Oct. 8 schedule of surgeries at Providence includes penile implant and breast reduction


As a public service during this time when Providence Alaska Medical Center says it is in crisis and may have to decide which patients live or die, Must Read Alaska is providing a list of the surgeries, mostly elective, that will be done at the hospital daily, so readers can understand the usage of services at the hospital-in-crisis and plan their lives accordingly.

Oct. 8 scheduled surgeries include a penile implant and breast reduction:

Leg Spica
Lap chole x2
Chest wall I&D
(Robot endometriosis/ovarian cyst/chrome perturbation)
Portacath x2
I&D carotid
I&D arm
Placement penis prosthesis
Urinary sphincter insertion
Teeth ext x6
Robot chole
Lap gastrostomy tube with mediport pl
Robot paraesoph hernia repair
Ureteroscopy with lithotripsy
Ureteroscopy with stent
Sternoclavicular joint I&D
Cv ablation EP x2
Cv TTE TEE x 4
ESWL x 2
Bil reduction mam
Lumpectomy with SLN
Retropubic sling
Ercp x 2
Cs x2
Vats decortication
Cysto stent
Distal femoral replacement
AAA repair
Femoral ex fix

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  1. What a quinky dink! I have a penile implant scheduled for today too, if she is willing to consent to the procedure.

  2. Obviously all the Prov “staff” who showed up to the Assembly were obfuscating the seriousness in order push the V.

  3. So after daily listings for a week it is clear that there is no crisis at Prov, except perhaps the self inflicted staffing shortages caused by their mandate. Little Sisters Of Perpetual Profit are doing just fine. I only wish for a wider means to expose the truth and the misinformation propagated by the progressive media saturating Anchorage with their fear porn.

  4. Where’s Nurse Nasty today to tell us how stupid “lay people” are? Too busy hating her job and patients, I suppose.

  5. The virtue-signaling in Anchorage continues. Where are the REAL citizens ofAnchorage in all of this hoohah?

  6. Sorry 4 my spelling. I done graduated 3rd grade and sex education and CRT made me smart, but no spelling or English. Dats racist u know.

  7. Obviously, it is all about the money for Providence. The longer this BS goes on, the longer they can rake in money being printed for the “pandemic”. Any logical thinker is now knowledgeable regarding the idiocy that has invaded our society.

  8. Things to consider: these postings are political. Some of the patients are already inpatient and are having the procedure in order to go home and free up the bed. Some of the patients will come in and go home same day. most of the patients do not require an ICU level bed.

    Things to know: the mandate for vaccination does not take effect until the 18th. that means the shortage currently is not caused by that. the absolute deadline is not for 2 months, then they will consider termination.

    Things to take home: everyone perpetuating this issue should be ashamed of themselves. You do not know the reason why these people need these procedures. A penile implant so a cancer victim can be intimate with their partner again, a paraesophogeal hernia repair so a person can stop gagging and getting food stuck when they eat.

    Maybe people need to have more empathy and compassion…because thats what this city seems to be lacking lately

    • Some more things to consider: No one here, that I’ve read, begrudges anyone getting necessary medical treatment. In my opinion, restricting elective surgeries at the on-set of COVID was a mistake. Biopsies and stents, ablation, bypasses are all considered elective too. Many of the other surgeries listed above in the last week greatly impact quality of life, including knee and hip replacement. No one is saying Prov or any other hospital should restrict surgical intervention for anyone who needs it.
      What people resent is being told the hospitals are on the verge of collapse when they’re performing breast reductions. You can’t tell us you’re suffering resource scarcity, making decisions with each patient as to whether they live or die and expect them to believe it when they’re performing gastric bypass and lapband, which require hospitalization. These patients are not likely to be those who were already inpatient, as you stated. Not all elective procedures are created equal.
      If you have a problem with these posts being political, you should really talk to the management over at Prov who decided to wade into the political waters, work with a tyrannical assembly to take aim at Bronson and force everyone, including preschoolers, to be masked in public until a time they deem appropriate. They made the mistake of political advocacy disguised as health advocacy. We have a right to call them on it. They made it sound in the NY Times article as if people were dropping dead in hallways, or close to it. If that were true, would intimacy issues for a cancer patient, as important as that might be for him and his partner, be a priority? The implication of ‘crisis care’ is that you are only dealing with life or death. Penile implants and breast reductions are not that. You can’t have it both ways.
      And just because the vax mandate within Prov hasn’t hit yet, it doesn’t mean the people who have no intention of taking the jab are staying that long. They’re cutting bait and leaving. Why would they stay when nothing is likely to change? Prov had a shortage of roughly 500 positions when they decided to mandate the vax. They exacerbated their own problems. And why can’t they be transparent as to WHY they have a shortage of ICU beds? Is it because they lack the physical beds or the staff to address the needs of the people in them? Someone yesterday asked why Prov didn’t make accommodations for more ICU capacity when they had the chance. I think it’s a good question worthy of a good answer. Why can’t they be honest about exactly where the shortages are instead of marching 300 white coats into the Assembly chambers and declaring that the sky is falling?
      tl:dr No one here is unsympathetic to those who need surgical help. Prov made their facility a political lightning rod by working with leftist Assembly members to force a mandate that wouldn’t address the problems they’re dealing with, many of them self-inflicted. When COVID started, they shut down all elective surgery to conserve resources. If their resources are scarcer now than it was then, as they seem to want us to believe, why are they schedule electives at all? The issue is not directed towards the patients or their needs, rather the management and their dishonesty.

      • No one said that the resources for surgery are scarce (Gowns, gloves, implants). They said the resources for critical care (vents, dialysis machines, actual physical rooms to put the people) are scarce. Most elective surgeries are not going to require critical care items. That’s what people are not understanding. There is not a shortage of supplies for surgery, there is a shortage of critical care supplies to treat people who need it. The supplies are different for the two places. And at the end of the day, people need surgery and they will get surgery.

    • My termination was October 1. And they are advertising today for URGENT replacement (the caps are theirs).
      And as a cancer survivor, they gave me a 3 month window for treatment. Almost all of these procedures could wait if necessary. Most of them have been scheduled for weeks or months. For my son’s surgery, delayed due to COVID, they did catch up days on Saturdays.

  9. The lead photo’s statue appears to be gesturing about the reduction or the implant. Not sure which but it appears to be a proud moment.

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