Show must go on: Public hearing on mask ordinance will continue on Wednesday


The Anchorage Assembly will hold its regular meeting on Tuesday at 5 pm, but will not continue the hearing for the compulsory mask ordinance, AO 2021-91, during that meeting.

That protracted hearing, which has continued for six days, was postponed on Friday after some people in the Administration and on the Assembly came down with Covid. It was supposed to continue on Tuesday.

But on Monday, Assembly Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance changed the continuation of the mask ordinance hearing to Wednesday at 5 pm, with a possibility of allowing it to fold into Thursday for more testimony.

That could be a ploy. With a supermajority, LaFrance could call a halt to the hearing tomorrow and bring the matter to a vote, hoping that she can succeed in doing so without many members of the public present. The chambers has been filled with protesting public for over a week on this item.

The emergency order has been requested by Kameron Perez-Verdia, and there appears to be enough votes to pass the ordinance.

The public has been eager to talk about the impacts the past mask mandate, put in place by emergency order of former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz by executive order. They have come out by the hundreds to protest the new ordinance being pushed by the liberal majority.

The three agenda items on the old agenda included the mask ordinance, and two other ordinances to usurp the mayor’s authority.

One ordinance would force the mayor to bring his appointees up for confirmation immediately before the Assembly.

The other would take away the authority of the mayor’s office to control the physical space of the Assembly meetings — in other words, the Assembly would be able to limit participation by creating crowd control measures.

That proposed ordinance was a shot over the mayor’s bow last week by the nine Assembly members who oppose him on every front, but he showed the Assembly that they might run into trouble: He controls the contract for the security staff, and last Wednesday, he dismissed them so the Assembly chair could not forcibly remove people from the Assembly hearings. This sent her meeting into chaos as the entire auditorium of public attendees broke into song and sang the first verse of the National Anthem.

Assemblywoman Jamie Allard, who is quarantining at home, said she hopes members of the public are not discouraged from coming to Tuesday’s meeting, because there’s no telling what the Assembly majority will do.

Others who are quarantining are Crystal Kennedy, Felix Rivera, Suzanne LaFrance, Forrest Dunbar, and Kameron Perez-Verdia. Sources say that Vice Chair Chris Constant will return from Las Vegas to conduct the meeting, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Sources also report that a compromise was crafted between Mayor Dave Bronson and the Assembly on the mask ordinance, but that it fell apart when the Assembly demanded that Mayor Dave Bronson wear a mask when he announced the compromise to the media. That was a deal-killer, and likely was the poison pill intended by the Assembly to quash the compromise.


  1. And we fight on!

    Only through hardship, sacrifice and militant action can freedom be won. The struggle is my life. I will continue fighting for freedom until the end of my days. – Nelson Mandela

    • No, that is not the way to win Jean. The only way to win is to put this kind of energy; money and time into voting these Assembly members out of office. It will require a big effort but it can be done!
      But the question is: will the pubic put that kind of effort in to get new members.
      It really does not take a fortune to put someone in office. Going door to door, taking neighbors to the polls, social
      Media campaigning, radio and TV ads and did I say, knocking on doors. The problem is: talk is cheap. Complaining on this blog takes very little effort, and if the past is an example of what will happen, it is unlikely that kind of effort will be put forth.
      Meanwhile it appears to me that the leftist majority is out smarting the right. Almost every time. Shouting homophobic slurs at a member, wearing yellow stars, and disrupting the meetings may be interesting theater, but it backfired and effectively was and continues to be used against the opposition to the mandate. So we should not complain too much when we lose at Assembly meetings.
      IMO the only chance left to defeat this mandate is if the Covid numbers keep falling but at a far greater rate than is presently occurring.

      • Wearing Yellow Stars is out of line?
        You do know that the Nazis dehumanized the Jews by calling them dirty disease spreaders – they were denied access to education, health care, public venues, and worship – they were mandated to wear yellow stars.
        Having listened to Holocaust survivors talk about their experience – they have all stated that the time to act BOLDLY is when the first acts of tyranny occur. If you allow the tyranny to occur the sheeple will follow – and their efforts will only gain momentum.
        Personally, I’m not willing to start fighting only when the “trains start taking people to the camps” – neither should you.
        The Left has shown for all to see – a dangerous authoritarian streak.

