Tshibaka: Murkowski votes to undercut women’s safety and domestic violence protections



Alaska has an extraordinary number of vulnerable people, particularly women who are homeless or victims of domestic abuse and sexual abuse, but we do not have enough resources to care for them. As October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it’s important to understand how Sen. Lisa Murkowski has undercut women who are in desperate need of support, both in Alaska and globally. 

I recently visited the Downtown Hope Center in Anchorage, a faith-based organization that provides homeless Alaskans more than 500 meals daily, vocational training, showers, and clothing. The Hope Center also has a women’s program in which it houses 50 or more women every night, many of whom are fleeing dangerous situations or have been violently abused.  

Unfortunately, the Municipality of Anchorage has passed an ordinance to force the Hope Center to admit biological men into its women’s housing program. The people who run organizations like the Hope Center say this can easily traumatize women who have already been through severe trauma and anxiety, place them at physical risk, and discourage them from seeking assistance in such places, ultimately leaving them more vulnerable. Every woman deserves to sleep safely at night.  

The shelter is challenging the local ordinance in federal court. 

The supposed “non-discrimination” ordinance imposed by Anchorage is similar to the national “Equality Act” now before Congress, and they both jeopardize women’s access to assistance when they badly need it. Organizations like the Hope Center have a right to provide services to the most vulnerable Alaskans, and sometimes that means providing women’s services exclusively to biological women. 

It seems Murkowski has been silent on her position on the Equality Act, which has yet to receive a vote in the Senate, but she did vote in favor of similar legislation in 2013. She also was the deciding vote and only Republican to allow funding for schools that let biological males compete in female sports programs – every time a transgender, biological male wins in one of these competitions, a biological female loses. These votes clearly indicate that Murkowski supports forcing women’s shelters to admit clients who are not biologically female, and she therefore is threatening access to these vital programs, as well as the safety of vulnerable women.  

But this isn’t the first time Murkowski has taken positions that directly affect the health and safety of women in her quest to appease the radical Left. 

In April of this year, Murkowski was the only Republican senator to vote to confirm Vanita Gupta, President Biden’s anti-police nominee at the Department of Justice. Just a year earlier, Gupta had testified before the Senate and urged obedience to the ‘Defund the Police’ movement’s demand to cut law enforcement funding and roll back public safety efforts at the state and local level. The reduction in resources favored by Gupta, confirmed by Murkowski, would make Alaskan women even more vulnerable to violence, with fewer public safety tools to separate themselves from their attackers, real and potential. 

And where would abused women turn for help? With Murkowski’s policies fully intact, a woman with an abuse in her past would have no choice but to go sleep side-by-side next to a male stranger. 

The compassionless, ineffective policies Murkowski supports don’t stop at our nation’s borders. 

She explained she supported Biden’s withdraw from Afghanistan because she initially believed that “this Administration had a viable plan in place,” but expressed surprise and dismay after-the-fact about how the plan was implemented. When other Republican senators were expressing concerns about the plan in the summer of 2021, Murkowski was silent on it. 

That “plan” has given control of Afghanistan to the murderous Taliban, who swiftly imposed their autocratic rule and subjugation of women that places women’s lives in peril at every moment. 

When people have been in the Senate for the number of decades Lisa Murkowski has, they frequently cast votes that reflect the Washington, D.C. insiders’ view of the world. Very often, they have no concept of the impact these actions have on people back home – especially the ones who are most at risk, like Alaskan women who are homeless. 

My mom and dad once were homeless in Alaska. When I toured the Hope Center, it was easy to understand why my mom would need a safe place like the Hope Center to sleep if she had been alone on the streets.  

When I’m Alaska’s next U.S. senator, I will never forget who sent me there and the effect my votes ultimately will have on Alaskans. It’s time we had a senator who represents Alaska values to Washington, D.C., instead of one who represents Washington, D.C. insiders to Alaska. 

Kelly Tshibaka is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Alaska 


  1. Lisa isn’t afraid of losing the next election, did you notice that? That’s because the fraud fix is in and has been for years.

