Valerie Davidson says Native hospitals don’t have to honor religious exemptions because aren’t covered by Civil Rights Act of 1964


The president of the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium told a worker that the Native medical system in Alaska will not be honoring religious exemptions from having to take a Covid-19 vaccine because the system is tribally sovereign and is not covered by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

In a letter to an employee who asked for the exemption, Davidson wrote that “Federal courts have found that mandating the COVID-19 vaccine is neither unconstitutional nor a violation of federal law and have dismissed lawsuits against employers who have mandated vaccination.”

Davidson wrote that “because ANTHC, as a tribal organization, is not subject to the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” the medical providers in the consortium may grant medical exemptions but not religious exemptions.

She also wrote that “Requiring COVID-19 vaccination does not violate the Nuremberg Code because the vaccines aren’t experimental. All the vaccines that are fully approved or approved for emergency use in the United States have already gone through clinical trials,” she said.

Davidson said that, so far as she knows, the Federal Employee Health benefit program that employees are signed up for will cover workers who suffer negative effects from the Covid-19 vaccinations. She said employees who suffer adverse reactions could apply to the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program at

ANTHC co-manages the Alaska Native Medical Center with Southcentral Foundation. ANMC is a 150-bed facility with a staff of 250 physicians and 700 nurses, according to Wikipedia. It is also a level II trauma center. Davidson became president of the consortium this year. She previously was the commissioner of the Department of Health and Social Services under Bill Walker, and became lieutenant governor briefly after Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott suddenly resigned. She is an Alaska Native from Bethel.


  1. Don’t ask for any taxpayer money and you best learn law before you open your mouth. EUA Stands for something better learn it.

    • So, if they are tribally sovereign, doesn’t that mean that they are also “not covered” by, and are “sovereign” from some supposed “federal mandate”?
      I have seen neither a written mandate, nor federal court ruling on the matter and furthermore if such a ruling does exist, you can bet that it will be appealed until ruled upon by the SCOTUS.
      How is it that so many Natives are so bitter and resistant towards the new ways, to the point of cancelling Columbus Day and replacing it with Indigenous People’s day, yet now they are clamouring to put white man’s poison in their arms? Asking for a friend.

  2. WOW! Let’s assume that Ms. Davidson is correct and ANMC is not obligated.

    What does it say about ANMC’s leadership if they CHOOSE not to honor the civil rights act?

    Shame on you Ms. Davidson. Your statement is a stain on the hospital.

  3. Sounds like she interned under Dr. Kevorkian. And an amateur enthusiast student of the medical doctrines of Dr. Mengele. A perfect fascist, upstart, pompous ass attitude. Long before the SARS-CoV-2, medical facilities like Norton Sound unnecessarily have killed through incompetence many rural patients. Patients are treated as some perverse funding infrastructure for administrators without basic cognitive thinking abilities, morals, ethics or professionalism.
    The idea my children and grandchildren are exempt from the protections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 due to tribal membership status is unacceptable. We are Americans of Native heritage, not subject to the whims of those infected with outside Native influence, we were warned of the dangers of that thinking.
    These corrupt Natives running corporations are similar to sharks with their flanking pilot fish outside white lawyers are destroying the liberties, health and well being we used to enjoy.

  4. The native healthcare has suffered greatly with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and Southcentral Foundation running things. They are unqualified, unethical and incompetent.

    • Yes and they spend too much of their taxpayer funded budgets on advertising how great they are! Meanwhile, rationing of care by forcing ALL Norton Sound medivacs to be plopped down for hours in the Nome triage ward until Anchorage hospitals DECIDE who they will take! Stroke, heart attack…doesn’t matter…you will NOT be sent directly to town during the critical time frame.

  5. Anybody who says those vaccines aren’t experimental has obviously NOT been paying attention. The vaccines are considered EXPERIMENTAL. The only one that has been approved is one of the Pfizer ones and we don’t have those yet. It sounds like the president is quite unintelligent and doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about their employees.

    • Not true !! The Moderna vaccine, which I took in Jan was given an emergency approval. That means it’s no longer considered experimental. This after extensive testing but Not as long as is typically required!!

