Daily Covid positivity: Big bounce to 1,220


In a jump from Monday, Tuesday’s statewide Covid testing positivity count was 1,200. That is still a 1 percent decrease from last week, but a significant day-over-day increase from 464 diagnosed on Monday.

Hospitalizations also bumped up, with 204 Alaskans now in a hospital with Covid, up from 186 on Monday. There are 277 non-ICU beds available in the state and 21 ICU beds, a drop from 26 on Monday.

26 people with Covid are on ventilators in Alaska, and the percentage of currently hospitalized Covid patients makes up nearly 20 out of every 100 patients.

62 new Covid hospitalizations have occurred in Alaska since Oct. 1. Some 23 of those were of Anchorage residents. There have also been 28 deaths in Alaska attributed to Covid since Oct. 1.


  1. Wow
    Just in time to help them sneak in a vote. ITS THE DANG PCR TEST!!!!!!!!
    That’s why CDC WANTS NEW TEST BY DECEMBER THAT TESTS BETWEEN THE COMMIN COLD AND COVID-1984. Funk you and your entire scam-demic!!!!!

    • Here’s a great read…food for thought about why people should be testing for blood clots post Covid and more so, post so-called vaccine.
      Pay special attention to the last paragraph, where we find the even greater cause for concern, going forward. Covid is bad enough, but the Fauci vaccines….

    • Actually, the daily stats are all but meaningless, as there is far too much variability in them, and in how and when they are reported, to draw any statistically valid trends from them. The weekly counts, on the other hand, ‘smooth’ that daily variability, and are what we should really be focused on (bearing in mind that the PCR method used for these “tests” is fundamentally flawed, and inherently leads to a small to very large ratio of false positive results, depending on the level of true positive cases among the general public, as well as on the number of cycles used in the particular runs).

    • How convenient it is that the only way to test for the Vid infection is the PCR test, which isn’t accurate at all. A corrupt organization can bend the numbers anyway they like, or an idiot can believe everything they see. Regardless, the data is flawed.

  2. I would not be surprised to find out that one or more of the Marxist Nine paid off, or threatened, the appropriate reporting person(s) or entities to inflate their reported statewide COVID test numbers here, just to try to justify passing/re-passing their authoritarian mask mandate. It would be right up the radical leftist extremists’ alley to do such a thing, as it is the title of Chapter 1 — “Winning at Any Cost” — in The Radical Leftist Extremist Handbook.

    • My hunch as well… and then the cases magically go down when they implement their dumb mandate, to prove “masks work after all”… wouldn’t put it past them at all.

  3. Has Alaska initiated a standard test for SARS-CoV-2, and the accuracy gauged? A huge problem is the data is so disjointed with a complete lack of standardization or manner to insure that manipulation of “positive” results are not exploited. It appears that the common “flu” has been eliminated.
    One question that is never addressed, what are the actual ingredients in the various SARS-CoV-2 compounds referred to as vaccines? The Pfizer product includes the cell line from HEK293 which was sourced from a baby girl in the 1970s. Harvesting a viable embryonic kidney from a sufficiently healthy child old enough to have adequately developed kidneys must be removed from the womb, alive, typically by c-section, and have the kidneys cut out. This “procedure” of removing the kidneys is accomplished without the use of anesthetic for the child. The fact that such violent acts occur in America for the use in research and creation of “medical” products is unacceptable. Along with joint venture research of bio weapons with the CCP, we have become as brutal.
    Where are the study results conclusively showing how the “vaccines” react with the hundreds of different prescription drugs present in the bodies of hundreds of millions of people?

  4. How many of those are breakthrough cases? This is what we need to be watching. That, and vax deaths. They need to autopsy and report to the VAERS. The numbers will be shocking, but I guess it doesn’t matter as long as the approved narrative survives. It used to be that 50 or 100 deaths caused by a vax was enough to hit the brakes and do a thorough investigation and array of tests. Now–with these genetic therapy drugs–thousands of deaths are A-OK…

    • The latest data on breakthrough case can be found here https://mustreadalaska.com/vaccine-breakthrough-cases-rise-in-alaska/
      The state also issues a weekly summary that says, in part:
      “From January 16–October 2, 2021, 43 deaths, 172 hospitalizations, and 13,183 cases with a VB infection were reported among Alaska residents aged ≥12 years. These counts are provisional and subject to change as data are compiled and reviewed. In that same time frame, a total of 52,525 cases, 1,278 hospitalizations, and 252 deaths were reported.
      75% of all cases, 87% of all hospitalizations, and 83% of deaths among Alaska residents aged ≥12 years from January 16–October 2, 2021 were in people who were not fully vaccinated.
      Specimens from VB infections are described in the “COVID-19 Variants” tab of the new Cases Dashboard. More detailed information about hospitalizations, deaths, and vaccine breakthrough infections among Alaskan residents can also be found in the monthly report.
      Age-standardized per capita rates of COVID-19 cases by vaccination status are updated weekly. Many COVID-19 cases with specimen collection in the immediate past week (indicated by the grey box) may have not yet been reported or counted.”
      Doing the math from the most recent weekly summary from Sept 26 until October 2 there were 7,242 new covid cases 1,686 (23%) were vaccine breakthroughs, there were 109 new hospitalizations 16 (15%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs, and fatalities increased by 26, 1 (4%) of which was a vaccine breakthrough.
      58.6% of Alaskans 12 and older have been fully vaccinated.

