Testimony Tuesday: The public continues to tell the Assembly to stop its mask mandate


A retired nurse told the Anchorage Assembly that the masks the general public is wearing, and the way they are wearing them, is completely ineffective in stopping the spread of the Covid-19 virus. They must be replaced constantly if they are to do any good, and also must be replaced after they are touched. The only possibly effective mask for the public is an N-95 mask, and those are very difficult to wear, but the same rules apply — no touching.

A chiropractor, and Air Force veteran told the Assembly that the last mask mandate pitted people against each other and made the community hostile.

“It’s unacceptable to pit people against each other and it’s unnecessary. there are a minimum of 12 studies that show, pre-pandemic and during the pandemic that masks don’t work. I’ve said this before. I’ve showed you the science. You didn’t want to listen to me,” he said. Austria instituted a mask mandate in April of 2020, but by that fall the virus was surging, even with the mandate, he said. Coronaviruses run rampant in the fall typically, he added.

Natural immunity, monoclonal antibodies, Vitamin D, Ivermectin, Quercetin, are the appropriate treatment for many, he said.

Dozens of Anchorage residents lined up to testify for the fourth night.

A retired construction worker explained that masks don’t work for men with facial hair. Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance cut him short when he started to say that anyone condoning homosexual lifestyles is not in a position to comment on people’s health practices. LaFrance would not let him finish his statement, curtailing his right to petition the government. He had not been allowed to complete his three minutes permitted at the podium.

A mother from Rabbit Creek said her 6-year-old son, who has asthma, was separated from the rest of his class because he wears a face shield due to the difficulty of breathing with a surgical mask, and put into an empty classroom by himself.

“That sounds like abuse, not accommodation,” the woman said. “You’ve given overzealous authority to mask-wielding psychopaths to chase people down in public places in order to harass, bully, and discriminate against them, all in the name of doing the right thing,” she said.

“If it is truly about health … then shut down the fast food … close the grocery aisles where the cookies are, make everyone get out and walk 30 minutes a day,” another woman told the Assembly. “This is about control, not health.”

An Alaska Native contractor told the Assembly that doing heavy work and wearing a mask is unreasonable. “And if I don’t wear a mask, you’re going to take my money from me, fine me as a business owner? Must I remind you, we’ve already been doing this. I walked through the stores of Anchorage and was judged for not wearing a mask … I already was threatened physically in public multiple times for not wearing a mask. I already experienced my mother going blind even though a doctor told her she should not wear a mask, because your mandates forced her to wear a mask at work,” he said. He mentioned the increase in youth suicide, and children deprived of sensory experiences. “I did not comply the first time, and I’m so happy to see the community will not comply this time.”

Assemblywoman Austin Quinn-Davidson, who no longer appears in person at Assembly meetings due to her fear of Covid, interrupted the testimony repeatedly to say that it was not relevant. Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance returned to her habit of admonishing the crowd for clapping, telling them they were being disruptive.

When Mayor Dave Bronson asked testifier Elizabeth Walsh who on the Assembly was qualified to make health decisions for her, she replied, “None of them, Mr. Mayor.” Chair LaFrance scolded the mayor and said his question was out of order, to the audible derision of the crowd in the Loussac Library.

Assemblyman Chris Constant continued his practice of pointing out people in the audience that he didn’t like, due to their loud vocalizations. Assemblywoman Jamie Allard said he appeared to be practicing intimidation.

Nate Paulsen testified, “I see through this ordinance and I think Anchorage will see through this ordinance … It is a set up for smearing mayor in case he does not enforce it. We the people elected the ‘end the mandate guy’ for a reason. The majority has spoken. To the Assembly members from District 4 and 5 who introduced this ordinance, the will of the people is against you.”

About midway through the evening, the testimony, which began a week ago Tuesday, was about 140 against the mask ordinance, to 32 in favor of it. The Assembly has also received much written and email testimony.

When Dr. Russell Biggs approached the microphone to testify, Assemblyman Constant walked out of the room.

Biggs, the author of the recall petitions against Assemblyman Felix Rivera and Meg Zaletel, spoke as a 20-year physician, many of those years working with critically ill cardiac patients. He worked in infectious disease control in the Harris County Jail in Texas.

