Mayor Bronson calls for calm, compassion on both sides of Covid debate


Anchorage Mayor David Bronson called for calm and compassion in Anchorage today, just prior to an expected Anchorage Assembly meeting, where the leftist members of the Assembly appear poised to enact a citywide mandatory mask law.

He also asked that people show respect and compassion to healthcare providers, and that hospitals reaffirm their commitment to treat all patients with dignity, compassion and respect, regardless of creed or personal belief.

“Good healthcare begins with trust between a patient and their physician.People should not be afraid that their doctors, hospitals, or healthcare providers might treat them differently because of their politics or personal choices, in particular their COVID vaccination status. On the other hand, health care providers – who have been on the front line of this pandemic since it began – deserve our respect and need our support. Patients should not be afraid of their doctors, and health care workers should feel they are appreciated by those they help. We agree that vaccination is the best way to reduce COVID infections, serious illness, and death and strongly encourage everyone  – in consultation with their health care provider – to get vaccinated. We also ask that each of our health care institutions reaffirm their commitment, in these tense times, to treat every patient with dignity, compassion, and respect regardless of creed or personal belief. We stand together, with you, to see our city through this. We are strongest united,” Bronson said.

While some members of the medical community have complained about patients acting out when they learn they have Covid-19, other medical workers say that doctors and nurses have shown extreme bias against unvaccinated patients. The Must Read Alaska series “Jab or no job” has told the stories of some of these workers, who choose to remain unvaccinated and who have witnessed extreme discrimination against themselves and patients.

Bronson will not be at the Anchorage Assembly meeting on Tuesday because he is quarantining for a week following exposure to Covid-19 last Thursday. Also absent from the meeting will be City Manager Amy Demboski and Municipal Attorney Patrick Bergt.

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  1. Unlike Mayor Bronson, who is reasoned, compassionate and stable, there are radicals on the Left who want a full-blown bloody fight as long as they can hide behind locked doors and the APD.

  2. If I placed my hand on our Bible and swore an oath to GOD for the citizens of the citizens by the citizens, I would understand the citizens put me here GOD is who my oath contact is with. All oath takers before you become oath breakers be so very aware the citizens don’t have time to watch you GOD is watching. Congratulations to our mayor integrity and kindness OATH INTEGRITY is all we need.

    • Trump took a solemn oath with his hand on the Bible too, and then tried to impede the peaceful transfer of power after he lost the election. I wonder what GOD will make of that. So much for OATH INTEGRITY.

      • Nom,
        You are gullible, math and science tell a different story.

        Trump very likely won the election as shown by the preponderance of evidence.

        If it was a fair election, obviously these audits would be totally supported.

        I suppose you think the mrna jab and masking are good medicine. Shows that facts really don’t matter!

  3. Good luck with that Mr. Mayor, you’re dealing with the godless. This assembly majority consists of jackals and hyenas who only value power, control. They will stop at nothing…..neither should you. Save your compassion for Christmas with the in-laws, this is time to stand and deliver.

    • Agreed! While I do not advocate that the mayor and his administration stoop to the unprincipled, vindictive, hateful, at-any-cost tactics of the Marxist Nine, he has got to understand that he is dealing with sociopaths here who will do ANYTHING to attack and undermine his position and his legal power. There is no compromise, there can be no compromise, with evil! If he tries to meet them half-way, they will only drag him (and us) down into their totalitarian Hell with them.

      • You’re the World’s Smartest Person so you tell us. Oh, and it’s nom de plume. There’s a space, you fricking genuis.

        • Well, Fire, I may not be the smartest person in the world, but you sure sound like the nastiest!

          FYI, I worked in French-speaking countries for over a decade, am fluent in the language, and am well versed in its grammar. The contraction I used here is strictly a grammatical license, taken as many others do in this comments section.

          Now, have a nice day, if that’s even possible.

  4. Nah, I’m not trusting any medical professional. Anyone pushing or recommending the jab is not to be trusted.

  5. Well if the medical establishment used ACTUAL healing methods, I would have trust in them. They lost my trust decades ago and it will never come back.

    Plant medicine is good medicine. Pharma plagiarized plant medicine by patenting chemical versions of what already existed, which they now profit off, bigly.
    They use chemicals and radiation to ‘treat’ (destroy) cancer, which also destroys the body.

    Fundraisers and donation stations for cancer treatment. Millions upon millions donated and we are still using the same ineffective methods. Come on man.
    For every patient cured, is a customer lost.

    Hospitals charge more than 5 times the cost for simple tylenol, if you are admitted.

    Wanna know a way to stay healthy and out of debt? Learn to take care of yourself, sometimes using herbs and STAY OUT OF THE HOSPITAL!

