Was your ballot signature rejected by Municipal Clerk? Time running out to fix that


Jamilia George has been signing her signature the same way for decades. But for the first time in her life as a voter, her signature has been rejected — by the Anchorage Municipal Clerk’s office.

Anchorage voters in District 4, a wide swath of Midtown, are being asked whether they want to recall Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel. Thirty-six thousand ballots were mailed to voters in the district on Oct. 4 and they are due by 8 pm Oct. 26. Over 6,000 have already been voted and returned to the Election Office, run by the Municipal Clerk.

Jamilia George’s ballot was one of those. But George said it was rejected “because my signature doesn’t match my signature in their data base.”

George has voted in every election and has “never ever had a problem with my signature and they will not tell me what my signature looks like in their data base.” She is an attorney, and she is appalled that this could happen to voters.

“They request that if I have recently changed my signature to show them my former signature and what my signature looks like now. Are they serious?  Sadly, yes they are,” she said.

George said that notification of the rejection of her ballot came in the form of an envelope from the Municipality, but even though it was stamped with the word “Urgent,” it looked like junk mail to her and she almost threw it away. Lots of junk mail comes to addresses with similar compelling statements. She doesn’t know why she decided to open it, but is glad she did.

Now, she wants others to be on the lookout for their ballot rejection letter, because the envelope itself doesn’t state that a ballot was rejected.

In the the municipal election in April, 2021 , the same thing happened to several voters in Anchorage. A few of them also found their ballot rejected a second time after the Clerk refused to accept their signature after they “cured” their ballots.

The problem for voters who follow the instructions of the Municipal Clerk, return the proper signed paperwork in time, is that if their signature is rejected a second time, they won’t have time to fix it before the end of the voting period. The second rejection letter comes too late. The only way to ensure your signature isn’t rejected a second time is to gather your identification and go to the Election Office itself and demand your right to vote.

The Election Office is located at 619 E. Ship Creek Avenue, Door D, Anchorage, AK 99501. The Municipal Clerk’s Office is at 632 West 6th Ave., Suite 250, Anchorage, AK 99501.

Read about how Anchorage voters were robbed of their right to vote by a system that didn’t let them cure their ballots in April:

Read: Voting right denied to Anchorage man because signature didn’t match

Voters in District 4 have until Oct. 26 to drop their ballots in drop boxes at these locations:

  • City Hall, 632 W 6th Ave. 
  • Dimond High School, 2909 West 88th Ave. 
  • Election Center, 619 E Ship Creek Ave.  
  • Loussac Library, 3600 Denali St. 
  • Planning and Development Center (MOA Permit Center), 4700 Elmore Rd.
  • Service High School, 5577 Abbott Rd. 
  • UAA Alaska Airlines Center, 3550 Providence Dr. 

The Anchorage Municipal Clerk’s Office has not well publicized that there is one in-person voting center. It is at the Loussac Library, 3600 Denali Street at these hours:

Weekdays, October 18 – October 25, 9 am – 6 pm 
Saturday, October 23, 10 am – 4 pm 
Sunday, October 24, Noon – 5 pm 
Election Day, October 26, 7 am – 8 pm 

However, those who want to vote in person will be using the same mail-in ballot, which requires a signature that will be then accepted or rejected, and there’s very little time and no assurances that a second signature will be accepted, as voters discovered in April. And they will be directed to go outside and drop the ballot into the drop box.

Has your signature on your ballot been rejected by the Municipal Clerk? Send a note to suzannedowning at protonmail dot com .


  1. That’s why we go in person to vote. We show ID, we sign the book in person, no questions. But why haven’t they checked signatures on all the mailed ballots from 2020? Hmmm.

    • Nothing prevents Dominion vote-tabulation machinery or the Clerk from rejecting your signature later, for reasons unknown to you, thereby disenfranchising you without your knowledge, too late for you to correct the situation.
      The Assembly employs the Clerk. The Clerk will decide who’ll be allowed to vote on recalling one of her employers. The Clerk will tabulate votes for and against recalling one of her employers.
      What could possibly go wrong?

    • Voting in person is not always watertight with mail-in voting and against a political party that doesn’t have any compunctions about cheating. People in the CA recall this year reported showing up to vote in person and told they had already voted. They were given a provisional ballot, but those are easily disqualified.

      • My local “volunteers” at my polling place are my area’s most nastiest communists. They spew non stop hatred at conservatives on social media. There is no doubt they cheat to win because I’ve seen them say as much on social media. Voting has been corrupted and irredeemably broken by the left. They are this nation’s most traitorous citizens.

