Jab or no job XIII: Anchorage woman questions why local hospitals, with nearly two years to prepare, are doing so poorly


This is the 13th in a series of stories of people being fired from their jobs because they have declined to take the required Covid-19 vaccination. The identities of these workers are being kept confidential because they fear reprisal. In this edition, the story of a woman with Covid is told from her perspective. More stories will be included in future editions of this series as it continues. Previous interviews in this series are listed and linked at the bottom of this story. Send your story to [email protected].


I’m Covid-19 positive.

I started having a dry cough Friday. Since my family includes my elderly father and my husband, who just had open heart surgery in June, I decided to get tested as soon as possible. Oh, and yes, I’m fully vaccinated.

I pulled up to the Alaska Native Medical Center testing site only to find that is it closed on Saturday morning. Really? All I see on the news is pandemic, pandemic, pandemic and a testing site is closed one day a week?  I looked on the internet from my cell phone and find the next closest site was in the UAA parking lot. I pulled my car in and found no signs to the testing site.

There were signs for a CDL test, but nothing for COVID testing. But I saw a line of cars forming in the back east side parking lot, so I pulled over. There was one sign that stated I would need to preregister. I did. It took me about 40 minutes to get through the line with only 10 cars in front of me.

Two attendants were struggling in the pouring down rain to serve those of us who are now worried about our status. One worker finally got into his car and draped his now wet rain cape in his window to drive down the line of cars waiting.

Swabs up nostrils. Done. Now I waited.

And I waited some more. On Sunday, after 24 hours had passed, I decided to send an email off to Capstone, which had performed the test. I received an email back that an “error” occurred when running my test. The responder continued stating that my test would be rerun, and I’d receive the results that night.

By now, I wasn’t feeling confident about the test or my chances of it coming in that night. Predictably, the results didn’t come in. I went to bed that evening feeling like I was getting a bad head cold with the flu symptoms of achy joints. I took a generic over-the-counter cold medicine.

Monday morning I awakened to a text message and logged into my account: Large red letters announce that I’ve tested positive for Covid.

I was upset. I was angry. I was scared. I’ve been vaccinated. I’ve been wearing masks. I’ve been sanitizing my hands constantly. In short, I’ve been doing everything right! I worry about myself, my husband, and my dad.

Here’s my anecdotal evidence about the virus: The only people I know who’ve contracted it are people who’ve been vaccinated. One even had the third jab. In the last month I know of two who have died. 

Not knowing what to do, I called my doctor. Oh, I forgot. It was Columbus/Indigenous People’s Day. Nothing was open. I looked at my test result email there were no instructions. I called the Alaska Native Medical Center emergency room. The person answering there said they do not give advice over the phone. She would not even tell me if I should visit the emergency room.

I’m at high risk of a spontaneous pneumothorax, which is a fancy way of saying my lungs collapse. Since my five episodes a few years back, I’ve been careful with any respiratory issues. I’ve gotten the flu shot annually. I take vitamins.

I decided to visit the Alaska Native Medical Center ER. That was a mistake. The nurse there tersely stated to me when I told her I tested positive for COVID, “What are you doing here? You need to go home and treat it like a cold.”

I continued: “But I have extra risk factors….” The nurse would not let me finish. So I leave. By the way, there were only three people in line to visit the emergency room when I was there, including me.

Fortunately for me, a friend who has had the virus told me about the monoclonal antibody Covid-19 treatment offered by the State of Alaska. I was able to get in that afternoon since there’s a place you can go without a doctor’s note. That was a good thing, since apparently all medical offices have a day off during the pandemic.

The treatment takes about and hour and a half. The private contractor who operates the site has skilled medical personnel in hazmat suits like you see on TV treating up to 11 people at a time. Antibodies are input into your body via an IV. I feltl very safe and comfortable.

