Gaslighting operation: Are socialists setting trap for flag-waving conservatives?


At recent hearings on the mask ordinance, the conservative pro-freedom, anti-mask-ordinance crowd has been in control and Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance has lost control.

The public has hollered, testified, sang the National Anthem, and shouted “USA, USA!”

All that could change on Tuesday night, Oct. 12, with the arrival of organized allied socialist groups intent on protesting what they call “Hate.”

They support the mask ordinance and the leftist Assembly’s attempt to take power from the mayor.

The convergence of these two groups — the Old Glory flag wavers and the socialists — could be incendiary and may lead to an unruly and unsafe situation at the Loussac Library, where the Assembly meets at 5 pm.

The socialist alliance plans to arrive at 4:30 pm in advance of the meeting. Social media shows that Indivisible is working to coordinate the confrontation:

“The Party for Socialism and Liberation Anchorage, Alaska Poor People’s Campaign, S’Up Alaska, Alaska Coalition of BIPOC Educators, The Alaska Center, Black Lives Matter Alaska, CannaCo and Sol de Medianoche are coming together to protest for an improvement to our democratic process and against the increased presence of a racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, and reactionary mob at the Assembly meetings this Tuesday October 12th, from 4:30-7:30pm,” the Indivisible Anchorage group wrote. The national Indivisible group describes itself as, “a grassroots movement of thousands of local Indivisible groups with a mission to elect progressive leaders, rebuild our democracy, and defeat the Trump agenda.”

Hundreds of conservatives who have attended night after night to protest AO 2021-91 may intend to also attend the meeting but find the chambers already filled to capacity with the socialist protesters who are labeling them as “hate.”

In reality, the hearing is not on the agenda for tonight, but the Assembly is considering taking action on AO 2021-91 under an “emergency” provision it has available to it in the municipal charter. The Assembly, without having notified the public, appears intent on passing this ordinance, and no amount of public participation will stop them, according to those close to the matter.

This morning, activists who oppose the mask ordinance began telling their fellow activists to “stand down” and not attend the Assembly meeting tonight. That’s because the socialist side has the support of the majority on the Assembly.

Neither the mayor nor city manager will be attending the meeting in person due to Covid exposure. Assemblywomen Jamie Allard and Crystal Kennedy are among those quarantining.

The pro-ordinance group has asked that its participants wear masks tonight to the meeting. Actually, they have not asked, but stated in their flyers that for their participants, “masks required.”


  1. Protection in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Who died, rising 3 days later from the grave after having defeated all sins: past, present and future.

    Prepare the hearts of men and women Lord Jesus. May they choose liberty and freedom.

    Seek the only vaccination that counts, the blood of Jesus Christ.

  2. The narrative is IF you oppose mask mandates from those on high (folks who play a doctor on an Assembly floor), THEN you are hateful and ANTImask.
    This past year has shown hate and destruction almost exclusively from the Left.
    And again, it will show tonight. The groups showing up tonight have already labeled people they have never met as homophobic, racist, hateful.
    Do not confirm any of this if you attend and oppose a mask mandate.
    And this is key: Do NOT let the narrative continue that you are ANTImask.
    That is again, THEIR narrative. You are also ANTIcaring too. Yup, you have heard it before. What you are is profreedom. You are prochoice.
    But don’t get caught up in ANTImask. It is a short semantical walk to antiscience. And you will be walked right into that.
    You simply oppose a mask mandate. See how simple this is? Much deeper philosophical reasons abound, and should. But for now, fight the label. It is harming the cause of freedom. Oh, and be kind, not giving the Left any legitimate headline for public consumption.

    • I personally am not pro-choice in my sense.

      I disagree with unlawful medical experimentation with willing and knowing consent. Which cannot be given by minors without parental consent, firstly. Secondly without full disclosure and transparency, which is not happening in the United States, period. Thirdly those without access to family or a patient advocate are medical prisoners.

      So no I am not pro choice. I support life from conception to final breath and anything that interferes with the fullness of life being sold as public health is violative of local, state, federal and international laws. As well as the Constitution of the state of Alaska and the Constitution of the United States.

      • Nial, you missed it. “Prochoice” is a label the LEFT pro-abortion folks have given THEMSELVES. We call ourselves prolife. THEY call us ANTIabortion.
        Watch the Left wring out the semantic confusion at every opportunity to paint themselves perfect and honorable.
        All we are doing now is using their very rhetoric “against” them, by saying we will object to them denying OUR choice in matters of masks, vaccines, etc., we should be allowed to make our own choice for our own health. We are prochoice, in that sense.
        My caution is to not let ourselves be painted as ANTI anything. We are PROfreedom, and for some who are bolder, PROchoice in the area of personal health, not stiffing kids in the womb.

