Jab or no job XIV: Young Native worker at Alaska Native Medical Center says goodbye


This is the 14th in a series of stories of people being fired from their jobs because they have declined to take the required Covid-19 vaccination. The identities of these workers are being kept confidential because they fear reprisal. Previous interviews in this series are listed and linked at the bottom of this story. Send your story to [email protected].

Candace is a soft-spoken Yupik-Athabaskan who, up until Friday, was employed in record-keeping at the Alaska Native Medical Center, where she has worked for many months. It was a good job for her, and a fit for her skills and her educational degree.

She didn’t want to get the Covid-19 vaccine and had known for a few weeks that Friday would be her last day. But the news still hit her hard and has caused her to become depressed.

About an hour before her shift ended on Friday, she found she was locked out of her computer. She needed to input some patient information, and so called the IT department, thinking that she had accidentally hit the wrong keys. But IT told her that the Human Resources department had locked her out.

Candace asked a coworker to input the information under her coworker’s own log-in permissions. And then Candace said her goodbyes to her coworkers and left work for the last time. Many of her coworkers didn’t want the vaccine, but took it to keep their jobs, per the mandate from ANMC.

Candace has received no letter of termination from ANMC Human Resources. But a couple of weeks earlier, knowing she would be fired, Candace submitted her letter of resignation. She felt that wasn’t right — she knew she was being fired, and so she rescinded her letter and made ANMC fire her instead.

Candace is one of an unknown number of ANMC, Southcentral Foundation, and Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium workers whose last day was Friday. They are the unvaccinated and now unemployed. Must Read Alaska is keeping their identities secret because they face existential threats to their livelihoods.

For Candace, it’s a religious reason, grounded in her Christian faith. ANTHC has told workers that due to the tribal nature of ANTHC and its entities, no religious exemptions would be accepted.

“What if it was part of a Native religion?” Candace wondered, finding it strange that a Native hospital would not honor religious exemptions.

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Candace also worries about the unknowns relating to the vaccine. Both her father and brother received it and she said they got extremely sick. She doesn’t know if she should take that chance.

Although her work didn’t involve caring for patients directly, she and other non-nursing staff did have times when they were required to go into patients’ rooms. And while nurses and doctors were fully protected, she said she only had a mask and a face shield when she went into rooms of those who were “symptomatic.”

One of her coworkers got sick, and she thinks it’s because she was not well protected. “If they really cared about our health, why did we not have the protection?” Candace said.

Candace has had Covid, recovered from it, and understands the seriousness of the sickness. But she is trying to find her voice to stand up for what she thinks is right: “If they are for Native people at ANTHC and ANMC, then why are they doing this to our people?”

Without question, Candace is mourning the loss of her job at a place where she was happy to work up until the mandates came down. Now, she’s filling out applications to see if there is another spot for her in the world.

They [ANMC] do have the code of ethics online in the Wellness acrostic, saying how important respect and honor is. I don’t feel respected or honored,” Candace said.

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    • The myth that buisness can violate personal rights is destructive to culture and humanity.
      Under our constitution, no rights are given to corporations.
      Rights are reserved to the state or people. Corporations are not people. We must push back to the full extent of the law .
      It’s beyond a travesty this woman is loosing the immediate ability to feed and care for those around her .
      “Im from the government and im here to help” For her government being a part of taking her livelihood and her chance at happiness is just wrong.
      Honorable buisness people must step up and find productive positions for these good people.
      The idea that civil rights laws don’t apply to native corporations and tribal groups is beyond incorrect . That woman needs a good lawyer.

      • American, the logical extension of your argument is that corporations should not be allowed to have policies or regulations that employees must abide by. The slippery slope would be people working their own hours on their own agendas. Or, in the end, expecting a paycheck for producing nothing at all. The woman made a choice to quit. I commend her for her conviction. She has unusual strength.

        • Corporations’ policies cannot abridge civil liberties. There are already a multitude of labor laws that protect employees. The Federal government, our state government and many companies are violating civil rights and must stop. This merging of business and government using police and courts to enforce decrees and mandates defines fascism, as created in Italy in the 1925.