It’s now been four days. I feel like I have a head cold. I’m treating that with drug store medicine. I’m convinced that the antibody treatment saved me and my lungs from having a terrible experience. I received a call on Tuesday from Capstone asking me if I received my results and told me to expect a call from another entity to do “contract tracing.” I’m still waiting for that one call today, Wednesday. Given how fast the virus spreads I’ve already called everyone that I was in contact with the previous week to inform them of my status.

With all the money that’s been dished out to municipalities, hospitals and clinics, why are testing sites closed one day a week?

Why can’t the medical professionals give a simple set of instructions with options when test results are sent out?

It seems to me that a person who is positive should go directly to a Covid treatment site set up in each community. Our Anchorage Assembly should have directed the money to development treatment centers instead of diverting funds to buy properties for homeless shelters.

Anchorage hospitals have had a year and a half and they still don’t have a treatment plan in place. Instead of telling me to go home and treat my Covid like a cold, medical officials should have sent me directly to a treatment site. We need treatment centers, not mask mandates.

The author is a successful Anchorage businesswoman and Alaska Native, now home recovering from Covid. Her name is being kept anonymous because she, like others in this series, have everything to lose by criticizing the medical establishment.

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  1. Uh, hospitals are too busy firing all those professionals with natural immunity, who might otherwise be able to treat you and others.

  2. This is a common occurrence. I know several people who became very ill from the vaccination. One acquaintance had one side of his body to numb. He called the hospital. They told him they didn’t know what to do but advised him to “not be alone.” I imagine this was in case he went into cardiac arrest or seizures. Real confidence inspiring.

  3. What our government is doing is not about health. It is about creating chaos.
    They create at crisis.
    The public panics and seeks help.
    They sell the solution.

    This is a scheme. This is not leadership.

    Fear is the virus.

    Break free.

  4. Basically there is no way around stopping the flu as this person was vaccinated & wore double masks.
    We have seen this for 50 yrs with “flu shots” that we made from the previous year’s strain.
    Those vaccines were about 40 % effective at preventing your illness…these mRNA shots are even LESS effective at stopping the spread & contagion of this microscopic protein structure.
    All that happened these last two years was the seasonal influenza was re-branded with a new (Novel) Chinese synthetic strain & this all was funded w/ U.S. taxpayer dollars through the CDC & NIH….ie Dr Fauci.
    Transnational corporations like Pifzer & Moderna are paying for the propaganda (CNN) to coerce hundreds of millions of Americans into taking flu vaccines well into the future…something which had declined drastically in the last few years before the covid scare hit the screens.

  5. Simply stated, it appears that those who are supposed to be safeguarding our health are misinforming us (either intentionally or through ignorance of the facts).
    Monoclonal antibodies are, as I understand it, available at ANMC. ANMC does not, however, offer Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine protocals, stating (to me) that they are neither effective nor safe treatments for Covid-19. This is very inaccurate, as studies and regular use by doctors worldwide, have shown. For reasons of their own, our Democrat politicians and their boot licking mainstream media have, for reasons of their own (power, control, money?) have suppressed anything showing how effective these are, and hospitals have followed suit. Glad you took matters into your own hands. We need answers. I have attempted to address these issues with some upper level leadership at one of the entities involved and been stonewalled. Maybe if multiple voices politely ask these questions, there will at least be answers.

  6. Excellent testimony of your experience. There has been so much misinformation and confusion regarding this pandemic from the beginning!! Also, I agree with your suggestion that Covid treatment centers would have been and still could be beneficial to people with Covid positive results. Instead we get mask mandates!

  7. I’ll add my contribution of another anecdote. My coworker, after being forced to get the first jab by our employer, soon after came down with the virus and was out of work for over a week. Perhaps this is why there appears to be a strong correlation of increasing “vaccination” rates to increasing case rates.

  8. Thank you for sharing your story. I am happy you are feeling better. My prayers to you and your family for a continued recovery.

