания товарищ

    • Funny, you never hear from this dude that “progressive” politics divides folks, and yet it is the “progressives” that keep asking what race we are, what economic strata we live in, are we vaxxed or no, etc. Funny how that works, eh Evan?

    • Again with the radical extremist leftist psychological projection, Evan!
      You see (or try to see) the evil in everyone else that actually resides in yourselves.

    • You democrats haven’t been this butt hurt since you had to release your slaves. My bad, I guess you’re one of those H1B indentured servants here that likes to talk smack.

  5. Constant is pretty good at using God as a prop, when necessary. This is yet more evidence that the highest authority in them/theirs life is actually themselves.
    They need help with these schizophrenic, irrational, logic flips. There is no place in public service for this behavior.

  6. Fascinating. By all appearances, Mr. Constant and Mr. Dunbar both selectively choose to follow their religion of choice, in a nation that recognizes all religions. And also berate and belittle those who they feel deserve it for trying to live their life in a religious manner, sometimes even in and during Assembly meetings. Once again, these liberals prove their hypocrisy and that they’re going to obey or use the rules as they want.

    • Someone needs to inform him that his scraggly facial hair renders the mask useless I can’t tell him because he blocked my email saying I was being uncivil.. putz!!

  7. We are free to choose because we are a Bible based nation our constitution and all oath takers under its contract have a different set of standards. It’s for the people by the people of the people. To place your hand on our GODs Bible and take the oath to the citizens and GOD please all oath takers be so very aware. Jesus and the citizens can’t help an oath breaker your contact is with GOD. Assembly thank you for the laughs bring in the clowns they must be clowns. Corrupt clowns. Oath breakers boooooooooooooooooo to you.

  8. Neither the Chair or Mr. Constant showed good judgment last night with regard to the Pledge of Allegiance.

    He never should have been asked to lead this patriotic pledge as he clearly does not believe it. His Marxist leanings should indefinitely disqualify him from ever disgracing the assembly meeting with his total disrespect again.

  9. Chris Constant continues to poke the bear. This complete and purposeful disregard for the Pledge of Allegiance is going incite a very bad reaction from the bear.

    • Not in Anchorage. He is a good mirror of the population.

      He didn’t get elected in a vacuum.

    • No she won’t, Dreck. Because it will never happen. Either the mayor vetoes the proposal if passed, or mass non-compliance renders it moot if the lunatics on the ass-embly manage to obtain a supermajority to override his veto. In any event, even it the mandate passes, the mayor will block enforcement of the putative mandate, again rendering it null and void.
      I hope the latter happens — it would be priceless to hear the howls of sputtering, nonsensical outrage from the Anchorage Ass-embly “Marxist Nine”.

      • On the topic of mass non-compliance have any of you been noticing what’s become normal at sports stadiums all across the country?

        It’s a very uncomplimentary chant indicating that many Americans are displeased with Mr. Biden’s dreck.

        Here’s a youtube example and I’ve made it inoperable directly so that Suzanne didn’t have unnecessary traffic routed through her server. To make it work add the 3rd “w” back in such that it reads www instead of ww and then paste it in as a web address on a fresh browser page.

        I’d also suggest that you may not want to play this video within earshot of sensitive listeners.

    • Derek gets extra credit with his UAA woke professors for his ignorant troll comments. Your professors and libe buddies won’t tell you this Derek but chronic long term marijuana use will make you stupidier and delusional as time passes. Most of us conservatives have sat back and watched this from afar for decades now.

    • None of us employers or citizens need to comply or even acknowledge this usurpation of authority. There is no manner to comply oneself out of tyranny. You woke lefties are like yapping, leg humping dogs, annoying, but soon to be kicked to the curb.

    • Oh I’m confused, I thought his name is Deek, and he doesn’t realize that the tax paying, business owning and hard working citizens have had more than enough of these shenanigans. If he does not understand that Anchorage is going to forget the tyrannical and fraudulent activities from this, group of elected public officials, he’s mistaken. Where’s Berky hiding these days?

      • So is it Deek, Derek or Dreck?? And does it matter? ???
        Yes! Where is BerkBoy? Come out, Come out wherever you are!

  10. What a circus this assembly has been, creating strife and division seems to be their mantra. Instead of public servants they seemed to have elevated themselves into godlike figures. “thou shalt weareth thine mask”, “thou shalt not look upon me with disdain”, “thou shalt grovel”.

    • The “circus “of this assembly may have created strife and division….., like you said, but it has REUNITED ANCHORAGE-ITES MORE THEN EVER.

