Rep. Drummond’s husband calls for violence against administration


In a post on social media today, a possibly overwrought husband of Rep. Harriet Drummond, a Democrat representing midtown Anchorage and Spenard, has called for pitchforks and tar and feather for Department of Administration Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka, who is the featured speaker at a meeting of the Mat-Su Valley Senior Services annual membership meeting on July 10.

“PITCHFORKS, TAR & FEATHERS are encouraged!” Elstun Lauesen wrote:


  1. lauesen must be a leader of “antifa-Alaska”. Consider the source and act accordingly, Alaskans. No room here for the leftist violence attempted provocation. Remember, lauesen, karma begets.

  2. Come on Suzanne, get a grip. He may guilty of using the wrong phrase, but those words are hardly a call for violence. Now if you are trying to get a gig with CNN, this is good stuff.

  3. Even if just trying to be clever or cute, the concept of pitchforks, tar, and feathers widens the gap between those that believe the government can solve all problems and those that believe that the people of the state can fix what is facing us.

  4. O Suzanne…with Dunleavy supporters attacking Senator Von Imhof and calling her the “C” word and other legislators in-boxes filled with threats of actual violence, it is laughable that would wring your hands over my use of an archaic expression of populist anger. You know that we Liberals are no match for your RightWing trolls.

    I might have said:

    Do you like that better?

    • Elstun – This is a great improvement over the pitchfork, tar, and feather approach. – sd

      • I agree, Suzanne! That is a much better statement by Mr. Drummond. In no way does it imply any form of violence. It just simply states the usual, tired, chicken little sky is falling mantra of the left! “The poor children, the seniors, the disenfranchised, the poverty stricken…the world as we know it is coming to an end!.” Well, I hope the world as we know it IS coming to an end. Start a new world living within our means. I am familiar with a senior who lost their “bonus”. Guess he has to quit smoking. That was his cigarette money. That is a good thing, right??

    • You could say you eat horse manure for breakfast. Lucky for you, you can say pretty much what you want. You just don’t want others who disagree with you to have the same right. No one is wringing their hands over your inane, specious comments. Quite the contrary, you are giving plenty of reason for people to see the “real you”. A piece of work, or is that non-work? Your rhetoric unbecomes you. Typical libtard/dim.

    • This isn’t about Republicans vs. Democrats. This is about Alaskans vs. Lawbreakers that call themselves Lawmakers. They’ve continuously broken the laws! Let’s not distract from the issues; it doesn’t help solve a thing.

  5. If you consider this classical statement to be a “call for violence” then you had to be curled up in the fetal position under your covers shrieking in terror over even half the stuff Trump said in his election bid, either that, or this is just a sad and desperate attempt to stir up BS with no rational basis. So, either wolfley ill equiped to deal with politics, or just another desperate fake news purveyor. Either way, a waste of everyone’s time to post this crap.

    • You’re right. Your comment is a piece of crap. Just another hater without the mentality to make a coherent, civil comment. You must be Lauesen’s boy. Or at least confederate. Grow up. Sooner or later, you’ll need to. The Left won’t always be front and center.

  6. We haven’t seen fortitude like Governor Dunleavy since Mayor Fink. The Knowles administration and his merry Assembly were appropriating unearned interest on reserves prior to Mayor Fink taking office. In other words they were spending money they didn’t yet have. Dunleavy is a good man. Listen dIMOCRATS and bureaucrats, revenues are falling and have been for some years. We have the highest costs in regard to every thing we do with the lowest results. It’s time for change!

  7. Tar and Feather?
    That’s a stretch.

    How do you feel about most the country celebrating actual violence on July 4?

      • Wow, how spelled out do you need it?

        Suzanne thought someone saying “PITCHFORKS, TAR & FEATHERS are encouraged!” is a call for violence – but it isn’t.

        I assume she has some respect for the founding of the USA and the holiday for it, which was the result of actual(killing, not merely joking about tar and feathering) violence.
        I’m pointing out the cognitive dissonance between whining about her imaginary “call for violence” and celebrating real violence. She’d lead readers to believe she’s against violence, when in fact she may not be.

        I won’t go as far as a history lesson on the revolutionary war, you can Google that.

  8. If you really stop and consider what using a pitch fork or pouring hot tar on a person, and then covering him/her with feathers really means, yes the guy is way out of line.

    He tries to down play his comment as kind of a joke, in the typical liberal elitist fashion. I grew up in the liberal world, I once considered myself a liberal. I believed liberals had some sort of intellectual advantage. But, I realized I was wrong. I realized I did not like this type of attitude, but more importantly I realised how destructive modern liberalism is to society.

    Suzanne, thanks for calling this guy out.

  9. To be fair, the kinds of inroads on actual individual civil and human rights like property, protection from search and seizure, contract, association, speech, guns, etc, etc by authoritarians of every claimed political stripe (though mostly collectivists) we take for granted nowadays would have had the Founders hanging and shooting people long prior.

    Tar an feathers should never be completely off the table, lest our public servants start to think they are our masters (again, a problem primarily of collectivists who want to impose a secular utopia on us “for our own good”).

  10. I called Drummond’s office. Excuses given
    1. Her husbands comments are his own, she refused to comment against
    2. Staffer said there is a Facebook page Haseback or something like that, which according to the staffer they are calling for violence against Drummond and other Dems. I stated clearly neither I or the AMAC Action condones calls for violence
    3. At the last of the call, the staffer pulled the sex card, that Drummond is a woman and being attacked because of that. I called her on that, that Drummond is a Rep, her sex has not a thing to do with anything.

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