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Details of the Anchorage mask law: To whom and when does it apply? Know the law

The Anchorage mask law will go into effect if and when the Anchorage Assembly votes to override the veto of Mayor Dave Bronson. This is not AO 2021-91, but a sneak look-alike “emergency ordinance” that required no public testimony.

When it does go into effect Thursday evening, with the presumed veto override, all who are in Anchorage must wear masks over their nose and mouth when indoors in a public place, or when gathering with people who are not members of one’s household.

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The ordinance requires:

  • Medical grade masks or cloth, polypropylene, paper or other face coverings.
  • Masks or face coverings should rest snugly above the nose, below the mouth, and on the sides of the face; N95 masks are recommended.
  • The following are not face coverings because they allow droplets to be released: a covering that incorporates a valve that is designed to facilitate easy exhalation, mesh masks, lace masks or other coverings with openings, holes, visible gaps in the design or material, or vents.
  • The mask law does not specifically ban neck gaiter-style masks. The “should” portion of the ordinance leaves wide latitude for interpretation by the public for how to properly wear a mask.

Who must wear the mask

All individuals must wear masks or face coverings over their noses and mouths when they are indoors in areas which are open to the public or which are communal spaces shared with other individuals not from one’s household.

Exemptions exist for cases such as children under the age of five, individuals who cannot tolerate a mask due to a physical or mental disability, and religious assemblies. See below for the full list.

Businesses may choose to allow individuals who request an accommodation under the ADA to wear a face shield or accommodate these individuals through alternate means, such as curbside, delivery, or telephonic service.

Face shields may be permitted for the following individuals, who must wear a face shield whenever a face covering would be required unless it is impossible to do so:

Any individual who cannot tolerate a mask due to a physical or mental disability; the individual’s or guardian’s statement that they are exempt is sufficient evidence;

Also exempt are individuals who are communicating with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing; Individuals performing an activity that cannot be conducted or safely conducted while wearing a mask (for example, a driver experiencing foggy glasses, a dental patient receiving care, an equipment operator where there is a risk of dangerous entanglement).

The ordinance does not apply to the following categories of businesses, people, or activities:

Any child under the age of 5 years but face coverings are recommended for children over 2 years of age.
Individuals who are incarcerated, in police custody, or inside a courtroom; these individuals should follow guidance particular to their location or institution. Presenters, musicians, others communicating to an audience or being recorded, if they are 10 feet from the audience and all members of the audience are wearing face coverings.

Individuals may remove their face coverings to eat, drink, or “briefly scratch an itch.” Employees within their own fully enclosed office or workspace or within an unenclosed workspace if they are totally alone are allowed to remove their masks.

Fully vaccinated employees working in a separate room from the public and unvaccinated coworkers. Employees wishing to utilize this exception must be able to show a “vaccine passport” to their employer. All employees in the separate room that are vaccinated in a manner can be separated from other workers, “consistent with workplace anti-discrimination laws.”

Individuals performing an activity that cannot be conducted or safely conducted while wearing a face covering are exempt.

Individuals who cannot tolerate a face covering due to physical or mental disability are exempt. The individual’s or a guardian’s statement that they are exempted is sufficient evidence.

All athletic activities when a person is actively engaged in that activity are exempt. Indoor gyms, fitness centers, boutique fitness clubs, and other businesses or entities, including the school district, may require face coverings regardless of this exemption. This exemption does not apply to spectators not engaged in athletic activity.

Religious assemblies are exempt.

The Mayor and his executive team are exempt, but not the employees of the municipality, evidently.

Read the full text of the emergency ordinance EO-3 at:

“Businesses, employers, and building owners shall deny admittance to any individual who fails to comply with this Emergency Ordinance, as long as the regulation is applied in a manner consistent with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and any other applicable provision of law,” the ordinance states.

Employers must make sure employees who are present in the workplace have access to and wear masks or face coverings when required.

The Municipality reserves the right to use all available enforcement options to assure compliance with this Emergency Ordinance. Violation of this Ordinance does not create grounds for residents to harass individuals who do not comply with it, the ordinance states.

How long will it last?

The Emergency Order goes into effect immediately and expires when Anchorage has reached a point of sufficient medical capacity or no later than 60 days without further action by the Assembly.

