Vaccine breakthrough cases rise in Alaska


The State of Alaska reports that since vaccines became available in Alaska in 2021, so-called “breakthrough” cases have been on the rise.

“Through the end of August 2021, a total of 6,223 vaccine breakthrough COVID-19 cases were documented among Alaska residents,” the State’s white paper on the subject said. “An additional 1,867 cases occurred among Alaska residents who were partially vaccinated. The incidence of COVID-19 among vaccinated persons has remained consistently lower than among persons who were not unvaccinated.”

But as time has gone on, the vaccines appear to be wearing off or not working as planned. It’s important to note that not many people were vaccinated in March, and that the number of Alaskans vaccinated has grown through the months. Fifty-nine percent of eligible Alaskans are fully vaccinated. That’s 356,414 Alaskans over the age of 12. Some 64 percent have had one dose of the vaccine so far.

But in August, the last month reported, over one third of cases of known Covid in Alaska were breakthrough cases. This occurred when 53.4 percent of eligible Alaskans were vaccinated.

Last week, Anchorage Municipal Attorney Patrick Bergt was diagnosed with Covid, even though he had two vaccines and a booster shot. The city’s attorney also known to consistently wear a face mask in public settings, sometimes wearing two face masks.

Other interesting items to note from the State of Alaska update is that 19 percent of those hospitalized in July and August for Covid had been fully vaccinated for Covid. This was during a timeframe when over 50 percent of eligible Alaskans were vaccinated.

As of October 3, among cases with specimen collection dates during or prior to August, 37 Covid-19 deaths were documented among fully vaccinated persons.

Of these, 31 (84 percent) occurred in July or August. During that same period, 86 Covid-19 deaths occurred in unvaccinated persons and 3 Covid-19 deaths occurred in partially vaccinated persons.

Accounting for age, calendar day, and region, unvaccinated persons died from Covid-19 at 9.8 times the rate of fully vaccinated persons. The state noted that the numbers may change as death certificates are completed and processed.

Reinfections are not insignificant. A total of 884 SARS-CoV-2 reinfections were documented among Alaska residents since the beginning of the pandemic. Six persons were reinfected twice (i.e., each were counted as a case 3 times).

Read the complete report:


  1. “…. The incidence of COVID-19 among vaccinated persons has remained consistently lower than among persons who were not unvaccinated.”

    Really ??? Seems to me that people who are “not unvaccinated” are, by definition “vaccinated”.

    • Ken – I noticed that also. Was that a typo or someone covering their butt by using double-speak? If you are not “unvaccinated” then you are obviously “vaccinated” for what ever that is worth!

    • The experiment may be finding the toxic dosage of unknowable, trade secret ingredients in the US among diverse populations. What a body of secret knowledge for some secret somebody. :*) It’s the science God ain’t it?

  2. More jabs = more cases.

    And here I am, pure blood, living healthy and happy. No government intervention required.

    Imagine that.

  3. It’s good to see these numbers finally being reported on and not just having people making up whatever information suits their viewpoint.

      • Thanks fire, I like you too…you keep me warm when it’s cold out, you cook my food, and you light up the darkness. Yep, I sure like fire.

      • Unvaccinated dying at a rate over 9 times that of vaccinated and people are still saying that vaccines don’t work?? A new study was published today that pretty well proved that people with breakthrough cases do not pass the virus on and infect others as often or as badly as unvaccinated people. In addition, another study was published that proved unequivocally that masks and social distancing do prevent cases and deaths. Republican led states have case numbers 8% higher than the projected numbers where Democratic led states have case numbers 8% lower. A difference of 16% when masks and other stringent measures are utilized, which translates to kids needing to be masked in school!! As for Anchorage, a grand total of 280 or so unvaccinated gave testimony to block a mask mandate while nearly 4000 communications such as letters and emails were sent to the Assembly in support of mandates! The majority by about 10 to 1 has spoken!! Accept it. You lost all the way around!!

