Breaking: Yukon Flats School District fires one third of its teachers for not complying with district vaccine mandate



On Sept 21, Fort Yukon School District’s superintendent and school board laid down the law — all teachers in the rural Alaska district would need to be vaccinated for Covid-19.

Not all complied. Numerous sources now say eight teachers in the Yukon Flats School District were fired — in front of their classrooms. That’s a third of the teaching workforce in the district.

Teachers fired are said to be three from Fort Yukon, two from Chalkyitsik, and one from Circle.

Yukon Flats school district is spread across the vast northeastern region of Alaska known as the Yukon Flats, with small settlements along the Yukon River and its tributaries. The northernmost community, Arctic Village, is at the base of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the foothills of the Brooks Range.

MRAK sources say the superintendent walked into the classrooms and told the teachers they were fired, in front of the children.

“You’re not getting any teachers to come up here at this time of year,” one source said. It’s a tough district to work in, as it is some of the most remote and cold places in Alaska. Fort Yukon’s school has 92 students and is the largest, with nine teachers, meaning that a third of the teachers in the school have been fired.

There are about 211 students in the entire district, which has six schools and about 21 teachers total, nearly all of whom come from other places to teach in some of the most rural and traditionally Native communities in America.

A parent in Fort Yukon wrote that his children were devastated and don’t want to go to school anymore. One of the Fort Yukon teachers who was fired has been there for 10 years — a long streak for rural Alaska schools, which often churn through teachers on an annual basis.

There is a community meeting scheduled today in Fort Yukon about the situation. It’s apparent the teachers who were fired knew they had a deadline to get their vaccinations and decided to stay until they were terminated by the district, rather than to allow the district to say that they left on their own accord.

Photo: Yukon Flats School District teachers participate in an in-service training in September.

Are you a teacher in the Yukon Flats School District who has been fired? Reach out confidentially to suzannedowning at protonmail dot com.


    • Dead on… The New World order power elite, are talking about the great reset breaking the third industrial revolution and implementing the fourth industrial revolution. All Before our eyes on TV, they talk about this openly!!!!

      When I bring this up, and ask, what is the third industrial revolution? What is the fourth industrial revolution? What is the great reset.? And why must the third industrial revolution be broken up?

      People look at me like I’m crazy, but their news casters are talking about this every day on TV, I am not insane.

      This covid lockdown scam IS the great reset to crush the middle class economy!!! Thats obvious now for all to see!

      What will the nature of the fourth industrial revolution be? According to Brzezinski, in his book, between two ages-America’s role in the Technotronic age, he makes it clear that it is a totalitarian scientific technocratic elite that will make public policy and not the common people.

      And please go read Eisenhower‘s famous 1961 speech, you will notice that he has three branches to the power elite in America and Brzezinski copies this model in the book referenced above. Eisenhower‘s three branches of the power elite are the military, industrial complex, and the scientific technocratic who will begin to make public policy and the institutions of this higher research shall be corrupted by the big money that directS the research and not The scientific principles of the scientist directing the research.

      Start talking about the New world order, openly, to your friends, family, and especially to your senators and representatives. They are clueless.

  1. They must have a plan because if you follow along on Alaska teacher placement, you will know that Yukon flats always has openings available sometimes late into the school year. The superintendent wouldn’t have done this without the support of the local school board.

  2. It would be very sweet to publicly fire the superintendent (and not replace her).
    We are under attack here and now is the time to hunker down in the trenches, spend nothing but the absolute essentials, and survive. Time will tell who is right and who is wrong, but from what I see, in 2-5 years those who took the mRNA jab will be exiting the workforce, leaving the rest of us to set our demands high. I could be wrong, but it is my health and my decision and time will either vindicate them or me.
    “Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place?” I wish I’d said that.

  3. Thank goodness people are finally standing up against the tyranny. Good job, teachers! Don’t blame the teachers for the kids losing out on education, put the blame squarely where it belongs…on the shoulders of the CCP’s best friend, our puppet president.

    • “Teachers fired are said to be three from Fort Yukon, two from Chalkyitsik, and one from Circle.”

      How does that add up to seven ?

