Recall Zaletel group challenges hundreds of ballots that were mailed to registered voters also registered on out-of-state voter rolls


The group trying to recall Anchorage Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel has preemptively challenged about 200 Anchorage District 4 voters, who are being sent ballots to out-of-state addresses.

“These voters appear to be dually registered to vote in those out of state locations as well, which is illegal under Alaska law.  I am placing a preemptive, ongoing challenge on any of these ballots returned in the Special Election Recall of Meg Zaletel,” wrote Russell Biggs in a letter to Anchorage Assembly Clerk Barbara Jones.

Presumably, these same dually registered voters received ballots for the Recall Felix Rivera effort, which failed in April. 11,929 of the District 4 votes were counted in that election. The Clerk uses the state voter rolls, which are known to be outdated.

“This represents a small fraction of the number of ballots being mailed out of state. We didn’t make it through the entire list, but best guess is there’s close to a 1000 people with dual state voting registration getting a ballot in this election. 200 voters isn’t much, but remember one 2021 school board race was decided by this thin a margin, and Dave Bronson only won the mayor’s race by 1200 votes,” the group wrote on Facebook.

The recall of Zaletel is underway, with all ballots due Oct. 26. The Clerk’s office sent 36,209 ballots out in this mail-in election to voters in the district, which encompasses large portions of Midtown Anchorage.

As of Oct. 13, Anchorage’s Elections Office, run by the Clerk, had received 4,110 ballot envelopes back.


  1. The left has a permanent voter base
    built in, the deceased, illegal alien and fraudulent voters.
    How many of these dually registered voters also obtain the PFD?
    Why does the Clerk still have a job if the voter rolls are not tended to regularly? How are elections certified when right off the start the voter registers are not accurate? We pay a premium for state government services, but the service is crap across the board. We will be a backward third world sh***t hole like Washington, Oregon and California soon.

  2. “……….This represents a small fraction of the number of ballots being mailed out of state. We didn’t make it through the entire list, but best guess is there’s close to a 1000 people with dual state voting registration getting a ballot in this election………”
    If these individuals have voted in state and/or local elections in both places, they need to be criminally prosecuted.

    • Agree 100%.
      The reason why “voter fraud does not happen” supposedly is because the authorities do not bother charging the criminals doing it. Start charging the violators, fining them, or withholding their PFDs, or whatever, and voter integrity will skyrocket.

  3. Lieutenant Governor Meyers, please audit the voter roll of the entire State and purge ALL the out-of-staters and dead folks from the voter registry. Perhaps a substantial fine is in order for those voting in both locations? Thanks.

  4. No way would they try that again after the junk 2020 election. Yep there that damn stupid. Stop mail in votes and remove Jones now. Who has the power to remove corruption!

    • Of course they will try it again. They got away with it, clean as a whistle, in 2020. In fact, they are probably emboldened, and will cheat even more blatantly in this recall, as well as in April next year.

  5. I have not received one as of today, Saturday. I live in her district.
    Waiting patiently to give her the Axe.
    She stinks.

    • According to the Muni election site ballots were mailed out 10/5/21. It may be that ballots were again printed in the lower 48 and mailed from there. I also wonder if you can go down to the vote center at Ship Creek (opens 10/18/21) and vote in person.

  6. Oh come on man, the laws don’t apply to Democrats. Please , try to keep up. Lies are now truth, and the truth are now lies. Can any one even remember where that was written, does it even matter to most ?

    • They force people to use their corrupt mail-in voting system, then disavow the legal conservative votes they don’t want, simply by pointing out how corrupt their system actually is, brilliantly devious. 🏴‍☠️

    • The challenged voters are not exclusive to democrats. My parents were one of them because they travel A LOT and have a few homes in other states. Both are republican…… This is not some got you to throw out democratic ballots. This is just what should always be happening to keep our voting system as legitimate as possible.

  7. To Russell Biggs may we suggest advising the U.S. Attorney for Alaska of potential election fraud and requesting an investigative grand jury be empaneled to determine whether indictable election fraud offence(s) occurred.
    The U.S. Attorney for New Hampshire wrote a simple federal and state election fraud checklist: “Federal Election Fraud Fact Sheet”, found at, which says in part:
    “Federal criminal jurisdiction over the activities described below can generally be obtained …
    In any election (federal or nonfederal), when the fraud involves the necessary participation of an election official acting ‘under color of law’.
    In connection with voter registration. The fact that voter registration is “unitary” in all 50 States (a citizen registers once to become eligible to vote for both federal and nonfederal candidates) confers federal jurisdiction regardless of the type of election.”
    Bottom line is the Feds care about dual registrations and voting, especially if it’s sanctioned under color of law.
    The U.S. Attorney for Alaska is Bryan Wilson. Office address is 222 West 7th Avenue, Room 253, #9, Anchorage, 99513, Telephone: (907) 271-5071, Fax (907) 271-3224

  8. Let’s circle the wagons on this argument.

    First Fact: The Municipal Clerk does not maintain the Voter Roll for the Municipality. The Division of Election maintains the only Alaskan voter roll.

    Second Fact: State Law properly allows voters that plan to return to Alaska to maintain their Alaskan voter registration. Examples: students, military, business assignments, snow birds and family matters. Forcing the cancellation of all these registration is wrong, improper and definitely unlawful. These out of state voters cast Absentee By-Mail Ballots in State Elections and return their Municipal Mail in Ballots.