  4. I have to wonder how many of those putative ‘reinfections’ were actually people who had actually contracted the Wuhan Virus just once, but tested (false) positive once or twice? I suspect that the large majority of supposed reinfections were in reality single diseases combined with one or more false positives on the deeply flawed PCR ‘test’, which is known for producing a significant number of false positives depending on how many cycles the ‘test’ (which is really just a DNA amplification technique, not a diagnostic test) was run.

    • Has any public official ever stated to how many cycles our labs test to?
      Beyond 35 cycles is worthless, according to Fauci (pre-plandemic).

    • Just to clarify, what I meant to say here was, I wonder how many of these reported ‘reinfections” might actually have been people who did contract the Wuhan Virus, just once, but who IN ADDITION tested (false) positive one or more times, before or after but not during their illness.
      Also, I wrote “diseases” when I meant to write “illnesses”.
      I just wanted to clarify those points, before Steve-O jumps down my throat with a rambling 1000 word diatribe nitpicking me to death.

  5. That’s it. Seal everyone in Tupperware for 1000 years.

    The shot is apparently the same as a flu shot in one regard. It may lessen the odds, but is not a magic bullet.

  6. Deaths attributable from the jabs and immediate chronic debilitating conditions are not collected or reported.
    The entire nation is being used as stage 3 trial, routine autopsies of those deceased likely due to the toxic spike proteins are not conducted. This is a remarkable breech of trial protocols.
    The avoidance of routine procedures and data collection done in every other drug trial is remarkable.
    Nor are routine blood tests to set a pre jab control point and then track the status of immune systems after each jab.
    Without this data there is only anecdotal observations.
    The Delta pilot stroking out in flight is indicative how the new normal will look going forward.

  7. I wonder if they will find out in the future, that the “vaccine” actually impairs the immune system?

    • Watch this vid of Dr Nathan Thompson and you’ll have the start of your answer. The collateral damage from this rushed and inappropriate mass vax program DURING an outbreak, is just at the very beginning stage…


  8. Vax or no-vax. Please make sure people know the definition. A vax is a treatment for symptoms, it is NOT an immunization. Vaccines can and do wear off. Even if you have been vaccinated, you can catch it and spread it just as easy as someone without the vaccine. Eat healthy, wash your hands, stay home if you are feeling sick. Just like we used to years ago.

  9. I’d like to see businesses post signs “
    Only customers who have had Covid allowed” “ vaccinated not allowed“

    Those who have had Covid have a greater percentage of immunity than those who have had been coerced into the experimental test concoction.

    I say this tongue in cheek. These entities that say “vaccinated only “are disregarding the fact that those who have had Covid are in fact more protected and less likely to be carriers.

  10. Taken from CDC document regarding Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel instructions;

    “Results are for the identification of SARS-CoV-2 RNA. SARS-CoV-2 RNA is generally detectable in upper
    and lower respiratory specimens during infection. Positive results are indicative of active infection with
    SARS-CoV-2 (((but do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected
    may not be the definite cause of disease.))) Laboratories within the United States and its territories are
    required to report all results to the appropriate public health authorities.”
    Flu season. Anyone and everyone was out this weekend getting tested, huge lines of cars. Probably had a runny nose or a scratchy throat. Pretty normal for this time of year. The test they are STILL using does not rule out co-infection or other virus. This is pandemic of cases. Wake up!

    • Is this your premise ? “The test that is being used will show a positive for both COVID and the flue without distinction, therefore, we are adding flue cases as COVID cases to come up with our current numbers for COVID cases.” If this is true, what is going on with the hundreds of people who are getting tested for COVID, only to be told that they only have the flue? Are those doctors and clinics simply not in on the conspiracy? Let me guess, you said it, so it must be true? I am drowning in this opinion pool. Luckily I only drop in here once and a while, maybe it is a form of self mutilation.

  11. The government and corporate medical establishment really, really cars about your health.
    I trust the government and medical establishment implicitly.
    Fauci is a demi-god – ruler of all “settled” science.
    Who cares that they issued an EUA for mRNA gene therapy that has never been given to humans before – in only 6 months – Biden and Fauci say it is safe.
    Blood clotting, brain inflammation, heart swelling, infertility, disrupted menstrual cycles, Bell’s palsy – conspiracy theory nonsense – BigPharma, Fauci, and Biden say so – so it must be true.
    Natural immunity – more conspiracy nonsense – who cares that, that was “settled science” for the last 100 years – this is different – after all the survival rate is only 99.97% – which is an unacceptable risk – especially for the children, right?
    AkPureBlood – for life.

