Assembly chair LaFrance demands mayor enforce mask ordinance in Anchorage


A letter from Assembly Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance and Vice Chairman Chris Constant makes it clear to Mayor Dave Bronson: They want the ordinance they just passed mandating masks to be enforced.

The letter, written on Oct. 20, says it’s the job of the Administration to implement and enforce “validly passed laws of the municipality.”

The two scold the mayor about how Emergency Ordinance 2021-03, the compulsory mask law, needs to be enforced.

“Yet, many members of the public are asking Assembly Members questions about compliance and enforcement of the mask mandate,” they wrote.

LaFrance and Constant asked the mayor and City Manager Amy Demboski to explain which department would be answering the questions that would come regarding the ordinance, and what department would be responsible for enforcement, making sure everyone was properly masked.

In the absence of guidance from your office,” the two advised they’ll send questions about compliance and enforcement to the mayor’s office, the city manager’s office, and code enforcement.

In an Anchorage bookstore this week, one man posted his experience with police enforcement of the ordinance. When the man did not wear a mask in the store and asserted his right, the manager called police; no fewer than four police officers arrived on the scene to listen to the man assert his rights, the store manager assert hers, and to keep the peace. No arrest was made, nor was any citation evident in the video. In fact, the officers appeared to be unwilling to enforce an ordinance that has many exceptions, plenty of loopholes, and no fines or fees attached to it. The manager refused to sell the man a book and trespassed him from the property, with police standing by as witnesses.


  1. I was there yesterday, Barnes and Noble, no mask, no one asked me to put one on. The employees were friendly. No problems.

    • Apparently, This Queen of the Karens was not working on the day of your visit.
      I also visited Barnes and Noble, under the earlier mask mandate back in February, and went in and shopped without a mask. Nobody said anything to me about it, but as I made my purchase, the young lady cashier said to me “And sir, the next time you visit this store, you should be wearing a mask”. That was the extent of any discussion about me being unmasked in that store.

  2. I have a policy of not wearing a mask. The ordinance it categorically illegal. The assembly has NO power to declare an emergency, the ordinance they passed is uncostitutional on several levels, and the exemptions make it a complete waste of time. If a business want to tell me to wear a mask, they might as well just tell me they don’t want my business. If a customer requires me to wear a mask, I have a special hourly rate for them.

  3. What bookstore is this?

    Interesting how quickly Karen calls for the police. If she’d just sold him the book he’d have been out in less time.

    This is fascist Anchorage. Karen here reflects the population of Anchorage well. Leftist, whining, and in love with using authority to force people to do her wishes.

    • It could have been Title Wave —- I was in there back in February, and their mask-naziism was literally off the charts. Multiple customers came in without masks, and the manager’s arrogant, self-righteous, and intolerant attitude was a complete turn-off for me, as she loudly and savagely attacked them for not automatically bowing to the stupid mask mandate. I vowed on that day to NEVER patronize such a hateful and intolerant business, and told her so directly on the telephone later that day.

      • JEFFERSON: Had to wait until well hidden behind a keypad before you told her off? How deliciously and characteristically craven of you!

        • Sophie, how nasty, snarky and yet again irrational of you.
          As I reflected upon the ugly situations that I experienced that morning, I was finally moved to speak out — as I was not yet so fully moved while in the store — later that same day. My response had nothing to do with being “craven”, and in fact I considered returning in person to tell that manager just how I felt about her, but given that I do not live in Anchorage proper, and did not have the extra time to do that, I used the phone instead.
          You, however, would have applauded her actions and behavior. Which would be infinitely more contemptible a response than mine even if mine had indeed been “craven”, which it was not.
          Sophie, your every post here just reeks of hatred, anger, intolerance and ignorance.

      • Jefferson, you sir are thee master of hyperbole!!

        Yet, the force of your intent is fully neutered by the absurdity of your exaggeration.

