Could be crowded: Leftists to occupy Assembly chambers, as mayor also invites people to watch Assembly override his veto


Mayor Dave Bronson encouraged people to attend the 5 pm Thursday meeting of the Anchorage Assembly to witness the Assembly override his veto of the emergency ordinance forcing all in Anchorage to wear masks.

But a group of Democrats has called for their masked brethren to show up in force, double-masked, and occupy the front of the Assembly chambers to push out the pro-freedom activists who have spent dozens of hours expressing their opposition to the law, which is not in effect until the override vote.

The Democrats will be arriving early, and in force, according to the organizer, Elstun Lauesen, who is the husband of Rep. Harriet Drummond, an Anchorage Democrat.

“We need 200 people in the assembly chambers tomorrow to support our Assembly. Occupy the front of the room and form a barrier between the Assembly and the mob. Be there when they open at 5:00.
DOUBLE-MASK! [NOTE: Several folks mentioned that “if it opens at 5, be there by 4:15 to get in]” Lauesen wrote.

The Assembly Chamber doesn’t hold 200 people but the group appears ready to ignore the six-foot distancing guidelines, protected by their double masks. The Assembly majority has set 100 as the limit for the room, which can hold up to 180.

In his response to a question from one of his Facebook friends, Lauesen called Bronson a “fascist Mayor.”

“The fascist Mayor vacated security for the assembly before, he may do it again,”

Lauesen, the organizer of the occupy Democrats, also wrote that he hopes author Suzanne Downing of Must Read Alaska ends up on a ventilator to end her career:

In the past, Lauesen has incited violence, calling for pitchforks and tar and feathers to be used against public officials in the Dunleavy Administration. The mainstream media has ignored his threats.

Read: Elstun Lauesen calls for pitchforks, tar and feathers for Kelly Tshibaka

Mayor Bronson has continued to oppose the compulsory mask ordinance in a statement on Wednesday on Facebook:

“The Assembly didn’t even have the conviction, courtesy, or courage to take those actions in front of the people. Instead, they waited to introduce and pass this measure without public notice and after 10pm at night. They have made their agenda clear: shut down the people, shut down the public process, and shove the heavy hand of government mandates into your personal health decisions,” Bronson said.

Bronson wrote of the ordinance, “It’s also un-Alaskan, to force a mask and take away someone’s right to make their own choices for their health. Please come out and respectfully express your right to be part of the public process.”

The Assembly is sure to override his veto of the mandatory masks for Anchorage, as nine of the Assembly members voted in favor of what they are deeming an emergency ordinance.

The Assembly majority lied to the public, telling them they would be able to give testimony about the ordinance on Wednesday, and then at the end of Tuesday’s meeting, passed a look-alike ordinance without public testimony, making the Wednesday meeting for a hearing unnecessary.


  1. As there was not a quorum on Tuesday to pass ANY agenda item, where is the municipal attorney? The Ordinance is illegal, immoral, and has no merit. We are not in emergency mode, thereforee they cannot pass an emergency ordinance.
    Attorneys, where the hell are you?

    • I am and have been wondering the same things, Marla. This ordinance appears, on the face of it, to be illegitimate and illegal for multiple reasons: the lack of the charter-demanded quorum, the self-declaration of an ’emergency’ by the assembly when the municipal charter grants them no such right, as well as the last-minute, unannounced and un-agenda’ed nature of the introduction and voting on this measure, which again I believe violates the municipal charter.
      Indeed, where are the mayoral administration’s attorneys, and why have they not ALREADY spoken to and addressed these violations of the municipal charter by the rogue ass-embly?

