Alaska’s official Covid-positive count falls to 464


The State of Alaska Covid dashboard reports only 464 positive diagnoses of Covid-19 yesterday, and the weekly drop is 9 percent over the previous week. There have been 4,239 positives tests in the past seven days, but some of those are repeat tests.

A week ago, 857 people were identified with new Covid infections, and that was a 28 percent drop from the week prior.

The count reported for Friday was 792.

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186 Alaskans are hospitalized with Covid, with 26 on ventilators. Seven days ago, 194 were hospitalized with Covid and 38 were on ventilators.

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There are 26 ICU beds available across the state and 309 non-ICU beds available.

Since Oct. 1, 59 Alaskans have been hospitalized with Covid and there have been 28 deaths attributed to the serious vascular and respiratory illness.


    • There is no such thing as natural immunity, only the experimental government enforced jab to protect big pharma profits..

  1. Obviously, that wily COVID virus has been watching the actions of the Anchorage Ass-embly in trying to pass their coercive and authoritarian mask law, and approves of them, and hence has already been responding accordingly.
    That is one magic virus!

  2. It was actually amusing listening to the Nasty Nine. They’d say something, be corrected by experts, and then just go right back to what they originally said. They literally are not listening to anyone. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do.

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