        • Evan, if anything, I have understated the case above. The manager of Title Wave was instantly and loudly belligerent and abusive towards anyone not immediately walking in with a mask on. I heard and saw her (yes, of course “her”, another authoritarian Karen) get into a heated argument with a customer simply because he was just putting on the mask immediately after walking through the door, rather than having come in with it.
          What is the fetish and the LOVE that you radical leftist extremists have with those useless and dehumanizing masks? Oops, maybe I just answered my own question there.

      • I would go with Title Wave too. The Communism is strong there. Barnes and Noble too corporate to chance such an encounter.

      • if you watch the video, it is clearly Barnes & Noble. And what happened to allowing businesses to set their own rules? If a business wants its customers to wear masks, doesn’t that business have the right to require any patron to wear a mask or be refused service?

  4. 90 percent of the citizens could not care less about the stupid mask. The Assembly can GTH. We do not follow anything from the lawless Assembly. There is no Emergency Order nor Mandate.

  5. As much as this is a public health issue, it’s absolutely a political statement.

    I live in LA, and the masks are starting to see their lifecycle. People are waking up to the hysteria, and compliance is now up to the individual.

    Comply or don’t, and support the businesses that choose to deny the requirements, as they are in the correct corner!

  6. Anybody that goes into Barnes and noble without a mask and without a Meg Zaletel for president pin is just looking for trouble.

    B&N is for loonie tune woksters. Normal people don’t go near the place.

    • The Branch Covidians want to send their muttawa after you for notwearing your burka. You’re not being morally pure!!

      • Hey it is the month of Halloween…a long white bed sheet would do the trick. Imagine a multitude of white bed sheeted individuals roaming the store. Make this farcical and ridiculous.

  7. OK, so the store does not want my business or my money because I will not wear a mask shop at a store.
    This Business has an out-of-control homeless problem and they’re worried about their customers wearing a mask?

  8. Ohhh, these sick sick sick petty authoritarians who at bottom hate you if you do not bow to their imaginary made up and concocted super lies that feed their sorry pathetic insecure and confused weakling psychology. One day Mask, next day Gulag. Mark my words. Many old Russians say this is how it all started there.

  9. This is what fear mongering will bring to our society. A virus with a 99% survival rate and our “leaders” have got many people scared to death. So afraid of the very air they breathe. So afraid that they think anyone without a mask is a risk to their health. So afraid that they are willing to give not only their lives, but the lives of others just to feel safe. The illusion is what is dangerous, not this virus.

    We need to remove these corrupted politicians NOW before they destroy our society any more!

    APD needs to do their job and arrest the true criminals who are ruining our city ‘for our own good’!

  10. This “scolding” from LaFrance and Constant only proves how bitter, divisive and disingenuous those two socipaths (among the nine ass-embly Marxists) really are.
    Mayor Bronson has already told them, and us, repeatedly and in no uncertain terms, that his administration is NOT going to enforce this mask ordinance in any way. So what do they think they are going to prove by publicly haranguing him to do so, when they know that it is not going to happen? Are they that petulant and childish, throwing a tantrum when they cannot get their way? Or is this some political tactic to try to undermine the mayor? Or both? Either way, I find it highly amusing, as well as incredibly pathetic and cynical.
    These angry, destructive, hate-filled monsters really, REALLY need to be purged, from the municipal assembly and from our society.

    • If a Mayor does not enforce a law, then this is grounds for impeachment. Whether or not we agree with the Assembly we should not think that they’re not clever enough to know this.

      • The Mayor is making a mistake saying he will not enforce the law. It is his responsibility as Mayor to enforce all Muni laws.
        However, given the lack of resources available, prioritizing what violations get attention first is well within his authority. Violent acts, drug offenses, property crime, and providing emergency medical services should all be prioritized above enforcing this mandate.
        Sending police to walk an individual out of a store because of what they are wearing ranks below parking enforcement in my book, and it should in the Mayor’s as well.

