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Compulsory masking: Will the People’s Filibuster continue to next week?

On Friday at 3 pm, the Anchorage Assembly will once again take up the compulsory mask ordinance being advanced by the leftist majority on the Assembly.

Assemblywoman Jamie Allard has been silenced on the Assembly by the majority, which passed a rule saying that neither she nor the mayor may ask questions of the many testifiers who come before the body. They stripped her of her right to engage with the public, as all Assembly members have been allowed to do. Never before in Anchorage Assembly history has the majority silenced one of its members through a ruling of the chair.

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And so, without questions and answers, the three-minutes per testifier could burn through the list a lot faster. The meeting tonight is expected to last until 10 pm and could be extended, as the Assembly majority hopes to run out of people wanting to be heard. The majority wants this item ready for a vote at Tuesday’s regular Assembly meeting.

The majority will, if they can, try to continue the hearing on Saturday, with the hopes the public will be too busy to attend and the Assembly can then close the hearing. The hearing has lasted six nights — an historic event in Anchorage history. The vast amount of testifiers have been against the mask mandate, which is being advanced by Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel.

Originally, the majority, led by Chair Suzanne LaFrance, had tried to move the hearing continuation to 9 am Friday, but the public was in no mood to play Thursday night, booing loudly, and the Bronson Administration used its muscle to force a compromise so that people can attend.

The hearing takes place in a large auditorium on the ground floor of the Loussac Library. The Assembly’s official calendar shows the meeting starting at 9:30 am, but that is incorrect; the correct time is 3 pm.

On the Dan Fagan Show on Friday morning, Assemblywoman Allard warned that a mask mandate is step one, and that she expects the Assembly to next try to force through a vaccine mandate.

Assemblywoman Austin Quinn-Davidson has told the Anchorage Daily News that the majority of emails being sent to the Assembly are in favor of the mask mandate. But what the ADN did not report is that no one has sourced the originators of those emails to determine if those people live in Anchorage or if they are being generated by an Outside political group with an agenda.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Yeah. They hate you. As long as you let them have the mail in ballots and the ballot harvesting they are going to keep their hold on power and they are going to keep punishing you.

    • They may very well see a side of Anchorage they don’t want. I for one better not see any out and about.

  2. Of course the emails are being massively autonomously generated, just like the votes to place the current crop of assembly members in power. Only in person speakers, and votes, measure the public will.

  3. How will this end:? Of course, the Assembly will get their way. I urge all of those against masking especially masking children read: Masking Children: Tragic, Unscientific and Damaging by Paul E. Alexander.
    We need to elect people who follow our Constitution and it certainly is not the present group of radicals on our assembly, including Chris Constant. Who died and left him in charge of leaving our One Nation under God in the Pledge.

    • why will they get their way? never give up. trying to move to a 0900 meeting is not something that somebody winning would do. never stop use the process to break them. they are not winning!

      • They will get their way because they have a veto proof supermajority on the Assembly. They will get their way because COVID fears will provide them the ammo to stop in person testimony. They will get their way because this has nothing to do with stopping COVID.
        And, avoiding testimony at this point is not about losing, it is about getting it over with.

  4. “But what the ADN did not report is that no one has sourced the originators of those emails to determine if those people live in Anchorage or if they are being generated by an Outside political group with an agenda.”

    Does anyone check IDs at the door of the assembly meetings? No. This is not a policy/common practice to verify the residence of those who testify. The ones who have been testifying could easily lie and say they live in Anchorage when they could be from Wasilla.

    Stop grasping for straws, here.

    • Derek, do you really think people would drive from the valley, wait for several hours over maybe a couple days, then when called lie about where they live? And then drive all the way back in the darkness?.
      Come on man! I know that paranoids sometimes do have enemies but you are really far out there. Talk about “grasping for straws”!!. You practically define the term.
      How many texts, emails, and letters in support of the proposed ordinance did you send to Zaletel?

      • Respectfully, I think if people here automatically claim the e-mails are not legitimate are the paranoid ones.

        • What claims?
          Asking an unanswered question is not proof of anything. No claims were made.
          It is legitimate to ask questions about e-mailed testimony. There are way too many methods of spoofing data in a simple e-mail. It is way too easy to lie. There is no effort to question the legitimacy of the sender.
          A lot tougher to do in person.

    • There should not be a comma after the word ‘straws’ in your last sentence. Anyone can fact check the public speakers but that cannot be done for the supposed emails. I have no doubt the majority of those emails are BOT generated by cheating fascist IT minions. Perhaps they are even the ones working at the library who create nasty and childish chaos by turning on and off the cameras, lights and microphones during sessions.

    • But some people stated that they live in the valley and have businesses and do business in Anchorage. If they can consider write in testimony from out of state political groups I think that anyone who even buys a cheese burger in Anchorage should be able to comment. If if they order them without cheese.