    • Covid-19 mandate firings = The Great Employment Purge .
      The left / the globalists/ the WEF-devos -Klauss club is all about ideology and not letting a crisis go to waste . In their words “The Great Reset”
      Thus what better way to weaken the life position of free thinkers and lovers of Liberty?
      Destroy their financial stability. Get them fired . Make them unemployable. Make them destitute and unable to be equally free or able to support themselves. Make their life hinged on A vaccine pass ? Put them in an untenable impossible to argue position; a look of insanity- are you against a vaccine that saves lives?
      Is it on purpose? Unknown . For now assume its not . Yet The results are the same . Your life and pursuit of happiness are under attack.
      A great question ; did a globalist conspiracy create the crisis to benefit their goals? Certain people know.
      Coming to a country near you :
      “The Great Reset” .
      The ground work for a globalist takeover . Look it up under their own website and German interview documents.
      Klauss stated Democracy is passe and the world future is the people lives governed by a council of stakeholders without any elected government . He only invites the very rich and powerful or big business. He openly states its his end run around democracy. Is all that factual? It’s their action and words . I don’t know.
      The Great Employment Purge- Coming soon ?

  1. It is time for Native Alaskans to stand up for their values against the ‘woke’ tyrants who have conquered their medical organization.

    • What values are those? Beating a drum without cause. Who has conquered the medical organization? Did you just put those meaningless words just because you felt that you needed to say something? What are you saying?

      ANTHC is no different than any other medical institution. It is swamped with COVID patients dying every day. Young people, old people, homeless people, mothers, fathers and children.

      And at what cost? There is a cost to this. Remember that every one of the unvaccinated staff members who pick up COVID and need to be out of work for several weeks are put on paid leave. The hidden costs of this illness are eye opening and you should make an educated statement, not just a blind open accusation.

      • Traditional Native values of freedom, self sufficiency, respect for others, including their beliefs and bodies. ANTHC is much different than other medical institutions because, supposedly, it incorporates those values into their corporate vision. But today the ‘wokes’ run the organization with little concern for their constituents.

      • Sorry to give you nasty facts, but my last two weeks working I treated exclusively vaxxed people with COVID. Not only is the jab dangerous and sometimes directly deadly, it is useless. We were far from overwhelmed too, actually doing less than usual while waiting for the wave that never came.

      • Did you just put those meaningless words together just because you felt that you needed to say something?
        You can still get Covid if you had the shot, so I bet there are vaccinated staff members out and on paid sick leave as well….what’s your point?
        You make an emotionally over-wrought claim that hospitals are “swamped” with Covid patients. As of Friday per the state of AK there are 202 Covid patients in the hospital state wide that’s 19.6% of all patients in hospitals. In the Anchorage area there are 96 patients with Covid in area hospitals amounting to 15% of all hospitalizations in Anchorage.
        It appears that the current hospital occupancy rate has more to do with end of year elective and other medical issues than Covid.

  2. Federal dollars from taxpayers like you and me paid Candace’s salary. Now a qualified, competent Alaska Native is out of work for no fault of her own while other Federal dollars provide for those who refuse to work right here in Anchorage!! Is something wrong with our system?