      • “That means it’s no longer CONSIDERED experimental”.
        Yes, John, and the powers-that-be can declare that there are more than two genders, but all their propaganda and dictates cannot change reality.
        These clot shots ARE still experimental, by definition, and will still be experimental for a number of years, as they do not have the multi-year trials normally and previously conducted for ALL vaccines widely administered to the public. But the establishment power structure thanks you for being yet another guinea pig (if not premeditated victim) in their grand experiment. mRNA ‘vaccines’ have been uniformly disastrous in previous animal studies, but maybe you will be the animal who finally lucks out with them, and who does not die of antibody-dependent enhancement upon subsequent infection, or who does not die of complications due to the toxic spike protein that the ‘vaccine’ instructs your body to produce.

        • Well said. Just look at the outrageous adverse effect numbers and death numbers, from these medications which should be pulled from use. Also, this just out today…a reason I think, that the religious accommodation isn’t being honored….a coverup!

      • John, Emergency use authorization doesn’t mean FDA approval. And the FDA approved vaccine isn’t even being used in the United States.
        Aside from all of that, the quickest a vaccine has ever been approved was in 1967 for the mumps and that took 4 years. That vaccine didn’t break the barriers of mRNA either which has no successful test on animals. All other vaccines have taken 10-15 years for FDA approval. There is NO SUBSTITUTIONS for time, no matter how many agencies approve it.
        Wish you the very best on your experiment.

      • there is no emergency… it is back to experimental….just saying some magic words like “emergency” does nothing to speed up the trials….just gives them cover in case someone sues them. So, you are wrong…there are no legit fully tested clot shots.

      • John, emergency approval is just that, a preliminary approval to distribute BEFORE all the regular approval process items are fulfilled. An emergency approval does not indicate that the vaccine is no longer in the experimental/trial phases.
        New vaccines in general take years to test before they receive regular approval from the FDA. To my knowledge the annual flu vaccine operates on a contingent license as they are all similar in structure with the same basic components, just updated virus loads.

      • Wrong. Emergency approval or EUA – is just that. Emergency Use only. All available vaccines(mRNA gene therepay) for “COVID” are experimental at this time. Comirnaty – the ONLY FDA “approved” vaccine is not available in the United States. The FDA illegally pulled a bait and switch, extending the EUA for Pfizer, and at the same time without a hearing, proper testing, or any debate – approved Comirnaty. Go ahead – look it up.

  6. Please clarify – someone that knows – are not the ‘sovereign nations’ within our country still bound by the same federal rules as everyone else? If that is not the case than why do they receive a penny of federal funds?

    • The federal funding has to do with treaties originally made with sovereign natives and in Alaska with the Czar as a requirement of the purchase whereby the Federal Government assumed responsibility for the healthcare of the Czars subjects ( the native peoples) residing in Alaska.

      • LOL….who was the Tsar? This is so laughable. No Russians made treaties with all Alaskan Natives…they enslaved them!!! Read some history books about the Plains Wars of the 1860’s and the War Department’s responsibility for the welfare of the Indians. Leading to the creating of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, that corrupt, boot licking den of political ladder climbers. Gave us cold, drafty California houses to exist in. Indian Health Service has to guilt trip Congress into funding it yearly…it needs to be dismantled and rebuilt, without racist hiring practices.

        • Catharine the Great. She was greatly sympathetic to the harsh conditions the Russian natives and priests and families were experiencing went they were sent to Russian Alaska. The relationships between the Alaska native tribes and the Russian/Siberian natives weren’t that bad. They intermarried and tens of tbousands repatriated to Russia at the sale since they had heard about the American Indian fighting ways. There are more Aleuts in Russia than in Alaska today. Those who are here are in very reduced in every way.

        • I believe the czar’s name was Nicholas. Remember he and his family were assassinated in that Forest. Legend has it that has daughter Anastasia made it out alive but I don’t think that is true. Stupid Bolsheviks! But yeah he made the deal, he was between wars and found himself a little cash poor. Actually they battled the natives and enslaved them and we just kind of took over the situation. Perhaps it is you who should read up on your Alaskan history

          • THE Empress, survived her husband Czar Peter The III. She sent Shelekoff (say that ten times) to Three Saints Bay to establish trade and expand holdings. The Russians ent were often indigenous Siberia. They had a relationship that newcomers often have. They intermarried and many adopted Russian Orthodox beliefs. My Dad spoke Russian, Aleut and English. I may know a bit about what I speak but you go ‘haid being invincible with your slaves in Fladah.