  11. Liberals and especially deviants are Godless.
    Their god is hedonism and their worship knows no bounds.
    It’s why they have no moral or ethical boundaries and the biggest reason they should never be in control of others.

  12. Well let’s see. The atheists murdered 150,000,000 in the last century. I wonder how many they plan on murdering in the 21st Century? Maybe we could ask Mr. Constant?

  13. In the declaration of creation of a nation, a one time event, our unalienable rights are declared to be from God (not “government”). A man with no acknowledgement of God or God-given rights of other freemen would have no manly firmness in securing same. That, there is our problem. He thinks it’s his right to walk tyrranically over all our rights to even grunt in a tone he doesn’t prefer. He is is own God. I do not share his special privileges and I do not worship him or his fellow super citizens reverence of his own untainted (by others) whims, and social refinements like monarchs do. That will be a “no” liberty choice to have self-worshippers in public service.

    • The founding documents I did not write. Definitely they declare our unalienable rights are from God. Our nation was declared a Christian one. It was then; it still is.

  14. I’m an agnostic atheist. I’m also an American nationalist and served in the military honorably. My views are mostly republican and independent. Please don’t throw a blanket over “godless” individuals as being liberals!

    The U.S. is NOT a Christian Nation. We are a secular nation with the freedom of religion.

    • We don’t even have a legal official language. It’s too bad that new Americans are stricken with presentism. It’s like Germany in 1933, burning books. I imagine in 50 years all meat eaters will be demonized. They’ll say you ate an animal that has eyes, and intelligence. You could of just eaten the impossible whopper!
      Plant based, genetically modified or replicated in some way… let’s tear down all the presidential libraries, they were all “meat eaters”!!

  15. I know it sounds easy to blame the “godless” with our deteriorating state. But really it’s more complex than that.

    • My grandfather’s life was very hard but simple too. Simple in that he knew exactly what he had to do. Nowadays, kids are shadowed with automation and overpopulation and awful schooling and real uncertainty.
      Hard to empathize but I think they’re soft.

        • And here we have the atheist narcissist jabbering away to himself by himself on a public forum. Good grief. Sir, I cannot tell if you are loonytoons or just drunk.

  16. At least it will be easy to know what side you are on.
    Wear a mask, the dark side.
    Don’t wear a mask, the right side.
    Feeble minded – allow BigPharma and The State access to your body because you fell for the state sponsored and MSM supported propaganda.
    Strong minded – (PHD’s are the least vaxxed segment of our society) continue to say, “NO” to The State and Big Corporations that want to usurp your bodily autonomy.
    Folks, this won’t end well.
    Wake up Sheeple.

  17. Surprised Constant didn’t burst into flames trying to say the pledge.

    Happy Anchorage? You keep electing this man.

  18. Oh boy, he is a real tool!
    Why did we let these left wing-nuts get into a position of power?
    I feel shame and am not happy with the Anchorage I grew up in!

    • Because the conservatives ignored the local andstate elections and allowed this to happen. Most of the states local assemblies bleed blue. Look at the ones in Palmer up for recall.

    • Those watching the communication styles before us often do not hear the background sounds. They are hardly audible “grunts” ergo not problematic. Then!!!!! The crescendo!!!! Clashing symbols!!!! Constant takes over complete with spotlight and the camera, all eyes and ears pivot and the heartbeats quicken and we collectively gasp (“There, that’s better.”)

      For no particular reason except someone needs the spotlight again. Let’s make Zaletel show up for a change and hold her paycheck until she shows up and ask Constant to stay home for one day for punishment for hogging the spotlight.

      “It’s a stage! But, it’s a stage!.” I believe he is calling for undue honor to himself. It’s not in your emolument. We are sharing the tough times with you. Just saying what we’re seeing.

  19. Feel sorry for the poor fool…
    Acts like he doesn’t want God in his life, that’s lonesomeness nothing in this world can fill, no matter how hard the owner tries to hide it. Party’s over, audience leaves, he’s alone, he knows it.
    Wouldn’t wish that on anybody.
    Can’t be mad at Chris, can pray the boy realizes Who’s been just outside his door the whole time and lets Him in.

    • Not everyone can swallow the story of a magical dead jew and many of us don’t feel the need for a benevolent invisible father figure in the sky. I’m sure Mr. Constant can swallow many things but one of them does not need to be your god.

