Golden Lion Hotel finds new life: Anchorage stands up monoclonal antibody center


On Tuesday, Mayor Dave Bronson announced that the Municipality of Anchorage, in partnership with WEKA Medical, has started a new Covid-19 treatment center to provide vaccinations, testing, and monoclonal antibody (mAb) treatments.

“This will drastically increase our capacity to fight against the COVID-19 virus,” Bronson said. “We are doing everything we can to increase treatments for the citizens of Anchorage.”

The Covid-19 Treatment Center will be inside the former Golden Lion Hotel, 1000 E. 36th Avenue, a Municipality of Anchorage owned building. The building was purchased by the former mayor and Assembly, using proceeds from the sale of ML&P. Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and the Assembly instead wanted the hotel to be used for drug treatment for addicts.

Instead, at the direction of the mayor, the private provider WEKA will use the facility to provide vaccinations, testing, and monoclonal treatments for Covid infections. The facility will have the capacity to treat hundreds of patients per week. This new location will significantly increase treatment capacity in Anchorage, Bronson said.

Another mAb treatment center, operated by Fairweather in conjunction with the State of Alaska, is located in Tikahtnu Commons at 1142 N. Muldoon Rd.

More information about mAb treatment locations, including scheduling an appointment, can be found at antibodies | Coronavirus Response Anchorage (

Monoclonal antibody treatments are recommended by the Infections Disease Society of America and the National Institutes of Health. Monoclonal antibodies help the immune system recognize and respond more effectively to the Covid-19 virus. The treatment can prevent severe symptoms and hospitalization. The treatment is available regardless of vaccination status.  

The center is open now. People need to register at the link above.

Background on the Golden Lion Hotel purchase in 2020:

Monoclonal antibodies were approved for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration last year.

Read: more about the treatment at the FDA at this link.


  1. Mayr Bronson is leading this city like an adult, unlike the liberal scum that was hell bent on destroying it over the last 6 years. A real leader for Anchorage, how refreshing.

  2. Finally some good news. Now, if we could purchase pennies per pill Ivermectin, that has helped millions of people including those in India, Africa, and Pakistan, we could get on with our lives and stimulate the sagging economy….

      • India would like a word. After instituting prophylactic use of Ivermectin, they have nearly eliminated COVID cases and, subsequently, deaths related to COVID. They are now suing the WHO for recommending against the preventative use of Ivermectin.
        Even in Brazil, the cities of Porto Felize, Belem, Itajaí and Fortaleza treated SARS-CoV-2 with Ivermectin. While early intervention saw case rates remain steady, they saw a dramatic decrease in deaths.
        Argentina, Paraguay and Peru have seen similar success in reducing deaths from COVID with early intervention use of Ivermectin.

        • India stopped using Ivermectin in August. It was delisted as a part of their home regimen, because it did not work.

          It was mentioned many times in September.

          Nothing wrong with trying existing drugs, just as there is nothing wrong with stopping their deployment once it is determined is does not work.

          • So why does the India Bar Association still think they have a case against the WHO doctor that discouraged its use? And why did that doctor remove her tweet discouraging it after getting blow back? Wasn’t her research solid enough for her to leave it up?

            There is a lot of things going on here, but one thing is consistent. The medical establishment wants to squash ivermectin by any means possible, including calling it horse medicine which is by definition “misinformation”.

            There is a whole series of news articles that does in depth reporting about what happened in India and how the media stopped reporting on India, and when the use of ivermectin was pulled and then reintroduced and then pulled again: https://www. thedesertreview. com/ opinion/columnists/indias-ivermectin-blackout—part-v-the-secret-revealed/article_9a37d9a8-1fb2-11ec-a94b-47343582647b.html

          • The ICMR’s exclusion of Ivermectin from the recommendation was a caving to political interests, and to fall more in line with the FDA and the EMA because Ivermectin is not classed as an anti-viral.
            The recovery rate of those in India with COVID has increased to 98.7% in 33 districts which deployed Ivermectin and Doxycycline . Many of those same districts declared themselves COVID free in September.
            India’s government is in the process of suing the WHO over their early exclusion of Ivermectin. They wouldn’t be doing that if it was a failure.

      • Oh, you mean look up the latest hit piece that all news outlets got a memo about from FDA so they can parrot the same rhetoric? How well did remdisivir do? And how safe is it compared to any other treatment? Look up the 2019 ebola study and how they pulled remdisivir from the study because it wasn’t effective at all and actually killed someone in the study, yet that is what the FDA approved while they scared people about using a drug that has been used billions and billions of times.

          • It’s a glaring double standard and a clear indicator of the conflict of interest coming out of the fda that has 46% of its funding coming from the companies it’s supposed to be policing. Not only that, one of the people that approved the moderna vaccine literally left the fda to work for moderna the moment he approved it for emergency use. If a gop member did something like that, what would you be saying? Honest question.

    • Ah yes, because those Third World countries are so good at everything else they do, we should follow their science?! To repeat an oft used Republican slogan…if you like them so much, why don’t you move there?

  3. The citizens of Anchorage are finding new life as the efforts of this new mayor and his administration are finding ways of righting the long list of wrongs done by the far left of this assembly and the former far left Mayor…..