  12. Do any of you Covidian slaves even feel the slightest bit gullible? Or will you all keep following your Lord and Masters over that 1000ft cliff?

  13. It would be good to know of the hospitalizations and unfortunate deaths how many had both shots but were counted as unvaccinated because they had not hit the two-week mark on their second shot. I would imagine this data exists but is perhaps not made available.
    I tend to think that when you add all of the breakthrough cases and deaths – and then also factor in the harm that the actual vaccine is reported to cause by VAERS – the risk vs reward for many folks reasonably leans towards not taking the experimental mRNA shot.
    Oh, and before people knock VAERS please ask yourself this question – if VAERS is not a good system – why is it all we have? To the medical professionals who look down their nose at VAERS – why have you not demanded a better more accurate system? I would imagine it has a lot to do with the lack of accountability afforded to the medical community by a self-reporting system.

  14. SD said: “But as time has gone on, the vaccines appear to be wearing off or not working as planned. ” The data in Table 8 and other data do not support this suggestion. If you back out the total number of vaccinate Alaskans and apply the total VB cases you’ll find less than 2% have suffered VB cases. The clinical trials suggested on the order 5% might contract the disease even though vaccinated. 2% is then substantially less than expected.

    When no Alaskans were vaccinated there were zero (0) VB cases. If/when 100% are vaccinated, all cases will be VB cases. It is no surprise, then, that VB cases are now appearing as the pool of fully vaccinated folks grows. One has to be careful if one wants to honestly present data like this. Frankly, I am surprised DHSS couched the picture in terms of the percent of all cases which are VB cases. It just encourages misinterpretation and invalid conclusions. :((

    A recent study was published which attempted to get at the rate of decline of efficacy of the Moderna vaccine. One can read it (Durability of mRNA-1273 vaccine–induced antibodies against SARSCoV-
    2 variants) in ‘Science’ for September 17, 2021..

    • Jere,
      Figure 5 is much more representative that vaccines appear to be wearing off (which is a relative term) over time than table 8 is. Table 8 is incomplete (like all this information) and needs more data points to sort out any meaningful information, as of now it show a small plateauing during July and August while overall cases exploded.
      Simple math tells us that these vaccines are doing what they are supposed to do, which is keep people from getting sick and/or dead.

      • Steve-O Yes, but wouldn’t it have been nice if they had been transparent with the data and definitions of terms? I’d like to have seen their mathematical definition of “incidence rate” and revelation of the data used in the calculation. I’m suspicious, especially in light of the failure to reveal the low incidence of VB infections in favor of the higher (and nearly without meaning) the percent of all cases which are VB cases which give the false impression the vaccines may not be “working.” Calculating, by any reasonable definition, the “incidence rate” in a pool (the unvaccinated) of unknowable size appears “difficult” at best!

        • Jere,
          I think you got it when you said it appears “difficult” at best. There are so many variables and the variables literally change on a daily basis. Trying to keep track of all this information is a herculean challenge. One day we will be able to have all the answers at the push of a button, but it won’t be today. For now we have to make due with having a lot of information readily available at the push of a button.

  15. Consequences of ones choices are being realized after getting jabbed with the covid shot. And more to come with the booster. It’s going to get real this winter I’m afraid.

    • Yep, those who get jabbed are much, much, much less likely to get sick and if they do get sick they are much, much, much less likely to be hospitalized and if they are hospitalized they are much, much, much less likely to go to the ICU and if they go to the ICU are much, much, much less likely to go on the ventilator and if they go on the ventilator they are much, much, much less likely to die. Decisions have consequences, it’s good to be informed about your decision before your life hangs in the balance.