      • Good news is deglutition is unnecessary for one to believe in a Creator.
        Sure and many of us carry on as if we don’t feel the need for a benevolent, invisible father figure in the sky… until we do.
        Fellow human being acting like something’s not working for him anymore, seems neighborly to pause the political vitriol for a moment, give a bit of thought to what else might be happening.
        Probably nothing at all, but (no right or wrong answer) is that momentary insight for a fellow human not the difference between the self one likes and the self one does not?

          • Actually, I am persuasive, articulate and wise due to many decades of human experience having migrated through scholastic endeavors, found a lifetime mate, guided our progeny through Anchorage education mazes, gazed with amazement at many social fads and physical acts of God in Alaska. Because of your youth, gender and culture you have an unchecked hobby of twisting what well meaning others say. Take it or leave it. I don’t care. You are a young male with all the filters of your unique culture.

  20. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.“ John Adams

  21. I don’t see why this is so difficult to understand. Firstly, if you’re homosexual you cannot have traditional religious views and once you step slightly away from traditional religious views it’s very easy to step completely away.
    Secondly, I am not religious (although I don’t share Mr. Constant’s male on male preferences I also don’t find it an interesting aspect) and I’ve never said the pledge of allegiance, not even as a school kid. It’s a stupid little chant aimed at polarizing complete dullards. If you like the chant; more power to you. Expecting that he should not have an issue with it would be unreasonable.

    • Polarizing? If you would learn it, you would know that almost every word is unifying. People are naturally tribal and to make us better and more cohesive, pledges, mottos, symbols and such are used to accomplish that. It is no different than the collectivism and team work at high school and college at sports and competitions, the fanaticism of pro sports and wanting to belong by wearing their apparel, military branch chest beating for what branch is better than the other and chanting their mottos, or competitive businesses challenging one another with better sales and performance. Unifying under our best qualities as a nation brings out pride, dignity and top performance. That was until our schools and politicians destroyed pride in our nation through brainwashing and shaming which you have seemed to fall victim to.

      • No Sir… I have not fallen victim to anything.
        The issue is simple and it is that if (siting your example) you’re a the kind of person that likes to root for ‘your’ team, you may be the perfect individual to adopt and repeat mindlessly nonsensical dreck. If on the other hand you’re a thinking individual, analyzing that which others would request you say may be normal for you.
        At that point an analytical person would have done a little research, realized that the initial version was written by a warmonger that wanted to teach children and immigrants to mindlessly follow a flag and that the final version was written by a religious nutter that wants to insert his god into everything.
        I see the need to adopt neither of their views and simply prefer to think for myself. If that’s not for you, more power to you but it remains true that the pledge is aimed at simplistic patriots and a religious nutters. Outside of that special recipe lies skepticism, analysis and thought. I do understand that that’s not for everyone.

        • TB, it’s unfortunate that you believe that by being part of something greater than yourself is being both a victim and mindless, neither which are true. This Country wasn’t designed by the founding fathers to create automatons, and they stated such. How is showing allegiance keeping you from thinking for yourself? Your biased opinion of the origins for the Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t negate the goodness it serves.
          Who are you to judge those you have never met and know only of the stories that are told? Every person in time remembered today for accomplishments that are historically noteworthy are flawed, except Jesus. Does the flaws of a person counter all the good that person accomplished? You think that just by believing in God that people are flawed. I am thankful that you and the like don’t set the standards for what is good and bad.
          The originator of the Pledge of Allegiance, Francis Bellamy, may have been a flawed man, but as a Baptist Minister, I hardly think he was a war monger, socialist or not.
          Louis C. Rabaut, a lawyer and US Representative, added God to the Pledge, I hardly think he was a “religious nutter”. Belief in God doesn’t make a person insane, but narcissism and self idolatry does.
          You have a very skewed view of life. One doesn’t loose the ability to be skeptical when they pledge to be part of something greater than themselves, nor does it make them simplistic.
          I am old enough to have grown up in school saying ( not mindlessly regurgitating) the Pledge of Allegiance everyday at the beginning of school, from 1st grade and up. The sense of Patriotism for this Country was much, much greater in those days, being called a communist was definitely fighting words. At least half of those in school I would also see in Church on Sundays also being part of something greater than ourselves and certainly not as mindless automatons. Money, adult toys, competing with the Jones’s and self consumption didn’t make up our neighborhoods in those days like it does now, it was Love of God, Love of Family and Love of Country. Today we are so divided because we have no pride in our Country, a severe loss of morality and an ever growing godlessness. Like you, many people have imprisoned themselves in self-absorption, disdaining the thought that you aren’t the center of the universe and that your self righteousness opinions are fact. It is for certain that as this attitude grows, as does the detriment of society grows. And to that, I will leave you with your Pledge of Self-reliance.