  4. Wow, I thought the socialist assembly bought the Golden Lion for the homeless. No Plan, probably just got a pocket full of money for themselves Thank You Mayor Bronson.

  5. Would you look at that. Actual covid funds used for actual covid. Now that’s how it’s done. And those at the assembly and those unhinged low information voters attending the assembly meetings and shrieking that nothing is being done about covid by the mayor are left with egg all over their collective faces.

    • Because it doesn’t work.

      India stopped using it in August.

      Brazil stopped using it in June.

      Ivermectin is available in the USA, and is very cheap, just not for uses that provide no benefit.

      • FALSE. You’re regurgitating lies and propaganda that you allow yourself to be fed so you can wallow in your hatred and death fantasies of your fellow human beings.

  6. First the good news coming out 99 plus 1 , now the second good news this covid 19 treatment center.
    Bronson Administration will be successful even without the nine Assembly members support. Although! Be much better if the 9 were humbled so they, too, can share in the good harvest coming out of Bronson’s years.

    The little boy last night was right, “there is a reason why That Mayor seat sits Dave Bronson and not Forrest Dunbar.”

  7. This is a good use for that white elephant. Bronson really is the adult in the room.

    Are you watching, Dunleavy? This is what leadership looks like.

  8. We used remdesivir exclusively and stockpiled it and didn’t share it with other countries until late October 2020. Fauci knew it was a junk treatment because it was already considered useless and harmful in a 2019 ebola study that he knew about. And we he had the most amount of deaths in the world… In that same 2019 study, they found that regeneron, one of the monoclonal antibody treatments now finally being used, was very useful. It got approval in November 2020. Anybody else seeing the significance of this, especially with the timeline? Fauci needs to be in an international prison for life.

      • Thank you! I know of a doc that said she was working with a group of docs trying to figure out why Covid was affecting kidneys so much. Apparently the FDA didn’t tell them that a 2019 study already discovered remdesivir can cause renal failure. It’s hard to believe that Fauci would have purposefully made patients die of renal failure, which causes pneumonia that is hard to distinguish from Covid related issues, but it sure looks that way. I’m sure he wasn’t acting alone either… He did the same exact thing with HIV/AIDS. I don’t understand why the medical establishment won’t put this guy’s feet to the fire, at the very least.

    • So, you won’t get the FDA approved “experimental” vaccine, but you’ll let them pump you full of FDA emergency approval, experimental (for Covid), mouse/rat derived proteins? You won’t get the Faucci/NIH approved vaccine, but the Faucci/NIH approved monoclonal antibodies is AOK? The mRNA technology is bad, but recombinant DNA technology good? Really would like your great wisdom on this issue so I can sort out my many friends that seem to ‘parrot’ Faucci/NIH/CDC/American science. You seem like somebody who knows what they’re talking about. You wouldn’t spout nonsense and get somebody killed…would you?

    • The are engineered synthetic antibodies, of course they change your immune system.

      The change your immune system to respond to the viral infection that it is not accustomed to dealing with.

      Vaccines change your immune system, for the better, mABs change your immune system for the better. Anti-viral medicines change your immune system for the better.

      Viruses, change your immune system… and not for the better.

        • Don’t worry Fire, I am fine with disagreeing or laying out my viewpoints and opinions, which I will happily adjust as new information arrives in.

          Not sourcing any of my information from mainstream propaganda media, just a fan of science.

          Cringe all you want, it has absolutely zero impact on me. One thing I will not do, is cave into online mob mentality or silence myself because I have a different view.

          I’m on this site because historically I have aligned with many viewpoints of the blog and groups. Yes the pandemic is a topic that I disagree with a lot of folks on here on, and thats okay.

          As a fan of science, with zero use for religion, and yet very envious of people with faith, I am going to voice my viewpoints, no matter how cringey you find it.

          Deal with it, or dont.

          • I was just like you Matt. Agnostic though a cradle Catholic. It look a long severe illness that almost killed me to find God. I should say to surrender to God because for me that’s what it was. There was no miracle in the sense of angels with harps appearing. I didn’t ask God to save my life anymore. I just surrended my life and will to him completely. The miracle is truly is that God is waiting for each and every single one of us right now. I was not attending church during this time. I did not suddenly become a saint. I am still full of vinegar and do things I shouldn’t. I still have fear. By some standards I would not be considered a good Christian. But God seems to be always with me in a way that is unexplainable even more than a decade later. I truly hope you may experience God coming into your life one day. I mean that.

  9. It’s an emergency use experimental treatment too. Do your research. Lots of experimenting going on since the Vid, maybe that’s by design or maybe our government is just that good. We will know for sure in a few years.

  10. New life? What happened to selling it on day 1? Mayor Bronson not living up to his word, instead of selling like he promised he is using it to push the scamdemic. Put it up for sale!

  11. Went there today, nice operation and great people working it. Lots of folks going through there, most vaccinate breakthrough cases. Some not of course. I know 8 who have done this, to a T they are much, much better. Ill know in 24 hrs.
    Thank you Dave Bronson and all the people working there.

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