  2. Thank You for shining a light on these cockroaches!
    Another example of how “mail in” ballots are manipulated

  3. “Was your ballot signature rejected by the municipal clerk?”
    That depends on how you voted.
    Because there is NO inherent privacy with a mailed-in ballot.

  4. As long as Barbara Jones is in place, Meg is safe.

    As long as the Assembly is intact, Jones is safe.

    Cozy, isn’t it?

    If Alaska weren’t so corrupt, there would be an investigation into this level of open collusion. But Alaska is broken.

  5. The signature is matched to your drivers license.
    And the municipal clerk should be open about the process.
    Im sure Babs is ready to reject every YES ballot as she stumps and supports Meg the commie.
    Recall Meg, vote YES

    • Agree, both have got to go! Most of the Assembly was bought and paid for my swamp. Lord please come and save us.

      • Dear Love and Kind –
        ‘Lord please come and save us’

        Thoughts to consider:
        As a loving Father, The Lord provides us with lessons and subsequent experiential tools (lesson learned) – to use for our survival choices and personal growth.

        The Lord’s loving care and wisdom allows his children to fall off the horse so we may learn to pick ourselves up and start again.
        His guidance is always available. It is our choice to use it.
        This is an important wisdom tool for parents too. No child earns self confidence and independence to take on difficulties if parent(s) are overly doting.

        Nothing of personal growth potential is achieved through constant bailouts – only abject dependency.
        When we understand His Will (basically understanding what a loving Father would want for his children), we will have the universal tools to help us make better choices.

        Unfortunately or fortunately (depends on your understanding) we are caught – temporarily – in a world long fraught in a pattern of evil and inequity.

        BUT! Make certain your time on the planet is not wasted.
        Think of this as if we are running a race and the finish line is glorious. The experience we gaining is invaluable because there are more important races to run in the worlds on High.

        To our benefit it is important we finish this current race. If we take this on courageously, discover the best way to run this race, get to the finish line, we have the bragging rights to the FACT that we did the best we could do and the medals of accomplishments to wear proudly.

  6. In the last Municipal election…my wife’s ballot was thrown out because I wrote the return address on the envelope with the stamp. My wife and I both sat down and filled our ballots out and then I wrote the return addresses and put stamps on the envelopes and mailed them. The notice of improper signature came one day before the deadline. Two guesses on who we voted for in the Mayoral race…..

  7. If they don’t cheat they can’t win. I think it calls for an EO instituting in-person voting only with proper ID.

    • Yep Stalin had it figured out, how else do you get 99% of the vote. (I supposed it helped that he eliminated his entire politburo once, because he could not figure out, who dissed him, purged the military and took care of the dissidents)
      Maybe Mr. Biggs needs to do a Bronson and park an RV at the vote center. Also I believe the “can’t get help to cure a ballot” ordinance did not pass.
      Are there any vote observers yet at the election center?

  8. When I first arrived almost 50 years ago, I had the misconception that New York, New Jersey, and the City of Chicago had the crookedest political systems.

    Anchorage now sits at the infamous top, hands down…..

  9. I would like to know what schooling Barbara and those who are helping her, have received that qualifies them to approve or reject signatures. Scrutinizing signatures is time consuming and requires a certain level of expertise. I’m sure comparative analysis barely scratches the surface of counterfeit analysis and had the signature been against the recall, it would have passed regardless of what the comparative trueness was. We will never have an unbiased election process with Barbara as the clerk.

    • John, when the vote center first opened, I took a tour and asked exactly the same question. I was told that the staff (whom I understood were volunteers, but I maybe wrong on that) got training from an out of state person and that qualified them to determine if the signature was legit. Yeah Right!
      The only way to get rid of this, would be a petition by the people to be put on the ballot….the mail-in ballot that Babs Jones handles…..

    • You’re absolutely right. She’s compromised, and I’m sure she’s doing everything she can to neutralize the “YES” contingent. She has no qualification for signature verification, I’m sure. She’s a hack clerk working for a corrupted Assembly.
      We have our ballots, haven’t cast them yet. Today, when we fill them out, we will take video of us filling out and signing our ballots before we return them. If we need to ‘cure’ them, we’ll do the same thing.
      She may still reject our ballots due to our “YES” vote, but we’ll be able to prove that we filled them out and signed them. That might come in handy.

  10. It’s not who votes, but who counts the votes that determines the results. Elections are now outright Communist scams that give them (the Communists) the illusion of legitimacy.