Biggs spoke about the mandates in general and the blatant political leverage the Assembly has used to misuse millions of dollars of federal CARES Act money. Although he didn’t talk about the science of masks, he noted that fully vaccinated, fully masked members of the Assembly (Zaletel, Quinn-Davidson, Petersen, Rivera, and Perez-Verdia) are so afraid of the virus they can no longer show up at meetings to face the public.

“It is duplicitous and cynical and signals that the best, most effective measures available are either never enough or that our elected leaders are craven opportunists who are politicizing a public health emergency for political advantage,” he said.

As the Assembly paused for a break the large crowd broke into a chant, “We will not comply! We will not comply!” about 15 times.


  1. They’ll pass it anyway, and the mayor will veto it. It’s a power play, that is all. The ASSembly already knows that masks do little or nothing to stop COVID, but they do not care because they really want two things:
    1.) control;
    2.) Mayor Bronson to fail
    I hope Anchoragites continue to give them hell. They deserve upon themselves the kind of treatment the left is known for giving conservatives- or even fellow Democrats- such as Kyrsten Sinema.
    If you give them an inch, Anchorage, they will take a mile, and they’ve already taken enough from you and from the rest of Alaska. These people are pure evil.

    • Don’t take the black pill. We are witnessing an awakening of the people unlike what we have ever seen before. Savor this moment, the show will continue.

    • You are correct, Steve. It is in no way hyperbole to state that the Marxist Nine on the Anchorage Assembly are pure evil. I recognized that fact a long while ago, and have stated it here and elsewhere many times.
      If those evil lunatics do pass the mask mandate, though (and I may go to the meeting tomorrow to tell them this personally, despite being overwhelmed with work at the moment), they will simply trigger such a movement of mass public non-compliance this time around that it will simply make a mockery of, and nullify, their efforts to shove their authoritarian, virtue-signaling BS down our throats. I would RELISH going into public without a mask under their mandate! And anyway, Mayor Bronson will almost certainly refuse to enforce that mandate, and what recourse would those power-mad evil idiots have in that case? The entire spectacle is a farce.

  2. I live in district 5. I have no representation. One authoritarian can’t bother to show up and the other has no interest in what anyone from his district says unless they happen to drop the name of a renamed high school. It’s appalling. April can’t come soon enough.

  3. The Assembly has gone beyond Communism or Nazism at this point. They are absolutely out of control dictators. Dominion controls the elections so there is no choice but to resort to you know what

  4. So five of the nine don’t even have the respect or courtesy to show up? They can make things better for themselves by resigning, hermetically sealing their houses and emerge in 5 years or whenever they deem it safe.

    • If they are too afraid to appear in public, they should not be attempting to represent the public.

      I do not want fear to lead my city, I want freedom to lead my city.

    • Sapper, I hereby officially volunteer to help seal into their houses any assembly members who desire it. And the longer the period they wish to be sealed in, the harder I will work at it.

  5. Mass, peaceful, civil disobedience to the edicts of petty tyrants like the majority of this assembly, is an American tradition. There aren’t enough State or local police to enforce their stupidity. I have spoken to several police officers recently who all said they have better things to do & would as it is their discretion to ignore the irrational mask mandate of out of touch assembly members. A couple even came right out & said it’s simply a way to try & control people & cover the school boards behind that want masks in schools but dont want the political heat.

  6. A big “shout-out” to Providence for helping to create this bitter division in our community. I realize that the not-for-profit needs to make more money to pay its administrators.

    • It’s amazing how far down the rabbit hole the anti-vaxxers have gone. Who would have believed people would turn on doctors, nurses and the medical establishment, because they support a mask mandate to support public health. I guess you’d rather believe that those who’ve dedicated their lives to helping care for I’ll people are dishonest and deceitful, rather than admit you’ve been wrong wrong wrong about Covid, vaccines and horse deworming medicines. It doesn’t matter how many useless idiots show up to testify against the mask mandate because the majority of Anchorage residents support it. We just don’t care to go into the same room as yelling, unmasked nut jobs. But we’ve been sending emails to our assembly members, who have assured us that they will pass the mandate. It’s a good thing we don’t have any 5g cell towers in Anchorage or I am sure the right wing idiots would have torn it down (some people claim the development of 5G cellular caused the Covid pandemic).

      • Rick, if the majority of Anchorage residents supported the purely political and authoritarian mask mandate of Meg Zaletel and the other “Marxist Nine” on the Anchorage Assembly, then Mayor Bronson would never have been elected. You are wrong, wrong, wrong!