The public health emergency does not end until either (1) crisis standards of care are ended at two of three local hospitals for 14 consecutive days; or (2) there is no longer substantial or high community transmission per the CDC for 14 consecutive days.

“When the Municipality of Anchorage is experiencing a public health emergency, the requirements of this ordinance shall be in effect,” the ordinance states.

The municipality is not experiencing a public health emergency, except that this ordinance falls under the national emergency declared by President Biden, which stays in effect through February 2022, which effectively means the mask ordinance can continue until the president changes the emergency order.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. As we’re expecting the assembly will overturn the mayors veto tonight, what is needed to start a referendum to collect signatures to override the emergency order?

    • What is needed here is not a referendum, but a court challenge, ideally from the Bronson administration itself. These petty tyrants are acting completely outside of the law. So who is going to hold them responsible for their crimes?

  2. There is karmic law. Those who impose their will on the unwilling will have to pay for it. Pretty simple to understand.

    Do not comply. Your compliance lets them off the hook.

  3. Would someone explain to me how the city assembly has emergency powers. I have always been under the thought that emergency powers only existed with the executive branch.

    • Silly Brian, when has this arrogant and rogue assembly ever cared about the Municipal Charter and the limitations on their power spelled out therein? They have already violated the municipal charter repeatedly, frequently and even more flagrantly in the past 18 months than they have here, such as in not holding the mandated special election to replace former Mayor Berkowitz when he resigned, and apparently with no repercussions or ramifications for their repeated illegalities whatsoever.

    • Anchorage Municipal Charter:
      Article IV Section 4.01 “The legislative power of Anchorage is vested in an assembly of 11 members.”
      Article V Section 5.02(d) “In case of emergency, the mayor has the power of a peace officer and may exercise that power as chief executive officer to prevent disorder and to preserve the public health. The assembly by resolution may declare that the emergency no longer exists.”
      So, apparently, the Assembly can end the mayor’s emergency order, but has no authority to institute an emergency order.
      But, then again, to answer your question, the Assembly was also required by the charter to hold a special election within 90 days of disgraced Mayor Ethan’s untimely exit due to his inability to take his pants off in his own bedroom.

      • Actually, double check the wording on the special mayor election. I am pretty sure it says “not less than 90 days”

        Then again, it has been a while since I have looked into it.

  4. No state of Emergency exists. Let’s Go Brandon!

    Biden is denying red states lifesaving monoclonal antibodies.

  5. These fascist mandates will further destroy small business in Anchorage as residents throughout AK will choose online options before traveling into the city to wear a mask.
    The liberal elites at the assembly table do not care if our economy survives or perishes since their coffers are filled by outside interests who would rather the “Great Reset” where you will “own nothing & be happy” in their corporate totalitarian prison with no Liberty or Rights.
    This is the line in the sand…in Spain politicians are now saying that masks will remain indefinitely to stop the spread of Influenza.
    This was never about a “novel” virus…it has always been a vehicle to bring about a one world technocratic state.
    Complying will not free you from Tyranny!

    • you are right. We in the valley really appreciate the unreasonableness of the Anchorage Assembly, because it’s been very good for business here, (however we do feel very badly for the businesses in Anchorage…they got totally screwed by Anchorage’s totalitarian gov’t). We only hate it when we have to go to Anchorage ourselves.

      • Exactly right Karen. The restaurants and businesses in the valley are booming with people from Anchorage traveling there to enjoy the freedom to shop how they want, dine where and with who they want, and generally live their life, all without a mask mandate. On the other hand the Anchorage Assembly continues to kill the small businesses in their community and put people out of work.

  6. Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God! To hell with their illegal “code”. Woe to those that try and enforce this on me or my family.

  7. Aw how cute. All this information is superfluous because I won’t be wearing one. Therefore I don’t need to know the details.

      • I hear you, and if I were up there for my defense, I would wear my Kansas City Chiefs ball cap with my dated positive test results stapled to one side and my CDC vaccination card showing three shots on the other and tell them to get the hell off of me I don’t need one based on their opinion.

          • That makes me smile man. That’s always been my intent, to get people talking and to present the antagonist side in order to make that happen. There is a unique socialist takeover happening in Alaska and it has been going on for several years that I’m aware of. It started before Bryce stole the PFD, I think it even started before Tony Knowles. The only way you can combat that is to continue talking and develop a plan of action whether it be recall, or downright whipping them in the polls and elections and basically tell them to get the hell out of my state go back to Portland OR Seattle.

