Yukon Flats school superintendent says no teachers have been fired yet over district’s vaccine mandate


Debbe Lancaster, superintendent of the Yukon Flats School District, says reports of teachers being fired for not complying with the Covid-19 vaccine deadline are false.

Parents in the district have said otherwise, reporting that teachers have been fired.

“I will say that we are meeting with each unvaccinated person in a private conference to figure out how to move forward.  Everyone is entitled to due process,” she said. “So, bottom line, no one has been terminated.”

The meetings with teachers have translated into the rural communities as the teachers being fired.

She added that 91 percent of the district’s staff has been vaccinated — breaking down as 93% are classified employees and 87.5 are certified teachers.

The community of Fort Yukon is having a meeting on Thursday afternoon to discuss the matter, which many in the community believe to be a firing of teachers.

The school board set Oct. 19 as the deadline for all staff in the district to be vaccinated. Lancaster said she has not fired anyone since she became superintendent earlier this year.

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  1. This all just terrible. The real losers and the most affected will be the children. Children form a real bond with their teachers, especially the young ones. To have their favorite teachers go absent can and will be trauma for them. But, its not about the students is it.

    • It may be, but I guarantee you it is short-lived. These kids see teachers come and go their entire lifetime. One of the first questions out of their mouths after you’ve been there about a week or two is are you coming back? They all know teachers are going to leave, the only unanswered question is when.

    • We are hearing that the “conversations” are very direct. It seems they are aware of due process. – sd

    • Keep an eye on it, Greg. The story is clear that the teachers are being culled. “Conversations.” They are in the process of being fired. – sd

  2. Just like SCF and ANTHC employees weren’t fired. They ‘voluntarily resigned’ as they were ejected from the building.

    • It works a little differently than that in the bush. First they have to call their Union people. Then possibly an attorney. Then the airlines and possibly mom and dad to wire them some money because this time of year, any extra money laying around was spent stocking up on groceries as they went through Anchorage. I can assure you though but this would not have happened unless the village wanted it. If the village wants you gone for whatever reason, you are gone.

  3. So much evidence of the killer ingredients in the vax. Everything is going according to UNAgenda 21 and the sheep are being led to the slaughter it’s a conspiracy alright. Certainly not a theory. Those who DONT know what’s actually in these by now we’ll thats sad only. https://tgssource.org experts silenced from sharing as well as us everyday folk. Blocked and banned. Don’t be fooled by your lying local level infiltrated legislators. Notice they all have such diverse handlers. Australia is fallen also CA and China has been cold weather training in the dark for years. Doctors silenced. They’re holding the food hostage and all anyone has to do is read past Wiki and those two drunks in the basement from Snopes.

    • You know, only 6 years ago it seemed nobody was awake. Now here, as I stand, I see othere standing as well. It is nice to see many, such as yourself, well informed.

    • dead on Ginger!!!!

      Now, we are gonna use children as lab rats and vaxx up to 75 million children (census stats) under 18 because approximately 350 kids a year die from covid (cdc stats)?!?

      This is pure evil! They do not medically need it! Please review the Nuremberg codes, drawn up to prevent another Holocaust by the medical industry! These codes are a trip wire so that when someone or a government crosses them, then the commoners will know whom to label a Nazi and bring public attention to them so their names are forever made public for participating in crimes against humanity!

      Ask ALL board officials, senators, representatives, judges, etc, in a public forum, “do you support mandates”, so it is on a public record! Then publish all names of mandaters so we know whom has disregarded the Nuremberg codes and can be removed from office!

  4. Leftists hate you and they hate your kids. Their actions define them. They want your kids hating each other, and their country. Depriving them of quality teachers and a quality education is an afterthought; it’s been going on for years anyhow. More money every year and worse and worse results. How’s that work? It works, because that is what’ll how they WANT it to work. If you have any options at all: GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM.

    These people hate you. Wake up.

  5. Look at house bill. 4980… quote…This bill directs the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the United States or a U.S. territory is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

    So, does this include Wrights, Guardian Care Flights, etc? Are the non-vaxxed gonna be kicked off the Guardian care flights when they have a heart attack and no paper work? Will the unvaxxed be stranded in the bush when the bill passes, or, an edict is passed by biden????

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    Well, to my unvaxxed friends : we will have OUR army soon enough when 100,000 to 200,000 military people, 30,000 a 50,000 cops, tens of thousands of firemen, union workers, doctors, etc are fired!!!! Then we will meet in the streets!!!! I dont think the power elite thought this out!!!

    Hold your ground, dont take the experimental drug!!!! Then when the vaxxed decide, “no more boosters!”, they will then be fired and join our ranks!!! Hold the lines! Get rid of NEA!!!

    You may contact me anytime, i am trying to organize Galena City Schools and network with others…

    Scotty Starr
    Galena, Ak

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