Dan Smith: AO 2021-91 is a step toward communism



Anchorage Ordinance 2021-91 is an overreaching expansion of government.

Invariably, as government expands, liberty contracts. Our previous pants-free Mayor Ethan Berkowitz declared, “We cannot be free unless we are safe.” 

Our former illegal Acting Mayor Austin Quinn- Davidson, who held two public offices simultaneously, perpetuated this fallacy by her continued endorsement of the mask mandate at the time Berkowitz left office last Oct. 23.

Risks to health and safety exist everywhere. Forced mask wearing is a risk to health and safety. The truth is, humankind is not free unless government is limited.

“Either you will control your government, or your government will control you.” – President Ronald Reagan.

“Government is never more dangerous than when our desire to have it help us, blinds us to its great power to harm us,” President Reagan also said.

Importantly, we need to realize what a watershed moment this is for the Municipality of Anchorage. We are standing at the precipice of communism. If AO 2021-91 passes into law, there will be more tyranny, mandatory injections of the medical and political kind, and more laws forced down our throats with the justification that it is for the greater good.

“We cannot be free unless we are safe,” is the Berkowitz road to communism.

This is the basis of many arguments made on behalf of communism. The truth is that leftists and communists don’t care about the individual citizen. They claim to know better as to how we should live. In their opinion, one size fits all, even if evidence to the contrary says otherwise. Witness the testimony of many individuals and medical professionals who provided factual statements regarding the health concerns about wearing a mask.

The communist majority of our current assembly has voted to stifle free speech. The chairwoman declared there shall be no further clarifying questions asked by Assembly members or the Mayor, in response to citizen testimony.

Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance stated, “We are not likely to hear any new facet to the support or opposition of this ordinance other than personal impact stories.” Isn’t that one of the more important reasons for having public testimony? Getting the details of each and every personal impact story is mandatory. Inquiry from assembly members is crucial to achieving that end.

I’m not a lawyer, but I am detecting the foul order of a stinky First Amendment infringement on free speech here.

Assemblywoman Quinn-Davidson stated that she is disgusted with the public process and would rather not be bothered with its continuance.

Assemblyman Kameron Perez-Verdia appears to be done with the public process and wants to shut down the public hearings, per his own words on a Facebook post.

Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, co-sponsor of AO 2021-91, showed a preference for LaFrance’s decision to eliminate the ability of other Assembly members and the mayor to ask questions and to prevent them from gaining more insight to the public’s personal impact if the ordinance is adopted.

Assemblyman Chris Constant declared that Roberts Rules of Order are there to protect the process from delay of proceedings. These proceedings are, however, monopolized by a majority that does not have the best interest of the people in mind. There is no intent of honest consideration of alternate view points. Therefore, the people are charged the responsibility, if not duty, to halt the undesirable actions being waged against them.

The filibuster is the public’s only available means of restraining the government that would cause oppressive acts against them.

So what’s the big rush to conclude the public hearings anyway?

Could it be that some of the “whereas” clauses of AO 2021-91 are no longer accurate?

Could it be that case numbers are declining?

Could it be that as time goes on, more members of the public are waking up to the power-grabbing intent of the hard-left Assembly members?

One can only speculate, but it seems certain that the Assembly majority doesn’t want to let a good crisis go to waste.

Leftists and communists are not tolerant of people who hold opposing opinions. They only tolerate people they agree with. Communists demand acceptance endorsement and obedience of their ideas. If AO 2021-91 passes, Anchorage citizens will be required to wear a mask or be fined.

This has already happened to 16-year-old student Grace Smith in Wyoming. As reported by the Laramie Boomerang, she attempted to attend school without a mask and was found to be in violation of a mask mandate her Wyoming school board is trying to enforce. She was fined $500, suspended from school, handcuffed, arrested by police, and taken to jail.

Her arrest happened Oct. 8, 2021 in America, not Australia.

It is a real life foreshadowing of what is to come for Anchorage if this ordinance becomes law. By all accounts, Grace Smith is a kind, caring young lady and is a good student. Grace has been targeted by peers and school staff members, suspended, arrested, and fined for exercising her rights. Is this what we want here in Anchorage?

The Left will destroy an individual in the name of the greater good. You can search for the whole video of Grace’s arrest and some of the interaction her father had with the local police who stated, “We are just doing our job and doing what we have to right now.”

Imagine if Grace Smith was an Anchorage resident. Imagine if she testified before the Anchorage Assembly as to her personal impact. I would insist there be time and allowance for many pointed questions from members of the Assembly and the mayor.

Public testimony should never be rushed when our liberties are at risk of being taken from us.

Remember, if you are in District 4 Midtown, you have the opportunity to recall Meg Zaletel, the author of the proposed AO 2021-91 that has caused all the fuss. 