  3. Candace’s story is sad and enraging. We are watching our liberty, values, ethics, common sense, logic, health and safety be systematically destroyed.
    “due to the tribal nature of ANTHC and its entities, no religious exemptions would be accepted.” This policy violates the essence of being an American citizen and the Republic.
    “Tribal nature”? The concept of creating tribes like down states Natives is poison, and we were warned against this.
    The full ugliness and divisiveness of this, the feds and state recognizing all these recently created “tribes” in Alaska as legal entities outside the protection of our constitutional rights is a disaster. Candace is an American citizen, with family heritage of two distinct Native cultures. Cultures that fought as mortal enemies, not long ago.
    Who empowered ANTHC to decide that tribal members cannot have religious freedom? That they are exempt from being prohibited to infringe and deny the constitutional protection of religious liberty and free speech to each and every American, tribal member or not?
    I cherish my Iñupiaq heritage, and my great grandma died the year she became a citizen. But I thank God every day that Great Grams and Grams home island ended up on this side of the border.
    I will not surrender my rights, or children’s and grandchildren’s God given rights as American citizens for the atheistic, corrupt, and incompetent organizations the so called “Native” leaders and their white woke lawyers created.
    If tribal governments are not constrained from trampling individual rights under constitutional law, then they are foreign entities. They cannot be given tax dollars or resources and figure out how to be viable on their own.
    These so called ghetto Natives put in positions of management and power no longer know the land, know God, know how to hunt and make their own homes.
    They are intoxicated with power, and money showered on them without accountability. They are incapable of providing quality health care and seek to live like elites, exploiting people like Candace.

  4. Tyranny.
    Under the guise of a boogeyman man we can’t see we are being asked to give up our bodily autonomy, freedom, livelihoods, and personal respect – if we don’t acquiesce to the State, MSM, the corporate medical establishment, and Big Pharma.
    FJB and all the vaxxers!
    Let’s Go Brandon!
    AkPureBlood – for life…

  5. Some state legislators have asked the governor to open up the special session to address the firing of employees for not being vaccinated. I would ask the governor to do this and if the legislators cannot put something together he needs to do it by executive order. These mandates are doing harm to the good people of the state and putting their lives at risk.

  6. Control. The facists are purging any group or organization they possibly can of any one who will not toe the party line. They want any one with any independent thoughts to be marginalized, then ostracized, then destitute, then dead. They want full and total control over everything and everyone. Never trust them. Not one single word.

    • Fire, I fear you are correct. This whole mandatory (non)’vaccine’ debacle is a WONDERFUL method, for the powers-that-be, of identifying and weeding out all the independently minded, nonconformists, and believers in liberty. They are purging the employment rolls of all such people, just as the US military leadership was purged of them under Obama.
      And the war against freedom marches on.

  7. I am one of those who were extorted into taking the “jab” or be fired. I like my job, but am now very disappointed at the disingenuous way in which the upper management has dealt with this whole experimental-vaccine situation. Why not just say that finances are dictating policy, rather than science? Seems to be the case because when presented with a documented scientific study relating to those of us who have natural immunity to Covid, upper management ignored my email and employee health responded with a “canned” response that did not address the facts either. Questions directed to weekly online chats with upper management also received the “party line” and in one case, regarding available treatments, were responded to with misinformation and links proving the scientific/medical studies supporting the actual facts received no response that I am aware of (regarding availability and use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine protocols, which they are not using).

    Now, we are being forced to take the yearly flu vaccine or lose our jobs (at least the flu vax is a proven vax with minimal potential side effects, unlike the potentially very dangerous Covid vavaccines). Although I took it last year, I am considering resigning in protest, after this whole Covid debacle.

    Also, I believe it was Project Veritas that did an investigative report on the Pfizer vax and uncovered that Pfizer and our government have been hiding the actually horrendous beginning of the aborted fetal tissue used to start the cell line in use in their vax
    (“https://www.projectveritas.com/news/pfizer-leaks-whistleblower-goes-on-record-reveals-internal-emails-from-chief/” )(“https://thetruedefender.com/exclusive-pfizers-anxious-about-the-discovery-of-the-vaccines-origins-its-a-horror-story/” ).

    We were denied the ability to apply for religious accommodations, by the way, and had this info been known, many many people would have refused the vax.

  8. “ANTHC has told workers that due to the tribal nature of ANTHC and its entities, no religious exemptions would be accepted.”

    I find this to be an interesting quote.

    Where was their tribal nature when they allowed Russian Orthodox to give them 2 first names?
    Where was their tribal nature when they allowed oil companies to pilfer their lands in exchange for the dollar?
    Where was their tribal nature when they became the medical tentacle of the corporate squid?
    Where was their tribal nature when they allow their cousins to touch them in ways that only lovers should?