          • Amen to that. People from the left coast are sooo arrogant and enthusiastic about changing everything and never realize that if they like it here better, then they should learn from us rather than the other way around. It’s the age old fable of the country mouse vs city mouse. The city mouse always thinks the country mouse is some dumb hick that doesn’t realize how much better things can be.

      • Costco’s upper echelon should refuse to execute. Carrs-Safeway too. If business owners are to be the enforcers, in solidarity the corporate food companies should give this mandate the finger. Will the assembly then fine/close all our food options? Oh wait….they probably would.

        • Yes they will cut off all food options “except” for those involved in the beer chuggin, leg wrestling, corona party in Juneau. Every one of these filthy people are simply following what obama did. Say you can’t do something, then do it anyway. Then make them try and take it away. Taking things away isnt very popular.

  8. Well I am guessing that Bronson will now direct the “enforcement” personnel that they are not to enforce, cite, or ticket anyone not adhering to this.

    • Mayor Bronson has already implied as much in his official statement yesterday, which is posted on the municipality’s webpage where the ordinance can be found.

        • Thanks for that Karen I didn’t know how that pecking order played out. Bronson has it going his way if he just won’t lose his nerve, he may find he has more friends than enemies

          • More than that, Greg — if Bronson would only take a firm and public stand for what is right, and against the raging authoritarian nanny-statists, then he would surely not just find more friends, he would MAKE many more friends, from among those who are disgusted and fed up with politics as usual on the one hand, and with the insidious, ‘woke’, intolerant, arrogant and overreaching nanny-statism of, for example, the municipal ass-embly’s Marxist Nine on the other..

      • The assembly needs to be fired for nonattendance, infringing Constitutional rights, impeding Constitutional process by not allowing expression of their employer, the people. Not allowing required election at the specific request of residents, refusing to follow due process, passing unconstitutional instruments, usurping freedom of speech of members from Eagle River, not being careful of fiduciary responsibility, allowing occupying two emoluments at the same time, being ultra vires purchasing real estate, acting as hospitalists without a license prescribing and proscribing medical equipment thus exposing the city to liability, and jeapardizing their own legal immunity and more.

  9. Anchorage you let these wolves in. You can’t blame them, they are just doing what is in their nature. They despise you, and they told you this many times and for whatever reason you ignored them or didn’t believe them. They are, who they told you they were, and still you let them in.

    • Perfectly stated.
      Entirely too many people just ignored municipal elections, they did not bother paying attention to the issues, etc… Net result, the people who get elected are the ones that want it the most, not the ones that want to serve the public the most.
      The good news, is right now, across the nation, the people who were just going along are not aware of their local government. They are tired of being screwed over by a bunch of self important “leaders” and they are pushing back.
      And, it is always good to be reminded that voting for the President is important, but the guy in the city assembly/mayor’s office will have a MUCH more significant impact on your day to day life. Pay attention to your local elections.

  10. And who enforces it? That part appears ambiguous. Can the mayor just tell the police to ignore it? Does the assembly have its own gestapo?

    • It’s on the businesses to enforce it. The mayor already stated that there are no fines and no punishments. I guess you’ll see which one are the boot licking businesses in town to avoid.

    • The enforcement lies solely on the people and business that comply as in 1940’s Germany it puts neighbor against neighbor as secret gestapo to enact their unlawful tyranny through confusion, division, and hatred.

    • I identify as a double vaxxed, double masked, sexual deviant.
      Ergo, no one can touch me.
      Just pretend I didn’t put that into words.

  11. Show me in the US Constitution where an emergency “ordinance” without notice, debate, vetting, quorum, no-notice is authorized by non-meeting attendance non-quorum. Show me. Group behavior in the US has to be lawful. Page 2 Mason’s Manual.

    • Amen. It definitely needs to be challenged. It is far more vengefully and politically motivated than meaningfully effective.

    • Amen.Agree. It definitely needs to be challenged. It is far more vengefully and politically motivated than meaningfully effective.

