Former campaign manager for Don Young spotted with Nick Begich, fueling speculation about a congressional run


The 2020 campaign manager for Congressman Don Young has been spotted in various places in Anchorage with Nick Begich III, the Republican who was the 2020 co-chair for the Alaskans for Don Young campaign.

Truman Reed, who worked in Young’s office in Washington, D.C., took a leave of absence to run Young’s campaign in 2020, and then returned to his position as an aide to Young up until last week, when his resignation became public in Must Read Alaska’s newsletter. He wasted no time in moving back to Alaska.

Reed, son of lobbyist Ashley Reed, wasted no time in moving back to Alaska after leaving federal service. Raised in Anchorage, the 27-year-old is a hockey player who played for Providence College in Rhode Island.

Begich is the Republican Begich in the longtime Alaska Begich family. His grandfather, Nicholas Begich, was the congressman for Alaska until his plane disappeared on Oct. 16, 1972. He was declared dead and Don Young became congressman in a special election in 1973 and has served since. Begich, whose uncles are Mark Begich and Tom Begich, has talked to people about his interest in running for Congress. An angel investor and business owner, he lives with his wife and son in Chugiak and serves on the board of the Alaska Policy Forum. He received an appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy, graduated from Baylor University and has an MBA from Indiana University.

Congressman Young filed for reelection in April. He is Dean of the House, and the member who has served the longest time of any Republican in the House in American history.

(Shown above, Nicholas Begich III)


  1. What about speculating a run for Governor? The opposite still has Only one candidate while the left has announced Gara, Walker, and two other possible members joining to make a third choice? I am waiting to see who will join up teaming with Dunleavy to get one or the other elected to carry the better work Dunleavy started moving forward and shielding us from increased unnessary control. That Rank choice voting scheme thingy is going to make the gubernatorial races a team effort about getting one or the other team member elected.

    • NIAL SHERWOOD WILLIAMS has announced he is running for governor, I’m not sure which party he’s running under though.

  2. My wife and family have all voted for Don in every election including his first one but if Nick enters the race for Don’s sea,t I expect it will be with Don’s blessing, and certainly mine….he will have our family votes and our support….

  3. He won’t get my vote, and either will Don Young. Alaska has many “no-name” individuals who are as qualified, or maybe much more qualified, than the Begich, Young, or Murkowski brand. When you weigh it out, 100 plus years of combined political office holdings, and what do we really have? More Deep State and Deep Swamp entrenchment. And that’s NOT what most Alaskans want. In 2022, we Alaskans have an opportunity to get rid of all these political rats and their progenitors. Do we have the will to do it?

      • There are many qualified, honest individuals who could run. The problem is that most people see politics as institutionalized corruption and don’t want to get involved. Why don’t you run, Evan? Alaska is not limited to just Murkowski, Young and Begich.

  4. His dad is an interesting character, very articulate, and doesn’t shy away from controversial subject matter. I wonder how that’ll go down with the haters & conformists.

  5. Don Young made himself an accessory to Treason when he voted to confirm the Stolen Election of 2020 and solidify the Coup d’état of the Republic and installing a Chinese Communist Puppet as the alleged “POTUS”. In short he needs to go, preferably to cell in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    • I think he has. I thought he had been in the legislature. Would like to hear more. We can’t clone Don. Someone has to eventually try to fill his shoes.

      • He has not served in the Legislature. To my knowledge he has not worked in government to any significant degree. As near as I can determine he has opinions on issues (some of them may be good) but mainly, he may want to be the Congressman. Lots of people have the same desire. Whoopie-whoopie.

    • JMARK, Mr. Begich has not held any public office that I am aware of . He is educated and has been very successful in business.
      Mr Begich has also answered my question regarding mandatory Vaccines, he opposes the mandate.
      Perhaps Mr Begich is the bright, young, energetic leader we need. He has my vote and support.

  6. Don Young voted for red flag laws in both HR 4350 (2022 National Defense Authorization Act) as well as HR 1620 Violence against Women Reauthorization Act. The language in both of these bills hides gun confiscation inside a million pages of fluff, that will spread out to the entire country.

    Any vote against our constitutionally protected God given rights is a complete dereliction of duty and violation of their oath.

  7. He’s got my vote. I will NEVER vote for Young or Murkowski again. In fact, I’m on the fence with our current Governor. He is afraid to fight and caves way too much.

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