        Even in statist and degenerate Anchorage (proper), the majority rejects this kind of insanity and continued coercive virtue-signaling BS.

        As for your blind faith in doctors and nurses, they are simply human too, and have as much and as many political biases and agendas as anyone else — maybe more so, as they effectively hold positions of power greater than the average person’s. Your ignorance of this basic and obvious fact is striking, and goes a long way by itself in demonstrating your lack of intelligence and critical thinking ability.

      • Hyperbole. ‘If just one life is saved!’ By your logic we must lower the speed limit to 3mph ‘If just one life is saved!’ By your logic we must prohibit eating everything except plain lettuce put through a blender ‘If just one life is saved!’ No one should be allowed outside if there might be ice ‘If just one life is saved!’ Swimming pools, sports, running, bath tubs and all other dangerous things must be banned ‘If just one life is saved!’ That’s not living, that is existing. A pet mouse is perfectly safe in its cage, but spends its whole life trying to escape. Like a caged animal, I will fight for my freedoms as did my forefathers.

      • Talk to GCI about 5G cell towers. They’re all over Anchorage. They advertise it constantly. Yet, they’re still standing even though you’re so sure people who don’t think like you would have torn them down by now. See for yourself.

      • “I guess you’d rather believe that those who’ve dedicated their lives to helping care for I’ll people are dishonest and deceitful, rather than admit you’ve been wrong wrong wrong about Covid, vaccines and horse deworming medicines.”
        No. Not disbelieving them.
        Just acknowledging that they can be:
        1.) wrong
        2.) mistaken
        3.) biased
        4.) influenced by political pressure
        5.) outright lying.
        Just like every other human being out there.

        • Seldom do we make decisions based on 100% evidence or proof or certainty. We assess the best we can, we find sources of information we trust, we use the scientific method.

          That leads me to trusting Alaska’s health care professionals more than Josh Rogen or My Pillow Guy.

          • A coherent statement! Bravo! Now if you would just grant the same to those who trust other sources of information. For instance health care professionals who disagree with Providence, actual numbers and not hype, international studies and research, leading to different conclusions than yours. That’s what a respectful society does, Evan. Josh Rogen and Mike Lindell are entitled to their opinion, but it falls to everyone to evaluate the veracity of their claims.

          • that works for me.
            There is a MASSIVE difference between trust and blind trust. And, from what I am hearing, the “medical professionals” testifying in favor of the mandate are suffering from all the human frailties mentioned in my comment. Thus, their opinions are at best suspect.

      • So you have been assured that this will pass by assembly members??? Interesting…….Names please!
        5 nights of testimony and emails against this makes one pretty certain that the majority of Anchorage residents do NOT support this tyranny.

        • I have no doubt it will be passed. The public testimony against it is irrelevant in the eyes of the assembly members.
          This is not about masks, or COVID. It is about picking a fight with the Mayor. They want a veto, and they want to publicly and loudly override that veto.
          In this errr….. measuring contest, the Assembly seems to think they will win.
          And, they may win this battle, but the war is going to be fought next April.

          • You are no doubt correct in your assessment, but Rick here made a claim that “he was assured…”I want him to state publicly which assembly members gave him that assurance.

      • Your first, among perhaps others, error is to assume I am anti-vax. I was vaccinated quite early on and will have my booster within the week. I am not persuaded that the evidence in support of masks is clear enough to foist the threat of prosecution on everyone in the community. I have written elsewhere on these pages that I stopped giving blanket deference to the medical and scientific folks when they stopped giving reasons and evidence to support their opinions. The ADN recently published an analysis claiming that the Mayor’s analysis of the science on masks was both wrong and misinformation. The reporters cited three mask studies. I looked at two of the studies and concluded that they both fell far short of the kind of evidence necessary to support a mask mandate. IMO, the case for masks is marginal. Social distancing is probably much more important in preventing the spread of Covid. The leadership at Providence needs to accept responsibility for helping to create the bitter division in this community on masks. Have a nice day.

      • Wow Rick. You obviously haven’t comprehended anything said and you are truly bigoted and the reason why conservatives are afraid of what you guys intend to do next. Do you want to throw us in the ocean to see if we float like a witch? You really should make some friends that are capable of thinking differently than you because you, along with the assembly, are indeed in a rabbit hole of dangerous self validation. If there is anybody that can’t admit to any fault, it is clearly you as you speak in extreme hyperbole and falsehoods while you totally ignore the value of democracy. We haven’t been emailing our assembly as much because, as you have explained here, it is futile, so don’t be so quick to feel like you are in the majority when you are CLEARLY not.