  12. This ordinance is so much meaningless nonsense, if there is to be no municipal enforcement of it, and no fines or punishment attached to violating it.
    Now, just because there will apparently be no municipal enforcement of it, does not mean that individual (especially corporate and ‘woke’) businesses may not demand compliance from their customers. But that is on them individually. Let them drive away customers if they choose to, for no other reason than to virtue-signal their authoritarian political agenda. I’ll be happy to avoid such businesses, now and in the future.

  13. So right now in Anchorage there is a strong view that some men have greater privilege than others. There is no such condition under the US Constitution. Not Constitutionally possible. If any part of an attempted rule, bylaw, ordinance does not meet Constitutional tests of equality it is what? Void ab initio NEVER had any legal effect.

  14. They already are planning another Ebola type virus after this, called Marlberg that causes hemorrhaging and one that is truly a virus. Folks, the deep state has one virus after another to keep you in face diapers and govt obedience completely eroding any kind of medical and God given freedoms you have.

    • You know…I freely admit that I once laughed at what I called the “conspiracy theorists”. I am much chagrined to admit they (mainly my neighbor down the road) have been – for the most part – absolutely correct. I am no longer laughing and keeping an open mind and ready to put on my own aluminum-foil hat. I’ve learned not to trust ANY government organization and many medical personnel who should know better but appear to be to stupid to follow the real science.

    • Marburg virus IS Ebola named for an outbreak at a lab in Marburg,Germany that arrived in a shipment of lab monkeys

    • Whatever virus they throw at me, I will gladly face. I have been responsible for my health my whole adult life. I will let my immune system do its thing. If it fails, it means I failed. If my life ends, then at least I can say I tried within my own power. There is always next lifetime, except I will not be coming back to this planet until it gets it’s **** together.

  15. “F*CK the Assembly” masks now on sale in Anchorage. Comes in bright red with Communist Chinese flag. “F*CK Joe Biden” masks temporarily out of stock. Reorder next week. Get them while they last.

    • Where?
      I swore I would go through this panicdemic without spending a penny on a mask, but that one is worth the investment.

  16. I love the people filibuster if there is a next time everyone should show up and insist the assembly take things further than they want like for instance post APD outside of every business to enforce compliance. 100000$ fines for anyone outside of their residence not wearing a mask heck even the order must be written that N95 masks are the only acceptable masks. Why not these authoritarians on the assembly couldn’t care any less for your questions or concerns they just allowed you to speak so they could make it appear to the news media and the normies that they listened to your concerns for 2 weeks and thought this order over long and hard when the assembly (and anyone whos actually paying attention)knew which way every single member on that podium was gonna vote. If they show you no respect and think of you as a joke why bother letting them know your true feelings on the subject then they can just point and say ”see all these people are nothing but a bunch of rightwing reactionary cooks” try something different instead of playing right into their hand.

  17. Government agents are required to carry a “passport” (ID if WE, freemen, request it of THEM). We are never Constitutionally obliged to prove who we are to them If they are going to style themselves as agents of a jurisdiction we may Constitutionally demand to see their papers any time. US? Never required. This is America. Love it or leave it.

  18. You’ll see more of this, masks are just the beginning. In Juneau our city council, without public input, implemented the Emergency Operations Committee. No medical professionals on it, I’m not sure who’s on it. But, they have lots of power and they get endless extensions. We’ll be wearing masks forever down here and I’m sure vaccinations are next.

    • Jim Collman, all this fuss about masks from the C.B.J. Meanwhile the Juneau land fill or “Mount Stinko” is so oppressive that it knocks a dog off of a gut wagon!
      But wait… maybe there is a method to their madness , I mean if you are all masked up and recycling your own exhaust then maybe you won’t notice the odiferous affront of Mt. Stinko? Is the Juneau Assembly really that smart? I wonder…

  19. It was refreshing to me yesterday, as I passed mask-less past the “Mask required by Municipal Ordinance” sign at the entrance to my local grocer.
    It was even more refreshing to witness many, many similarly mask-less individuals inside the store, going about their day unencumbered by the tedious doings of the Marxist Assembly.
    And not a stir was observed. Store workers, dutifully masked to comply in order that they don’t lose their livelihood, stocked shelves, moved about, not paying attention, and seemingly not passing judgement.

    • These store workers were most likely not interested in getting into arguments or fights with people who obviously intent on raising a public fuss, just to spite authority.