    I will NEVER trust White Coat Supremacists.

    • I never thought like you that much. But now my eyes have been truly opened. I’ll still use an MD for broken legs and things mechanical, although with my back I’ll use all information available. But I’m now much more open to ND’s and know now what they are up against.

  6. I trusted a medical professional ( a highly respected Anchorage doctor who recommended my wife and I take the shot) it had little or no affect on me but almost killed my wife and no Doctor was any help when My wife was so sick other than to tell us to ‘tough it out for a couple of weeks’ and after almost three week of pain and swelling things slowly returned to normal,,,,but you will never get her to take the second shot nor will I allow it to be given…and I become more convinced every day it was a mistake for us to agree to take the shot in the first place….I do not trust anyone of those doctors anymore and I sure do not trust anyone on the Assembly to advise what is best for our medical care!!!

    • There are many stories of this kind of ignoring of people with severe adverse reactions even during the trials. DURING THE TRIALS! Those were people that had so much faith in doctors and vaccines that they were willing to be part of the trials and then when they had adverse reactions, they were told to go away. And many doctors to this day that are administering the shots haven’t been told how to report adverse reactions, nor do they care to find out. They truly have been indoctrinated to believe that vaccines justify totalitarianism, so much so that if there is any information that would make people be hesitant, they feel compelled to sweep that information and those people under the rug because they don’t want to seem anti-vaxx. If I look at the risks of covid, I know they have been extremely exaggerated, especially for my health and age, not just by the media but also by the medical establishment. When I look at the risks of the shots, I know they have been greatly down played. And even if the risk of covid is a 2 and the risk of a shot is a 1, I prefer we go back to the drawing board before approving them for everyone because that isn’t good enough and I especially don’t think they should be mandated. We have lots of research now on how to reduce risks and effectively help some patients recover from covid that would otherwise perish. And we would have more and more doctors that would know what properly works and what doesn’t if they weren’t caught in a Borg like effort to just get everybody vaccinated and don’t do anything until the FDA gives it’s blessing. Until we have honesty, I don’t trust any doctor that follows advice from the FDA and CDC that has blatant conflicts of interest and reasons to cover up the truth. I feel for you and your wife Charlie. You had faith in them and they ignored you when you needed them. I’m being stubborn on the behalf of people like you. I will risk my life to do what I can to make sure the medical establishment realizes these practices of coercion and hiding the truth don’t work and should never be standard practices ever again. Vaccines are our best weapons against disease, but they never ever justify sweeping the truth and people under the rug. Never.

      This is the testimony of the people that were ignored during the trials. After watching this, I don’t know how anyone can think that doctors treated them humanely and think the trials were completed with honesty. If your wife is still struggling to find help and answers and just some medical professional support, perhaps you can join this group that can direct you to doctors that have principles.

  7. While the cat is away, the mice will play… The Anchorage Assembly has long forgotten that they are not leaders, but representatives of the Citizens, who’ve elected them NOT to push their own personal ideals, politics and beliefs, but to vote according to the Will of the majority of those Citizens who’ve voted. As a representative, they may be called upon to cast a vote contrary to their own personal views. The Anchorage Assembly seems to think themselves elite rulers of the masses. That arrogance is what the Citizens and the Mayor are fighting to overcome now.

  8. With respect, Mr. Mayor, it’s time for you to ask Governor Dunleavy for an Executive Order banning mask mandates by government bodies and imposing fines on government bodies and school districts who require mask mandates.
    Texas Governor Abbott issued such an order which can be found at:
    One might be forgiven for suggesting calm and compassion will prevail when one side is persuaded that calm and compassion are not, in fact, ideological weaknesses of the other side.

    Thank you, Mr. Mayor, keep up your great work.

  9. I like how Mayor Bronson is doing his best to be the adult and to lead by example and not stoop to the level of the assembly. But these aren’t children. They are adults that have staked their reputation on being wiser and superior to the majority that voted for the mayor. They can’t afford to apologize to the public, especially because if one buckles out of the collective, that person will be excommunicated from their ranks in the liberal church forever. But these people are falling asleep on the job literally. That’s how much they care about having integrity. I don’t know what will shake them. Regardless, I think Bronson knows very well what to expect regardless of how much grace he grants them, and I don’t expect to see him get shaken anytime soon. And good for him for setting the bar higher for the medical community so hopefully some can see a path to earn some respect again. And he restored some faith to those that deserve it.

    Good speech Bronson. So far I feel we are lucky to have him and I’m glad the voters didn’t compromise and stuck with him.

    • Agreed.
      I just hope that our mayor realizes the same as well. The time for ‘playing nice’ is long over, and I’ll be damned if I am going to feel “compassion” for those who hate me and who hate freedom.

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