          • The original version was by Mr. Balch; he was a war monger. It was subsequently tweaked multiple times, curiously each time by religious nutters.
            You miss a key component in your perspective and it is that there is not and has never been any indication that christian religious views are anything other than a complete fabrication; that’s why it requires faith. A skeptical individual would find that any concept can be accepted if one has faith. You could swear that pigs could fly if you had faith that it were so. You wouldn’t be able to convince an analytical person of that though.
            I don’t deny you your views but I would suggest that you are actually an atheist. There are more than 1000 religions in the world and you are an atheist to all but one. Is Hanuman the Monkey God real to you? Of course not… but he’s as real as the bronze age comic book you point to as a document all must accept for no other reason than that you do.
            Man has learned many things through science that have allowed us to live better. Man has not learned anything from religious adherence to an archaic doctrine. Want an example?
            What’s the likelihood that Moses may have come off the mountain w/ a fresh set of stone tablets and read to the gathered chosen people and gotten to the 10th and been shocked by the revelation? Can you hear the moans of discention in the background? “Oh man… and we just had a major bacchanal on the books for tonight! I had my neighbor’s wife in mind and tonight would be my night!”
            No. It is your inherent goodness that keeps you from poking around and without that inherent goodness no amount of stone tablet / old geezer admonition is going to put your interests in check.
            It’s ok if you believe and no one’s saying you can’t. It would be crazy to think that the more objective among us will ever swallow such nonsense though.

        • God forbid that we should Pledge to unify under the thought of mindless goodness. That would certainly take away from my analytical ability to think for myself.

        • TB, Thanks for the partially correct history lesson even though it seems your assessment of of George Balch as a war monger is incorrect, unless serving in the military makes you a war monger. Captain Balch served with honor.
          Your entire premise leans on people being inherently good. I disagree with that premise. Being good is a learned trait. From birth, people are self centered, their entire world revolves around themselves and what they need to survive. If left to survive without the guidance of civility and morality, the entire world would look like Lord of the Flies.
          What I can imagine about Moses’s climb up Sinai is that his journey was necessary and driven by testimony that the chosen people had descended into a state of narcissism brought on by their newly found freedom that they took sinfully too far. Without moral rules and established punitive actions, they stole, murdered, lied, falsely idolized, partook in orgies, cheated, all which are for personal gain as is the root of all sins.
          Just so you know, all Christian societies used the 10 Commandments as a foundation for the laws they established. Even most other non Christian societies had something to the same effect. If man was naturally good there wouldn’t have been a need for them.
          Your argument that I am atheist because I don’t follow the beliefs of other religions is ignorant. Most societies belief in a higher authority. The nuances of deity existence amongst the various religions doesn’t have to be disregarded to be a faithful Christian. I was raised in a Christian culture and therefore believe in the truth of Christianity. However, I do respect other cultural religions and believe that most other religions betters a societies morality and strive to hold man, who tends to drift towards sin, to a higher standard than most are willing to hold themselves to if left to their own judgement. Atheism is the belief that deities do not exist, not a definition that defines me at all, so your accusation is uneducated at best.

          • “…so your accusation is uneducated at best.”
            Time squandered learning about a 2000 year old novel with a premise that’s been responsible for more death, ethnic cleansing, killing, and division than any other influence in the history of the world should never be confused with education. Interesting to hear that as a religious man you’d extend a professional courtesy to the adherents of monkey gods and others, likely because the Spaniards botched up the chance to go all out old testament on heretics.
            You had a strong perspective on the pledge and analytical thought that was also addressed by Mr. Carlin. He said that governments don’t want an intelligent population because people that think critically can’t be ruled. They want a populace that’s just smart enough to keep the machine running yet dumb enough to keep paying taxes and voting.
            No doubt you don’t see yourself in that mix.