  3. Oh no, I’m not backing down!! I’ll be there tonight. I don’t consent. I will not comply. They can call me anything they want, I don’t care. Nothing they say has the power to hurt me because I have utter disregard for them. If we don’t go, we’re letting rabble run us off. Not happening. I’ll go if I have to go alone.

  4. Never give a lefty what they want. They want you macho types to come down and give them some nice violent optics for their friendly TV cameras. Stay home an watch it on TV. You could put 10K people in and around the Assembly Chambers who oppose the mandates and the communists would still pass it, and they have the votes to override the Mayor’s veto. Let them have their party and don’t give them the confrontation they want.

    • Seldom disagree. Do not sit home and watch on tv like some beer-drinking football slouch. Show-up, be peaceful for the tv, and let them know we back our mayor and our right to assemble. C U there, Art!

      • I expect the lefties will start the violence, the media will blame the right, and the commies win. Art’s right Artfull – stay away – they already have the numbers. No one gets hurt if the fascist commies have no one to assault. We’ll fight them other ways another time.

    • My only calculus was that we on the right had nothing to gain by being there and a lot to lose if anything went awry. Think of it as boycotting it, or more correctly like ignoring a misbehaving child.

      • I totally agree Art. I have really come to a realization that liberals are nothing more than youthful energy, but now they are youthful people who have refused to listen to any maturity and wisdom because their leaders and educators have condemned it. And teenagers are often times like wrestling a pig. The more you do it, the more they fight back and realize they like being able to keep getting away.

  5. That’s what the left does. They create a narrative that anyone who thinks differently then them is full of hate. They control the conversation with their accusations and lies, because the media advances the left’s narrative and censors any and all opposition. It’s very simple and very effective – especially when our weak minded political leaders play in to it so easily.
    And I say again to the political leaders who say they are republican yet who cave – your appeasement to the left won’t win you a single vote from them, but it sure will cost you my vote – along with many conservatives like me.

    • I must correct myself. Lisa Murkowski is an exception to my statement:
      “And I say again to the political leaders who say they are republican yet who cave – your appeasement to the left won’t win you a single vote from them, but it sure will cost you my vote – along with many conservatives like me.”
      If you want to go full on RINO you may get some votes from the left.

  6. Looks like the time for talk is coming close to an end, these leftist commie fascist organizations are going to piss off the wrong people and this could get very ugly.

    • The only ugly is from the left, BLM types towards the normal, free , lawful citizens who oppose mandates.
      The lefties are always pissed off, especially if you don’t comply with whatever they are doing. It’s not enough they are free to be neurotic and unhappy, they want everyone to be forced to emulate them. This is the definition of fascism.
      These are rent a mobs, indoctrinated college and public school graduates, deprived of cognitive thinking who obey and follow leaders.

      • No, Evan, that is the modus operandi of YOUR side, the radical leftist authoritarian side. Using the coercive power of government, i.e. implicit violence, to force their perverted, miserable and rigidly dogmatic ways of thinking and living onto everyone else. Your, and their, intolerance and increasingly insane demands will be your, and their, undoing.

      • Evan

        I see no threats of violence. Stop projecting your own thoughts and fever dreams on others.

        It is clear you are an Anti-American and likely a seditious and treasonous agent of the Satanic Global Elite.

        Christ has already won the victory.

  7. Sad state of affairs when it seems natural, reasonable to expect, from the beginning, that radical-Left Assembly members were simply responding to what their “Party for Socialism and Liberation Anchorage, Alaska Poor People’s Campaign, S’Up Alaska, Alaska Coalition of BIPOC Educators, The Alaska Center, Black Lives Matter Alaska, CannaCo and Sol de Medianoche” sponsors told them to do, or else.
    Good news is productive residents now have a better idea of who owns and operates their Assembly, where the work of an aggressive opposition-research team might be focused to help restore user-friendly government.
    We respectfully and urgently request Governor Dunleavy issue an Executive Order banning mask mandates, modelled on Texas Governor Abbott’s order banning mask mandates and imposing fines on government bodies who continue to require mask wearing.