Dan Smith is a lifelong Alaskan and Anchorage resident. The Anchorage Assembly meets Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 5 pm at the Loussac Library. While general public testimony is allowed at the beginning of the meeting, the hearing on AO 2021-91 has been postponed to Wednesday at 5 pm.


  1. It’s not just a step. It is the final leap to the edge of the slippery slope. Forcibly covering a person’s face is a sign to them that you see him or her as beneath you. It is a symbol, not just of virtue signaling, but of subjugation and fear. It is meant to intimidate, frighten and bully. If this is something
    you like, feel free to put on your symbol of surrender to tyrannical dictators. (In your own mind picture the letter k inserted after the c in that word beginning with d). As for me and my house, we bow to no one except our Lord. This is our line in the sand. You will have to make a choice in the coming days. Choose wisely because there are but two choices. Subjugation or freedom.

  2. What more can be said here?
    One is either on the side of rationality, sanity and freedom, or one is on the side of emotion-based policy, authoritarianism and tyranny. It is really just that simple.

  3. A step towards?

    Dude, where have you been? Anchorage is full blown fascist and has been for years.

    What you’re witnessing is the cake being iced.

    The alleged “conservative” community (it isn’t) of Anchorage has sat on its hands while the left has secured its hold.

    Elections have consequences, and you’re living them. Anchorage is a fascist city, and the state will soon follow.

    • Not true!! Many,many conservatives have been and continue to exercise their constitutional rights and responsibilities as citizens of our city,state Nd nation!! How do you think our very excellent conservative mayor And Governor got elected? Sure, mnymof us were complacent or fooled in the past but the COVID crisis has changed that big time and I expect public involvement to intensify from here on out. Instead of knocking our city and state nd it’s citizenry WHY DONT YOU TELL US WHAT ACTIONS YOUVE TAKEN to deal with the issues?

  4. Finally some straight talk here and a correct identification of the problem: Communists! Even if they don’t know they are communists, we know it. They never deny it. Stop playing around with these people. Politeness doesn’t work. They donttcare about the process. Theh dont Carr about lawsuits. They are cunning and will safety you to death

  5. Anchorage School District and Anchorage Police Department already arrested someone for it wearing a mask at the school board meeting 09-07-2021.

    I urge my fellow Anchorites, it is not if this passes communism is creepy crawling closer.

    No communism is here full stop. Arrests are already happening. You already have medical, political, and social prisoners.

    Dissidents jailed. Now a federal hate crime campaign? So yes this city has gone off the rails. Not closer to communism but already overtaken by the domestic terrorists!!!

  6. We can be safe–or, we can be free. But, giving the govt the power to have total control–we will have neither safety or freedom. They like to criticize the ‘knuckle-draggers’ for not ‘following the science.’ But–the virus is 125 nanometers and most cloth masks, that are seen as just fine, generally block no better that 8 microns.Therefore, for every virus particle it stops, 63 particles pass right on through. There are many studies (suppressed) showing the efficacy of masks to be statistically insignificant. With the leftest’s ability to project, the mask has become a talisman of sorts–complete with magical powers. But the greatest power it holds, is the power to control the masses. That’s all they care about.

  7. Since this ordinance relies on a state of emergency, the Bronson administration should be able to declare the emergency over by revoking the berkoshitz originating ordinance.
    Use an AI against the AO to void the original document by amending it with an end date of oct 1.
    Throw down Mayor Bronson

    • I believe that the emergency declaration issued by Berkowitz was already rescinded by the ass-embly back in May. Suzanne, correct me if I am mistaken.

        • Of course, Suzanne, you are exactly correct. I have utterly no doubt that if the mayoral election had not been scheduled for this past May, all the Wuhan Virus restrictions and mandates enacted by our totalitarian municipal assembly would never have been rescinded, would still be in place today, and would still be in place a year from now.

  8. Wow. That’s pretty clear. Berkowitz does not believe in unalienable rights. Rights that are key to the foundation of our nation and that are definitely not ‘safe’.

  9. I am safe, for I am free.

    Imagine a world where people have awakened to their power of expanded consciousness. Imagine a people who create instead of destroy. Imagine knowing that we have everlasting life, and that the expiration of the body only means the continuance of the spirit. Imagine a society no longer manipulated by the fear of death. We are free for we do not fear.

  10. I think for voting in the future, any of the 9, (or anyone in the state that leans communist) that go to run for any office or assembly, need to have the word “communist” next to their names in the voter handbook. Because that is what they are! Plain and simple! See how they like seeing that word associated with them! Let’s watch THAT fallout! My opinion of course.

  11. None of this outrage means anything if we comply. Businesses must stand up and say no. Citizens must stand up and say no. We are on the edge of losing everything.

