Did assemblyman snore through meeting? Someone sure did, so they took a break


Assemblyman Kameron Perez-Verdia appeared to start snoring into his phone during Tuesday night’s meeting. After he missed some votes, and the people in the Assembly chambers started picking up the snoring from a microphone, Vice Chair Chris Constant called for an intermission.

Those in the Assembly chambers said they were sure it was Perez-Verdia, who was among seven members who had phoned into the meeting. After all, he missed two votes and was unresponsive.

At that point, the audio-visual on YouTube, provided as a service to the public, did something unusual. Rather than run the camera continuously, the section that shows the snoring has been removed from the public view.

This is not how the camera usually runs for the Assembly meetings; usually, the camera runs continuously even through the intermission, but now the first part of the meeting has been “disappeared” from the Assembly’s YouTube channel.

After the intermission, Perez-Verdia, said it was not he who was asleep, and it was not he who was snoring. He just had his phone on mute and was unable to get it off mute in order to vote.


  1. I believe Perez-Verdia. I be surprised he or Wellinton could do something so Boyish. This isn’t anything to get giddy and laugh about it, its quite humiliating for the snorer. You can expect this from a k-12 student caught sleeping at their desk. But! An elected member of a community? C’mon!

  2. They ran everybody out in order to ram their emergency junk through that we don’t want. I don’t consent.

  3. This is too good. He believes in the process alright but can’t find that darn mute button at a very easy to anticipate time, not once, but twice. If these guys get re-elected it is one of the following or all of the above
    1. The public is really unaware because the ADN, Alaska Public Media and local news channels are absolute terrible liberal propaganda. (This is true regardless)
    2. They have no one running against them.
    3. This town has way too many that have decided to vote for any liberal lump of flesh who has a college degree. The more indoctrination the better. Nothing else matters.
    4. The elections are entirely corrupt.
    In all honesty I know the first three are the only reasons they are there in the first place. And if they are willing to edit the truth like this to cover up for their peers, why should I believe they wouldn’t use other peers to cheat in the elections if they have the opportunity.

    • Suzanne has made mention of the bigger picture in prior pieces. To wit, go back twenty years or so and observe the following: 1) oil production in Alaska was half what it was at its peak (and is currently half that amount); 2) Elmer Rasmuson was dying and made a smart move to prevent the family fortune from being eaten alive by estate taxes, in the process seriously jumpstarting the Rasmuson Foundation; 3) national movements on the left were educating their faithful on using their purchasing power to dictate social justice. It’s taken quite a few years, but the left is reaping dividends. It’s easy to sit tight and wait considering a government paycheck or retirement is a far better guarantee of security than a wage-paying job or small business. Take a look at the state of the Alaskan economy today versus any number of decades ago, especially the pendulum of livelihoods financed by coercive versus voluntary means. If the economy doesn’t shift back in the opposite direction, neither will the electorate. The 2020 Census marked the first time in 90 years that Alaska didn’t register a double-digit percentage in population growth over the previous decade. People will vote with their feet before they vote for change at home when they’ve already endured carnage for years (sincerely, a 45-year Alaskan living in North Carolina).

      • That’s enlightening. Thanks. And you are right, I’m very tempted to move to Eagle River these days because of the way people are voting in this town, which will permanently remove my vote from Anchorage as soon as Eagle exits, leaving Anchorage to turn into another liberal cesspool just like Austin, TX.

        • My family has seen too many friends leave Alaska because, being a welfare state, it continues to lean farther and farther left in its values.
          For years Alaska has been numbered in the top three states that receive more federal dollars than they pay, and has often been the number one state.
          Some of the reasons for the federal government to allocate money to Alaska include the military bases and troops, its obligations to indigenous Alaskans, and the fact that it owns 60% of Alaska’s land.

  4. $50,000,000 unfunded liability for community to have to pay. Unbelievable! what shameful malfeasance. Those tests are not even accurat. That temp former mayor hates this toen. What malice against the city these people manifest. Serious malfeasance.

  5. Yes, Mr, Perez-Verdia, remember one of the essential rules of Clintonism: If caught, deny, deflect and then double down. After that: Attack, destroy and scorch the earth. You have learned your lessons well.

  6. So, if we are stuck paying $10,000 per year on a $100,000 house how long do we have to pay this for?

    Do we have to pay this for 20 years?

    That’s what this woman is arranging for you. Do you think she wants your kid to get a good education? Have opportunity? I don’t think she does. The obsolete tests she is pushing these spineless guys to buy for $50,000,000 — not kidding — are not without liability. She knows this. She doesn’t give a flying trapeze. The Nuremberg Trials in Germany are going to make an issue out of hiring the cheapest (unskilled) trainee in ppe in a parking lot administering experimental tests and jabs by unskilled people). If you do that and there is injury the price just went up. That liability will be yours, Anchorage. Let it go….let it go. You can’t afford to stick a stick up everybodies nose you see. These people act like they’re mind controlled or something.

    • Mask mandate passed illegally, to be declared null and void by the mayor, and faced with non-compliance by a large percentage of the public in any event! Woohoo!

    • I ran several errands this morning in the south of Anchorage. I didn’t sport a mask and I didn’t notice that many others were sporting masks.
      The general impression I got was that most of the people I encountered felt that the Anchorage Assembly could ‘let’s go Biden’ themselves.

    • Derek, no, the mask ordinance did not pass, instead the crooked assembly members did a switch-a-rue and passed an EO that they have no power to pass, the public had no option to comment on this new piece of legislation and it was not even announced until they pulled it out of the box.

  7. I like it. He can do less damage that way. Pity we can’t put the assembly into medically induced comas for their entire terms

  8. If he can’t figure out how to operate a cell phone should he really be making decisions on operating a city???

  9. That was actually just a precognitive and collective snort of derision, echoing from the near future, from the sane and non-hysterical members of the Anchorage area in response to the passing of the coercive and insane mask mandate.

  10. I wondered what that wierd sound was just before the video/audio live feed disappeared completely from you tube.

  11. Proverbs 13:32 AMP describes the evil doers: “Satisfied desire is sweet to a person; therefore it is hateful and exceedingly offensive to self-confident fools to give up evil upon which they have set their hearts.”

  12. If nothing else, the testimony on the Ord 2021-91 is highlighting the pervasive loathsomeness of particular Assembly members. They seem to be in a competition for the most odious behavior. They express boredom with the tediousness of having to go through the exercise of pretending to give any credence to those commoners who dare to comment on an ordinance which will have a profound impact on their lives and that of their city. How dare they waste their time!

    So, these esteemed solons resorted to trickery to end this affront to their sensibilities. They make up a similar ordinance and pass it without public participation under ‘emergency’ powers. The only problem is that their ‘emergency’ has absolutely no scientific basis for asserting emergency powers thereby circumventing public discourse. Even blue states and cities are lowering their mouth burka ‘mandates’ and the Alaska Wuhan virus case rates are falling significantly. Talk about tin ear timing!

    But the real reason for this farcical display of arrogance by the Anchorage Assembly is to punish Mayor Bronson for not extending the city’s endless ‘emergence declarations’. And, of course, to punish the Mayor for the audacity of winning his election for mayor in the first place.

    Where do we get these people? These people who purport to represent the people? And why do voters re-elect them?

  13. Where in the city charter does it allow for absentee voting for city assembly meetings? Asking for a friend.

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