Jab or no job XI: Supervisor says his company’s employees have few options to avoid unconstitutional Biden mandate

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This is the 11th in a series of stories of people being fired from their jobs because they have declined to take the required Covid-19 vaccination. The identities of these workers are being kept confidential because they fear reprisal. More stories will be included in future editions of this series as it continues. Previous interviews in this series are listed and linked at the bottom of this story. Send your story to [email protected].

Sam is in the unenviable position of have to threaten termination of a great employee if she is not fully vaccinated or have an “approved” exemption on file by Dec. 8. She’s got just 59 days left, if something doesn’t change.

When the presidential executive order first came out on Sept. 9 for government employees, federal contractors (and Sam’s company is one of them), and for businesses with more than 100 employees, Sam’s company was allowed to simply have an affidavit on hand declaring the employees’ status as vaccinated, exempt, intending to get vaccinated, or intending to not get vaccinated. 

Those protesting would be fired Dec. 8.  Rules for this are being issued by the government agency that contracts to Sam’s company. (Both Sam’s real name and his company name are being kept confidential so his story can be told.)

The first rule change was on Oct. 5, Sam said: “They want copies of our vaccination cards on file in our office, to be shown or disclosed to no one except proper authorities present in our office. “

The second rules change came on Oct. 7:  “Vaccination card copies and copies of the affidavits must be sent to the contractor and the agency,” which Sam sees as a violation of HIPAA, a health privacy law, as well as stored on site.

Sam said home Covid testing is currently acceptable as a form of testing for Covid-19, a relief to him, since there are no health care facilities in the rural community, and no entity is capable of doing Covid testing on a regular basis.

“Still, there are no rules listed for what qualifies as an acceptable exemption –religious or medical — and the language of the government order is threatening to anyone who desires an exemption.  Exemption requests have to be approved by the contractor and the contracting agency.  Approved exemptions will require continued testing – at employees’ own expense after Dec. 8,” he said.

“Our contractor has generously offered to pay for testing until then,” Sam said. But the restrictions continue to escalate, he said. 

“Our labor union is telling us this is not a grievable action – their contract is with our company, not the feds, and not restricted by the collective bargaining agreement.  Perhaps they don’t want to further embarrass their man in D.C.  They are simply ducking the issue of whether organized labor will back anyone protesting the mandate,” Sam said.

“The orders for our union are coming all the way from the AFL-CIO – the union of labor unions.  My employee has concerns because she had an allergic reaction to a vaccine in the past, and should qualify for a medical exemption, but the feds are just demanding she travel to Fairbanks and get jabbed at a clinic close to the hospital.  She must travel at her own expense,” Sam said. “Our local health aide counseled her not to take the vaccine with her concern about anaphylaxis.”

“My employee feels severely bullied and really needs to keep her job, so she has made arrangements to travel to get poked.  She is in fear of her life, lifestyle, and home – all because of an unconstitutional mandate,” he said.

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    • @William, You are partially correct. One executive order (EO) by FJB only applies to federal workers and employees as defined by 5 U.S.C. 2105. Another EO, which I haven’t seen, supposedly applies to gov’t contractors. Regarding private sector employers, the POTATUS directed OSHA to promulgate a federal emergency temporary standard (ETS) to carry out his mass vaccination mission targeting private businesses with 100 or more employees. The ETS has not been issued, yet.

  1. How about do some research? Where is the signed Executive Order for the unconstitutional mandate? There isn’t one, because the feds cannot mandate a jab that isn’t approved by the FDA. At this point it is only a press release with threats of what OSHA is going to do. OSHA can’t enforce it either, because how do they make the case that unvaccinated are causing danger to others when the survival rate is more than 99%. All of the Covid jabs are under Emergency Authorization only!! FDA played a nasty trick with the Comridity (which should be called “Con-Everyone”) approval of the application. Don’t be fooled! Use discernment. Do your own research! Don’t trust the lying mainstream media. If 1,000 of doctors, nurses and military aren’t getting the jabs what does that tell you? If the Post Office workers, congress, etc. are exempt what does that tell you? Stand your ground and keep your health.