    • I agree with you and stand with you completely on this, Sheryl!
      EVERYONE who opposes this draconian mask mandate MUST NOT comply with it! Strength in numbers! If even 10% of Anchorage residents refuse to comply with it, the law will be effectively nullified. Just stand up for your rights and your freedoms, even if at the moment it makes you somewhat uncomfortable. What is a little social discomfort compared to losing your fundamental right to a rational and free-choice society?

  12. Well written, Dan.
    Hope you were equally eloquent when requesting Governor Dunleavy to pre-empt the Anchorage Assembly by issuing an Executive Order similar to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s order prohibiting mask mandates and imposing fines for requiring mask wearing.
    Text of Governor Abbott’s Executive Order can be found at: gov.texas.gov/uploads/files/press/EO-GA-36_prohibition_on_mandating_face_coverings_response_to_COVID-19_disaster_IMAGE_05-18-2021.pdf

  13. Enough is enough. Time for Gov. Dunleavy to follow Gov. Abbott’s lead and ban mask and vaccine mandates. Tyranny is tyranny! Abuse of power is abuse of power! Special interest groups have NO business pushing this agenda on Anchorage citizens! Recall Meg. And then recall the rest of the tyrants. Time to rebuild Anchorage and stop the tyranny!

  14. Time for Gov. Dunleavy to follow Gov. Abbott’s lead and ban mask and vaccine mandates. Are you going to stand tall or shrink from inaction Governor? Do you want our votes or not? Defining moment. If you do nothing, quit sending me any more emails requesting support for your reelection.

  15. Infamous doc Fauci – himself – wrote a published article when Spanish flu was an epidemic – masks should not be worn as a virus is microscopically too small thus goes in and out of a mask. Plus can cause deadly BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA to the wearer. The Coronavirus is a FLU bug. Masks do NOT stop it nor is it possible to create a ‘vaccine’ against a virus. We need to wake up, stop complying just to ‘make others feel good’. And it is OK if you choose to mask and get a shot to ‘feel good’. However, respect those of us who don’t. Aw! If you feel ‘protected’, why does it even matter what others do?

  16. Alaska is overridden by emotion driven, immature Republicans. There are two kinds of people in this world, those driven by emotion and those driven by reason and logic. Most Alaskans act like and talk like the former. Science is foreign to them. Too bad this type of psychological sickness isn’t tested in high school students before they leave or graduate. Narcissism with it’s concurrent lack of emotional maturity and authoritative actions is found in all the helping fields and any position of power over others. This is blatant in the Republican Party members who follow QAnon and #45. It is a mental sickness with no cure.
    This article is laughable and is a prime example of what we as a nation are up against. They will be the downfall of this country if they are allowed to continue in positions of power. The lack of understanding of the Constitution is astounding.

  17. The ultimate irony…. Berkowitz says, “we cannot be free unless we are safe.” The ironic fact is, to be truly free we must give up safety. The more safety we have, the less freedom we have. We face penalties for not wearing seat belts, helmets. We can be jailed if the balusters on the stairs in our living rooms are more than 4-inches apart, etc, etc, etc….

  18. These infringements on our liberties will only get worse if people don’t step up! You can see the battlefield clearly across the country. We are fighting a war against a communist insurrection that is bent on removing your rights under the Constitution. If you doubt this just look at the example of the National Education Association (NEA) sending a letter to the DOJ & FBI asking them to come down on parents trying to protect their children from Critical Race Theory being taught to their children against their will. The corrupt politicians running the Federal Government and those serving its destructive agenda in the States will not stop until the people say no more! We must use our voices and facts to awaken the sleeping giant and throw off our oppressors. These corrupt people have no respect for “We the People” and expect us to bow to their wishes. If you want freedom back you have to throw off the apathy and confront the menace that is trying to rest control away from the people. This will be a long and exhaustive fight but it is a fight we must win for future generations. Patriots across the country are engaged in this fight and are in most cases winning! There will always be some folks that never wake up because they are used to being sheep. Stand strong Alaska, we can win this!

  19. TONY BOVE / OCTOBER 16, 2021 To the Assembly (text of my written comment to the Assembly for the upcoming Oct. 27 General meeting:
    “Regarding the new “emergency” mask mandate, I want to know under what authority and based on what hard science you are declaring this “emergency” and under what specific authority you are abrogating the expressed will of the citizens (especially the voters) of this municipality and under what authority you have had the unmitigated gall to override the Mayor’s veto of your shady vote to enact this bogus mandate! You are abusing your authority and want you to publicly address the part of the Charter that gives you authority to declare an emergency, the authority to do, which I understand is the domain AOC Mayor alone! Is it your intent to usurp. The authority of another branch of municipal government?
    John “Tony” Bove
    Eagle River Citizen
    P.s. #Resist

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