    • The legal team consistently errs on the lightweight side of Constitutionality. The entire community needs a refresher not in exaggerated criminal law but in Constitution (think freedom) application. If you have a roomful of recently arrived from Seattle green haired communists jeering against the Constitutional process that would not make it due process. The leftists have long thought being tricky is the way to go. It is if you are going to fraud or perdition. This is Anchorage. We are pretty straight forward. DO IT RIGHT OR NOT AT ALL. Bait and switch is fraud. Tell Elston to bring his wife’s Mason’s Manual open to page two and give it as a gift to the Mayor if he wants to actually help Anchorage. Thanking you in advance Elston.

    • The municipal attorney should be evaluating them all for a possible trial to see if they are unlawful and unfit for their positions and need immediate dismal. This is getting to be an emergency. They are a clan proven to ignore the rules and seek to even break the rules and abuse their power by every means that they can and brought civil unrest to our community. I don’t know how local regulations work, but surely there is some method for removing unlawful people from the assembly before they can cause more damage. Hopefully these assembly members at least condemn the hatred and successfully stop it. Otherwise they have really caused something here.

      This is what the left has done all over the world. They will blame us too just like they have for January 6th when it is they that have caused the unrest by ignoring justice and the will of the people.

  2. How can the mask law currently be in effect, when Mayor Bronson has already vetoed it? Doesn’t that make it null and void unless and until the ass-embly overrides his veto of it?
    This is not an idle or hypothetical question, either, as I plan on attending this ass-embly meeting, but I will NOT wear a mask. So can they, or will they, illegally demand that we all wear a mask just to enter the ass-embly chamber, when the ordinance is officially not in effect at that time?

    • You make a very good point. It is not in effect since he has vetoed it. It will be in effect after they override. – sd

      • Well, I guess I will find out this evening just how much further this rogue assembly plans on acting! Based on all past actions, though, I would not be surprised to find them demanding masks at the entrance, which I will refuse and resist. And if I am therefore arrested, they can plan on a lawsuit.

        • Soooo, we don’t need masks to enter chambers tonight. However, once they override the veto, it goes into effect immediately. However, however, there’s this: “Any individual who cannot tolerate a mask due to a physical or mental disability; the individual’s or guardian’s statement that they are exempt is sufficient evidence;”

          So all we have to say is “I’m exempt” I wonder what will happen then.

      • which always happens. How in the heck can we get ride of some of these guys. we try a veto them out but they keep coming back in.

    • It is all about control- our assembly is out of control and are acting out in insane ways…. at least Bronson has a backbone.
      I am confused about the whole forced masking in the first place…. if you want to wear a mask- nothing is stopping you. Wear a body condom too, while you’re at it…. I don’t care! Why worry if I personally do not want to wear a mask? Surely, yours is protecting you… riiiight? But for some reason this scamdemic gives everyone an excuse to exercise power and control over other people and they relish it!

  3. Where do these freaks think we are, Venezuela??? These people do not respect the will of the people. If you’re afraid of the air around you stay home!

  4. So it seems the circus is coming to the assembly. Elstun Lauesen appears to have a heart full of hate for anyone who doesn’t conform to the leftist mantra. Anchorage slides a little lower, hang tough Mayor Dave.

  5. Openly and confidently calling us a fascist mob when clearly they are the authoritarians. These people are hysterical. Think they are liberals? Maybe now is the time to stop playing defense and start calling them what they are before it’s too late. Communists.

  6. The left ought to be careful for what they wish for…I know many of Americans that have had enough of this kabuki theater.

  7. Unfortunately, the assembly will override the veto. I will not comply… and I will take my purchases/cash to the valley.
    One MRA article said the assembly needed 9 votes to override…. but an article on another AK news site said they need only 8… which means that Allard and Kennedy can’t stop this (economic) train wreck from happening. Sorry, Anchorage businesses, maybe you owners should have been stepping up to show opposition to this with your votes of assembly members, and with your voice to oppose this…. this time around I will not support Anchorage businesses through the tyrannical mandates. If the sheeple comply, the sheeple will be kept in their pen indefinitely. I choose freedom.