      • I am more concerned about the vaccine mandates than the mask mandates. The mask mandates aren’t taking away the right for people to put food on the table. Mask mandates just perpetuate the mass hysteria and medical tyranny, which is also bad, but the vaccine mandates are truly taking away people’s freedoms and treating people like second class citizens that are filthy and dirty to the point where many think they don’t even deserve healthcare, all while many of the vaccinated are spreading the disease just as much. That kind of disconnect from logic and humanity doesn’t seem like a slippery slope. It seems like we already went down the slippery slope a long time ago. A really long time ago perhaps, like when Meet the Press and PBS decided they shouldn’t allow the conservative perspective anymore. Or maybe when MySpace took off like wildfire.

    • So it is OK with you that Abbott mandated to private companies what they can and cannot do? You sound extremely hypocritical to me.

      • I don’t agree with banning businesses from having mask mandates, if that’s what Abbott did (I thought the mandate ban only extended to businesses for vaccines). But vaccines are a totally different ball game. The principal for allowing religious exemption is a good one and really shouldn’t depend on what some leader of a church says. I believe in God and not because of what my church leader says, but because that’s my decision and my faith which definitely doesn’t pivot around one human being, like the Pope that is a different person with different messages and beliefs every few years. And there are already laws on the books, pre-covid, in many states that allow “philosophical exemptions”.

        I believe the strongest a vaccine mandate should ever be is “you are required to get vaccinated unless you can give a compelling reason why you don’t want one”. That’s it. So if you just don’t like needles or don’t want the trouble, that’s not good enough. And the level of risk and effectiveness of the vaccine and the risk of the disease should definitely be a factor always. And if someone is truly frightened of a vaccine and they can express it sincerely, I think it is incredibly unethical to coerce someone to a point of taking away their livelihood. Perhaps some professions warrant different risk factors that make getting a shot more compelling. However, hopefully nobody thinks it is ok to hold people down and jab them. Taking away people’s right to travel to see family within the country and their employment and thinking that’s not forcing them is like saying you don’t hit your children, but you won’t take them anywhere ever and you force them to find their own food and that is somehow not abusive.

        The country didn’t need a mandate to get people to line up for polio shots. And if the medical establishment wasn’t sweeping the adverse reactions and death caused by the vaccines along with the people affected under the rug, and it had been accurately conveying the risks of covid and didn’t provoke and cheer on hysteria, we wouldn’t have any of this. Any of it.

        Sorry TB. I got to ranting there. Your comment probably didn’t warrant all of that. I just have to get this off my chest I guess and you got the brunt of it. I actually think your point isn’t without reason but I clearly disagree with you when it comes to vaccines.

        • Exemptions are merely giving the elites the knowledge of how to right law to deny your particular exemptions. Don’t give the devil his due.

          See Alaska State Constitution Article 1, Section 22 – Right to Privacy – The right of the people to privacy is recognized and this right shall not be infringed.

      • You fail to see he is protecting the citizens rights which is exactly what a Governor is suppose to do. You are the Hypocrite.

  8. They want to meet us head on, ANTIFA style. Those are the tactics of the Communists. They only recognize sheer physical power, like the North Koreans. So, we meet them head on. These are not reasoned people. They are hell bent on controlling our lives through whatever means are available to them. We fight back. See you there, fellow patriots and constitutional Republicans and Conservatives. Do not be afraid of them!

    • This is Anchorage, Alaska. The only Antifa/BLM we will have to deal with are emotionally compromised posers. Best for us to ignore them and get to the heart of the problem.

  9. The only significant, not to mention well-organized, political hate that I have seen in recent years has been coming exclusively from the (radical, extremist) left.
    To accuse their opponents of their OWN sins, faults and crimes is a classic tactic of the radical left.
    Truly, NOTHING, no matter how dishonest or disgusting, is beneath them in their quest for totalitarian power.

  10. For what purpose does Anchorage have an assembly meeting? To have a ceremonial banquet while seated upon thrones in the inner sanctum of the libary amphitheater?

    • Political theatre. To give the people the illusion of participation. Keeps the masses happy to be a part of something.
      When it is the holidays or when we are asleep that the agendas get pushed through.

      This time however, the people are making their voice heard. First time in a long time. The assembly has not actually had to be held accountable. This time they will. They fear the awakening masses. Why do you think the control tactics are being deployed all around?