        • Never said wearing the yellow star was out of line. But it was incendiary for many. And was simply an unnecessary act that was and is counter productive in achieving the goal of preventing a mask mandate. All the theatrics such as banner waving, removal of the plastic shield, singing, standing without talking just to use up time, slurs, shouting, etc has also been counter productive and now will result in an early vote to end debate and passage of the ordinance.
          It is clearly too late to prevent he ordinance from being passed. Did all the opposition galvanize the opposition to do something at the polls next election. I doubt it. But we shall see.

      • Your comment is right. The way defending Democracy is protests, intimidating, pushing and shoving, and violence.
        Those are the things of Democracy.

  2. Said deal-breaker rather goes to show these dweebs just get their knocks off by telling people what to do (and having them comply.) Tyrant, much?
    Also, CC in Vegas sounds Alaska Ear worthy.

    • It also shows that all the mask wearing is really more about showing compliance and conformity, and about leftist virtue-signaling, than it is about public health. ANYONE who still believes that mass mask wearing by the public has or will have ANY meaningful effect on viral disease transmission is simply ignorant or an idiot..
      I would be disturbed, however, to learn that Mayor Bronson actually engaged in any kind of compromise with the Assembly Marxist Nine. One can NOT compromise with sociopaths! Give them an inch, and they will take a mile. Give them your hand, and they will rip your arm off. Trust them in any way, and they will stab you in the back. Mayor Bronson must stand firm, and fight them on this mask ordinance tooth and nail! Enough with the constant running retreat of freedom!

  3. It’s time to make a decision here and get on with things. More testimony isn’t going to have any effect, or change anyone’s mind.

  4. The right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances shall NOT be infringed. The ONLY real emergency is the lawless assembly determined to violate the God-given individual rights of Anchorage residents.

  5. The Assembly can GTH. We the people are done with them they work for us and we will tell them what we are going to do. The Assembly needs to be sent packing we Alaskans do not want them here anymore. Time to show up at their doorsteps and demand they leave Alaska and Anchorage.

    • I think we need to audit the past 5 elections!!!!!!!!!! AZ AUDITS ARE SHOWING AMAZING FRAUD IN 6 different ways!!!

    • Here here! We need to start playing by their rules and make it just as unpleasant for them to live here as they make it for us to live in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, NYC, etc.

      I’ll chip in for their (one-way) airfare!

  6. Is there an ability for Mayor Dave Bronson to rescind the entire emergency ordinance of the Berkowitz admin? Obviously, we are no longer in energency mode.

    The arrogance and nastiness of the Assembly commies is to create conflict and get us angry at each other. Let’s get angry at them, vote them out, protest their nasty ordinances (NOT LAWS) by not complying.

      • “Brandon” is an obscure NASCAR driver that won the race at Talledega, AL last week. As he was being interviewed after the race the crowd in the stands behind him began chanting “F*ck Joe Biden.” The NBC presstitute said they were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” and it has gone viral.

  7. Ok we have a bunch of these underground dwellers ” quarantining” and were going to still have a meeting when the prince constant returns. Also with rumors of lefties organizing for Tuesday including the beloved blm. Coincidence or not. There could be a free for all and them wanting to stay away from the antics they started. Damn them for ruining Anchorage. We will see where the chips will lay and wish I was years younger. But the testimony will continue Wednesday. Sounds like another democrat trap. APD pay attention. We are taxpayers and free citizens and have the right to expression. If antifa or others get aggressive make sure you arrest the right people.

    • Unpossible!
      Obviously, they contracted the dread Wuhan Virus, in the municipal assembly chambers, from some un-‘vaccinated’ deplorables living in Wasilla. Because this virus behaves like no other virus in history, and can even break the laws of physics. Therefore you must fear it, you must obsess over it, you must live (sic) your life trembling in terror from it at every moment! Oh, and you must trust everything that the political establishment and their handmaidens in the corporate media tell you. Only by doing all of that can you really be safe.