    • Hello, Mr. Clever: POTUS is using LAW, not Executive Order. The Occupational Health and Safety Act was signed into law in 1970 by President Richard M. Nixon. Subsequently, every President of the United States used the regulatory authority therein for protecting the health and safety of the American labor force.

      • Please provide the specific OSHA regulation regarding the COVID mandate. Biden directed them to write one, as one did not exist at the time of his declaration.
        It’d be great to get the actual citation. GOP Attorneys General across the country are waiting to file suit. The one thing that’s kept them from doing so is that the regulation he promised has not yet materialized.
        If the regulation itself does not exist, it is not law. The OSHA Act was signed into law to “ensure that employers provide employees with an environment free from recognized hazards, such as exposure to toxic chemicals, excessive noise levels, mechanical dangers, heat or cold stress, or unsanitary conditions.” OSHA itself is not a blanket act, meaning the specific regulation relating to the COVID vaccine mandate would have to be written and adopted before becoming law. This would also require an open comment period. Even if OSHA were to act under the “general duty clause”, COVID would have to be a correctable hazard to qualify. As people can still transmit and become infected with COVID after the jab, OSHA may be forced to recognize COVID as a hazard that is not correctable, therefore ineligible under the general duty clause.
        All of that will be decided after the regulation itself is written, adopted and litigated. As of today’s date, there is nothing in the law that gives any employer a vaccine mandate for COVID-19.

        • Well said. Thats what I’m sayin’. Same with masks. They are only approved for use under EUA for source limiting. They should tell you something that they do not prevent the spread. OSHA and NIOSH would have to prove that they can filter the virus, and they can’t. The other thing is there there are no approved “respirators” for children. And the respirators that are approved are only for protecting the wearer from inhaling particles; not for expiring them. All respirators have to be approved for the range of items they prevent from being inhaled. I’ve never seen a respirator that is stated to be COVID approved, not one that has the required NISOH stamp on it anyway. There is absolutely nothing in federal law right now that allows mandating of jabs or masks.

        • It’s existed for decades. Go to the National Archives site and look up the CFR Part of the OSHA regulations. Do your own bloody research, you lazy cretin. You didn’t even know that your former Criminal Number One, (Nixon), actually signed the Act into law in the first God-forsaken instance.

      • Oh Sophie, that’s kinda cute. OSHA cannot simply make things up, and so far they have not done so. There is no law or executive order or any other binding method requiring any “vaccination.” What there is, and it is abundantly clear, is illegal bullying based upon junk science in order for Biden and his minions to profit by kickbacks from the “vaccine” makers, IOW corruption from the head down. But you go with that, since it makes you feel better, m’kay?

      • Um, we are still kind of a nation of laws, kind of despite the wishes of socialist tyrants. Perhaps you should move to North Korea to get your tyrannical utopia. In the mean time, laws are passed by congress, not presidential whims of a demented hair sniffer. As pointed out, there are so many holes in this directive that it cannot be enforced. 1. OSHA isn’t even wasting time trying to fabricate it into a regulation, and 2. All the jabs in use are still under EUA and cannot be forced upon anyone (ever hear of Nuremburg?). Try looking at THE LAW, but don’t bother with google, which will just give you more MSNBC talking points.

      • Cannot protect the health and safety of the American labor force, etal by forcing an illegal mandate with an EUA vaccine. Its a crime against humanity!

    • EXACTLY – Alaskan Truth Seeker. it is not a mandate. which means companies, schools or gov’s can not enforce such.