      • Are you asking me?? I was only commenting on the fact of Chalkyitsik having around 69 people. Figuring a third of that is kids, that’d be something like 23 kids. 2 teachers fired from there leaves what? How many teachers do they need for 20 something kids. Maybe Chalkyitsik is like the small town on Kodiak a few years ago who only had 1 student yet a full roster of assorted teachers and school staff.

  4. The governor and the state legislators need to act, they must stop these out of control bureaucrats that are firing good people. Please call the governors office and your legislator and ask them to stop this before it does more damage.
    These children most likely will not have school again this year because of these unnecessary actions. It will take months to hire new teachers to fill these positions if they can find teachers at all that will move to such a remote school to teach.

    • I’ve heard the Bethel school has hired teachers from the Philippines because they couldn’t find any from the US

    • Don’t think that they will not replace you with foreign teachers. As Biden and others said, we will replace the doctors and the nurses and Frontline healthcare workers, (that just for the battle for us for a year and a half), with foreign workers. Hey that’s what the democrats said!

      Wonder if they’re planning that for us teachers? Oh by the way, In the Galena city school district, last year, 1/2 of our teachers left due to depression because of a total lack of knowledge by our administrators that there was a massive problem with depression within our teachers and our kids, etc.

      Now we are having to get non-certified teachers to fill their positions. We have not heard anything about mandated shots for our district, but those who are unvaccinated are scared to speak up because of the McCarthyite style of propaganda in this nation coming through the media, especially NPR, the only radio station we get. It should have its license ripped from them.

  5. Alaska’s rural schools are ground zero, or exhibit “A” illustrating the complete failure and dysfunction in the state’s provision of essential services.
    Education is essential, and as a whole, in the terms of successfully providing a functional education Alaska’s schools rank somewhere between Haiti and Bolivia. In the terms of costs per student, the state spends astronomical amounts. Most private schools admins could provide a quality functional education with enough funds per student left over to pay for a bachelor degree.
    Rural schools rank between Haiti and Zimbabwe. Originally we had boarding schools wherein students were forced to not speak their Native languages and lose their culture. That generation was exposed to mass sexual abuse by predatory teachers and administrators, with the widespread generational effects plaguing through today.
    Currently their primary purpose is to prepare students for an institutional life dependent on state and federal programs and a life of ghetto conditions. And passively surrender rights to the new “tribal” system of population control.
    Mandating a controversial medication as a term of employment for Sept 21 is insane.
    The timeline and logistics for teachers to sign contracts is many months before the school year. Then the issue of housing in remote villages must be addressed.
    Once committed, to the contract and schedule, and then being informed of an intrusive and potentially life and/or health compromising drug must be accepted leaves the teacher in the lurch.
    Of course they would need to opt to be fired, it’s too late to find employment in another district. These teachers should sue the district for damages and loss of income.
    The twisted, totalitarian character of the Yukon Flats School District was proudly confirmed by firing these professionals in front of the students.
    This was done to make a lasting impression on the children of how dissent to the system will be dealt with.

  6. Never ceases to amaze me how stupid the State is when it comes to education.
    Just reading about the second teacher charged with sex crimes against children, in a district a half hour boat ride from Bethel. Seperate District, four Villages, less students combined than a railbelt highschool, yet, their own superintendent, four principles, four vice-principles and tons of staff in each school.

    We reportedly spend upwards of $20 million a year in teacher recruiting and moving costs.

    In my humble opinion, formed after thirty odd years of watching this circus on the YK Delta, we need to either make it illegal for a District to charge for housing, or quit sending teachers to villages that won’t allow a teacher to buy a quality lot, without restrictions, to build a home to live and raise a family in.

    This whole stupid rural system is nothing but a Union training ground for teachers to get a year or two of being a principal on their resume. Then sail la vie Bush Alaska.

    Consolidate the districts, break up the petty fiefdoms and build another Mt Edgecomb style highschool boarding school in Bethel, Dillingham and Nome.

    We have the worst test scores in Alaska, not too mention the State is at the bottom of the National List Ranking.

    Using the Vac to fire teachers is just the Unions way of fast flushing Conservative Teachers out of the schools. Enough of the CRT crap.

    The Governor needs to issue an executive order that bans any automated payroll deduction for Union dues.