  11. Are these the same clowns who support the new socialist “voter reform” congress in trying to shove down our throats? Huh!!??!!

    So they will use voter ID only if it fits their ends.


  12. The American people need to have 100% confidence in the electoral process. This begins at the local level. Verification of signatures by anybody without criminal training in this field does not instill confidence. We will soon be having troubles much as I have witnessed in third world countries unless the people have total confidence that their voice is heard. Its only a matter of time before the disenfranchised will take to protest, and then their government will put down the protests and lock up the trouble makers. History has a way of repeating itself, because we are too stupid to remember it. We used to be the model for the world…

  13. Interesting, when I voted my mail-in ballot in person at the vote center in ER during the mayoral election, there was a ballot box inside the room. I was told that it would be directly transported to the vote center every night, so there would be a chain of custody. Clearly they changed that. The next question is there a way to see if your ballot was received?

    • Your two cents are worth a dollar. Did anyone else notice that the only government agency besides Congress to be exempt from the Covid-19 shot was the USPO. That should be a major concern if the motive was really public safety. It is too easy to cheat with mail in ballots, for whom ever is in control of the election. The validity of the ballot is up to interpretation. The zip code it’s mailed from is very easy to determine how the ballot is voted thanks to computers and demographics. I wonder how many ballots from Eagle River/ Chugiak were questioned compared to other districts in the last election. And how many were invalidated. This should be reportable. No wonder all the bonds pass. I really don’t think everybody wants to raise their property taxes and mortgage payments to support a failed school system, and buy expensive and unnecessary expensive toys for parks and recreation that are not even in the books. It’s a great deal if you are the beneficiary, and a great motivation to ensure that certain people stay in power. The unions support these corrupt assembly members because they receive payouts that mostly are not shared with the workers that they are supposed to represent. Ask any firefighter ,teacher, or police officer if they agree with their union’s support of these issues that they back with so much money. They mostly do not. They have no choice but to belong to the union. There is my dollar’s worth, thanks for listening.

  14. Add all this up and you end up with the corrupt system of Ranked-Choice Voting where the final victor may not have been one of the top two in the first round of the algorithm. We had better get a move on to repealing this poor Ballot Measure from the last election or we will never have a one-resident one-vote system and fair elective process ever again.

    • Glenn, you are so right. When you need an advanced math/computer degree to figure out who won, transparency goes out the window and the trust in our election system with it.

  15. The interesting part is that there is no signature on my drivers license, I thought to check it so I could show the elections people what my signature looks like. But alas, my signature is not on my ADL. Even more interesting is that when I called the elections office this morning to inquire as to what information they had to review and validate my signature, they said that “the state makes databases available to the elections office”. Also, I was told that “if your hand was even a little bit shaky that day, the signature will not match the database”. I am not making this up. I am curious how many residents of District 4 attended the municipal meetings since the Golden Lion sale was disclosed and signed the MOA login book and how many of those who did, received a letter such as I received. I am curious. Just curious.

    • What kind of AK Drivers License do you have?

      I just looked at my non-Real ID and my co worker’s Real-ID and both of them have our signatures beneath the picture

  16. Isn’t what this what all the Trumpkins were fighting for in the last election? More signature verification amongst other things? Not as much fun when it’s your ballot scrutinized…eh?

    • Yes! We Trumpkins are still fighting for verification of signatures and that they are
      valid citizens. All, ballots should be scrutinized at this point and time with all
      the malarky of cheating liers and corruption going on. Nice name and picture….uhmm

    • No. What we wanted is for you to show up at the vote booth with a valid, official picture ID to prove you are who you say you are. Not like the fans of the hair sniffer and chief, such as yourself, who want to register all attendances of graveyards as Democratic voters as well as the 2 million illegal aliens that have flooded the border this year, while at the same time, train people to sit at home and get paid to fill out fake ballots in favor of Democrats that turn up at vote booths in boxes by the thousands.

      Let’s go Brandon!

  17. I don’t know if this will help with your recall! For our assembly!

    I know it’s a pain! But I think? You can
    Have your ballots notarized! You might have to pay! With notarized! They have too check your ID,with picture!
    And make sure it’s you and you signing state voters document!

    Like I said! Not sure! But worth looking into making it valid!

    I would suggest going to someone that doesn’t know you!

  18. Seems a far cry from the good old days of the Lisa Murkowski write-in election. where the “oracles” masquerading as Alaska election officials were readily willing and able to divine any writings on the ballot as ‘obvious’ intentions to vote for Murkowski.

    It all depends on who is running as to what rules will be followed.

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