    • Being sovereign means they have the ability to govern themselves. It does not mean that they’re not United States citizens and it does not mean that the Bill of Rights doesn’t apply to them. You overthinking it too much.

  7. So, even though they receive Federal funds, the employees are not covered by civil rights…? She sounds like she is enjoying not honoring her employees and their inherent freedom to choose what is done to there bodies! Maybe all of her non native employees should walk, given her blatant disrespect for their needs and rights. Btw, lady, the so called Pfizer vax has not finished clinical trials, as I understand it. This is still level three of the trial and they are still considered experimental, even with the EUA. please correct me if I am wrong.

  8. There is no executive order. The vaccine hasn’t been approved by the FDA. The Nuremberg code is being violated. And the fall back if forced is that “you should be covered if anything adverse happens to you, as far as she know”. Ms Davidson needs to be fired immediately.

    • John,
      There are two executive orders dealing with covid vaccinations, but I don’t see where they are using either of them for this mandate. This is a private company mandating a vaccination, they probably have a few other vaccines that are mandated for their healthcare employees as well.
      Here are the executive orders and some information about them:
      EO 14042 Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors was signed on Sept 9th, I didn’t see anything about mandating a vaccine in it but it does say contractors shall “comply with all guidance for contractor or subcontractor workplace locations published by the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force”. The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force on Sept 24 issued that guidance as part of that required federal contractors comply with the following:
      1. COVID-19 vaccination of covered contractor employees, except in limited circumstances where an employee is legally entitled to an accommodation;
      2. Compliance by individuals, including covered contractor employees and visitors, with the Guidance related to masking and physical distancing while in covered contractor workplaces; and
      3. Designation by covered contractors of a person or persons to coordinate COVID-19 workplace safety efforts at covered contractor workplaces.
      EO 14043 Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees signed on Sept 9th, it deals with vaccinations for federal employees, as the title suggests.
      There is no EO for employers with more than 100 employees.

      • No EO for employers with less than 100 employees either.

        But you are right that if you are working from the government teet, it is required. Which means I wouldn’t be working for the government.

  9. “We are so very proud of our ability not to do the right thing due to our loopholes. We have big, loose loopholes and we enjoy displaying them.”

  10. Last I heard, and for the same reasons; when as a non-tribal if you take employment with one of these native health corporations you agree to forfeit your job if any qualified member wants it.

    So basically, if you seek care at one of these, you’re receiving care from either a “qualified” job candidate or from someone in such desperate straits as to work under those parameters.

    Good luck with that…

  11. One merely needs to go back a month ago and see the testimony and debate regarding Pfizer’s third booster Jab by the FDA Vaccine Advisory Science Board. It was determined to be not beneficial and in fact dangerous., ( the vote tally was something like 16 against and 2 for the use of the jab). The Director of the Agency controlling Vaccine Research at FDA, one Dr. Marion Gruber resigned also. Yet we now see regional arms of Alaska Native Medical offering a $500.00 bonus check their employees who take this experimental concoction. Oh, did I mention that Joe Biden and the Pfizer Board of Directors were for dispersing this jab? Politics and Profits certainly seem to take precedent over your health these days.

      • Greg, I read the who and what conditions for taking the third jab. Clearly Greg, the group listed is a very narrow one, certainly not for EVERY EMPLOYEE.
        BTW, did you miss the 16 to 2 vote I mentioned by the advisory board?
        Greg, their information had that for every life ” saved” ostensibly from taking the jab, TWO lives, ( that’s dead people Greg) were lost.
        Yeah, hand this out like candy!

  12. Fine! Then stop taking American Federal and State money if ANTHC is So Tribally Sovereign. You aren’t sovereign when you use federal and state dollars.

    • You don’t understand it. Natives can be sovereign over many things including their land, their police force their hospital systems and their elected officials. It doesn’t mean they’re no longer United States citizens. It doesn’t mean they no longer pay federal taxes. Until recently, tribal Police didn’t have the authority to pull over a non-tribal member if they were found speeding. In Alaska, tribal Police still don’t have the authority to arrest a non-tribal member. Troopers need to be called in for that.

      • Then ANMC and the consortium and Southcentral need to BE sovereign….not just identify as it.
        Being sovereign means you control your health, not the Feds.
        By accepting Fed funds every year, you prove you are NOT sovereign and are beholding to the Feds.You must follow Fed rules. Again, you are NOT sovereign then.
        As soon as the Native health czars go full profit and start charging their patients and their health insurance, they will be considered fully sovereign.
        Until that happens, Valerie is just throwing obnoxious shade and word salads.