      • “Just to exercise sanity and our God-given rights”
        I corrected that for you, Catherine.
        What is truly pathetic are irrational, hysterical, fear-porn-addled sheep and conformists, such as yourself, who are willingly brainwashed by all the self-serving and shallow propaganda and LIES from the corporate media and the political establishment, who cannot think but only emote, and who lack any sense of independent thought and the ability to critically think and judge for themselves. Who are profoundly and disturbingly intolerance of viewpoints and opinions other than their own, who feel they have the need and the right to interfere in the lives of their neighbors to any extent just because of their own exaggerated and irrational insecurities, and who desire and demand, in their miserable existence, that their misery be coercively inflicted upon everyone else. THAT is what is truly pathetic.

  20. Have read twice and cannot find anything about restaurants. Lots of loop holes and very inconsistent. Our church has had a huge number of cases, numerous hospitalizations, with two deaths already – yet churches are exempt. Just pointing that out as it shows inconsistency. This whole thing is stricter than supposedly liberal Juneau’s mandate which was put in place in July mainly to deal with the heavy cruise ship traffic and is slated to lift after cruise traffic ends. Just a bunch of politicized vengeful hooey.

    • I was amused to see that they exempted people being treated by a dentist from wearing a mask while at their appointment. OMG, that was so funny…like who would be wearing a mask anyway while having their teeth worked on? Such an overwhelming example of a lack of common sense, lol. Seriously…that assembly is mostly morons.

    • You are assuming this is about the COVID virus? Seriously?
      The exemptions you point out are proof that this has nothing to do with stopping the spread of disease. You MUST be masked if you are in a massive big box store, but sit in a crowded church, cool to be unmasked. If this is such a dangerous virus, the places where you are assured of being too close to strangers should be the last place exempted.

  21. Well, they couldn’t do it through a public process, so they resort to guile by invoking an emergency declaration for a ‘crisis’ that does not exist.

    Now they have done it, let them enforce it. This “requirement” will become increasingly farcical due to wide spread civil disobedience. How far will the police go in enforcing all this? Australia?

    The Assembly will finally cover over this embarrassment by declaring that the emergency is over and the mask requirement is no longer needed. Of course, the Assembly will declare that it was through : their foresight and bravery by invoking the emergency mask order during the night that the saved the city.

    What is to be done? Start by finishing the job of recalling Assembly member Meg Zeletel. Then resolve to stop electing arrogant fools to your city government!

  22. I agree the Mayor needs to fight this through the court but also our AG should be speaking up. Court should step up to take this case ASAP. All the stores will abide by it just like last time. These idiots will never be voted out with cheating mail in voting and ignorant people in there districts that vote for them. A musician can take off his mask as long he is 10 feet away from audience and they are all masked. Kiss my donkey.

    • Not all have vents.

      But I see your point. Some will buy the “N95” that have vents and think its all good.
      It is just as well though. Just breathe free.

  23. Might help if –everyone– who showed up at Assembly meetings to protest compulsory masking would call, fax, and e-mail Governor Dunleavy, and ask (nicely) for an executive order prohibiting governmental entities including boroughs, cities, school districts, public health authorities, and government officials — from requiring or mandating mask wearing.
    Governor’s contact in Juneau:
    3rd Floor, State Capitol
    PO Box 110001
    Juneau, AK 99811
    Phone: (907) 465-3500
    Fax: (907) 465-3532
    website contact form is at: “”
    In Anchorage:
    550 West 7th Avenue,
    Suite 1700
    Anchorage, AK 99501
    Phone (907) 269-7450
    Fax (907) 269-7463
    Texas Governor Abbott issued an Executive Order banning compulsory masking which can be found at: “ GA-36_prohibition_on_mandating_face_coverings _response_to_COVID-19_disaster _IMAGE_05-18-2021.pdf”
    Nothing’s guaranteed, but the Governor is running for re-election, his people are e-mailing campaign donation requests, this could be the very best time for Unmaskables to ask.

  24. What kind of push-over is going to wear a mask after this? They might as well just wear a sign that says “kick me, please”. It’s disgraceful to see the assembly try to run roughshod over the people like this. Of course it’s no different than what the Biden administration is trying to do to individual states and their governors. We’re dealing with a tiny minority of tyrants that want to run ever aspect of our lives.

  25. I think it is only for the airport or other federal locations, until there are no more deaths. Lets go. It is only enforced by airline employees until the drink cart and snack cart comes by. But if you only have a short flight to Juneau no one really cares unless you are a legislator.