  8. Well our entire warehouse will be coming and we have been waiting for these BLM antifarts scum bags to act up!!!!!!

    I love you all. LETS GO BRANDON!!!

  9. So, the only actual persons on the premises on Tuesday are likely to be Bronson’s team, Constant, and a bunch of counter-protestors?
    What could possibly go wrong?!

  10. This is exactly the scene from Seinfeld where people tried to force Kramer to where the AIDS ribbon. “”
    I sincerely don’t think Bronson should compromise. If they want to bring an antagonistic ordinance as a way of getting Bronson to compromise, they can own it. They can have their beloved ordinance shoved in their mouth since they loved it so much and thought it was worth all of this. If you go around town, nobody is freaking out, well I shouldn’t say nobody. I should say nobody at all was freaking out until they started this charade. Now there are those few people that give you stink eye and walk far away from ya if you aren’t wearing a mask. Those people didn’t even exist before this madness. But still the vast majority is chill and doing whatever they feel like and ready to get along with their lives. This assembly is completely out of touch because they only listen to zealot activist nutjobs that use liberalism as their excuse to have a religious crusade. Assembly members are supposed to be the ones with their ears to the rail better than anyone else. I know, that’s a pipe dream.

  11. Don’t forget. Everyone turn up with a “Constant does Vegas Sans Mask” picture, and wave them in unison, every time you hear his muffled mutterings from upon high. #spreadtheword #letsgobrandon

  12. Get names of people from each district who are willing to serve and remove the disobedient rogue nine. They are not serving the people. They won’t attend meetings and should be removed for cause. And new temps should bewilling to serve until next election.

  13. Games. Checked. Stalemate. Bogged down in BS.
    And in a political environment like this, that is the exact situation that limits the stupidity that could result in extremism, but it also delivers us closer to our ultimate destiny:
    Revolution, or civil war, whichever it is eventually labelled by the propagandists.

  14. It’s time to end the charade. The Assembly doesn’t care what you think, what the facts are, and who gets hurt.

    This thing getting passed was a foregone conclusion. It’s time for the next act in this sad play.

    Meek acceptance (my guess) or ongoing civil disobedience? Time to choose, Anchorage.

    • I will NOT comply! They can arrest me, but I will not comply!
      But what if they do pass the law, override the mayor’s veto of it, and then Mayor Bronson declares that the law will not be enforced by any municipal police or employees? What would happen then?

  15. Dang it Bronson!!!! No deals. Here is the deal: Wear 1,2, or 10 masks if that makes you feel better. There is no medical science for it. The CDC even says you’re 85 times more likely to get sick wearing a mask all the time.

    • Plus they need to own this ridiculously proposed ordinance. They can’t fake like they are willing to compromise now. I can’t offer 1 dollar for your house and then say “ok calm down. I’m willing to split the difference”. They insulted us with this piece of crap and now they can own it.

      • I will be very curious to see how Mayor Bronson responds to their passage of the dehumanizing No-Face/No-Breathing mandate. I hope that he is not as spineless as our next-to-useless governor, and fights fire with fire by, say, finding some clause in the municipal charter to declare it null and void, or by declaring that there will be NO enforcement of the ordinance by any municipal employee. I hope he has the cojones for something along those lines, and does not just “play nice” and polite while the Marxist Nine plan, and continue to advance, his political assassination.

  16. Grand jury being put
    Together for the CDC’s PCR TEST SCAM.
    Regarding COVID diagnosis via RT-PCR tests, the CDC and FDA recommended a high cycle threshold (40) that is widely known to produce false positives by finding insignificant viral loads, Thatcher and Linthicum told Asphaug.

    Public health experts raised the same concerns more than a year ago with The New York Times, recommending cycle thresholds of 35 or lower. The newspaper discovered viral loads were too small to be infectious in up to 90% of “positives” in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada.

    Vaccinated people, by contrast, are tested using a cycle threshold of 28, removing false positives and making it “virtually impossible for the public to trust the data they are being presented and the public health policies based upon this data,” the senators wrote.

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