    • Two points here… first, it is very much easier to generate mass numbers of “click to send” email for mass mailing purposes than it is to spend hours, if not days to wait to testify for 3 minutes. Second, if they are from outside of Anchorage, but work here, they have just as much right to testify on any Ordinance that would effect their time in working in Anchorage, and do you really think that many people from outside of Anchorage would actually take the time to drive here and wait for hours if not days to testify for 3 minutes worth of tim? To quote the feeble minded, puppet FJB, “Come-on man… gimme a break…”

      • DQ, I think that the assembly has an agenda and they know they are going against the will of the people and they will do anything they can to win regardless of how unlawful or unscrupulous they have to be.

        • Brian, I do not think that you are correct here, I KNOW that you are correct, and that the assembly DOES have an agenda, and that they WILL do anything they can to win regardless of how unlawful or unscrupulous they have to be. That is simply Chapter One, “Winning at Any Cost”, in the Radical Leftist Handbook.
          You must bear in mind at all times that these are sociopaths, pure and simple. They have no morals, no conscience, no empathy, and no guilt, and they would not hesitate to step over your dying body to get what they want.

          • Jefferson, I’m agree 100%. I was just putting it across a little softer so I wasn’t hurting people’s feelings. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, I try to be a little more diplomatic. But I knew you would come along and give it the boost that was needed.

    • It’s much easier to write an email from multiple accounts than to show up somewhere. I personally wouldn’t put it past them to hire some troll farm from India to write a bunch of emails probably cost you about 10C each.

      Ray Charles could take a look at graphs of real world data and tell you that mask mandates don’t do anything at all to stop the spread.

    • Not to mention writing an Email is the lazy way. One person can use different Emails and outsiders write. When wolf control was a big issue outside groups used mass Email schemes to create illusion of support for destroying our ungulate populations people depend on.
      Citizens who stand in line for hours carry a lot of weight. The rule of thumb for politicians is one voice call indicates 100 concerned people. Having hundreds of citizens wait for days and hours represents massive support.
      The assembly is going to pass the mask ordinance, but it is encouraging to see the people coming out as civil disobedience to petty tyrants is inevitable. We are going to be similar to Australia soon, and you cannot comply your way out of tyranny. Will be interesting if Anchorage cops and Troopers beat and harass the citizens or if they will stand down and support liberty.
      The same concept with in person voters are legitimate, mail in magnifies fraud. This is why left wing totalitarians push for mail in only voting.

  5. It saddened me greatly that I was simply too overwhelmed with work (self-employed) to attend any of the Assembly meetings last week or this week. But if it goes over into next week, I will be there, and the Marxist Nine will get an earful and a half from me!

  6. Since we know the narrative about Covid is a lie, we know the urgency to push this ordinance is not about health. It seems to me there is a deadline. Perhaps their puppet masters have a plan to enact total control over Anchorage by a certain date. It is hard to believe Zaletel could be THAT afraid of the flu that masks must be implemented with haste.

    There has to be something going on that they have to rush this through.

    I could be wrong. If am I wrong, and those in the assembly are truly afraid of the bioweapon, then we do not need these people as leaders. What if a real adversary were to present itself? They would not be able to take the pressure. They can’t even handle the pressure of their own imaginative adversary.

    Boot these people out of our government!

    We lead with courage, not fear.

      • I’ve decided to be as dilatory as possible, in every way possible, to any leftist I encounter from now on. I call it Death by Dilatory.

    • Remember there is a recall on…..if there is a mask mandate Babs Jones thinks she can close the election center to observers. Zaletel’s preservation and the need to keep the commi9 band together makes for an interesting dynamic….

  7. The police chief works for the mayor? Am I correct?
    He needs to speak at the meetings. Standing with those with time to seek real news. Say they will not act to harass its citizens.
    Perpetuating mail in voting is their sole underlying motivator.

  8. Good reporting Suzanne…
    You know those anonymous e-mails (all in favor of masking) are probably coming from the Dems national propaganda support committee.
    There were nurses and psychologists from ANC speaking out in person against the mandate.
    The left-stream media is trying to paint a picture of unruly citizens at the meetings as “The AlaskaLandmine” reported “aggressive” behavior at the assembly chambers & also stated over and over on air that there was “no security” here tonight when you could obviously see the ANC chief of police & other officers right behind him…
    The political theater to dismantle society is getting out of hand….I am concerned we are seeing an escalation to force these medical interventions on unwilling citizens.
    The line in the sand has been drawn & the leftist don’t respect elections or will of the people.
    The mayor should be speaking with the APD & finding a way to make sure they do not go down the same road as Canada & Australia as it will surely cause a civil war in America.

    • Non compliant unmasked citizens will be labeled domestic terrorists and the FBI brought in.
      As many cops are young men in the highest risk group for the mRNA jabs, more will be stroking out on heart conditions and blood clotting from the vaccines over time, but will still be ugly. Like the fired experienced medical personnel, foreigners under FEMA funds will be brought in to replace medically incompacitated cops for public “order”.

  9. How about this. You wanna make up stupid laws?? Funk you and your entire assembly I will not wear a mask or take a poison shot. Police had better respect our right of free movement too!