    • Lisa has been voting for all of Biden’s leftist judges and appointments. If Dominion were to fail, she has a great RINO backup in Swamp Creature Kelly Tshibaka

    • Well…. no….. but ranked choice elections with jungle primaries make it virtually impossible for a fringe candidate like Tshibaka to win. Lisa doesn’t have to beat her running as an independent in the general, after the primary….. there basically IS no primary. At least not one that gives over-weight representation to the fringe right-wingers in the Valley and Fairbanks.

    • What the heck is up with Alaskans that say that they are against nepotistic leftist Lisa, but try to self-defeat or cr– on a good candidate with mouthfuls of ignorance?
      How terribly sad and gullible.
      Quit swallowing the propaganda from leftist Lisa and her outside money power. Don’t be ‘useful idiots’.

  2. I have yet to see or hear anything of substance from Kelly. This is just one more example. Lisa, in fact, is doing exactly what Kelly accuses her of not doing, taking care of Alaskans as best she can. Were she to pander to the small, noisy sect of activist doing most of the griping instead of dealing with the myriad problems the state actually faces, there might be cause for complaint, but I’m not seeing that.
    And I have been looking.

    • Putting men who say that they are women in with abused actual women is doing the best for Alaskans??!?!
      What the actual f—-?!?!?
      Are you people insane?
      Are you ignoring the many stories like the ones (of which the most stark recent ones) where two high school girls in Louden County Virginia were raped in the bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt? And the school and school board (led by a George Soros big money backed board member that has since resigned) tried to cover it up?
      Yes, by all means, let’s try to put delusional or possibly abusive men in with abused women that are trying to feel and be safe.
      Yes. That sounds compassionate towards Alaskans.
      Give me a break.
      Shame on you.

  3. What about MENS needs? Its always about women as victims but… I work in the field. ITS NOT THAT SIMPLE. Substance use is nearly ALWAYS involved. Noone seems to mention that. DV is largely an interaction cycle and NOT as simple as evil men doing evil things… thats about 10%, tops, of all DV cases. Outside of that: its an interaction between two people using drugs of abuse, losing control and acting out of addiction and amygdala hijacks.
    Men need and deserve help as well but despite being HALF THE DAMN POPULATION, they get crapped on by lawmakers, media, etc. Change the discussion for crying out loud!!!

    • My God, please spare us.
      You call yourself a man and yet whine about 10% of the bed space being used to protect abused women (no matter what the reason)?
      Reading many of these comments, I wonder if I got stuck in the insane asylum section of MRAK.

    • Yes, Men need help with all of these problems but if they have a johnson (and all other things male), they should never be allowed anywhere near women’s shelters!

  4. And to think I thought the biggest danger to women was the lefts inspired, promulgated and promoted illegal drug trade that took away a lot of their safety and protections. No? My Lands Sake.

    • I think she is trying to highlight a problem that is the biggest problem that women face which is moronic or demonic leftists saying that they are the only ones that care about women while they destroy safety for women with everything that they do.
      She recently saw the clear and dangerous result locally by the leftists that are both moronic and demonic.

  5. Thank you for bringing this ghastly problem to our attention. It must find a solution and the encumbant is a supporter of the problem.

        • All the people the left brings in from out of state to attempt to sway elections and profit off the carnage they create.

          Note: it’s a bad idea to convince yourself your the smartest person in the room. Someone always publicly proves you wrong.

        • Indeed someone always proves you wrong.
          You shill against a good candidate like Kelly by calling her a carpetbagger?!?
          A candidate like Kelly that is from Alaska?
          A candidate like Kelly that out raises leftist Lisa in small donations from Alaskans 4 to 1 because they know that nepotistic Lisa can’t be trusted not to sell out constitutional liberties like she has always done with 2/3 of her votes?
          And with all of her outside Marxist money selling out Alaskans, you won’t call leftist Lisa (yes, also from here, but she doesn’t act like it) a carpetbagger?

          • Do you sob and pound on the keyboard as you craft this dreck? You project a mental image of spittle flying and collar clenching with your constant “oh huh” invective pointed at anyone with a point counter to your pro-newcomer infatuation. Alaska has always had a rich layer of worthless politicians and we’ve never had one from Outside that has been any better.