    Where was their tribal nature when they allow cell phones to influence their children?
    These people are no tribe, and they cartainly have lost touch with nature. They are corporate suits like the rest of the world elite.

    • “Pilfer their lands in exchange for the dollar?” What, do you pilfer the grocery story for dollars? Do you pilfer Ford Motor Company when you buy a truck with dollars? Exactly how far into the abyss of foolishness would you be willing to take this discussion?

      • I admit. My used of the word pilfer was incorrect.
        The point I was making is that their tribal nature made exemptions for money and religion in the past, but will not now for the current situation.

      • But YOU are the superpreader Camai. YOU isolate. YOU are the one spreading covid to the elders not people with natural immunity. No matter how many big government poison “vaccines” you let them give you, Camai, YOU are going to get covid. You’re the Chump!

    • I would like to help these amazing and courageous people for being true to themselves. Suzanne, is there any way to help??? Please let us know.

      • Fire – I did some rough math and realized there are just too many people in this situation and we are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars that would need to be raised to help them. And the coordination of that, case work, oversight of funds distribution….it’s more than I can do alone. – sd

  9. Time for asymmetrical civil disobedience folks. Do not harm any one, but do max damage to their system. Disrupt EVERYTHING ! Every way you can… the Polish called it “every hair from the boar”. They toppled the system by burying the tyrants in their own paperwork. Look it up. Use your imagination, harass them, their staff, family, friends employs. Shun to them, sue them, drive them from any public place where you see them.
    The time for civil discourse ended long ago people, learn their tactics and use them….Or perish.

  10. Another person in the wrong profession. Perhaps this will set her on the right path for her because medical isn’t it.

    • Data entry and record keeping isn’t medical, she happened to perform those tasks in a hospital setting.
      Why don’t you worry about walking your path and leave others to chose theirs following their talents and desires.

  11. Suzanne, precisely what purpose was fulfilled by describing the woman’s racial profile? The irrelevance of that point makes you appear to be fixating on identity politics. Not commendable.

    • Tribal identity is important in Alaska. I don’t make up the rules, but she is a tribal member, working at a place that practices tribal hiring preferences, and she is getting fired for not taking a medical treatment. I thought it seemed an interesting point. But you could be right. – sd

      • I understand. If someone starts something though I would like to know. Even to help a with small amount to show these people they are appreciated and cared about.

    • W. Douglas Coogan, I think it is relevant to mention that the woman in question is Yupik/ Athabaskan. Precisely because she works for a group tasked with providing Healthcare for Native Alaskans.
      The woman in question has survived Covid and has natural immunity which is superior to the ineffective and dangerous ” jab” that her employer mandates she take. Because her Employer controls Healthcare for Alaskan Natives , ( she being native) she is essentially on a Plantation.
      I hope that some smart Lawyer out there can come to her and other Alaska Native’s defense. In the meantime, I like the idea of pitching in to help all of the Healthcare workers fired over this nonsense.

  12. President Obama/VP Biden’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sued Mission Hospital, LLC, due to forced flu vaccines and the hospital refused to accommodate religious beliefs. One person was Muslim, one followed Church of the Nazarene, and one person was a strict vegetarian. According to Obama/Biden’s EEOC, as long as someone has a strong belief, that is “religion” under the federal law.
    I do not follow typical religions, but I do follow the Nuremberg Code and that my body is my temple. Emergency Use Authorization are the ONLY covid vaccines available in America, are unapproved, unlicensed, and experimental. Under the Nuremberg Code—the foundation of ethical medicine—no one may be coerced to participate in a medical experiment.
    I am eager to see so many businesses, including prisoners and military members, being able to sue the current Administration and win because the only benefit the current EXPERIMENTAL vaccine seems to have are making Big Pharma, lobbyists, and politicians (from both parties) richer right now.
    Here’s Obama/Biden’s EEOC lawsuit regarding why hospitals can not deny religious exemptions:

  13. We need to withhold federal funds from ANMC/ANTHC until such time as they follow the Civil Rights Act. This is absolute nonsense.

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