        This ordinance allows neighbors to turn in neighbors and business owners to turn in other businesses for what is do on their own private property. It weaponizes the most vindictive and bigoted people in our community, much like Rick and this assembly, ALL RATIONAL PEOPLE, PLEASE EMAIL THIS ASSEMBLY CONSTANTLY SO WE CAN KNOCK OUT THE WEAK, SHALLOW, AND SIMPLE MINDED LAST LEG THEY ARE TRYING TO STAND ON BY BOASTING AN INVALIDATED COUNT OF EMAILS THAT REQUIRE NO COMMITMENT OR EFFORT. Two can play at that game, but it’s an irrational and immature game that many rational people probably won’t want to play.

        It doesn’t really matter though. If they pass this ordinance, it will only inspire more rational people to realize that they need to do the civic duty and make the sacrifice to run for assembly even though any rational person would never want to put themselves and their family through the torture of trying to work with this assembly that have no decency and wouldn’t have any standards if they didn’t have double standards.

  7. It’s stunning just how juvenile the Assembly is. This is the best liberal Anchorage has to offer?

    Time to end this charade. The ordinance will pass, Bronson will ignore it, and the out of state sponsored recall begins.

  8. What a show. Constant is so insecure that he cannot help but to tattle on the opposition. Then there was someone in a mask yelling at Allard and guess what? It was allowed. Constant continues to show he is not a representative of anyone but his own narcissism. His lust for control is probably a response to some trauma as a child and now he continues to attempt to fill his emptiness with the pursuit of power. He is not a man, but a wounded boy.
    I pray he sees the light one day. As for now, he should resign. I don’t want a child running my city!

  9. So, suffocate yourself with the mask so that we might put a ventilator on you later. And let us stab you before you go. Sounds like a lose, lose, lose situation to me.

  10. The Masked Avenger .- Juvenile is not the word for it. We will leave it up to own imaginations as to a word that is more fitting.

  11. Assembly members aren’t hiding at home because they’re afraid of covid.
    What they fear most is an actual case of masculinity now present in Chambers.
    Virility has them shaking in their boots, not a virus.

    • I don’t know about you but I have been tempted recently to try to get back to the literal 1776 republic’s Constitution. It took nearly two hundred years for the colonists complaining to the
      Monarch and Parliament and being rebuffed, insulted and disrespected to Declare: 1) Independence from; and
      2) War with England.
      The right to assemble is to meet and talk TO EACH OTHER to decide what we want to in what priority and instruct our servants to do. We have gotten to the point in Anchorage that our servants tell us we can’t make communicative sounds at the meeting. That is not Constitutional. The servants NEED an upgraded understanding that meetings are where the people talk among ourselves. It is THE REASON for the assemblage not where they threaten us how it’s going to be or they will infringe on our liberty illegally.

  12. This blog is just another source of misinformation for deluded vaccine deniers. Look around you Alaskans. Our hospitals are overflowing and we have the highest infection rates in the country as a direct result of the failed lead ship of our mayor and governor. We’ve had to spend the last week letting no-nothing idiots talk about how they’d rather take horse deworming medicine to fend off Covid rather than get a vaccine that has been proven safe and effective. Why is it these fools will happily receive doses of monoclonal antibodies when they get infected (at $2,000 per dose), when that therapy was developed around the same time as the vaccines? Why do they believe the antibodies have been proven safe, but not the vaccines? We should set up cots in the Sullivan arena and put anyone who needs medical care for Covid who did not get the vaccine to go there, so we can give our hospital beds to people who need and deserve them.

    • Ah, behold the loving, caring “tolerance” of the typical radical extremist leftist!
      Rick, the exaggerated fears, outright hysteria and sheer scientific denialism of all you corporate-media brainwashed Covidians are pathetic and sad, but contemptible as well. Our rights and freedom do not end where you hysteria and insanity begin.

    • Wow Rick! And does the government provide your housing too? Your food? Your healthcare? Care for your every need? Maybe you need a little bit of that masculinity Summer talks about and learn to take care of yourself.