        • Something you all forget…THIS IS NOT A LAW! Its a mandate and has no enforcement options other than those that choose. Speed limits are laws to but how many of you strictly follow them? I thought so!

          • It is a law. That is what ordinance means.
            The Assembly changed Muni code to include a requirement to wear a mask. That makes it a law. That means the police need to enforce it.

          • There is no emergency declaration therefore it is NOT a legal ordinance. The assembly does not have emergency powers, ONLY the MAYOR!

        • When a government attempts to force upon me a device that restricts my breathing (a requirement to live), that is where I draw the line.

          Now, if they wanna give me a cool scuba system with a lifetime supply of air, I may reconsider. Until then, masks are an assault to my life.

      • Except that this is quite possibly NOT a legal ordinance. The assembly does not have emergency powers, there is no emergency declaration and the ordinance they actually passed was not allowed public input, as it was brand new. Even military personnel is permitted to refuse an illegal order.

      • Mayor Bronson absolutely needs to stand up and refuse to enforce this fascist mask ordinance. We elected someone to be a strong leader; not someone who will cave into a tyrannical minority.

      • Kind of like the same way you communists purged out red china in the 1960’s. Do onto others as they would do onto you. My friend Jake’s uncle was beaten to death by party members in the Ukraine during the reign of Stalin. Knowing that history, what do you think? I keep forgetting you keyboard warrior communists are just chicken —-. Like a pack of wild dogs, all bark until they have numbers to back them up. As soon as one gets exterminated, they all scatter and run.

      • He means recalled or removed by criminal complaints, the Constitutionally prescribed to guarantee our life and freedom, and never be allowed to hold an emolument with a stipend from the public trust funds as a public servant anywhere in the US again. The judiciary has taken an oath to defend the Constitution. Let’s see them do it here in this outpost state.

    • Did you see that editorial from Tim Bradner in the ADN yesterday calling Bronson and the anti-mask activists fascists yesterday? But the calling for police enforcement of a law no one wants is freedom-loving and liberal (in the classical sense)?

      • Psychological projection has always been a hallmark of the radical leftist extremist, accusing others of exactly that of which they are guilty themselves.

    • Steve Stine, Yes and that condition is this involuntary thing that happened when I was formed, this need for oxygen, this yearning to breath freely. Stay free my Friend!

    • It appears the problem is they did not do that. Instead, the unmasked offender decided to make a political statement.
      I will not put on a mask as I enter a business, unless I am asked to. And, if the business asks me to, I am not going to place them into a conflict. I will either mask up, or leave.
      This is only a story because the individual in question chose to make a scene.

      • You mean, because the individual in question chose to stand up for his rights.
        Just because a business is (theoretically) on private property, that does not give them the right to violate the rights of others. Tyranny by corporation/business is tyranny nonetheless.

        • No, I mean the offender chose to make a scene.
          I have no problem with standing up for your rights. And, I also support the business’s right to refuse service to anyone who is not complying with the requests of management. If you do not want to comply with the requests of the business, that business has the right to ask you to leave.
          And, when you refuse to do so, you are committing criminal trespass.

          • Well there you go a Karen frown trumps The US Constitution in Anchreeeeeeeeeach every day. Call the cops. The charlatan Karens disburse rights like social pez if they feel like it. So crass.

  11. What an awesome collection of comments from the free residents of Alaska! Fight, fight, fight these socialist/communist, fake-medicine, false-science, face mask, forced vaccination tyrants. Your head will be crushed under our seed’s heel, Serpent! The weak will not control the power of the people!!! The man who took the video at the bookstore is a hero. God bless him and his family!

    • I am a common peasant with nothing to lose. I do not fear. The so called elite have absolutely no power over me. Same for many of us. Their little minions are weak and can only attempt to intimidate through online harassment or in person noise. I stand freely. Their little game is over. I am not playing it.

      The guy who took the vid is a pretty chill guy. Met him recently. Gave me a document to help us oppose businesses trying to force masking.
      We will win this.