    • Why yes. Enjoy the bread serfs, (said by any of the 11) , PFD, food stamps, EiC, rental assistance, child tax credit, stimulus,

      While we experiment on you. Biologically attack you. Launch chemical warfare. Propagandize you. Indoctrinate the youth. Medically kidnap and euthanize the weak and impoverished and elderly. Destroy the family. Invert the economy. Cause another global economic crisis. Shut off power. Manipulate markets. Destroy the dollar and eliminate cash. Surveillance at your every move. Suspend jury and civil trials. Hold prisoners without hearing or bail. Experiment in the prisoners. Create a snitch environment.

      All while creating a climate where each individual views themselves as the center of the universe and dividing households.

      Christ is the solution.

  11. Pass it all you want. Mass noncompliance my friends. Let’s organize and walk into any store we choose maskless, make some noise, leave with dignity.

    • I did that last weekend in Anchorage – I got a few angry stares, but no one said anything. Mass peaceful disobedience is really the only effective weapon we have left (right)… It was a breath of fresh air (literally) to drive out to the Valley where NO ONE was wearing a mask (except a couple of government employees). Let’s exercise our right to breathe.

  12. Does anyboddy have an answer? BTW I remember the good old days when the Assembly brought a sandwich from home in a sack lunch and people attending the assembly meeting brought one too and they sat around a lunch room table. Maybe we should stop catering their meals for a while.

  13. OK. I’ll tell you myself. It’s not a separation exercise by human class class. Important people UP.front and take turns looking displeased and talking down. NO. The town assembles to: talk among ourselves, to each other, sometimes sadly, sometimes cheerfully, sometimes angrily, sometimes like automatons. Why assemble and communicate with each other, Anchorage?

  14. Is this where a lively young fellow announces: ” I’ve gathered this pile of special privileges that you don’t have. I have a lot of important friends, no, you haven’t been introduced. My friends are terribly important and we’ve decided your breathing makes us sick! We have a rag we want you to wear on your face. Put it on your face and never go anywhere without it again or I’ll the FBI. Stop whining or I’ll call my special friends dressed up like traffic cops to scare you and take you to jail if you make me frown again.” Is this why we assemble? To feed a special dinner to the ones practicing their importance, pay for it and everything. They don’t say thank you for their meal. THEY just look unhappy if we won’t wear a rag. Is this why we assemble Anchorage?

  15. I’m a union man to the core and I will show up to support Mayor Bronson. I do not take orders from union bosses, Democrats, or Communists.

  16. Is this where a lively young fellow announces: ” I’ve gathered this pile of special privileges that you don’t have. I have a lot of important friends, no, you haven’t been introduced. My friends are terribly important and we’ve decided your breathing makes us sick! We have a rag we want you to wear on your face. Put it on your face and never go anywhere without it again or I’ll call the FBI. Stop whining or I’ll call my special friends dressed up like traffic cops to scare you and take you to jail if you make me frown again.” Is this why we assemble? To feed a special dinner to the ones practicing their importance, pay for it and everything? They don’t say thank you for their meal. THEY just look unhappy if we won’t wear a rag. Is this why we assemble Anchorage?

  17. If this article isn’t a, “call to arms”, I don’t know what is. Definitely a divisive, stir the pot, piece of journalism. The whole article is based on hearsay, what ifs, and opinion. It’s a shame. MRA is no better than ADN. Where ADN whips liberals into a frenzy, MRA does the same for conservatives. Yet you claim that your reporting is unbiased and truthful. If the danger of violence wasn’t real, this article would be laughable.
    When I first started reading MRA a year and half ago, your journalism was raw and honest. You told the new story without all the exaggerated, sensational fluff. Then a little under a year ago you changed. Less about the facts of a story, but more about whipping your base into a frenzy. I miss the in-depth reporting you used to do. Do better

    • I can agree a bit to what you are saying, but MRAK has never claimed to be “unbiased”, at least not since I have been following it. It openly admits it’s a conservative perspective to balance against the liberal media that has taken over Alaska. The ADN just spews propaganda that is even misleading at times without ever admitting that they are only going to report news in a way that is favorable to the liberal perspectives. And I don’t really think this is a call to arms. I suppose it could be to anyone that wants it to be. I see it more as a report of what people on social media are saying and planning and what to possibly expect at the meeting. And she even reports that conservative activists against the ordinance are saying this is a moment to “stand down”. I think this is pretty in-depth reporting for a very stirred up situation that has all of Alaska’s attention already, and I think that’s a good thing. What this assembly is doing should be on everybody’s radar because they are the ones stirring the pot, obviously. With this kind of reporting, maybe these kind of self serving people, whether left or right, will finally stop being voted in. They haven’t really been held accountable without MRAK and maybe one or two other independent outlets.