    • You may be on to something there trouser. Let’s break this down shall we? I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Isn’t the most recent thing that black folks want to change is our nation’s flag? They come up with their own national anthem. And to the Republic for which it stands. Terrorizing members of the Republic such as BLM does, and defying the rule of law could arguably not be pledging allegiance to the Republic. One nation under God. Attendance at churches around the nation is at an all-time low. Many blacks are turning to other religions or none at all. If you believe in a supreme being then obviously one nation, in fact All Nations are under God but if you believe our existence is the result of some unexplained scientific phenomena, then you may have an issue with the pledge in it’s current form. Obviously our nation is dividible. Usually the only time it is together is during times of war. Americans have a short memory liberty and justice for all. What exactly does that mean? Does everyone have the Liberty not to follow laws or make up their own definition to suit their own purposes? When the colonists were liberated from the monarchy, it was about Fair taxes, freedom of religion and I assume that meant you didn’t have to participate if you didn’t want to. Justice for all ……. Well we know that’s not true don’t we. Bill Clinton and Hillary aren’t in jail. Kennedy didn’t go to jail for stealing the election from Nixon. Justice means Justice for those that have been harmed and the perpetrators have been punished. Sometimes Justice is fallible if you have a large enough bank account. Sometimes Justice isn’t obtainable if a judge decides the punishment currently on the books is too harsh and plea bargains the lesser sentence. I think that was added as a feel good phrase to make everybody think that it was going to be fair from now on which it never has been. So instead of blindly following the pledge of allegiance without truly understanding what it means and the hypocrisy involved in it, we would all do better to take a step back and reflect on how it applies to us or how it doesn’t.

      • Man, Fork… I have no idea what black folks want. Truly. I thought I may have at one point but once the death of drug addicted woman beaters became celebrated nationally by looting retail businesses it occurred to me I had missed a meeting. Now on the rare occasion that I see a BLM sign the message it conveys is that I would probably dislike that person intensely.

  22. The Pledge was first written in 1892 and the words “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” worked just fine for Val Americans through WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. The word God did not appear until 1954.

    Demanding that any elected official affirm God contradicts the clearly expressed sentiment and still extant words of Article V of the United States Constitution which reads in part:

    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

    • True, but let’s re-aim your focus a smidgen.

      You’re pledging allegiance to a flag, and to its republic. It is the republic that is 1) one nation, 2) under God and 3) indivisible.

      “Under God” describes the republic. You are expressing fidelity and loyalty to that republic, not to God.

  23. My apologies for him. I live in his district and there are very few here that are conservative. We are a very diverse neighborhood. Which was done on purpose, like they are doing all over the place to get more demons elected. I try to wake up who I can, but we all get along regardless of our politics as it should be. But there are a lot that do not care or pay attention that their rights are going away, that they were given when they moved here and with mail in ballots he and others will be there. As I can not in my 17 years remember a conservative voice from our area North MTN VIEW we are also tied into downtown. Again my apologies for this ignorant piece of ____! Give them h— Bernadette, dang what a spit fire.

  24. How ironic that Christopher Constant, with a given name derived from Christ, refuses to acknowledge the presence of God in our country’s pledge of allegiance. Surely religious fidelity is one’s own prerogative. However, if one finds aspects of religion incompatible with one’s name then change your name.

  25. People may not like it. It is what the founding documents say. I didn’t write the words on the documents. It is what our country is founded upon. Our God-given rights are the law.

    • “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…”

      John Adams

      • Also by John Adams, ca. 1798

        “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

        The country is not founded on Christianity, but moral/Christian people are best suited for its form of governance.

  26. So, don’t say “Under God!” Mr. Constant!!!! Stop trying to stir up —-! Stop trying to push your agenda! Those of us that believe in God have a right to keep what we love about this country!

  27. US federal law; Title 4, section 4 “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

    US federal law, Public Law 84-851, 84th US Congress, 2nd Session, (1956) Joint Resolution, that the national motto of the United States is hereby declared to be “In God we trust.”

    US federal law, Public Law 84-140, 69 Stat. 290, July 11, 1955, official title – An Act to provide that all United States currency shall bear the inscription “”In God We Trust.”

    • It’s unfortunate though, that our current politicians and half the population don’t believe in facts or or our laws. It all part of the destroy the United States to “Build Back Better”, the Marxist Corporate Agenda, and God is not part of their plan.

  28. Is there a chance Constant could like find a new obsession? Like antique cars? Anything besides “You in the black sweatshirt and bun! YOU have been grunting offensively! You’ve been warned!” This is a meeting of your peers and superiors to assemble and speak together and occasionally to you. Hint, it is our form of government. Please calm yourself..

  29. We don’t have enquiries of the ministry of library deportment enforcement department among the freemen of Anchorage oddly enough. Thankfully. Thanks anyways.

  30. There is no GOD in the thing called chris constant, only evil, envy and hate. See how easy it was to fix that chris ?

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