  12. That’s HILARIOUS!
    Not only does the emperor have no clothes on, but he’s also missing his teeth!
    Good luck saving face after this farcical bit of idiocy, Chairpersons.

  13. This is what we meant when we said We Will Not Comply!!!!
    Did you think we were bluffing?
    Don’t you realize your violation of the US Constitution will never be accepted nor obeyed?

  14. What nonsense. If Assemblymembers LaFrance and Constant were serious, they would have included penalties in the ordinance. They did not have the integrity to do that, so they came up with the toothless mask ordinance. It is astonishing to me that voters put up with this kind of spineless and unproductive behavior. Frankly, Ms. LaFrance is becoming one of the worst of the Socialist Nine.

    • It is the toothlessness of the ordinance that saved them from being being removed from their seats. They are barking but have come to realize that there are plenty of us who have had enough, as demonstrated in our in person testimony. We the people are the power. They have their marching orders to oppress our city, but as we can see, they are losing their teeth.

    • Doesn’t matter if they included penalties or not, Bronson has the last word on whether or not any authorities would enforce it – and good for us he has told the ASSembly to go pound sand with their mandate.

  15. What a waste of the Anchorage Police Department which from my understanding is not fully staffed? So now, with plenty of real crime plaguing the fair city, they will have to put real work aside to arrest those dangerous and oh so frightening non-mask wearing “criminals”. I am sure the Anchorage police force will sooooo enjoy that.

    • I am pretty sure many cops realize that this is a power play by the assembly. Even the police chief was non-masked during most of the testimony.
      The assembly is doing what it can to further the divide between the people and promote fear in the masses. Anything to keep us occupied. I dare say the assembly are up to much shadier business. This is why they are creating distraction.

      • And all that means exactly nothing, CBMTTEK, when the law in question is stupid, intrusive, overreaching and unjust.
        It is both the right and the DUTY of every freedom-loving citizen to oppose, and refuse to comply with, unjust laws.

        • Oppose it all you want.
          It is still a law. Stupid, yes, overreaching, absolutely. Put in place for political reason, yep.
          Still a law. If you choose not to comply, that is your choice. I fully support you in doing so.
          However, the police are also obligated to enforce the law as well. It may be Jefferson going to court, and fighting the law that gets it stricken from the books. It may take years, and cost tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you certainly have the right to make that decision.

          • There is no emergency declaration therefore it is NOT a legal ordinance. The assembly does not have emergency powers, ONLY the MAYOR!

          • There is no emergency declared by the Mayor so this has no grounds to stand on. Go take your two cent Lawyer talk and leave the state. Try using your real name so we can see who the ID 10 TS are out there.

      • By the Marxist 9’s own words “only the mayor can implement a mask ordinance”..??? Mayor said no and they did it anyway.. How is that legal??

        • Those words were uttered at a time when EO 2020-1 was in effect, and the Mayor did in fact have that authority. Since EO 2020-1 was rescinded as soon as the Marxist 9 realized their boy was not going to win the run off, it now falls to the Assembly to write an ordinance making masks the law.

  16. So they pass an ordinance they have no right to pass, that has no teeth and now expect the mayor to waste resources and time dealing with this. Ridiculous!

  17. Since Mayor Bronson will not enforce the mask mandate, that will be reason enough to begin a recall of the Mayor.
    Wasn’t that the plan all along?

    • How would he even enforce an ordinance that has no penalty?

      The assembly knows that Bronson has the power of the people on his side.

      The assembly is about to be checkmate. What we are seeing is a death blossom. Ammunition being spent, some targets hit, ship going down.

    • Do ya think???
      Seriously, if the situation was a dire as the Assembly made it out to be, there is no reason they would not revive EO 2020-1, which gave (now disgraced) former Mayor Berkowitz almost unlimited authority to fight COVID. But, instead, they put forth this mandate specifically because the Mayor said he will not enforce it.