    • Careful what you wish for there Jen. All this was negotiated. If you’re willing to give the entire state of Alaska back to the natives then go ahead and get on the slow boat down to Seattle but you might as well keep on going. All the way back to Africa.

  13. One thing I extracted quickly from the alleged quote that Valerie is said to have written in a letter, is that it was directed to a Commissioned Core Federal Employee.

    The Alaska Tribal Health System employs direct hires who ARE NOT on a Federal Health Care Benefits Plan, as is cited in this article.

    Only Federal hires i.e. Commission Core, have Federal Health Care.

    I believe all Federal Government employees are required by the President to be vaccinated.

    Is the letter being shared in its complete state and context?

    If so, I have a lot more to say in direct protest to her statements.

    Can the entirety of the letter should be published? Reacting individuals names of course.


    • Trudy,
      I don’t see where they are using the executive orders as a reason for this mandate. Other hospitals nationwide are mandating covid vaccinations as part of employment to go along with all of the other vaccinations that are required for employment.

  14. There’s this really cool thing; it is called the US Constitution. It’s really great! You should check it out. It’s the declared laid down foundation law of this nation. And it applies to you. If you don’t support it people might think you don’t love your countrymen.

  15. Sure a lot of ugly coming out with these mandates, all the closet Marxists are being exposed. Biden finally did something right albeit inadvertently

  16. Is this what Alaska Natives really believe? Does this really represent their viewpoint? Are villages not centered on the church? Perhaps it is time for the PEOPLE to rise up and demand a return to their values.

    • It depends on the church. In Western Alaska a lot of it depends on if there’s a priest in the village or one visits on a regular basis. There’s always a church though and Russian Orthodox is the norm. The last village I was in was kind of split between Russian Orthodox and a non-denominational sect of people that broke away from the Orthodox Church. More of a political move than anything else.

  17. In my line of work, I have encountered young Native males (20’s & 30’s) who had the vaccine and subsequently suffered major heart issues requiring emergency surgery to save their lives. When I inquired why we were suddenly seeing this, I was told by a medical staff member that young men are at greater risk for heart attacks & major issues following the vaccine.

    I happen to take hydroxychloroquine for an auto-immune disease. There was such uproar when President Trump mentioned its promise as a treatment for COVID-19. Everywhere I looked, news media were squawking about it causing fatal heart issues. I read the cautions that come with my prescription (a medication that has been used by tens of millions since the 1950’s or 60’s) and there wasn’t a single mention of heart issues amongst the warnings.

    I bring this up because you’d think that heart attacks amongst young men would be a major caution to fully disclose possible side effects. But it is NOT made known to those offered the vaccine.
    Interesting, aye?

  18. Look at this: native and non native leaders acting like thugs towards the people they allegedly represent.

    Who says America is bigoted? Obviously not when it comes to suppressing it’s own people. Fascism is truly color and gender blind

  19. Good luck with getting any claim approved for any side effects of a vaccination. “The Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program [CICP] rarely pays, rejecting more than 90% of claims filed, according to Health and Human Services (HHS) and FOIA records. When it does, the claims average around $200,000 — about 60% less than the average payment under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, according to HHS data.

    It is also capped at the death benefit of $370,376, which is the most a surviving family member receives in the event that a Covid vaccine proves to be fatal.

    But experts specializing in vaccine law say it [CICP] is difficult to navigate. “This government compensation program is very hard to use,” said Reiss. “The bar for compensation is very high.”

    Also worrisome to some vaccine injury lawyers is the fact that the CICP has rejected a majority of the compensation requests made since the program began 10 years ago. Of the 499 claims filed, the CICP has compensated only 29 claims, totaling more than $6 million.” “”

  20. The Alaska Native Claim Settlement Act specifically says that the $1 billion and 44 million acres (not to mention exemption from property taxes and many surprising exemptions from state and federal taxes) “extinguishes all aboriginal rights.” No one remembers that now.

  21. You can tell this is NOT about health.

    Anchorage forced masking is about the next step…. forced state wide vaxxing.

