Strange: Who controls Sen. Kawasaki’s Facebook page? The Legislature


Sen. Tom Begich owns his own Facebook page. Sen. Mike Shower is the owner of his page. But according to Sen. Scott Kawasaki’s Facebook transparency statement, the Alaska State Legislature is the actual owner of his Facebook page.

It’s an oddity among the legislators that Kawasaki lists the Alaska State Legislature as the owner of his account. A call to the Legislative Information Officer verified that the Legislature has no such control and is not “responsible” for his page, nor does it manage it. In fact, the LIO was surprised to learn that it owns Kawasaki’s social media account and said it must be a mistake.

Kawasaki started his Facebook account in 2010, and then changed it in 2019. It’s unclear if the Legislature took control of his page or why it is listed as the owner.


  1. I thought his mother controlled it. She controls everything else. That’s why Scott still lives at home with her.

  2. Are you sure it isn’t his good drinking buddy Josh Revak who owns his page? I mean, what are friends for anyway?

  3. His facebook page is a lot like a beer can.

    It’s technically there because of him but it is somebody else’s responsibility when it causes a problem.

    It’s good to be a legislator.

  4. Ask Von Imhof. The Rasmusons own the Legislature. The Alaskan Rothchilds need to be stopped. They may own the legislature but they do NOT own this state. We are not their serfs.

      • Hey, I wish what you said were true, but they’ve bought and sold most of them for years, as has big oil, as has Lynden, GCI, AK Air, et al. The average Alaskan is about the LAST person the legislature has cared about, maybe ever? But certainly for decades. Now, can we take it back? Should we take it back? Absolutely, but powerful interests and powerful families who’ve gotten rich bilking Alaska for years aren’t going to just step aside. They are going to protect their investment. Alaskans are probably two cycles away, but if they can do like they did last time, and continue to dump Shills like Giessel et al, then we have a chance.

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