  8. What a show this will be!

    The masked, hypoventilating, anxiety ridden left.
    The vigilint self aware freedom fighters on the right.
    Both have their champions and both think they are right.
    Will this country ever be united or will it just fight?
    All the actors have their rolls.
    Everyone is compelled to reach their goals.
    The showdown of the century is at hand.
    I hope someone has hired a band.

  9. Sun-Tzu’s observations of the Rulers of a Doomed State: “likes to boast; his wisdom is meager but he likes to rely on himself, he is estranged from the noble an lowly; the great ministers neglect the rites; he inclines to flatterers and sycophants while slighting worthy men, takes pleasure in being rude and uncouth and in manipulating the common people; the state lacks common laws; the people lack pattern and order; he takes those skilled in sophistry as wise, those harsh to the people as loyal … takes pleasure in other people”s grief and finds profit in their hardship; his virtue is insufficient to embrace the people and his government is inadequate to nourish them; [his] rewards [are] insufficient to stimulate them to goodness and [his] punishments inadequate to prevent evil — this is the behavior of a doomed state.”

  10. Elstun Lauesen is nothing but a thug. Tar and feathers, hoping someone has to be put on a Covid ventilator for life? If anyone used those same words towards him, you’d be on the 5 o’clock news as the lead story.

    • I strongly object to Elstun’s wish that Suzanne Downing ends up on a ventilator and then dead. As he is morbidly obese, angry, and very hateful, he knows that his outcome would be extremely poor if he experiences a significant medical event of any kind and ends up on a ventilator.

  11. The Mayor himself ought to be there, so he can direct the police.

    He’s really just handing these hooligans their own version of January 6th.

  12. Saw many getting off planes from Seattle . green hair ,,, blue hair,,, ANTIFA shirts ,,,BLM shirts ,,, ect. Importing leftists to push their agenda. Who’s paying for airline tickets ,,, room and board ??????

  13. To Elstun W. Laesen. your remarks tell me you are ignorant.. If you only did research on the vaccines and what ICU doctors as Patricia Lee MD has written to the Food and Drug Administration (with no response) on what injuries have been caused by the vaccine, you might be enlightened. Oh, by the way when Dr. Fauci wanted to save masks for the medical personnel he said they didn’t work. I value Suzanne Downey’s information. As my beautiful African American aide used to say to the kids when they would say something as outrageous as you: God doesn’t like ugly and what you said is UGLY>

  14. “Lauesen, the organizer of the occupy Democrats, also wrote that he hopes author Suzanne Downing of Must Read Alaska ends up on a ventilator to end her career:”

    This person is the epitome of the way these THUGS operate. Wishing someone goes on a ventilator because they expose the truth? They operate on lies and fear, like children do…to all Liberals out there with this mindset, you and you alone are the reason we are in turmoil. Ya can’t blame Trump, ya can’t blame anyone but yourselves! Disgusting individuals to say the least I hate sharing the state with them!

  15. If they plan on showing up at 4:15, be there at 3:30. Would be wonderful if the assembly chambers are 100% full of the opposition.
    I will bet every dollar in my wallet that the Assembly sneaks the friendlies in through the back door, and when the chambers open to the public it is already 75% full.

  16. Elstun is a 76 year old Commie who is in no position to wish ill health on anyone, less his wish fall on him 7 times worse.

  17. why not triple mask if 2 makes good sense than 3 is even better and if you want to signal even harder ,
    check this out 5 masks mix it up really have fun with it start with a gator then a surgical then a KN95 then an N95 followed by the best, a north full face respirator finished off with a face shield to protect your respirator from any possible droplets