    • “Our hospitals are overflowing”
      s?No, they are not. In fact, they are likely at the same level of use as they were before the panicdemic. Do you have any idea what percentage of the hospital beds must be full in order for the hospital to generate enough revenue for operations?
      “we have the highest infection rates in the country”
      Fallacy of small numbers
      “when that therapy was developed around the same time as the vaccines?”
      Really??? The COVID -19 vaccines were developed in the 1970s?
      Here’s a pro-tip. Do not assume you know anything when posting on a comment board. Research is your friend.
      “We should set up cots in the Sullivan arena and put anyone who needs medical care for Covid who did not get the vaccine to go there, so we can give our hospital beds to people who need and deserve them.”
      Oh, you mean create a field hospital? Just like the one created under the Berkowitz administration? You know, the one that went unused.

    • Rick, in case you did not know or have not kept up the assembly is considering a “ mask” mandate and not a vaccination mandate.
      And have you ever considered that maybe included in the tens of millions of people who have opposing opinions to yours that there are some that just maybe are as smart as you seem to think you are.
      Why be so hostile and mean spirited when debating these issues? Generally in any debate when a person gets personal and attacks the opposition it is because they do not have the facts on their side. Is that you?

    • Rick, why are opinions you do not like misinformation? Why are people who disagree with you (and CNN) no-nothing idiots? Who elected you to be the high and mighty arbiter of who deserves medical care and who does not?
      Good results are ALWAYS achieve when all are invited to the table and bring their unique insights and experiences to the whole. Sadly with all this suppression of information, we get circular arguments, no solutions and animosity towards those, who do not treat your “wisdom” as the holy gospel. We are all adults quite capable of evaluating information. We do not need Facebook, CNN, Twitter, ADN to digest it for us to “protect” our sensibilities. I suggest you get out of your bubble and read a bit more of that “misinformation” and you may actually learn something valuable. Joining the MRAK readership is an excellent start.
      As for setting up cots in the Sully…they are already there for the homeless. The emergency medical facility at the AK airline center never saw any use and was dismantled.

    • Wait, what? Vaccine proven safe and effective? Have you looked at the VAERS report? And it’s less than two years old. How can you possibly know that it’s safe? There are no long term studies at all. Hundreds upon hundreds (if not thousands) of time tested drugs prove extremely unsafe and even fatal years later when very long term effects show up. You don’t even know what’s in it. Informed consent could save your life but with this drug the informed part is missing. It’s still experimental. The FDA did not approve this one, it’s still experimental. They “approved” a drug called Comirnaty that has not been made yet.

  13. The assembly members up for re-election next year must either think the Anchorage people have a very short memory or they have the election in their pocket and no need for their votes. It’s obvious that the majority of Anchorage is not in favor of the mask and they don’t care what they think and don’t care about representing them. In a fair election that would spell the end of their political career, but with Soros, Dominion and the city clerk on your side, who needs to worry about all that.

  14. “Assemblywoman Austin Quinn-Davidson,… …interrupted the testimony repeatedly to say that it was not relevant.”
    How can anyone know what is relevant before the person gets to the point?
    Oh, that’s right. The Assembly members are much smarter than you are. Not only that, they can read your mind. They already know what you are about to say.

    • Interesting side note on AQD. When she was the faux-mayor I recall an article in the Anchorage Pravda that she had Covid in November and I seem to recall that she also got the vaccine. So here is a woman who should have double protection, yet still fears the virus. This irrational behavior alone should make her ineligible to vote on this issue and she should be urged to recuse herself.

      • This virus is the gift that just keeps on giving to the tin pot dictators and petty tyrants on the Assembly. Do not want to face the consequences of your actions? Hide because you are scared of COVID. Want to shut down testimony, close the assembly chambers to the public because COVID.
        For some reason, the toddlers on the Assembly actually think they are fooling the public. I find that amusing.

  15. So five Assembly members can just decide to not show up for meetings because of an irrational fear of contracting Covid & there are no consequences? Surely, the City Code must have a mechanism for removing them for dereliction of duty.

    • Another name for Constant is – Stink Eye, if You get the Constant Stink Eye You are out of there. Is it customary that a Sergeant at Arms sits on left of the Chair? By the way Chris, I could care less about your chosen Life Style and You should care less about mine.