  22. My brother who has worked there faithfully for over 20 years loses his job this week. They told him the same thing – they are above the laws. I’m very sad that he is losing his job, but that trash corporations does not deserve him. Where is Dunleavy? Where are our leaders? The constitution and our human rights are being stomped on.

    • That organization’s deadline to be vaccinated is Friday. I wonder why they don’t at least offer being tested weekly or something of that nature rather than just let those people that don’t want the vaccine lose their jobs. There are other options this organization could do.

  23. Valarie Davidson is the equivalent of Christpher Constant in native rendition. She is very Valarie centric. No other cultures need apply but her myopic world view. I’m tired of her. She doesn’t speak for me. She doesn’t learn new things much. She has done that already. Just ask her.

  24. Another liberal left lawyer from Bethel, masquerading as a health expert.

    Valarie would make a great ambulance chaser, but that’s hardly the background of a CEO of a Health Consortium.

    She started at Bethel’s YKHC and they’re not even tax exempt from City Sales taxes on their rentals, yet they’ve managed to get away with out paying taxes for years. Probably has something to do with the majority of city council members being in one way or another, a recipient of a YKHC paycheck.

    Valerie, you’re overplaying your hand.

  25. We assumed, wrongly as it seems, the president of the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, a distinguished alumna of UA Southeast and the University of New Mexico, with a JD no less, would know the difference between the 1964 Civil Rights Act and, wait for it… the 1968 Indian Civil Rights Act (
    Part 1302 (a) 1. of the Indian Civil Rights Act clearly says: “No Indian tribe in exercising powers of self-government shall make or enforce any law prohibiting the free exercise of religion, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition for a redress of grievances.”
    Sure and there’s a Plan B: strikes, walkouts, resignations, work slow-downs could persuade the president of ANTHC to accept that Native American religious freedoms did not stop with the 1964 Civil Rights Act, but we thought the president, of all people, should know the Indian Civil Rights Act certainly does cover Native American religious rights.
    Maybe Consortium officials were too busy gambling taxpayer money on the derivative market to have time for anything about an Indian Civil Rights Act. ( page 16).

    Bottom line, either or both ways, Native Americans may have to slam dunk their message on Valerie and company to get attention, the sooner the better.

    • I called they were so confused. They are very group think. If there is one democrat who sees herself as greatly enlightened then they all go with it unquestioningly. It’s insufferable. I tried to warn them. They are convinced the company line is the only hive mind. Sad really.

      • G ALEUTIAN, are the beneficiaries, the Customer-‘Owners’ of the Native health system satisfied with the quality of care they receive and the allocation of money to benefit them? Do they agree with the radicalized senior managers using limited resources to pursue an extremist agenda? Does this represent traditional Native values and culture? Is this in accordance with the Orthodox church (or others present in every village)? I just worked there until they pushed me out (with no replacement in sight), and only know the things I was told. What do you hear?

        • No. They feel it is a wild and scary ride. They are losing compassionate, responsive people on the care teams. They feel they need psychological counseling every time they go. They are disappointed in the system. The remaining ones are emotionally flagellating the most fragile ones: “You come in here to our covid infestation even if you can barely walk and take a battery of tests and sticks up the nose BEFORE you are prescribed the nebulizer we know you need. We don’t care. Obey!” Things that seem like common knowledge the employees don’t know. It’s a testament to the resilience of Alaska’s populations and their great hunter cultures that give them unusual strength to carry on.

          • They survived the Russians. How do the ‘woke’ compare? I’m officially gone from the system now, goodbye to all my friends, especially in the Aleutians.

  26. I agree with you. I think taking this hard line and having people lose their jobs is going to bring more repercussions than they anticipated.

    In one message, the heakth care systems are overwhelmed and battle worn from the ongoing pandemic.

    Then there is this mandate to fire employees of the overwhelmed health system.

    It doesn’t make sense.

    • Actually, Trudy, I’m enjoying the time and have decided to never work so hard again. But I do feel badly for the people in the villages.

  27. This is interesting. I am awaiting lawyers to step in and see what happens not only with this but others. As they are lining up when the vax rules become actual law instead of a press release. But we the people will continue to endure their bully pulpit as they try to be GOD and know what is best for us. But fight back. Very disappointed in Providence a Catholic hospital. Good question is where are all the anti gov people aclu,etc.. on people’s rights to choose. There are Black natives. Oh they are on the fed payroll and donate to the dnc. So the heck with everybody. The assembly needs to be dissolved. Is there a good attorney out there that can help as our ag is crickets . again constant is a donkey

  28. What other laws don’t these “natives” have to obey? They should thank God every day we bought this state from the Russians. What kind of deal do you think the Russians would have given them?