  26. Alaska’s News Source has a rather confusing article on this.

    “”Bronson, who has been publicly, staunchly opposed to the public health measure, vetoed it the next day. In a special meeting Thursday, the assembly voted 9-2 to override his veto. Allard and Kennedy cast the two opposing votes. To override any mayoral veto, the assembly needs a supermajority of eight votes.””

    9-2 = 7, not 8.

    It then goes on as if the ordinance passed:

    “The emergency ordinance will require residents to wear a mask when they are in public spaces in Anchorage, and will be in effect for no more than 60 days. However, it could fall out of effect before then if two of the city’s three hospitals are no longer operating under crisis care standards for 14 consecutive days, or if the city’s virus transmission falls back below the high or substantial level for 14 days.”

    I find this rather confusing.

  27. The vile hatred that is coming from the pro-mandate clans is disturbing to me and it’s distracting me from work and home life. I need a break. If I’m out and about, you might recognize me. I’ll be maskless and my wife and kids will be all masked up. My wife chooses to wear a mask and makes our kids wear a mask when we are out and about and I disagree with it, but allow it and she allows me to do as I please with myself and the gets and we get along. This assembly and Providence has stirred up something that they won’t be able to contain and they will continue to blame everybody else but themselves. I really hope Bronson gets the ordinance thrown out and the courts get involved to see if this renegade clan should be removed from the assembly for violating the city charter time and time again in order to replace democracy with tyranny and Providence should be ashamed of themselves for backing their actions.

    • Justin, you have a real burden to bear, having to see your family in masks like that, that I cannot imagine. I’m sorry that you wife is so willing to give in to hysteria and exaggerated fear, much less impose her exaggerated fears onto your kids. The psychological damage that all this masking up is doing to children really disturbs me, and I don’t even have any kids.
      Sorry, Justin, I didn’t intend that as any criticism of you personally.

      • Don’t worry, I don’t find your comment to be a criticism of me.

        My main point is that my wife wears a mask and thinks I should wear a mask, but I don’t. I’m fine that she wears one and she’s fine with me disagreeing with her and not wearing one. Mandates really aren’t needed even if you are pro-masks and this fighting that the assembly is causing is truly unnecessary and disgraceful and my wife agrees that it is making some people be completely vile and hateful.

        I’ve alway thought it is important to not teach your kids what to think, but how to think. When they are with me, I always offer them a mask but say they don’t have to wear one if they don’t want to and they always say “nah!!! Let’s go Dad!”, even my daughter who really looks up to her mom. So I’m not worried. And my wife and I both agree that they don’t need to be scared of the virus because they are much more likely to end up in the hospital for other things.

    • Keep your head up. The truth is coming fast! Just enjoy that once this “pandemic” numbers inflation are proven to try and destroy our country heck world people will never trust the corrupt doctors,media,gov, etc again and will think again.

      I love you all!!

  28. Doh, **.. and she allows me to do as I please with myself and my kids when I’m with them alone and we have figured out how to get along.

  29. Do not comply, do not bend the knee, do not kiss the ring, do not perpetuate the big lie. Be steadfast in the conviction of liberty and freedom. Civil disobedience is the needed counterforce to the tyranny imposed. Provide patronage to those establishments who will not enforce or comply, picket those who perpetuate. Cheers to Freedom!

  30. I recently beat the Chi-Com / Fauci Flu. Following my release from quarantine I received a letter from the Local Health Authority detailing that I DO NOT have to be tested for C-19 for a period of at least 3 months time, ( per CDC Regulations). This because of the ANTIBODIES within me. Meaning that I am not capable of spreading the virus. Why is this condition not addressed in the Mandate? Why the silence on Natural Immunity? Studies have proven that Natural Immunity is exponentially better then the totally failed and potentially dangerous Jabs being pushed. Oh, and the same letter asks that I donate my Jab free, antibody enriched blood to Blood Bank in order to help others with their Covid 19 struggle. This I will do during my next visit to Anchorage.

    This action by the Fascist on the Anchorage isn’t about Health, it is a power grab.