  16. Two points;
    1. The assembly members that are claiming they won’t show up due to COVID fears, actually won’t show up because they are afraid of the public’s outrage. A rational person would think, “this public outrage might be a sign that we shouldn’t do what we are trying to do”. But they aren’t rational. They aren’t normal people.
    2. The point made, that this is a ploy by the assembly to blame its failure on Mayor Bronson, is accurate. They only want him to fail.
    This assembly is THE looniest assemblage of politicians ever. If they had any normal human decency, they would be embarrassed for their childish behavior. They are acting out against a society they hate because that society does not accept them.

  17. My concern is we are missing the mark a bit. What is the goal here? To belittle and shame less than adequate assembly members? To feel heard? Retaliation?

    It seems our primary goals should be to seek to uphold our freedoms, and to get some of these people out of office. But given the strange leftist political influence that seems to have permeated Anchorage, there are many that will need to be persuaded o vote for better candidates, as well as grasp the importance of individual freedom. Not sure that belligerence, caustic mockery, disruption, do not draw those on the fence over to the right side. Respect and sensible dialogue will. It sounds though like there have been some great testimonies and arguments but the media focuses on any bit of ‘bad’ behavior they can find. We literally have to meet a ‘higher standard’ and that is sadly reality until changes can be made.

    Believe me, I am as angry as any other person at those assembly meetings and would love nothing more than to give the very poor assembly representation a few choice words, and if I were there it would be so hard not to, but I am not sure that is moving us toward the important goal of getting these people out.

    • Very well said, Ms. Henry. However…. the right is slowly realizing we are fighting asymmetric warfare. The right tries to maintain decorum and have meaningful discussions to persuade people to our side. Meanwhile the left resorts to tactics like tearing down statues, “doxxing” their opposition, screaming obscenities in front of their homes, “canceling” them in the popular culture, confronting them in restaurants and ultimately, burning police precincts with officers still inside.
      Sadly, the time for thoughtful dialog is gone. The left killed it. They appear to respect one thing: power. The age-old Republican ideal of “holding the line” to prevent further erosion of society only results in erosion of society. It’s time to advance the conservative cause again.
      Let’s read again the last of the four stanzas of the Star Spangled Banner:
      Oh, thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
      Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
      Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land
      Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
      Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
      And this be our motto: “In God is our trust”:
      And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
      O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

      • I love that verse!!! Thanks for sharing it! Without asking permission, I sang it when I was asked to sing for our 4th of July parade in our village in NY years ago. The next year, I was invited to sing again, but asked not to sing the extra verse. Soon after, we moved out of communist NY to freedom in AK. Now we find ourselves up against the same demons in the last frontier.

  18. Dr. Russell Biggs brings facts and decades of experience. Assemblyman Constant walks out of the room.
    Take your ball and go home. THIS is what we can expect from our local government?
    Do I need to remind you the ONLY reason you exist is to serve at the pleasure of We, the People? Notice the word “serve”. It derives from “servant”. As in public SERVANT.
    I should not have to remind you of this, Assembly.

  19. On the side of the N-95 mask box, it says “Does not protect against airborne viruses”.
    Multiple studies prove that as well.

    • The courts have decided as well that masks don’t protect well enough to force people to wear them. But regardless, I don’t want to poo poo N95 masks and respirators too much. If people are truly feeling very vulnerable, they can wear those and not depend on anybody else. And the people that are very vulnerable and can’t wear a mask shouldn’t be depending on other people to wear masks if that they are truly in that much danger, no matter how gestapo they get with laws and enforcement. Those people should just ask for help and assistance and spend time outdoor environments and with only close friends and family until all of the hearty and healthy people take this on as quickly as possible so the vulnerable can feel safe again as much as possible as soon as possible.

      Regardless, if it was simply just a request for everyone to wear masks, that would be one of my arguments against it. But this isn’t just a request. It’s not even an emergency mandate like we had before. It goes well beyond the discussion of masks as its whole intent is to single people out and drive a wedge in the community and weaponize a small portion of the community that hates the majority and wants to make it submit to them. It’s a cancer on the community that is trying to just make it through this without wanting to tear each others throats out.

  20. It’s a MASK LAW. get your title right. Get cops and ex-cops to speak. They will have to enforce it.

    Our jails are on covid lock down and over crowded as it is. Now they want to make usually law-abiding citizens criminals and put them in more harms way physically with the police and covid exposure. Not wearing a mask in public is not criminal. The enforcement is.

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