      • When the numbers actually catch up with the facts, 15% break through will look closer to 50% or higher, but right now those numbers don’t fit the political message of pushing this vaccine illegally. Just a month ago, it was 7%. Israel and UK have reported numbers as high as 90% break through. With the heavy influence of political agenda touching everything, it shouldn’t be difficult for any person with common sense, love of freedom and an innate will to survive to question everything that this government reports or mandates.
        Have you read the reports lately of our government and the Chinese government playing around with the Nipah Virus in the Wuhan Lab for the past two years? This virus is 80% lethal with no vaccine. Hate to see what people would be acting like if we are acting the way we are over this 0.5% lethal virus vs Nipah if it should get released on the world by “accident”.

        • Brian, the Wuhan Virus is not have even a 0.5% fatality rate — it is more on the order of 0.25% to 0.30%. So, between 1 out of every 300, and 1 out of every 400, who get the disease (across all age groups) will die from it.
          Put that next to the 0.05% to 0.20% (varying annually) fatality rate of influenza, and I dare any reasonable, rational and intelligent person to tell me that all this society-changing, rights-stripping, hair-on-fire hysteria over this disease is justified. Have we been engaging in a quarter to a half as much hysteria, and demands for mandatory masks, injections of experimental DNA-rewriting potions, health and inoculation status passports, etc. etc. for the annual flu each and every year? Of course not. So this overreaction to this virus is just that, irrational and wildly exaggerated fear, pumped and pushed by a political, medical and media establishment which benefits from all that exaggerated fear and hysteria, most of all from the willingness of those driven into all that exaggerated fear and hysteria to give up fundamental freedoms for the illusion of government-provided “safety”.

          • And, add to your list, government complicity on the CCP’s development of and attack on this country, vis a vis this Novel Coronavirus.

  5. Respectfully why is this a big deal? We have vaccines for people who want them. The kung flu is basically the cold at this point

      • Hard to tell. We never had 24 hour coverage of the cold or flu.

        Sickness and death has happened before. Nothing new. It is not healthy to constantly focus on this stuff, living in fear.

        Ask yourself. What purpose is there to always be reminded of the negative, but to be ignorant of the positive?

        Media is the virus.

  6. The PCR test finds people positive with C-19, but also colds and flu show as positives. Keep things in perspective. We have never known the specifics of these daily numbers.

      • CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
        Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel
        For Emergency Use Only
        Instructions for Use
        Catalog # 2019-nCoVEUA-01
        1000 reactions
        For In-vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Use
        Rx Only

        Downloadable from the CDC website.

    • The powers that be, I believe, have chosen to ignore that fact. #ItsAllAboutTheBenjamins and kow towing to the government’s CCP masters.

  7. We can no longer trust our government overlords, government-controlled medical establishment, or government-controlled media. Fake emergency using fake Covid PCR-testing to inflate fake positive cases, fake covid hospitalizations by giving fake covid tests to all admitted patients, then slapping the fake “hospitalization with Covid” label on them, coercing fake vaccinations without informed consent, and financially incentivising fake covid deaths. If subjects don’t die by fake vaccination or by denying them life-saving treatments, administer the government-mandated death-by-ventilator protocol, with a 95% success rate. Every death benefits a power-hungry government with more control and hospitals with more government-printed covid bucks.

  8. Fully agree with Margaret. This virus has been filled with hyperbole and mistruths from the start. Shame on every government official who has been a part of this lying. It will be exposed one day.

    • I feel like you need to think outside the box a little bit. Try to remember back almost 2 years ago when the entire world seemed like it were dying off. Remember all those refrigerated semis because the morgs were overflowing? All those people in the nursing homes dying off? Remember when people were dropping like flies in France and other European countries?. Do we have such a short memory that we forgotten all that? The same thing is going on now, it’s just mostly what we hear about in the news is the Delta variant and other forms of the real deal. If people are in the hospital it’s because they can’t breathe, their lungs are filling up and their blood is less oxygenated. Also they could be suffering from brain, heart or kidney damage from the virus that could be wrong term. If I were you I wouldn’t let my guard down just yet. People are still dying from this everyday around the world. I understand the test can be inaccurate but in my case it was 100% spot on.

