Daily Covid count drops again: 792


The case count for Covid-19 in Alaska has dropped again, to 792 for Oct. 10, or 4 percent from the previous report on Friday.

288 of those cases were in Anchorage, 143 were in the Mat-Su Valley, 91 were in Fairbanks and Kenai saw 87 new positive diagnoses. Juneau, one of the most highly vaccinated places in the state with 79 percent of the eligible population vaccinated, saw 26 cases.

The number of cases diagnosed may be skewed higher by the fact that Alaska is tied with Massachusetts for the second-highest level of Covid testing in the nation, after Rhode Island, according to Johns Hopkins University.

There are currently 184 people in Alaska hospitals with Covid, down from 186 on Oct. 8. Covid hospitalizations make up 17.9 percent of all hospitalizations in Alaska, down from 20 percent last week.

30 new Covid-19 hospitalizations have been logged since Oct. 1 and the death of 12 Alaskans have been attributed to Covid this month. There are currently 184 people in Alaska hospitals with Covid, down from 186 on Oct. 8. Covid hospitalizations make up 17.9 percent of all hospitalizations in Alaska, down from 20 percent. 29 Covid patients are on ventilators.

See the daily Covid count dashboard here.

There are 18 adult intensive care beds available and 282 non-ICU beds available in Alaska/


    • That means that Saturday’s was 899.
      This is a classic example of why most look at weekly changes, rather than daily.
      Suzanne will likely fail to mention these jumps upward.

      • Which labs are processing those Sat/Sun swabs, and when are they uploaded to the data-base? Come to think of it, which testing sites were open this past Sunday?
        Maybe that’s why we look at weekly counts?

    • Masks can be a useful tool in a very limited setting if used correctly with the appropriate mask. The sanitary napkins on most people’s face now days are useless. The vaccines if you want to call them that are good and bad. If someone gets the covid naturally and survives, then they have stronger antibodies for covid but may not be very protective as the disease mutates. Plus studies have shown that you’re only protected for about a year. If you get a shot, you may be protected for about 2 months, but not so much against the different variants that come out. So it’s kind of a two-edged sword. If you can get the shot and the disease without dying then supposedly you have super powers and they will be asking to make a movie about you in the future. But who knows.

  1. Didn’t the guy responsible for posting these numbers say last week that there’s a degree of randomness to when he posts an active case and when it perhaps should’ve objectively been considered active? Like he looks at the case numbers, divides by the square root of roast beef and then post them up hoping nobody checks his math?

  2. Try reading an article in the Seattle Times dated today, October 12th and titled ……If you’ve already had covid do you still need the vaccine? It’s pretty enlightening and answers a lot of questions that many on here have and contradicts much of what a lot of people on here have been posting due to interweb misinformation.

  3. Governor Dunleavy should do what Governor Abbott did and ban vaccine mandates for all business operating in the state. This mandate will cause major supply issues for Alaska.

  4. Central Peninsula Hospital is reporting 25 of their 49 licensed beds are full with covid patients and that they are using overflow beds putting them at 112% capacity. 5 of their 9 ICU beds are occupied by covid patients and 3 are on ventilators. They’ve also had 5 covid patients die already in October, the previous high was 6, just last month and also in December 2020. The trend has been that hospitalization lags cases by about 2 weeks.

      • Jeff,
        I’m sorry that information scares you so much, what a frightful condition to have…it explains why you chose to remain willfully ignorant though.
        Fyi, they also reported that 20 of the 25 in the ICU are unvaccinated…oh no, I forgot you better look away that’s more information that will scare you!

        • Yikes not good, that’s an extremely high vaccine failure rate, by any standard metric.
          What are the obesity stats amongst those patients? I’ll await your REPLY.

          • Roughly 50% of eligible people on the Kenai are vaccinated, that makes for pretty easy math. The 5 vaccinated in the ICU out of 25 is 20%, more easy math.
            If 50% of a given population accounts for 80% of the ICU beds and 50% accounts for 20% by any standard metric that means 50% of the population is doing a much, much better job of staying out of the ICU than the other 50%, boy-o-boy is this some easy math!
            The vaccines are working, they aren’t the perfection that some demand, but the numbers clearly show the vaccinated stand a better chance at not ending up in the ICU.

        • Our esteemed Bruce Kiessling MD likes to say. “Statistics are like hookers, once you get them down, you can make them do anything you want.”
          Easy math yes, proper critical analysis, no, not even close. #faucilogic #sayitaintsoJoe

  5. Why should Deplorables believe this or any other Covid count reported by unelected officials and would-be dictators who have the most to gain from a high Covid count?
    We have no way to verify Covid count accuracy, we depend on the dubious honesty of people who make lots of of money and acquire lots of power by making us afraid of them and their Covid count.
    We have no way to verify whether 29 Covid patients had to be put on ventilators because their conditions became critical, because doctors denied treatments such as monoclonal antibody, Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, etc.
    We know:
    (a) the Covid count can be skewed by the number of people tested
    (b) false-positive reporting is a known testing-process issue but
    (c) so-called breakthrough cases –will– rise because forcing mass mRNA vaccinations –mid-pandemic– forces the Covid virus into survival mode, to evolve itself into variants immune from vaccines and boosters.
    We have no way to verify whether Alaska’s Covid testing industry follows FDA recommendations on false-positive test protocol. (fda.gov/medical-devices/letters-health-care-providers/potential-false-positive-results-antigen-tests-rapid-detection-sars-cov-2-letter-clinical-laboratory)
    Bottom line is we want verification because facts we do have seem to suggest we’re being overwhelmed with lies, disinformation, partial truths, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, economic ruin, power grabs all in the name of protecting us from Covid.
    How do we get verification?
    Oregon State Senators Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum started by filing a grand jury petition,
    “…having been informed by American citizens with subject matter expertise in statistical analysis, death certificate reporting, federal law, medicine, virology and epidemiology”
    Their petition: “…is based upon significant irregularities in COVID-19 data published by the CDC. Irregularities that have played a critical role in justifying emergency executive orders by the executive branch. Irregularities that have been used to establish public health policies that have infringed upon the Constitutionally protected civil liberties of the citizens we represent. Irregularities that have led to major collateral damages including but not limited to: (1) historic small business loss and community economic collapse, (2) unacceptable rises in mental illness, drug abuse, and suicide rates, and (3) unnecessary loss of life due to the withholding of evidence-based treatments from citizens in need. ”
    Something like this might be a good start for Alaska, yes?

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