            The object of your desire is nothing more than a professional swamp creature that thinks adding to the layer of bureaucracy should be interpreted as effort. She’s a facade and you’ve swallowed her BS whole. Go lay down by your dish, shill.

          • To repeat, TB (even your initials sound infectious, just like your smile)…
            You shill against a good candidate like Kelly by calling her a carpetbagger?!?
            A candidate like Kelly that is from Alaska?
            A candidate like Kelly that out raises leftist Lisa in small donations from Alaskans 4 to 1 because they know that nepotistic Lisa can’t be trusted not to sell out constitutional liberties like she has always done with 2/3 of her votes?
            And with all of her outside Marxist money selling out Alaskans, you won’t call leftist Lisa (yes, also from here, but she doesn’t act like it) a carpetbagger?

  6. There is no such thing as being “transgendered”, as that would require a complete transformation of one’s DNA as well as one’s anatomy, neither of which are within our technological and medical abilities.
    Those who are currently labeled “transgendered” are just physically mutilated and psychologically confused individuals. I have compassion for them, but it is a lie to call them “transgendered”.

      • Evan, but what of compassion? Is it compassionate to enable and dare I say promote a possible psychosis? Do you care for the individual or do you just want to appear avant-garde within your peer group?

          • Losing contact with reality.
            A man is a man and a woman is a woman.
            (If you need help with the complex mathematics, let me know. I’ll help you out.)

          • Evan, established by whom, I remind you that prior to 1973, is that right… hmm the very behavior you describe was considered as ” abnormal” then all of a sudden it was removed from that category by the ” esteemed medical societies “. Given the sudden reversal mentioned , please enlighten me to whether we are talking science or social engineering.

  7. Camping out and being homeless with the fears that go with it, are not the same thing. Keep it real Kelly, you have a shot but tell the truth or you look like Princess Lite. It is a small state, we know your story and don’t need it stretched to gain support or sympathy, it just costs you credibility.

  8. Thank you Kelly !! You are getting my vote. I have been very disappointed in Lisa, she has really gone off the deep end.

    • She is getting your “first vote,” but what about your “second vote” and “third vote”? You need to do that on the new Dominion/Prop 2 system

      • You don’t have to fill in choices, but the point is well taken.

        I believe you can write in a name. Or as a protest write in Krusty the Klown

  9. I always get an unsettling feeling that Kelly Tshibaka is Dan Sullvan 2.0. I love Trump but he has made some bad choices in personnel (see Deep State Justices Barret and Kavanaugh)

      • Of course you like Deep State Greg. You like the illusion of prosperity and the tranquility of servitude over the animating contest for freedom. Go away Greg, we bid you peace we ask not for your council. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were ever our countryman.

  10. Im voting for Kelly, don’t care if she pulls a Marion Berry, a Rob Ford or steals Office supplies, Lisa needs to go

  11. Thank you for this article, Kelly. My wife beats up on me occasionally because she can. You know. Senator and all. She comes across so sweet and sincere, but that’s not how she is in real life. She’s supercharged with privilege and her daddy used to come to her rescue after I called him for assistance. She holds it against me that I don’t work. We don’t need any more money. We have a lot. I hope Donald Trump reads MRAK and sees this comment. I’ve got five MAGA hats hidden in the cellar and I’m pulling them out when The Donald hits the 49th state. Campaign money coming your way, Kelly.

    • I took those hats out with the trash last week. I hear that you’ve been ratting me out at MRAK. Nancy, Diane, and Chuck are my guiding lights. They show me what to do and how to win elections. AOC even gives me good advice on occasion. The Republican Women’s Clubs in Alaska are messed-up, and full of old biddies who never woke. Sorry mom, but I have to tell the truth.

    • Seems to run in the family, HH. My wife used to beat me up too, especially when I went to lunch with Senator Joe Biden.

      • No more outing family secrets, Frankie. We’re trying to hold royalty in its place. Point of clarification: the “other” Nancy is Pelosi. I’m still trying to get my membership back with Alaska Republican Women.