    • This article deals with Federal Contractors, EO 14042 Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors was signed on Sept 9th, I didn’t see anything about mandating a vaccine in it but it does say contractors shall “comply with all guidance for contractor or subcontractor workplace locations published by the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force”. The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force on Sept 24 issued that guidance as part of that required federal contractors comply with the following:
      1. COVID-19 vaccination of covered contractor employees, except in limited circumstances where an employee is legally entitled to an accommodation;
      2. Compliance by individuals, including covered contractor employees and visitors, with the Guidance related to masking and physical distancing while in covered contractor workplaces; and
      3. Designation by covered contractors of a person or persons to coordinate COVID-19 workplace safety efforts at covered contractor workplaces.
      EO 14043 Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees signed the same date deals with vaccinations for federal employees, as the title suggests.
      There is no EO for employers with more than 100 employees.

      • Tell us two things here, Steve, since you so regularly take the establishment’s side, and defend the establishment narrative:
        1) If YOU were forced, under compulsion by your employer, to take the (not a vaccine) jabs, or be fired as a result, would you choose to receive the jabs?
        2) If Anchorage passes the draconian mask mandate, will you comply with it, or will you defy it and not comply with it?
        If you do not answer these simple questions directly and succinctly, that will just be further proof of you being a troll, and not an honest participant in the discussion here.

        • Jeff,
          You do realize that some people come to news sites to be informed, right? Speaking for myself I chose to be informed as I don’t enjoy wallowing in ignorance the way some do. What you ignorantly confuse as me defending the establishment narrative is me informing ignorant people like yourself of the information that is out there. In this instance Alaskan Truth Seeker claimed there were no executive orders, I knew that to be false but I didn’t not know what the orders actually said. So I informed myself, and since I was now informed I did Alaskan Truth Seeker a solid and shared the information so Alaskan Truth Seeker could also be informed, as an added bonus now you and a small handful of others are also informed that there are indeed executive orders dealing with Federal Employees and Contractors being vaccinated. What you do with that information is up to you, my guess is you will pretend it isn’t happening, or go on some ignorant rant about these vaccines not being vaccines. Others might challenge the constitutionality of these executive orders, hell they might even find out that certain executive orders are constitutional. Anyways, if you are going to splash your opinions all over the comment section it’s much better if you are informed and know what it is you are talking about, instead of pretending words have no meaning. If you want to take on the establishment in any regard, knowing what it is you are going up against is the first place to start, unless you prefer ignorantly flailing about and making absolutely no difference whatsoever.
          Regarding your questions that some on here might take as a HIPAA violation on your part…
          1. I am vaccinated
          2. I never go to Los Anchorage
          Succinct enough for you?
          Speaking of trolls, that’s another word you should look up the definition for, you clearly do not understand its meaning.

          • I’ve been telling you there ARE mandates from the off, you argued NO MANDATES, and here we are.
            Your biggest problem is you do not read to understand. You read to Reply.

          • Steve, of COURSE you took the jab! I had no doubt whatsoever, based on your consistently pro-authority, pro-establishment, anti-freedom attitudes that you display here. Thank you for admitting, and proving, that you are just another conformist and Quisling.

          • Jeff,
            I’ve never tried to hide nor have I ever denied I made an informed decision for my life’s circumstances. I’m not surprised that you are opposed to adults making informed personal decisions. I always knew you were a fascist who wants nothing more than to control other peoples lives. I know, I know you are superior to me and the majority of your fellow Alaskans in every way, because you chose to remain ignorant.
            I respect your choice of remaining unswayed by logic, reason, reality, and even the very definition of words…all because your irrational fears that are based in ignorance.

          • Eric,
            What are you talking about? Are you talking about the Anchorage vaccine mandates, the Alaskan vaccine mandates, or are you talking about mask mandates? Where should I be looking for what you wrote, is it when you were talking about Toyota, catalytic converters, and tax credits or was it about these executive orders? You seem to have trouble focusing on the issue at hand, help a brother out and when we are discussing an issue try and stay on point instead of talking about stuff that has nothing to do with anything.

  2. I wonder how much it will cost the government when they start getting sued for businesses having to close, and people who die or have a horrible reaction to an experimental vaccine they didn’t want. Bumbling Biden and the Democrats in Washington (and everywhere else) are going to get our country embroiled in a civil war, which will leave us as easy pickings for our foreign enemies!

