Fact check: Chris Constant says Las Vegas has zero Covid. Official stats say otherwise


At Tuesday’s meeting, Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant described his recent vacation adventure to Las Vegas, where he said face masks are the norm and the Covid case counts are zero. No one complains about masks and everyone wears them when indoors, he said.

Constant said that Las Vegas, Clark County a county of 2.2 million residents, had zero cases of Covid on Oct. 9. Same on Oct. 10 — zero cases.

He noted that in Anchorage, a city of 287,000 people, there were 391 cases of Covid on Oct. 8, and 277 cases on Oct. 10. By Oct. 11, the Anchorage cases were halved, down to 181. Constant could not find the number for Oct. 9, a Saturday (there is no report on the State of Alaska dashboard for that date.)

“In Clark County, in early September they passed a mask mandate and they were able to crash their numbers down to basically zero,” he said.

Constant was fudging the numbers.

From the reporting, it’s clear that Clark County skipped two days of reports on the weekend and caught up the third day, on Oct. 11, when 1,237 cases were reported.

Why? The State of Nevada has stopped updating its dashboard on the weekend, and it they are piling those weekend numbers into the weekdays.

Case counts in Clark County show cases actually growing, if the 7-day average is accurate.

Constant was trying to bolster his case for voting in favor of AO 2021-91, the compulsory mask mandate for Anchorage, which is currently on the agenda for a special meeting on Wednesday.

Nevada’s test positivity rate dropped last week, but Clark County’s positivity rate increased.

AO 2021-91 is the subject of intense debate in Anchorage and across the state, where Alaskans have been both fascinated and appalled at the amount of rancor the ordinance has created in Alaska’s largest city.


  1. Oh reading comprehension is weak with this one…..From the chart it looks like Clark County does not report cases over the weekend and so ends up with 0 cases reported for those dates. What a putz!

    • No swab testing on Sundays.
      Labs close 17:00 Friday evening, reopening 09:00 Monday, no rush.
      No standardized analysis, cycle beyond 35 if required/requested.
      Results submitted to whomever whenever they can be bothered.
      Chain of custody NIL.
      Sounds like mail-in voting on steroids.

  2. He lied lol shocking! He was getting downright lyrical, I was hearing angelic harmonies in the background and was expecting people in the audience to begin sobbing in ecstasy.

  3. See. Facts are not always “constant” things. Sometimes they are illusory. Sometimes they are variable. Sometimes they are wrong. It depends on who’s doing the spinning.

  4. Constant is a Fool. He told the public to avoid personal attacks then promptly allowed them against conservatives. What a twit.

  5. CONSTANTly wrong.
    CONSTANTly dishonest.
    CONSTANTly pushing the radical leftist extremist agenda.
    CONSTANTly hypocritical.
    CONSTANTly undermining Mayor Bronson.
    CONSTANTly destructive to the quality of life in Anchorage.
    CONSTANTly evil.

  6. I live in Las Vegas. I was born and raised in rural Alaska.

    Comparing Las Vegas to Alaska is a non-starter in the context Chris Constant failed at.

    Las Vegas’ McCarron Airport has the highest demand in the world for Uber pick up’s.

    THE WORLD. Las Vegas is THE PREMIER international hub for arts, entertainment, sports, conventions, vacations and business.

    Alaska is not on any comparison scale to Las Vegas.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Alaska.

    But the pandemic concerns for Alaska are not the same as Las Vegas.

    His argument has no merit.

    The entire foundation of an argument requires defending similarities of the denominator. (Apples to apples theory)

    In Mr. Constant’s argument, he chose Alaska vs. Las Vegas.

    Clearly, there is no equity in the foundation of his argument. The denominators are simply not equal to compare.

  7. I was so looking forward to the brave testimony but they broke the camera. Do they have a spare? Darnit. :*(

  8. Also you don’t wear a mask while drinking or eating. So many people always had a drink in their hands.

    Constant doesn’t know what he is talking about. Democratic lies!!

    • Also too by all that heat and sun residents, they probably not AS cranky, grumpy, stressy, and depressy as are Alaskans. So there is less physical stress in the body to increase the complications from the covid virus.

      • Vegas is S-hole, just like every other Democrat city in America. It may be sunny and hot, but it sure is full of all kinds of stress.

  9. OMG! He is lying! Tonight the T-Mobile center hosted the opening of the NHL season. The first game for the Seattle Kraken against the Golden Nights. The indoor venue was nearly full and very raucous. Masks were almost nonexistent. Why is he stating incorrect information?

  10. Dishonest? Not necessarily. It could be that he’s simply not smart, thorough or analytical. Likely he mirrors those in his district fairly well or they wouldn’t have voted the clod in.

  11. Is Constant constant-ly a typical liberal, dishonest, angry, hateful, socialistic, communistic, ungrateful, gun grabbing, brain dead, anti business, anti American, brain dead democrat?

  12. 10-06-2021 Las Vegas reports 7908 cases.
    Constant: “… and they were able to crash their numbers down to basically zero,”
    Seems totally legit, and not the bald faced lying of a psychopathic liar…..

  13. With this guy’s grasp of numbers and statistics and liberal use of alternative facts he could surely land a job in the Dunleavy administration working to get us our full PFD.

  14. There is no shame in twisting the truth when you’re a Democrat. It is fact and case a practice of the norm – expected and accepted – glorified by each other.
    And teflon – all of them. No accountability.
    Constant swims safe in the Democrat pool of stink fish. His minions are also stink fish and adore him!

    Clearly he says to us the serfs: “In your face!! And you can’t do a thing about it, nanny nanny boo boo!”

    Chris Constant go sit in the corner with a dunce cap on. You clearly are not firing on all cylinders.
    Your body and mind contains spirit poison. This is more dangerous and deadly than Covid19. Keep trying to flatten out that curve buster. No Mask Will Hide You from that truth outcome.

  15. Fact Hunt: Chris Constant

    …and he doesn’t understand what’s in the public’s best interest, either.

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