  10. Suzanne you should go live on instagram since fascist lafrance keeps muting the youtube feed.

  11. “Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected in the first place?” the nurse asks the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

    • Look, it is pretty simple.
      When it is raining, and I choose not to use an umbrella, your umbrella will not work for you.
      I do not see why you just do not get it.

  12. I don’t believe for a second that emails show most in favor of wearing the BCU (Bacteria Collection Unit). All except for the die-hard leftest hate the mask–and even they hate them–they are just to cowardly / brainwashed to admit it…

    Funding and influence from the Outside and polluting us has been accelerating in recent years. And, it’s not a small amounts. Used to be all we had to worry about was Seattle meddling in our lives. Not anymore.

  13. Quick! Name the three pillars of our republic form of government! If you are seeing more pillars (CDC etc.) then it doesn’t belong in our form of government AND is SHARIA LAW! Not in my republic!

  14. Austin Quinn-Davidson and her buddies at ADN, Lie. Bogus bot written emails are only counted by fools with an agenda. Nobody but the 9 dopes on the assembly believe the BS.

  15. I have to wonder what measures or actions against this mask law Mayor Bronson may seek, or enact, once they ram it through as they are clearly determined to do. It should be interesting.
    Regardless, it will every person’s right, and duty, to DEFY this mandate! DEFY! Mass compliance can, and almost certainly will, nullify this authoritarian and draconian measure — even if we have to suffer a small measure of discomfort, such as being arrested, in the process. In the end, we all here know that we who value liberty and freedom are in the right, and the Marxist Nine are in the wrong.
    DEFY!! DEFY!! DEFY!!

  16. After being stabbed in the back so many times by the GOP establishment, it is heartwarming to see average citizens standing up for their rights and WINNING! We the People will not submit any longer

  17. Shouldn’t all of the emails be read outload and thus into the record at the meetings so the public can hear them?

    When a local resident goes to the meeting their testimony is heard by those present and recorded on video that is easy to find on youtube. Shouldn’t we have just as easy access to these emails?

    • No, Nate — the REAL scary folks are all the hysterical sheep who keep lapping up the lies and propaganda of the corporate media and political establishment without question, and who have so little if any critical thinking ability that they cannot see or understand that this very mild pandemic does not in ANY way justify all the extreme, authoritarian and anti-scientific measures, such as mask mandates, that are being trotted out by sociopaths in power in the putative attempt to control the spread of a virus whose spread is all but uncontrollable.

  18. Everyone should look up Dr. Kevin Stillwagon who testified in Orange County, FL and obliterated mask and vaccine mandate in less than 3 minutes. This is a must watch – ““

    This is a write up by an attorney regarding Constitutional Rights which can’t be suspended by emergencies. Great discussion to increase your knowledge can be found at the American Thinker at “

  19. She doesn’t mention that the Assembly reports that mail and other remote testimony they’ve received has been easily 2 to 1 for the mask mandate!! The MAJORITY of the city is overwhelmingly FOR the mandate!! The people attending and testifying against the ask mandates are a loud, unmasked, unvaccinated minority!! She also doesn’t mention that even though cases are starting to go down, they are still more than twice the numbers of new cases than has ever been seen in the city and the state! Also, Anchorage is the hub of the state and new cases in other areas have not yet begun to really go down!

    • Oh good. If we are now the minority, maybe we can get some of that sweet equity that the government keeps saying we are entitled to.

      In regards to the bio weapon, we will make it through. Go ahead and cower in in your safe space Your life is already lost to fear.

      We will continue living.

  20. Patrocles thanks to all the unvaccinated covid is likely to not be gone for several years, if ever! Our one and only chance to beat it was last spring. It will surge several more times then become endemic now. And it’s possible future Assembly meetings will be held remotely or limited to masked, vaccinated people in small numbers.

    • COVID will likely never be gone.
      Neither is H1N1, the swine flu, the Spanish flu, SARS, AIDS, Hantavirus, Ebola, Zika, or any other pandemic that spread across the globe.

    • You sound very smart. Please go look up the PCR test and how you can get different outcomes by how many “cycles” you spin your sample. After the 2020 election the CDC or AMA told labs to reduce the “cycles” for the samples. There is also batch testing where they would put 10 or so samples in the PCR machine and if it showed corona viruse ( the common cold) then all the people in that batch were told they had covid. Lastly the CDC wants a new test by the end of December that can detect the common seasonal cold vs covid-19 ( look up how and why is covid-19 patented)
      So the entire base of this pandemic is the tests. me and all my coworkers had something terrible in nov of 2020 that lasted 2 weeks and every month that goes drs are showing our immunity is still fine for a virus that is 4 times weakened.
      Don’t let the tv,news,stores with plastic barriers,stand 6 feet apart sticker, and crazy gov/corporations drill fear into your head. The human body is amazing and if you feed it well you can over come anything.


  21. Why would anybody go beg these people not to pass a law? Just tell them if they try to put a mask on you you’re going to knock their teeth out and keep moving.. pervert Democrats can’t fight and they eat bad food. I’ve been waiting for someone to tell me to put a mask on so I can hit them but it never happens. They only tell you to wear it on the TV

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