  3. Strikes, sympathy strikes, walkouts, aggressive opposition research, Senate legislation seem like reasonable options.

  4. Anyone still think this isn’t a Federal Jab Mandate?
    You know, if Joe Biden came out his basement, and read off the tele-prompter, that he wanted you the “Jab Mandate Sheep” to march your unvaccinated neighbors down to the inlet, and pop them in the back of their heads with your Luger’s, I wonder, how many of you would refuse his unlawful order?
    Wake-up jab mandate sheeple, this is just the beginning, at some point, you will be looking down the barrel of oppression too. #think #tryharder

  5. Union does not want to back refuse to pay dues. You pay dues for representation and they are required to accommodate you. That’s why Unions need to be busted up.

  6. Tyrants and dictators emerge from mandated protocols. The billionaire Communists are taking over. Soon we will all be Communists. That is, unless we take our country and lives back through our constitutional rights……….via the Second Amendment.

  7. Unions act more like agents of the Democratic Party, and not their members. I guess it’s partially payback for the billions voted to fund the depleted Union pensions.

  8. I hate to say it again and again but if your reasoning for getting the jab is anything other than “I’m concerned for my health and what this virus could do to me if I catch it. I have done my research and talked to my doctor and we agreed this jab was best for my health” then all I have to say to you is you are the problem.

    If you’re being coerced into injecting yourself against your better judgment all for the sake of “I need my paycheck and this job is the only way I can provide for my family” I do empathize with you my fellow Americans.

    At the same time it’s hard to understand why many are choosing to live on their knees. At the whim of threats and possible consequences we give in and give up. What happened to the American people? Our values, our will and our resolve which makes us different from any other people in any other countries.

    If we choose to live on our knees for a safety net the next generations of Americans will never know freedom as we once experienced it. If we don’t take a stand now we will never take a stand for anything! America exceptionalism will end and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

  9. Many of people being forced out of their job are highly trained and difficult to replace. The impacts will be larger than expected. Lose one flight engineer – lose a pilot, co-pilot, loadmaster and crew. Plus the people waiting for freight.

  10. It’s illegal, immoral, and nobody cares.

    The Unions will gladly offer up members for fodder if it gets Grandpa Sniffy deeper in their debt.

  11. I hope Sam is willing to help his employee find an attorney willing to fight this. Please contact Merdes Law Office, some of the brightest most ruthless legal minds in Fairbanks, personal injury attorneys. I feel for every person facing a jab or job loss, it’s mind boggling that America has fallen into this trap so quickly. The alternatives are robust. If employees don’t have real opportunities to pursue medical and religious exemptions, something is seriously wrong. And personally, I would never sign away my HIPPA rights or those of my employees.

  12. The EO is real friends, I have a copy on my desk at work with the FAA implementation protocol. Yeah, I could get a job at Home Depot paying $12.50/hour to start. My govt contractor job pays a bit more than that. I like the vaccine (at least the idea) but the mandate is horrible, and I believe, unconstitutional. Soon there will be another mandate, without acceptance of which you will neither be able to buy or sell – it will come in the form of a mark on the hand or forehead, and will be the hallmark of a new financial order. Don’t take the mark.

  13. Italy goes into the next phase TODAY, without a vax passport, you cannot work at all despite all the protests American MSM isn’t showing us. Canada is moving into the digital vax passport as we speak and the entrance into apps on your smart phone should worry everyone here. Can you say CCP? Are we really the country of NIMBY? Not in my backyard? Because if we don’t wake up and stand up, it will be in our backyard and we will have welcomed it with open arms. Watch the latest Critically Thinking discussion on Odysee if you don’t believe this. Canadian Dr. Patrick Philips is one of the latest being censored and marginalized for standing up for options for his patients. He admits he used to fully believe in socialized medicine. Now he sees it for the power it holds. He lays it all out, it’s there for everyone to see.

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