      • Please remember that all mandates and the emergency declaration came from mayor Berkowitz, as the charter requires and both Zaletel and AQD acknowledged at the time. The Assembly did not make ANY of those mandates. Their job was to renew the emergency declaration or rescind it after the time frame set by the mayor. There currently is NO emergency declaration from the mayor, making this piece of paper wishful thinking on the assembly’s part.

    • If Anchorageites vote to recall the one man who is trying to save Anchorage, then Anchorageites deserve the misery they vote for.

  18. Why would you want to shop at a place that harasses its customers. Just leave and never spend a dime there again.

  19. Well, there you have it, Amazon get my business from now on. At least Bezos had the common sense to take a 90 year old Captain Kirk on his 5 minute mission.
    Business life is all about Public Relations, Barnes & Noble just joined the Providence team, and got benched for arrogance & stupidity.

    • On a side note. What a great example of how to stay calm, collected and polite whilst filming the whole event on ones phone!

    • Do you have any idea what a leftist tyrant Bezos is? He donates plenty to the very people who want to crush freedom loving people across the nation.

      • Of course, but how many people out there have NEVER bought anything off Amazon, let them cast the first stone. Moreover, no matter how much one may personally dislike someone (Trump springs to mind), one must be big enough to credit them when credit’s due.

        • Not the point.
          You are saying you will not buy anything from B&N because they are leftists tyrants (my interpretation, not your specific words) and instead you are going to give your money to a leftist tyrant that is much worse.
          And, yes, I purchase things from Amazon. And Costco. Despite the fact that I abhor their politics. At least I do not pretend that I am making a difference by boycotting B&N

  20. Clearly the shop owners did not read this EO in totality as section 8 reads in part:

    Ordinance does not create grounds for residents to harass individuals who do not
    comply with it.

    This negates the enforcement element placed on business owner etc. if it were actually a legally passed ordinance.

    I agree with Phil that this is all to find grounds to recall Mayor Bronson

  21. Nothing better for the cops to do at that time……..not anywhere, not in all of Anchorage? Defund the police, we obviously have too many if four of them can respond to a mask incident….Cripes.

  22. Our AK Constitution, Art 1 Section 7 Due Process Clause is very robust, “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. The right of all persons to fair and just treatment in the course of legislative and executive investigations shall not be infringed.” It is clear that the radical Marxist Nine on the Assembly infringed upon legislative and executive investigation when they prohibited questions from the Mayor and the Assembly during the public process.

  23. The authority an assembly person demands to be vested in somebody, anybody, doesn’t exist and it cannot be manufactured by a mere command. Public servants are not commanders. A company bylaw affects servants only. The assembly didn’t create a nation and lay down a law. The teensy little emolument is limited to the corporation employees. Sorry nobody told you sooner.

  24. Anyone that does not want to wear a mask simply needs to claim the Section 4, H exemption:
    Individuals who cannot tolerate a face covering due to physical or mental disability. The individual’s or a guardian’s statement that they are exempted is sufficient evidence.
    There you have it, straight from the ordinance.

  25. Assembly emoluments are limited; not unlimited. Usurping US Constitutional rights is a crime. A felony for whomever is the actor. I believe the financial remedy is defined at a prohibitive $300,000 per instance. How sad to drift away from the US Constitution. We have a wonderful US Constitution just for these moments.

  26. So glad the cops are spending their time on this important issue of public safety instead of petty things like murder and property crimes.

  27. I just have to point out the obvious elephant in the room but Anchorage deserves this assembly. As a city they are filled with asd teachers, union workers, and government workers. Anchorage doesn’t deserve Bronson, who’s imo the strongest R politician Alaska has. Dunleavy should be taking notes cause he’s only 1 or 2 more f ups and no shows before the left steals that election too.

    • You strike the nail on the head. Dunleavy apparently likes being governor but not actually governing according to the will of the people who put him there. He could even lose to worthless Walker because at least Walker did things (all bad) to support his constituency. Maybe Dunleavy will grow a pair-I will be surprised. Maybe we will be forced into further suffering while waiting for the Bronson administration.