      • We’ll talk about this again, in around ten years– if you’re still vertical. #longtermclinicaltrialsaintfornaught. #followthescietificmethod

        • So now the death warrant is a decade? That timeline sure is moving out pretty fast. A couple weeks ago it was six months, then a year then two years, now it’s a decade. Almost seems like you death warrant folks are just making stuff up to scare people.
          Is it all the vaccines that have this death warrant attached or do you even know there are more than twenty approved worldwide and another ninety or so in development, are those all death warrant vaccines too?
          Is it hard to live with so much misplaced fear all the time?

      • Tell that to the fully vaccinated people who ended up in Alaska hospitals and have died from COVID. And yes, there are several of them. Stop thinking the so-called vaccine is a magic bullet that protects you from everything because it doesn’t.

        • Agreed, if anyone thought the vaccine was a magic bullet that protects them from everything they weren’t pay attention. Sadly many of the conspiracy minded folks still think that if the vaccines do not protect those who get vaccinated from everything then they aren’t vaccines. It really is a glut of ignorance.

      • Might they be “less likely” because most likely the unvaccinated are victims of intentional medical malpractice? Asking for a friend.

  16. It’s not a vaccine! These shots are driving the pandemic and creating new variants. And besides that, this is antibody dependent enhancement at work. Just like world wide top virologists and others have warned. You haven’t seen anything yet. Most of these clot shot lab rats will not survive this next decade due heart complications, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and their immune systems being completely destroyed by these mRNA clot shots. It is so sad to know that my family and friends who were dumb enough to inject themselves with this poison will be dead in the coming years. Will these pharma criminals ever be brought to justice for what they have done?

  17. Was just reading through the report. Thank you for providing the link, Suzanne.
    Interesting note I found. At in point, I discussing the data presented, the author wrote “January through March data is aggregated to protect patient confidentiality.” Which I find ironic, as many will, as a condition of their continued employment, be required to violate that very confidentiality.
    To give our medical records to our employers such that we may maintain employment. If that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, nothing will. Except maybe seeing someone without a mask.

    • I’m required to give multiple medical pieces of information every year to keep my job. I was required to pass a physical before I was allowed to take my job. I am required to pee into a cup and blow into a tube to keep my job, on demand. I also have to take a hearing test every year. I don’t work at Walmart or dairy queen, not that there’s anything wrong with that. If you work, I’m guessing there are certain requirements that you must meet as well…maybe you don’t work or need to work?

      • I’ve had to do all those things to get and keep a job(all private sector) the one thing I’ve never had to get a mandatory injection of a “vaccine” or anything else to get or keep a job and I’ve work in waste water treatment where they is a great chance of coming into contact with hepatitis and the feds nor my employer ever forced or coerced me into getting the 3 doses of hepatitis vaccine. I struggle to wrap my head around the idea of forcing people to take a ” vaccine” that only somewhat might help alleviate symptoms of the end user and furthermore the young especially are far more resilient to the coof but stand the most to lose by taking a novel ”vaccine” that has no studies of possible long term side effects and a corrupted control group.

        • We know the long term side effects of the vaccine. It’s non existent. The vaccine exists in your body for 2 days or less. The effects have been studied for decades, and shown to be no long term issues due to the protein entering your body for a short term.

          We don’t know the long term effects of COVID, however the short term impact is severe enough to shutdown the world economy.

          The vaccines have more than 5 BILLION doses administered. It’s simply not a relevant concern. The vaccine is safe and extremely effective.

      • You see the problem here, there’s no disclosure on your part counselor. If you were actually a little more candid and honest, people would no doubt take your advice more seriously.

  18. Be careful Suzanne, you start posting real data, the mob may turn on you and start questioning your loyalty. On a side note, it is refreshing to read data and not have to contend through the bias reporting.

  19. Sadly, one cannot help but wonder if the death rate percentage for the unvaccinated is much higher because some doctors and healthcare workers in Alaska have reportedly refused unvaccinated patients much needed and proven treatments, thereby driving up death rates for the unvaccinated.

    As the truth continues to unfold, one would expect that malpractice lawsuits will rise. Will these healthcare workers and hospitals be liable for murder too?

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