      • Yeah but that’s not all it’s cracked up to me. When you factor in travel in and out of the village at the beginning of the school year and at the end, and then also at Christmas break, and pay shoppers in Anchorage to pick and ship groceries, there’s not a whole lot of difference in salaries comparing to the lower 49 states. It’s just a job because the expenses are so great, you can’t really come out ahead.

        • It is about retirement benefits and high year of salary. And their travel is covered by the state, so even if they just moved in the state will pay to move them out. No matter what they do come out ahead.

          • If this is false then please explain. In a village a teacher explained to me that their retirement is based on their annual salary and that by working in a village for her last three years teaching will increase her retirement. I’m not a teacher so I don’t know, just that she made clear she worked in the village for the higher money to increase her retirement.

          • The assumption you are making is that bush teachers make more than urban teachers and that the state pays their travel, and both are false. The state does NOT pay their travel. Some rural school districts may have relocation stipends (travel) which also is true across the country, and some don’t. The salaries of bush teachers are also not higher. In 2020, Fairbanks teachers top out at $99K with a starting salary of $52K, and an average of $76K annually. A majority of school district’s in Alaska pay much less. The average teacher salary nationally is $64K, and the average in Alaska is $66K. Cost of living considered, Alaska’s teacher salaries are among the lowest in the nation. Retirement benefits in TRS (Teacher Retirement System) are based on a number of factors, and depending on what tier they are in (Tiers I, II, or III), similar to the PERS (Public Employee. Tier III teachers do not have defined benefits, and essentially have a portable 401K plan that is matched by their district, which they can pull out after 5 years, encouraging teachers to leave at the 5 year mark.

    • With the internet today, even moderately functional parents can oversee a child’s education either through work lessons or live lecture. Of course that means no state paid babysitter. Cyberschool works. Two of my kids just graduated UAF, spending the last year remote. One scored in the 90th percentile on LSATS. I’ve lived and worked in villages and it can be an idyllic lifestyle, far preferable to city life. It is time to break the back of the education megaindustry and bring our schools into the current century for every child in Alaska. We can’t do much worse for the buck.
      And the state needs to consolidate to about five or ten administrative school districts.

    • I agree that there is most definitely a place for a well run boarding school to serve the native young people. For many of them it would be highly beneficial to leave their homes and villages to be in the company of other native youth with hi aspirations and in a more intense social, technical and stimulating environment that could be accomplished thru schools such as Mt Edgecumbe . Many Alaska native leaders have come out of Mt Edgecumbeand another one like it would be a boon to intrerior Alaska !!

    • The Governor can’t stop automated payroll deduction by EO. The Public Employment Relations Act (PERA) mandates that an employer deduct the dues and transmit them to the union.

  7. This is awesome teachers! Great to hear you are willing to stand up and be counted. Too many people I know are just saying f#ckit, and taking the vax after months of harassment from friends, family and other less informed people. Be proud and keep your chin up, for you took the road less traveled!

      • We need to ditch the NEA…its nothing but a political bootlicker of the Democratic Party. Hey Democrats, remember when the NEA endorsed Clinton before you got the first primary ballot cast in 2016? And then Clinton admitted she had all the votes she needed before you guys even cast one vote in the Democratic primary, and she was correct, she had all of the super delegates. Why do you name your party, the Democrats. When you have nothing to do with democracy? And by the way, I left the republican party in 1991 when George Bush made his famous, New World order speech. So I can ask the tough questions.

        We need a co-op that protects us legally, first and foremost. I don’t want people up there from my union lobbying, I want to be legally protected without being tied to the Democratic Party. We need to organize a legal co-op for those of us who want freedom from the NEA and the Democratic Party!!!

  8. This shall be interesting.
    We are going to see the ones who have been jabbed getting sick with no one to blame, because all of the non-jabbed will not be around them to blame.
    This show is getting good.

  9. I’m not sure if employers are aware or not. They are can be held legal liable for ANY and all adverse effects from their mandated shot.
    They do not have any immunity from responsibility like the makers of vaccine and our government do.

  10. They all should consider themselves lucky to get out of that place before winter sets in and they have to turn to the bottle like everyone else does.

  11. Kudo’s to those educators! Better to walk away free and with your immune system 100% intact as God intended. Sounds like the superintendent suffers from a inferiority complex huh?

  12. An opportunity for parents to teach the importance of standing up for what is right and civil disobedience. Civics 101.