    • Actually if you go 35 miles west off the coast of our St Lawrence Island, there are a lot of Russian natives over there. Many of our citizens travel back and forth visiting their family members. Rule Russia isn’t much different than a bush village.

  29. This is factually one arm of the socialist attempt to take over our country. Got to crash the welfare system and one way is to overload the system (google A and alson the Cloward-Piven strategy). I believe that the higher-ups are complicit. All about power and control…

    • And then everyone is equal (except the few megalomaniacs at the top). 95% spend their day grubbing for the essentials of life without time to worry about leisure or liberty. Misery becomes happiness, bondage becomes freedom, and there is thanks just for privilege that the masters allow anyone to live. Their utopia. They nearly achieve it in North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba. It’s so great that people are willing to risk their lives and children crossing ninety miles of shark infested waters on an inner tube to escape it.
      Do the Native people of Alaska, who survived thousands of years in one of the harshest environments on Earth, really embrace this radicalism? Is this what Native Pride means? I knew elders who were present at the founding of villages in the 1800s. They spoke of hardships of day to day survival; of the loss of kin to hardship and diseases; of thanks for modern conveniences and necessities like a nice boat and new rifle (and health care). They passed on their skills (a friend, the grandson of one of them known to me, an elder himself now, teaches the old ways to newest generations). I heard thanks from the oldest first hand that their descendants have better lives than themselves, with better yet ahead for the future. And even though we both failed at attempts to teach me language, I truly believe that elders want freedom and greater opportunity for newer generations, not the radical return to hardship which socialists would subject 95% to. It is time for the majority to either speak up in favor or opposition to Valerie and her agenda.

  30. So, managing this pandemic from an ’employer-employee’ point of view seems to have some has similarities to the initial U.S. international war on drugs movement.

    Now it is normal that you have to have a UA for a lot of jobs to be employed. Plus, you can get fired or not be hired if you fail a RANDOM UA or a pre-employment drug test, in some jobs.

    Additionally, you don’t know what kind of drug test you are walking in to take. There are so many now, blood tests, hair tests, mouth swabs, etc.

    I am not advocating one way or the other; I am just pointing out that LEGAL ISSUES from an Employer-Employee risk mitigation viewpoint can differ significantly from risk mitigation based on ‘qualifying for future federal funding’.

    You ever get a check up with your primary provider and they ask if you feel safe at home, do your drink, do you smoke?

    These questions are placed there by federal funding agencies onto the healthcare providers to gather and report data to the government.

    It is not only funding that is leveraged by the government. That leverage is also exercised through regulations, compliance, ongoing licensing.

    I do not know the full extent of what hospitals and clinics are subjected to in taking such a communistic policy stance, but it goes against the purpose and spirit of self-governance, which the Alaska Tribal Health System was founded upon.

  31. The only entity that was exempted from the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was Congress. Congress has exempted themselves from every law they passed since 1964.

  32. No. They feel it is a wild and scary ride. They are losing compassionate, responsive people on the care teams. They feel they need psychological counseling every time they go. They are disappointed in the system. The remaining ones are emotionally flagellating the most fragile ones: “You come in here to (the covid infestation) even if you can barely walk and take a battery of tests and sticks up the nose BEFORE you are prescribed the nebulizer we know you need. We don’t care. Obey!” Things that seem like common knowledge the employees don’t know. It’s a testament to the resilience of Alaska’s populations and their great hunter cultures that give them unusual strength to carry on.

  33. Yes they did a bait and switch. Do your research!! It is not approved!! It’s experimental!!!! good god people .. do your research and understand what you are reading.!
    And it’s the Indian civil rights act not the civil rights act , each act even has different years inacted…

  34. It is great these these conversations are being discussed.

    I would like to see a cost-benefit analysis of federal spending into the Alaska Tribal Health System over the last 20 years compared to the health disparity statistics of Alaska Native people for that same 20 years.

    That to me, is the baseline measurement for return on investment for taxpayer dollars.

    Healthcare is a treaty right, but that does not mean bad management is an entitlement.

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