        • Just love these episodes about the “Murkowski Royals.”
          Should be a TV soap opera series. Do none of these little emperors wear their clothes? 😂😁😝🤣

          • My goodness, I was losing hope ANYBODY was left, anywhere, with the dimmest light still glowing. And you five have restored my faith. WELL DONE!!!

          • The next time Don Young and Frank Murkowski meet for lunch at the Captain Cook, dressed only in their Depends underwear, Alaskans will finally see that longevity in politics is reduced to nothing more than satirical entertainment for the masses.

  12. I am appalled at the number of usually conservative folks trolling Kelly T. Not one of these has bothered to do the work of finding out what she stands for and what she intends to support. “Lisa lite” she is definitely NOT. Get with it gripers. Kelly for Alaska has my vote and a healthy dose of my monetary support. If the trolls have their way, Lisa you will get again. Who else is running? Al Gross couldn’t even get elected dog catcher in his own village! BTW, Dan Sullivan is doing a great job for Alaska.

    • Agree with most of what you said, and while Sullivan is massively better than leftist Lisa, he could do so much better. Dan is better than a lot of R senators, but with a Liberty score showing that he only votes on the side of individual liberty 54% of the time, I’d vote for him above a lesser candidate.
      That’s about it.
      I’d be much more enthusiastic about supporting him if I thought he’d be protecting our freedoms more like a Rand Paul or some other with an 80’s or 90’s liberty score.

  13. Lisa will be just fine. She’ll either survive via Prop 2 or she’ll stuff the ballot box again.

    She’s c— as a Senator, but a brilliant political lady.

    • Yes.
      Leftist Lisa is brilliant enough to gain almost all of the media support and bring in boat loads of outside money (to cut Alaskan liberty) because she has to.
      Smaller donation money from Alaskans has dried up for leftist Lisa.
      Has anyone confirmed that she gets money from soros in her Marxist donor list? I wouldn’t be surprised.

  14. Kelly has appointed a diverse and large group of advisors from across Alaska, ostensibly to give her feet on the ground , (real contact) and to gloss over her chechacko status. Were I in her group my advice for Kelly would be just stick to the basic message, which is “I’m not Lisa”. This is a winner!

    • No wonder you use a fake name. Are you even from around here? If Kelly (born and raised here in Alaska) is a Cheechako because she attended college outside of the state and worked for Alaska and America’s interests in Washington, then Leftist Lisa is more of a Cheechako. Kelly gets donations from Alaskans. Leftist Lisa gets big money donations from outside.
      Leftist Lisa and Kelly both work in Washington DC. At least Kelly does not constantly vote to cut Alaskan throats. Especially in Leftist Lisa’s votes to confirm terrible, leftist slugs.

      • Sir, I can claim my Alaska heritage better then most. My family goes back to 1897, I was born in the Territory of Alaska. And yes Kelly is a Chechako. My God man, wasn’t she raised in Anchorage? How does that for a women her age qualify her as anything less then a Chechako?
        Now, I am not opposed to Kelly T. I likely will support her both with my vote and some of my stash. My point Sir is that you need to wake the hell up and realize that she is a Swamp Creature looking to further her career. . Let’s just hope she is better than Daddies Little Princess.
        This is called reality. Deal with it.

        • Ya. Anchorage is only 15 minutes away from Alaska. Ha ha. Yes. I’ve heard it and I think it is funny,
          Have you heard this one? Who qualifies as a Cheechako? Someone who has been here 6 months less than the one telling the story.
          But I’d rather make an educated bet on someone like Kelly (whom I have talked with at length and listened to some of her speeches and given her some campaign money) than unfairly disparage something silly so I can feel smarter. Especially when it is going to be a hard climb to defeat someone like leftist Lisa who has the heart of a Cheechako and slurps up outside big Marxist money like it’s tax deductible lines of cocaine.
          I’m not a huge fan of Sen. Sullivan either, but if he were up against someone like the nepotism princess? I’d support him till the reindeer came home!
          (See what I did there? I also think I’m clever.)