    Third Fact: The 2020 Synder-Pruitt recount found Synder winning by 11 votes. 502 Absentee By-Mail Ballots were returned from out of state addresses. Only 4 of these 502 out of state voters were registered in the state from which their ballot was mailed. These 4 vote by-mail applications were inspected. Each application requested that the Alaska Division of Election request that the voter’s other registration be cancelled. Therefore, the 502 Absentee By-Mail Ballots were valid votes.

    Fourth Fact: In May 2021, I received a list of more than 80 dual Alaska/Nevada registrations. These voters were sent 2021 Municipal Election Mail In-Ballots. The Municipality provides a list of all returned ballots. I confirmed that not one of these more than 80 voters cast a ballot in the 2021 Municipal Election. My request to audit the Washington dual registration file has been ignored to date.

    • Shouldn’t a person registering to vote in another state automatically disqualify them from getting a municipal ballot? And if so, why doesn’t the state enforce that rule rather than rely on the citizens to challenge the ballots or roll the dice that any illegally returned ballots will be identified?

    • You missed the one and only fact being registered in another state to vote is against Alaska election Laws. Voting twice is against Federal Law so if any of these people with two registered states vote in both states in the same year have just broken the law.

    • All valid points.
      However, the action is to confirm the ballots and voters are eligible. There is no “accusation” at this time, only suspicion. The first step is to ensure ballots were sent to eligible voters out of state. If they were, OK fine, count them.
      It is beyond scary that the AK Voter rolls are so outdated, and there is this push for 100% mail in voting. I personally know of two individuals who have moved out of state, registered to vote in their new homes, and their ballots are still showing up in the former AK residence.
      That is the problem with this “mail in voting” scheme.

      • The two individuals, who moved out of state, MUST advise the Division of Elections to cancel their Alaska Registrations in writing.
        That removes them from the voter roll.
        When their registrations are cancelled, the Muni ballots will not arrive.

        • How many people actually do that? How many people actually know to do that? 10% of the population? 1%?
          That is why 100% mail in voting is so ripe for fraud. An address can receive several ballots, and someone with less ethics than I do might decide “little risk, why not send in two/three votes for my guy.”

  9. We were out of AK for the Mayoral election. Before leaving AK as required we requested absentee ballots. Never understood why or by who the decision was made not to mail out absentee ballots for the Mayoral election. We didn’t get to vote. Wondering why persons absent from AK now are being mailed recall ballots.

    • What happened to you in the Mayoral Election?
      The muni mails a ballot to each eligible Muni Voters.
      These ballots are not forwarded by the Postal Service.
      If you are away from home, you must request a ballot be mailed to your TEMPORARY address.
      Did you apply for a ballot send to your TEMPORAY address?

    • Does not matter how they vote.
      What matters is whether they are eligible to vote in this election. Thus, the question.

      • Oh, and let me be clear. If someone illegally votes, and it benefits a candidate I want to win, I expect that person to get prosecuted for voting illegally, and that ballot to be removed from the count.
        Yes, even if it benefits my side.

  10. Whom is responsible for the outdated state voter rolls? Would that not be the Lt Governor? How can this be allowed, especially given the climate of election distrust? There should be every effort made to clean up voter data.

  11. When will all the conformist and clueless leftists finally admit to themselves that mail-in voting is demonstrably a BAD idea? It is simply much more complicated, error-prone, corruption-prone, and intermediated than traditional in-person voting.
    But as usual, they will almost certainly never face reality and make such an admission. That would be to declare that they were wrong, which is something that no arrogant, smug, self-righteous, deceitful, and hypocritical radical leftist could ever do. When faced with reality that defies their (invariably) mistaken beliefs, they consistently just double-down on their divorced-from-reality mental constructs and paradigms.

    • Yes, a classic spout from a leftist when they are proven wrong (most of the time) and they lose an argument is : “WELL. It all needs to be destroyed anyway”. The hard left is anarchist to the core and throughout the 20th century caused violence in many major cites around the world. Then they have the nerve to faux carp and complain about Jan.6.

    • Right now, they are benefitting from it. And, it is likely their belief that they will continue to benefit for ever. That is the problem with leftists, they seem to believe they will never get voted out of the majority.
      You would think they would have learned the lesson from Harry Reid, but nope. Not their style.

  12. Robert Conquest’s 3 Laws of Politics:
    1 – Everyone is conservative about what he knows best.
    2 – Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.
    3 – The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.

    • State of Alaska does not have mail in voting.

      Only Anchorage Municipality has mail in voting.

      To change: try electing a conservative assembly.

  13. State of Alaska does not have mail in voting.

    Only Anchorage Municipality has mail in voting.

    To change: try electing a conservative assembly.

    • With Mail in Voting that is next to impossible one only needs to look at the above article to see how they cheat to win. You will need to run an aggressive ground game like Mayor Bronson’s campaign did.

  14. Dominion Voting Systems is being sued under RICO statutes because of threats it made all over the country to anyone who had the temerity to question the infallibility of its election software. According to some experts the case has merit. Dominion is still being used in Alaska. Why?

  15. Lieutenant Governor Meyers, please audit the voter roll of the entire State, do your Job and stop the cheating!!!

  16. RL reply to Randy. Randy we did submit our the out of state address when we requested absentee ballots. We also requested the Post Office forward all our mail to the same out of state address and did receive our other mail. Thanks for your input/information.

  17. Just stop you conspiracy theorists. They don’t have to cheat by mail like the 2020 election. They will vote in your damn faces and after they kick you out of debate. And say they won’t vote until the people come back all together. Stop listening to these lying demons. They have chose to not represent the people.

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