Huge protest planned for Anchorage LIO Tuesday evening


A massive protest is in the works for Tuesday evening at the Anchorage Legislative Information Offices. It is timed for the same timeframe as a “listening session” planned by Democrats. Here are the two events that overlap in time and place, an indication that the Democrats will control the “Listening Session.” These events are coordinated.

Those with alternative opinions may want to rethink their plans for attending this event, cosponsored by Rep. Harriet Drummond, whose husband recently called for violence against Republicans:


  1. Guess I was right about lauesen being a propagator of antifa-Alaska. Intimidation is their primary tool. It’s almost worth a drive to Anchorage to participate in a counter-protest. Being an “old fart”, I would, most likely, bring a “pocket assistant” (bear spray, baton?) with me for my own protection, if I did come. Not encouraging anyone to violence. Simply stating common sense, as the “protesters” will, undoubtedly, be prepared for violence and anything else that will serve their purpose (cement ‘milk shake’, clubs, assorted weapons, for instance). I consider self defense as common sense and it’s absolutely legal.

  2. Alaska is starting to look more and more like Venezuela each day…
    Homeless on the streets…
    Forgein resource extraction…
    High rates of crime…
    Low rates of education…
    Mass unemployment for the workers.

    • There was frozen treats for the kids, adults were treated to chanting and rhetoric on how the most vulnerable will suffer from the budget cuts after Planned Parenthood lectured on “healthcare” cuts. It was disgusting. Just glazed right over unborn children being murdered. I had to see this train wreck for myself.

    • Actually, given the crowd, I would think that they should hand out flowers, Doritos and free cannabis. Then everyone would be happy and docile. And it is not anything that the libs haven’t done before.

    • I’ll answer for Suzanne. “Community,” sounds a lot like communist, is a word used by lefties for people who think like lefties.

      • Art – What a great topic for Sarah Stanley to take over to the MRAK Forum. I believe she means “what does a good community look like?” or “What are the traits that good communities share?” But I could be wrong. Maybe she is just looking for the definition of community. -sd

        • Community… in “organizer?” That was Barak Obama’s listed professional title before he became a US Senator and later, president. Community Organizer is a moniker given to a Lefty who doesn’t have a real job, but signs up activists and volunteers to advance the Left-wing agenda. So, Art is correct. And Suzanne is correct. Sarah’s question begs for less ambiguity to provide a precise response.
          My hunch is that Sarah is posing the question to somehow place Suzanne and MRAK into the defensive, as though we conservatives have no community in our hearts. Of course we do. We just don’t live in the Left-wing community.

          • “Community” is another ambiguous code word used by Lefties to get everyone else to adopt their thinking and their way of life. The answer is simply this: use their own words and phrases to imply something very different……as in a conservative placement and context. Use the word over and over in the conservative vernacular. This is how you challenge these idiot Lefties.

      • Art,
        I get a kick out of your “Rightist” rants, but trying to relate Community to Communism is a stretch by even MRAK Culture…
        The word Community has been around since the 14th century and according to Webster means nothing close to what the word Communism means.
        Twisting words to fit your political agenda of hatred and distant for those who care about other members of society only shows the myopic approach to the world that you live with.
        “Definition of community…
        : a unified body of individuals: such as the people with common interests living in a particular area…”
        Maybe you would be better off saying “I only care about me and no one else”…BTW that philosophy has been around even longer than the 14th Century.

        • I don’t believe Art is saying that, Steve. We have been so divided on issues these past 15 or more years that it is impossible to mean a community of one, anymore. We have become a nation of many communities. So, when Sarah poses the question, the answer raises another question: “to which community do you refer?”

          • Cultural community, not geographical. eg….are you more comfy with LBGTQ or the Baptist Church? Hispanic Community or Italian? Ted Cruz or Beto? Americans have decided to define themselves in this manner. Sad!

    • I still want someone to explain to me what a “community activist” is. Is that an elected position? What exactly is a “community activist?” What unique attributes does such a person possess? Is special training or knowledge required? Are there any conservatives that call themselves “community activists?”

      • Community activism 101:
        Man-caused climate change.
        LBGTQ rights.
        Black Lives Matter.
        Trump Caused It.

        how’s that for a start?

  3. I always thought that MustReadAlaska readers and reporter were mostly Republican, but it seems they would only support any constitution articles when it is in there favor. They claim that the next session should be held in Wasilla, but then they refuse the right of a community for their freedom of speech, as soon as it seems it will be not very supportive of their own agenda.

    I don’t remember MustReadAlaska making an article about the Dunleavy Budget Road Show that was supported by one of the Koch Brother organization, and the access to non-republican was very limited.

    I also really like when in the article Suzanne warned her fellow readers about the danger to participate in the session because someone called for violence against Republicans, but one of there reader literally wrote that he may use is free speech right but will be armed with some bear spray or a baton.

      • In response to both Marc and Bill Yankee, I can only speak for myself (because I’m an individual only responsible for myself and no one else).
        I read and sometimes comment here at MustReadAlaska just to read a different perspective of (or sometimes articles with information not found at) Anchorage Daily News. I’m neither a registered Republican nor a Democrat, and I try to read news from a variety of sources. In my opinion, the only way to truly form your own opinion is to surround yourself with opposing ideas. MustReadAlaska versus Anchorage Daily News. Throw in Alaska Journal, Craig Medred, and some other bloggers.
        I hope I’m not one of those “knuckle-draggers”, Bill, but it’s OK if you label me that way, too. It’s only your opinion after all 🙂

        • Good to read different perspectives S and I know Craig Medred often says if everyone is thinking alike someone is not thinking.
          I certainly don’t think this post of yours is from a knuckle-dragger but I’ll keep you in mind and point it out if I notice it in the future. Heheh!
          Just look above about the wonder bread, hot dogs, etc. to see some real knuckle-dragging.

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