          • Matthew Myers., Niccolo isn’t your enemy, he may not be your ally either but he appears to be a co- belligerent in the fight against Daddies Little Princess.
            You would be well served to be honest about the motives of this DC creature ( Kelly) who moves back to Alaska ostensibly to gain an office in her familiar DC grotto.
            My advice for you is to recognize the above reservations many feel about Kelly, yet go forward with those who think like Niccolo under the banner ” I’m not Lisa”!

          • Matthew Myers, The Reindeer are not coming back home, seems they have joined up with free roaming gangs of Caribou and are now living wild and free.
            Kind of like Alaska used to be.
            Keep up the good work Matthew! I enjoy your comments!

    • I doubt it. She’s going to get about 2/3 of the Republican vote, none of the Democrat or independent vote and none of the native vote. She’s toast before she even begins. Welcome to Alaskan politics.

  15. Greg really? And did you learn that watching a Nicholas Cage movie? And BTW, the last leader of the Knights of Templar was executed by the rapacious King of France, one Phillip the Fair. ( centuries before G.W.)
    Now you are telling me that Lord North And George III were the ” Good Guys” and Lord Chatham and later Edmund Burke , my Father John and Thomas Jefferson were deep staters? Huh, who knew! Thanks Greg! Say how many of those jabs have they poked you with?

    • 3. I said the foundlings were Knights themselves and they all were deep state. The knights invented the banking system. The pope and Phil got scared and created Friday the 13th. Does any of this sound vaguely familiar? Put down whatever pipe your smoking.

  16. Greg, so let me see if I understand your point. The Constitution as it relates to money is very clear that only Gold and Silver are to be legal tender. Are you saying that George Washington was part of a fractional reserve banking cabal ? I mean he was only the Conventions President. Oh, and Sameul Chase, the ” paper money banker” he was a no show in PA that summer, despite being elected a member to attend.
    I am more and more convinced my friend that those, what 3 jabs you have endured are having an effect. Put down the remote and the pipe Ol’ boy.
    Greg, I mean you no ill. I hope your health improves also.

    • You’re not hearing me friend, so I’ll try to type a little slower. What you say is all true, but I’m going back to about year 1100. The knights protecting pilgrims traveling to the holy Land invented the banking system and charged interest on loans to protect The travelers. Have you not even heard of the crusaders? Those were the Templars. Now I know that’s a little bit before gw’s time, but all that was established a long time before the Continental Congress. It doesn’t appear that you know how the New world order works.

      • Still doesn’t sound reasonable.
        Who do you get your history from, Zinn or his ilk?
        Or perhaps from movies or the history channel?
        Try anything by Dr. Thomas F Madden.
        He is the leading scholar on the crusades (probably in the world).
        Good books. Accessibly written.

      • As for help with the whole thing tying GHWB to GW to the KT? Yes, at its heart the upper levels of freemasonry and its founding are pure, destructive evil, but trying to tie it all in and relate it to this discussion?
        I don’t know.
        Maybe loosen the tinfoil hat just a skosh?

        • LoL. That tin foil bit made me chuckle. No America was helped along quite a bit by the Freemasons and the knights Templar. I’m not sure we would have made it without them. The Freemasons upper epsilon doesn’t know or recognize country borders. It goes deeper than that but that’s the way it is with secret societies. It’s not just about old guys trotting down a street and a parade carrying a banner. It’s just a matter of fact way of how things have worked for the last 1200 years or so. It’s not so hard to realize if you just do a little bit of critical thinking.

  17. Go Kelly Go! We need to rid Alaska of Lisa Murkowski! Be prepared to contest the election Kelly, there is no question that dark money and election fraud passed ranked communist choice voting. We need a full forensic audit and canvassing of Alaska’s election system. It is corrupt as pointed out by ex-Army Intelligence Officer, Seth Keshal. He has already done an analysis of the 2020 election in Alaska and knows something is terribly wrong here. It is time for Alaskans to demand a full forensic audit just like Arizona and other Battleground States are doing. We could help fund this through PFD contributions. If we do not have clean and verifiable elections, we do not have a country!

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