      • Forkner, you certainly have a way of blowing things out of proportion. If it wasn’t for people like you exacerbating the governments punch line, the government wouldn’t get the effect they wanted.
        Remember the hospital ship that sat off the coast of New York and the Governor of New York refused to use it because it was Trumps plan and instead put COVID positive patience in the old folks homes instead. Your examples are isolated to stupid POLITICAL decisions made by Democrat mayors and governors. Unfortunately because the governance of highly populated locations correlates with Democrat leadership, masses of people must suffer their asinine decisions often at the end of their puppet masters strings.
        Yes people are dying around the world everyday, as normal, but how certain are the numbers that their death was exclusively the result of COVID. I am certain this number is blown out of portion for reaction. By the way, what happened to standard flu deaths? Almost entirely non existent.

        • I think standard flu deaths have become so much the norm that they go pretty much unreported by the media just like deaths from the common cold. I remember that ship up there. I think the governor paid the price for not using it. He never recovered from killing off those old people. I have no way of knowing if the worldwide numbers are accurate or not. That’s just a conclusion that I’ve come to. Just an opinion like everybody has one you know.

        • Well said. I believe that the Dems have shown that people are just tokens, dollar amounts to them. They don’t care if people die, as evidenced by their political behavior.
          Since we haven’t routinely been testing for the flu, separate from Sars2 Covid, I believe that many folks with flu have been misdiagnosed as having Covid-19, and thanks to Democrat malfeasance, in rigging testing numbers, in claiming Covid deaths that weren’t caused by Covid, and in telling Covid positive patients to stay home and treat with OTC meds (rather than curative treatments with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Monoclonal antibody protocols) we will never know the true numbers who really had Covid, nor how many more could have been saved if Dr. Fauci Mengele and the complicit medical community had not suppressed early and effective treatments. The SCF, and I suspect, ANTHC conglomerate, here in Alaska, are complicit for continuing to deny the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, for example.

  9. The same idiots who think we can impact so-called Climate Change think we can control a highly infectious virus with a 98.67% survival rates.

    I was fully immunized four months ago but like many got a full breakthrough case. Three days of Ivermectin and I felt fine…from a personal perspective this is overblown and we need to lock up or banish the fear mongers to a totalitarian dictatorship country of their choice.

    • The same thing happened to me. I’m old and have a ton of conditions that pretty much kill off my natural ability to fight anything off. I guess that’s why I’m kind of worried about the 1/3 of 1% that die because those people are almost 100% old people.

      • I am not so sure that with gene manipulation, the Fauci-abetted CCP military run Wuhan Institute of Virology hasn’t targeted elderly people, whom they and our political left view as expendable. Now, it’s reported, that they are working on targeting specific ethnic groups (I personally hypothesize that they have already targeted black and Hispanic people).
        I’m not a doctor, but it appears that you should keep your supplements regularly, and keep the elements of the Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine protocols on hand. The Monoclonal Antibody Therapy supposedly works well, if infused early in the course of the disease. Be aware that some hospitals won’t treat with it except in the emergency room, but not once a patient is admitted to hospital. Not sure about Alaska. Couldn’t get an answer from SCF for the Native Hospital.

    • #LockThemUp
      The seditious fear mongers have damaged this nation almost irreparably and their complicity in continuing to cover for the CCP and their Congressional/Big Business allies is #Treason.

  10. Great interview on lifesitenews, top of the page. On the Covid and so called vaccine. The doctor goes THERE at the end of the interview. Please everyone be informed, and love your neighbor regardless of politics.

  11. How about some good news. Maybe all the stadiums are full people are everywhere and the masks are a mere catcher of viruses or a face diaper that only deepens the mis information about the disease we are living with. Time to let go of these scare tactics and not only live our lives but live them abundantly. Treatments if allowed are the answers to these medical issues of our day. This virus is not stoppable only treatable through the healthy application of symptom. If your sick stay home, wash your hands and take supplements and medications that work so you won’t have to go to the hospital. For some it may be to get boosters of a like virus to teach your body how to fight the disease. But for most we have had it and we are naturally immune. Look around and follow the money…

  12. Convenient.

    This is what comes of politicizing disease. Even if true 50% of the population won’t believe you.

  13. We can no longer trust our government overlords unfortunately, the give us phony numbers they massage to make a point, as many of the above comments point out.

  14. Maybe we will finally have a chance to hit Herd Immunity and an end to the so-called variants, the chances for which which the insane push to “vaccinate” everyone, have ruined. Herd Immunity, because surely we are reaching great enough numbers of people who have had Sars2 Covid, to reach natural herd immunity and the more people who contract and survive Covid, the less need to virus has to mutate in order to infect people, hence we can reach herd immunity and quit playing this Fauciesque game of “catch the variant” !

    • We have NEVER reached herd immunity for the Flu. Like all biological beings, virus’s evolve to survive. Some evolutionary steps are large, like the Delta variant, but most insignificantly small. A thousand variants occur everyday. Vaccines are theorized to possibly create large evolutionary steps in the right conditions and become counter productive to the fight for herd immunity. A fit and healthy human body is fully capable if defending itself in most situations. With old age, comes death for all things. The strong will survive and many different comorbidities will take the rest, as is the cycle of life for all living things.

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