  13. Alaska’s villages got hammered by 1918 pandemic. ANMC did a stand up job getting the vaccine to the villagers for COVID and why wouldn’t they demand that the teachers be vaccinated. Anti-vacciners and anti maskers are needlessly killing people and no nothing of the Yukon Flats. Even Don Young thinks the teachers should be vaccinated.

    • Sweeney,
      Your statements illustrate why I will never enroll in my father’s “tribe” and relinquish my constitutional rights as an American. As my father also declined to do.
      To have insolent, incompetent and corrupted people, addicted to welfare and grants, overseeing the cultural destruction of once proud and independent Natives, dictate anything to me will never happen.
      Standing by for decades as our youth remains uneducated, and a high percentage of our young men are groomed from birth for permanent institutionalizing in the prison systems.
      The pandemic of needless suicides in our youth for decades, what have you done? Stay silent? Just now complain about “anti vaccers” and anti “maskers”?
      What about the pandemic of sexual abuse of village children, and the astronomical substance abuse? What have the made up “tribes” done for our own people ?
      ANMC, Norton Sound, Chief Andrew, have killed, through incompetence, dozens of my loved ones. Yes, the services are “free” if enrolled, but at the cost of lives?
      It’s hard enough to find teachers for rural villages, treat them with respect and dignity. If your going to mandate the reckless use of unproven toxins as a term of employment, inform them before they sign their contracts.

    • It does not matter that Don Young or anyone else thinks they should be vaxxed. The only person who matters in that decision is the person him or herself. This is not the flu epidemic of 1918, not even close, and the cure is worse than the disease.

      • 650,000 people died in the US in the Spanish Flu Pandemic over 4 years

        700,000+ and counting, have died of COVID in 20 months. (with ALL our medical technology)

        The CDC indicates that 7000+ people died after getting vaccinated, but have not found that the vaccine was the cause…because anyone who dies is reports, regardless of cause of death.

    • EVEN? Don Young? Who is he? ANMC had zip to do with distribution. The villagers are just Americans and can’t demand anything! How can the protected be protected from themselves now? They are getting sick and will be doing that for however long they have DNA changing substances in their bodies. Good luck to them.

    • Sweeney, you really should do some research about ” jabbed” immunity. Turns out the Double jabbed are dropping like flies to the Covid. Don’t believe me? Read about places like Iceland and Israel. These countries were all jabbed to the hilt. And yet… the effectiveness of the jab was dismal. Natural immunity turns out to be exponentially better then the poke of poison.

  14. What a brilliant move from the school district, since teachers willing to go to these rural areas are standing in line, this really helps the kids. NOT!

  15. OK, Children. Time to stop playing Kabuki Theater and get back to teaching basics. Oh! Wait! These days basics are “unpatriotic”! We elected it but are we enjoying it?

  16. I have a feeling that the goal here is to cleanse the district of all teachers who are not woke and subscribe to the Leftwing Liberal agenda. This way, they can indoctrinate without obstruction. They’ll probably just do Zoom classrooms with teachers broadcasting from Chicago or San Fran.

  17. A mandate is not a law, period. It is not enforceable or anything more then ones own personal belief. In this case it is a perverted one. It is just like the forced mask wearing BS. I would like to see anyone try to force me to comply with either of these.

  18. Vaccine mandates are illegal! Employees of any organization that are threatened should just all walk out and shut them down! The people have the power if they would just use it. The alternative is a class action lawsuit. The main point being, refuse to give up your rights!

  19. I can verify that the story is true. Superintendent Lancaster harassed and bullied unvaccinated employees, denied their medical and religious exemptions as well as an accommodation of a weekly covid test. The mandate was adopted by the School Board without public input. Next step in the program is to vaccinate all the kids in the district till the end of the year.
    This is the first district in Alaska doing this. If the public doesn’t do anything about it, “they” will replicate it in other districts.

  20. To update, Human Rights Commission in Anchorage said that they won’t file a complaint against the District denying religious exemptions because they had a right to do so. They are in the right and people filing religious exemptions are in the wrong because Covid vaccines have nothing to do with religion or freedom of choice.

  21. If you are against abortion and the vaccine is made with aborted baby tissue, then religious exemption is a VERY valid reason.

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