  28. I’ve been in several stores over the last couple of days maskless. No one has bothered me and quite a few are maskless. No problem I think most folks know this is political not factual. Amazed at mindless sheep though. I chuckle.

  29. Mayor should just give enforcement authority for the Ordinance to the Sewer Department, everyone knows the Assembly is full of SH-T anyhow.

  30. Dear Asssmbly,
    In the summer of 2020, ONLY the Mayor could enact mask mandates (per Meg Zaletel). Now we are in 2021, not under emergency orders AND the mayor has not mandated masks. The Asssmbly now thinks they can mandate anything they want. Guess what! You want to wear a mask-go ahead. The tax paying citizens who don’t want to be pushed around-won’t.

    • The difference is last summer, EO 2020-1 was in effect, and it specifically said the Mayor had the authority. That EO was rescinded as soon it was obvious Bronson was going to win the run-off.
      Zaletel was correct at the time. (God, that hurts to say, but…)
      This situation is different as well because this is an ordinance, passed by the Assembly. It changes Muni code to include the mask requirement. And, the Assembly does have the authority to alter Muni code.

    • Yeah, really, right?
      I mean, the next thing you know, these radical right-wing racist white nationalist anti-non-binary-genderist insurrectionist extremists will be demanding the fake right to consume whatever foods they choose! What socially irresponsible craziness!

  31. So, did other Assembly members agree/approve this letter? If the whiners spent as much time doing REAL work for the community instead of concocting these constant displays of thuggish and sour grapes attitudes towards the new administration and the public, we could see progress and innovation where opposing sides come together for common good…..I know, I know…..when pigs fly!

  32. This idea of a business ‘trespassing’ you from their store because you wont comply to their demands. They are a licensed entity that exists solely to engage in trade with the whole public that the business invited you there to trade with. ‘Ejecting’ you from their store after they invited you there – the premise for the license – is injurious. They owe you for your time, expenditure, travel, etc. It’s committing fraud to invite you to engage in trade then deny it from you after you arrive based on their preference.

    • Mmm…I’m of the very strong belief that a private business can refuse service for virtually any reason. The government shouldn’t force people to serve nor refuse to serve. That should be a choice of the store managers and or business owners. The market will correct it as there are, it seems, more businesses who refuse to comply with the ordinance than who do.

      • The US Treasury disagrees with you. If you are a private business doing business in your home what you believe is true. If you advertise and post open and closed hours, if you have a cash till where you are doing cash transactions all day you are NOT private. Where do people get such significant yet ignorant ideas? Were you publicly “educated”? If you invite the public Constitutional standards apply to you. Perhaps the US Treasury is still open for business (I doubt it) but there is a pile of instructive “cases” your lazy, good for nothing lawyer can instruct you regarding after he charges you fifty hours of research time.

      • Too some degree what you are saying is true^^^. The actual federal code for trespassing is 25 CFR 11.411 and it states nothing about the stipulation for a private entity to trespass an individual. There are however laws governing discrimination and both the codes he quoted within (28 CFR) apply to Anti-discrimination laws for Americans with disabilities. So unless he is claiming the reason for his asking to leave is due to a disability neither of those codes apply to him or his child.

    • Absolutely false.

      From the beginning of our nation private property rights were sacrosanct. There is no “right” to enter or remain on private property you do not own, you are there at the invitation and sufferance of the owner, who can rescind that invitation at any time and for any reason.* The idea that the property owner somehow surrenders that right by the act of inviting you in is asinine, the idea that you, the guest, get to dictate the terms of that invitation is unbelievably so.

      The property owner has the right to their personal business property, and the freedoms of association and contract inherent within their ownership of it.

      I swear the number of utterly self-absorbed and un-self-aware alleged “freedom loving” people who hold the inherently contradictory beliefs that bakers shouldn’t have to make cakes for people they choose not to serve, but who think that a business cannot adopt what is, in the end, a dress code because it inconveniences them staggers me.