      However, I do want to see the liberal perspective without having to give the ADN money. Not saying that MRAK should provide that. I just would like to have a news outlet that we ALL can follow that is balanced and objective (as much as human beings can be) so we aren’t polarized and siloed into ideological islands. Certainly not getting that from the ADN or Alaska Public Media, and the local tv stations aren’t really good either. I like that MRAK is filling in the gaps to expose the hunger and need for more balanced coverage.

  18. Hint what does the Constitution say just for times like this? It says we assemble to discuss among ourselves to decide what we think is in the public good. Then, we instruct our public servants what we think is good and our good executive, the Mayor executes it. Is this the due process we are seeing? Or are we something very different? Where did we go off the rails? Shall we return?

  19. How many of those groups received CARES Act funds divided up by AQD and the Assembly?
    I’m pretty sure BIPOC did.
    Also, I wonder how many promaskers showing up tonight got on a free flight to Anchorage,
    Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!

  20. The LBGTQ is the real driver here, believe me. They are dissociated from reality. Unfortunately, they are protected by new laws, an empathtic, liberal community of Democrats, and the media. But still, homosexuals, lesbians, trans, non-binaries, etc are the clear minority of the general public. Yet they are now teaching our children and even recruiting. They are a very angry group of misfits. The answer: SHOW-UP! Show them who is the majority.

    • The issue isn’t homosexuals or trans. The issue is the liberals, whether homosexual or not, that think they can speak for all of them and think they own the only doctrine of beliefs that any homosexual or a person with compassion towards them should follow.

  21. If you choose to attend the meeting, here’s some information so you can be informed and hopefully a little better prepared. (Take some edibles?)

    Antifa | Mental Health & Personality – 70,285 views – Published Oct 20, 2020

    Personality profile of typical Antifa/extremist

    Anti-social personality
    (These traits are often seen in extremism)
    High openness to experiences

    They see themselves as against traditions
    Low conscientiousness
    Impulsivity and irresponsibility
    High extrovertism
    High tendency to seek sensation
    Low agreeableness, distrust, being resentful
    High neuroticism
    They have difficulty resisting temptation
    They express a lot of anger

  22. Most LGBQT ( whatever) , I’d bet. Poor people.” What is up is down, what is down is up”. We’re only putting up with them. Anchorage was and IS a real city. Those kooks will run out of steam mainly for health reasons. They have no association with the people who actually are integral in this economy.

  23. Yes, 100% right. Thank you. They hate their lives. Some exist quietly, avoiding crowds. Those few go to work in the earliest hours, to avoid confrontation.
    I do have concerns for them. They know.
    Then, there’s our Assembly, the type of people who are open about their deprivation of a normal sexual life.
    The fact that they gain ANY ground socially or politically is that many of us have LGBQT children or grandchildren.
    But the truth tells, they may be brilliant but they cannot possibly know their constituency.
    Back off LGBQT, we tried to help. Now, go quietly to your early jobs. We do need you. But not in USA Government.
    We care. We wish the best for you. Let us live our lives and continue to make a safe life for you.
    In Eurasia, you’d be hung.

  24. sitting at ANC today ,,,,, saw 2 plane loads of green red blue hair getting off from sea-tac ,,,,, wonder where their going?

  25. Thanks for the update. There was heavy breathing on line. They took a five minute break and then broke the system evidently. Prayers do work. RDI is getting secretive project underway tomorrow. Item 10.D. 30. Too secretive and malicious a bunch to trust. They want to augment their depth of legal advice. I would think that is a good idea providing they are trainable.

    Ms. Kennedy brought up a conflict of interest with a former city attorney, Mr Falsey research against an former opponant Mr. Bronson. That was a perfectly bonafide concern.

    It would likely be beneath professional ethics for Mr Falsey to accept the assignment under the circumstances. The Mayor needs robust Constitutional legal support I would think at this time of international influence, intrigue and drift from Constitutional influences for decades in Alaska. Unfortunately, Law Schools may not have not taught the Constitution as it is written. Perhaps a Texas legal firm can bring depth of advice.

  26. “The Assembly, without having notified the public, appears intent on passing this ordinance, and no amount of public participation will stop them, according to those close to the matter.”

    So…does this mean the meeting tomorrow to take testimony might be cancelled? Can you spell “sham.”

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