    • This is why I really wonder if the only reason why they have been so hell bent on people getting a double shot even if they’ve had covid was so they could make sure there were no hidden reasons for people to be exceptions. They wanted to enforce everything on everyone without any way for people to claim that they don’t need to wear a mask, social distance or whatever. They may have even convinced themselves this reasoning is altruistic because people could lie about having covid and there is no way to prove they haven’t had covid and they would kill grandpa. This is also why they have focused on antibodies and try to avoid talking about t cells, which is what we gain from natural infection and REAL vaccinations that allow us to have lifelong immunity.

      We really need to put Fauci on trial as soon as we can and then hopefully his evils are exposed to all and these assembly members can be shaved and forced to parade down the streets for saying they were “following science” when in fact they were following a maniacal little narcissistic evil dude from Brooklyn. Ok, maybe not shaved, but put on display for everyone to look at. ADN should be put up there too.

  31. Individuals who cannot tolerate a face covering due to physical or mental disability are exempt. The individual’s or a guardian’s statement that they are exempted is sufficient evidence.
    If I am reading this right, If I claim I can’t wear one, then I am EXEMPT? Am I reading this right?

    • Yes and no. Yes per there “mandate” that we don’t have a contract with so they can jump off a cliff.
      And no because they can go funk themselves. I’m a smart ass but I type with love and humor.

      I ask people to name one department of government that that would say does a great job.
      Normally people say none.
      So why would you trust gov to inject a mystery liquid into you made in 5 months when “vaccines” take 6-50 years to make and test.

      I love you all.

    • Just say you don’t wear a mask because you have CS. Most people won’t ask any follow up questions, but if they do ask “What is CS?” Tell them “it’s Common Sense”

  32. Well, it looks like I will be avoiding Anchorage until the Assembly comes to it’s senses. The Anchorage Assembly has sense? Is that an oxymoron? I believed all the hype from Fauci Inc. about how the vaccines would “protect” us and if we got them we would be “safe.” Now I am a classic example of a breakthrough COVID-19 case. Granted, the vaccine probably lessened my symptoms, so I only had head cold symptoms. I was all set to get a Moderna booster, but now I don’t need it because I got it the hard way. I got the disease.

  33. Please do not call this a “law” when it is merely a mandate. There is a difference.

    • The time to petition local government is over. We have already surrendered our civil liberties. We are no longer governed, but ruled. Few remedies remain.

  34. Buying a $20 mask displaying an obscene statement agianst a leader and a mandate, it doesn’t make sense, When you want to live Free.
    You might as well save the twenty and go without and use the time how to get one another to your house for gatherings and meetings.

    I am thinking purchasing online a home mini espresso machine just for the Steam wand, since I am no longer welcomed at Kaladi’s. This way I can learn to make my own chai’s.

    There is nothing hospitable seeing a “Masks Requied” and “Whites Only” signs in a business window and doorway.
    I get indigestion before I even step in the door losing my appetite for whatever the business is selling.

  35. The time to petition local government is over. We have already surrendered our civil liberties. We are no longer governed, but ruled. Few remedies remain.

  36. I have an out – according to many liberals, conservatism is a “mental illness”, so guess I’m kooky for coca puffs… and therefore exempt under the EO… And how would a small business determine if I have a mental illness?

  37. I’ve been out and about in stores today, haven’t worn a mask, haven’t received flak.

    I hope the Assembly is just happy with a political victory over Bronson and isn’t really serious about thinking masks help stop the spread of covid and will demand enforcement.

  38. “Wear a face Bacteria Catcher until December,” we promise. Where have I heard that before??????????? Oh that’s right 14 days to flatten the curve. That was 343 days ago. If they are this bad with a calendar I know they are wrong on their “science”.

    Not gonna play your stupid gov games anymore.

    I Love you all!

  39. I will remain on my face in supplication before my God — the One and only God — for many things, to include asking Him to raise up those in Anchorage who have the means to expose the evil behind those on the Anchorage Assembly. Those people who have the means to inform the uninformed, Anchorage citizens must rise up and awaken the sleepy citizens to vote out the five members who are up for election this spring. To combat the lying MSM, Anchorage needs other means to disseminate the truth about what is happening.

    • If only two of the assembly’s Marxist Nine can be unseated in next year’s election, and replaced by sane, non-Marxist candidates, then the remaining Marxist Seven would not have a veto-proof majority, and most of their destructive, insidiously divisive, nanny-state measures would fail.

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