      * And don’t trot out the Civil Rights Act, even if it were actually grounded in the Constitution insofar as it applied to private entities (as opposed to being an outcome-determined, poorly reasoned, unConstitutional mess) a dress code, wearing a mask, applied to all persons equally does not violate it.

  33. If you really want to make a point, show up in large amounts maskless. Make them put APD on speed dial.

    And don’t stop doing it. Learn from the left and beat them at their own game.

  34. Petty politicians with a distorted sense of reality and a lust for authority…Anchorage has what it deserves.

    See this all the time, urbanized Americans believing that the magic wand of a “law” will create their panacea.

    Fact is, an LEO hates any law that’s unenforceable. Most LEOs come from working class folks and have a stronger common sense than anyone. They know they can’t do anything about it and despise most Karens, however, they also.know they can get called before the Man if they don’t. It makes it a lousy job. In the meantime, they’d rather be doing the job they signed up for.

    Being Karen or a member of Anchorage city government is about stroking yourself in a lust for authority.

  35. He means recalled or removed by criminal complaints, the Constitutionally prescribed to guarantee our life and freedom, and never be allowed to hold an emolument with a stipend from the public trust funds as a public servant anywhere in the US again. The judiciary has taken an oath to defend the Constitution. Let’s see them do it here in this outpost state.

  36. Not nearly the most favorite President in U.S. History, but Andrew Jackson’s quote strikes true here: The Assembly made their decision, now let them enforce it.

  37. I will go where I want, maskless, don’t bother me and I wont bother you. The View (assembly) can stuff their mandates.

  38. Hey Assembly, you are on record saying any Masking ordinance MUST come from the Mayor.
    So, simple question. Were you lying then, or are you lying now?
    If you were lying then, why should we listen to you now?
    Simple enough. Please reply in writing., We’ll wait.

  39. I do not understand why LaFrance and Constant have their collective panties in a bunch.
    This very incident proves that the Mayor is in fact enforcing the mandate. Did someone refuse to mask up? Yes. Did the police respond? Yes. What is the problem?

  40. We need to work to dismantle the current assembly majority. The first step is for District 4 to RECALL ZALETEL! And then we can pick off the rest of them in the next full election process.

  41. 4 cops? That seems to be overkill IMO, or maybe those 4 didn’t have anything else to do and wanted to watch the show between the customer and the store manager. If a store wants you to wear a mask to do business there and you don’t want to wear one, take your business elsewhere and let them suffer the consequences of their decision. Luckily, thus far I haven’t been told by anyone to wear a mask in their place of business and should that happen I will go somewhere else to spend my hard earned dollars.

  42. Went into four different businesses in Anchortown Yesterday and NONE said anything about masks.. and more than half, if not all of the patrons weren’t wearing one.

    We are laughing at you Marxists.

  43. That Nancy boy in the video that didn’t want to wear a mask missed a meeting. That business is private property and can tell him to get out for any reason. The mask applies as a version of no shoes – no shirt – no service and that weirdo thinks he’s entitled to hang out anywhere he wants… which is not the case.

    It’s also interesting that he hopes to educate the cops on his rights when in fact they’re not rights at all and the cop doesn’t give a rip about whatever comes out of that clowns pie hole next. This is not news; it’s an oddball attempting to get special treatment.

  44. Most of us proud Valley Trash out here, sure do love it that you finally have a decent and honorable mayor! These comments made my day. Don’t give up, you have work to do replacing that assembly in the months to come. We’re cheering for you!

  45. I don’t think anybody cares about the assembly any more. They didn’t listen to their people. (We know the ones)
    Why would we listen back?

    They have really soured the people.

  46. Get woke and go broke! Boycott the store. Invoke religious exemption. 1st Amendment folks, there is no getting around our constitutionally protected rights unless of course you get a corrupt judge on their payroll.

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