  9. Don’t go to the Hospitals for Covid, or if you are in for something else don’t let them test you for Covid. If you test positive with the recalled and meaningless test they will Kill You! Avoid the Hospitals for COVID, you check in but will only check out in a body bag. Genocide!

  10. Thank you for sharing your experience. I completely agree that treatment sites or centers should have been set up instead of diverting funds to buy properties for homeless shelters. It seems as though a lot of that funding could have went to better use. Every time I read an article about the hospital crisis I think why wasn’t more of the funding used to help with that?. I wish you a full recovery. The only person in my family to have tested positive for covid so far is the only one who was vaccinated.

  11. It seems as if the medical profession has fired all those who are caring and willing to work hard for others, but intelligent enough to not take the vaxx, which means their most intelligent too.

    • And even more importantly, they have been firing all those who are the most critical thinking and independent-minded, and who are the least susceptible to group-think and forming opinions based on logic, science and reason, instead of purely through emotion.
      Yeah, this will all work out well.

  12. Looks like interest in the jab has begun to ebb for obvious reasons, I’m sure the powers that be will enact a contingency plan.

  13. Ivermectin has been in use for humans for over 40 years! FDA approved for many illnesses. Proven to work in covid treatment over and over again! It’s an inexpensive drug and recently moved from NOT recommended to treat covid by FDA to NEUTRAL! Again, FDA approved but not listed as a EUA drug for covid, WHY?? Can’t make enough money for big pharma?
    When I had covid and spent 6 days in hospital they used an FDA approved drug to treat EBOLA called redmesivir on me that causes many horrible side effects. However, this nasty drug has EUA to treat covid! Really?
    We are being lied to! We should be able to choose our treatment without exception! PERIOD!!! My body, My choice! Ya right! It’s only good enough to treat Presidents and big money folks with power! I’m sick of all the lies from Fauci and his minions. This is Germ warfare and a big money game for all involved at the expense of human life! Crimes against humanity!!

    • But you know, Julie, drugs have only one specified purpose according to FDA and big pharma-the most profitable! Bumetanide, a long used diuretic, is now being tested to treat Alzheimer’s (Common diuretic pill offers clues to new Alzheimer’s treatment). Many drugs have multiple, known effects, but only the most profitable get advanced. Merck put out notice not to use ivermectin knowing that they had a much more profitable candidate in the pipeline. Just like Pfizer fights hard against recognizing natural immunity in favor of forcing their twice yearly jabs for life! And the key people in government regularly use the revolving door to line their pockets.

  14. Take this JAB and SHOVE it!
    We can beat this tyranny if we stand together and refuse it.

    Look up:
    A CONTAGION of COURAGE is spreading across America as pilots, police, firefighters and other workers say, “Take this JAB and SHOVE it!”

    Head of Chicago Police Union tells Mayor creature Lori Lightfoot to go pound sand.

    In Los Angeles, nearly 1,000 firefighters are about to sue the city over the mandate. Southwest Airlines’ pilot union sued the company last week, before staffing shortages led to the cancellation of more than 2,000 flights over the weekend (and more on Monday). Meanwhile, doctors and nurses across the country have begun suing their employers.

    Seattle … stands to lose 40% of its 1,000 first responder force for failing to get vaccinated as an Oct. 18 deadline approaches.

  15. What this person says is also my experience, and the experience of everyone I know- the only people we know who have had COVID have been fully vaccinated. The gov’t is pushing for booster shots, claiming waning protection over time. I think it’s more that as the virus continues to mutate, the vaccine is less of a match. The original variant may well have had 95% protection if you were vaccinated. But the Delta variant seems to just blow right through the vaccine. And I see that as only getting more common as more variants arrive. It’s odd how the media and the medical experts are shying away from mentioning this basic fact about mutations. They used to talk about it every year with the flu vaccine. That’s why the flu vaccine changes every year, and also why sometimes it’s a really good match and sometimes it’s not. That’s general knowledge. But it’s like they don’t want to actually say it out loud with the COVID vaccine.

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