  18. This is exactly why mask mandates are not a good idea.

    These pro-mandate people have entirely lost all their ability to reason and their sense of humanity. It’s not even debatable. This is exactly how people ended up getting shot and killed in San Francisco during the Spanish Flu for not wearing a mask. None of this would have happened if the ordinance wasn’t even proposed. Literally everyone was fine wearing masks as they see fit except for these lunatics that are not rational and should not be a force influencing anything. And they are no doubt a small minority of the community. Good job assembly and Providence for showing everyone in the future of what not to do. If this assembly can’t fix this, they need to be put in court immediately with an emergency removal from office if found by the court to be acting unlawful and unfit to fulfill their positions. They are a clan that have violated charters, violated the open meetings act repeatedly in order to get what they want, have ignored charter in order to stay in power, and have literally defied the values of democracy and now they have activated some of the most radical and irrational people of the community that now feel validated to act with hateful emotions. What more do we need to see. This is literally dangerous. I know better than to expect the self serving liberal attorneys and courts of the municipality to do anything with integrity to restore order. I just hope nothing seriously bad happens tonight. All for a mitigation method that decreases spread by a few percentages at best, according to only the most flattering studies.

    On the plus side, regardless, this should be the final nail in the coffin for the political careers of these assembly members. I know plenty of liberals that are even pro-mandates that don’t like what these liberal assembly members are doing to represent their perspective. And I sincerely believe this will be good evidence of why the medical community shouldn’t ever be telling the public that people should be compelled to wear masks in order to keep each other safe. Wear an n95 or even a respirator if you are a vulnerable person and avoid prolong exposure to the public. Don’t rely on every single citizen to keep you safe, especially because even if 100% are wearing masks, you are still not safe. That’s a fact.
    — history is repeating

  19. The Bard of American Journalism nailed this 70 years ago.

    “The whole aim of leftist politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence clamor to be led to safety by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary”. – H.L.Mencken

    Covid and faux climate alarm fit this exactly and perfectly.

  20. Mask or no mask, shot or no shot, covid will be here forever, much like the flu that started in 1918. We will all get it, and I pray that your experience will be nonlethal, as mine was. We must be strong and compassionate during these times and respect each other’s choices for mitigation. We elected a mayor recently by a majority vote, but many members of the assembly have become sore loosers and continue in their unpopular agenda, even breaking the law. They have been using the epidemic to bypass the legal process to pass unpopular agenda and do not want to lose this power at any cost. If you can’t recite the pledge of allegiance, you are not fit for public office in this country. You are also unfit to be in the military for that matter. If the constitution of our great country and our state is not to your liking, you are the minority and should go elsewhere instead of trying to corrupt a system that we, the majority believe in. We Americans have fought and died protecting this great country side by side with people of like mind of every race, color and creed so quit calling us racist. We are not. We are Americans. If you are not proud of being an American, get the hell out, and quit trying to destroy us from within. I’m an old man, but I still have plenty of fight in me, reserved for the likes of cowardly communists should I meet them on equal terms.

  21. Elstun you not only make yourself look bad, your wife, if she had any class, would be appalled by your hateful statements. You are a small minded tyrant husband.

  22. Luke 7:32: “They are like children sitting in the marketplace and calling out to each other: ”We played the pipe for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not cry.'”
    These people are very much like children- middle school age children- in how they interact with the general population.

    • They are just SELF-RIGHTEOUS, virtue signal creeps afraid of their own shadow, and see themselves above other races as they are mostly white, all the while professing how un-racist they are as their main goal is to promote deviance of the sexual kind.

  23. Is this going to be televised. It should be fun when the crowd breaks out into the star spangled banner “Ore the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave.”

  24. Let’s just see how many of these leftist keyboard warriors show up. Most of them will probably need to wait until their mommies get off work to give them a ride. I will certainly be there in support of opposing this abuse all Americans rights and liberties. The security also should be checking ID of all who enter the assembly chamber to verify their right as a municipal resident. All people with out of state and outside of municipal limit addresses should be barred from taking a spot from an actual Muni resident.

  25. Time to decide Anchorage: fight back or roll over.

    If history is any guide, you’ll roll over.

    Wonder what the Assembly will come for next. Don’t be so stupid to think it ends here.

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